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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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max kaiser welcome to the kaiser report some say the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist i say his greatest trick was convincing us that central banks should exist and then the central banks go about convincing us that only debt is money and to this toxic debt we must sacrifice our sovereign souls to eternal inflation deflation did. say see max keiser well speaking of central banks and convincing us that debt is money of course part of that was convincing us that gold and silver are not money and they've tried to vanish it from our collective consciousness so austrian
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press agency cites a gaffe in report on possible audit of austria's gold the austrian national bank was forced to admit last week in parliament that eighty percent of austria's national gold is in london and explain that the bank has earned three hundred million euros in the past decade with gold leasing operations after an expert commented that this suggested that a large part of the gold was leased out the bank leaked that currently only sixteen percent of the reserves are affected the bank gave no explanation for the relatively high income from gold lending well well well get scores again bill murphy and chris low are there it gets of course simple math will tell you that if you're leasing that quantity at that rate for that period of time you end up with a certain number which is unimpeachable and it points the finger at the austrian
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central bank as being inveterate liars again is going to have to have a separate blue should now. gold leasing is what they do to in order to suppress the price this is part of the conspiracy theory that central banks manipulate our perception of the value of gold and therefore the value of their fee up ponzi schemes and so here they're trying to convince the population who is now dubious and questioning whether or not they should have sold their soul to this central bank in devil and they're saying look we've made three hundred million euros for you and somebody rightfully asked that means you've lent out all of our gold by our metrics. that's just. been working out to take on the banks turns defrosters and not seem to lead by should mention that intellectual flyaway is supposed to be coming over to london soon or he will face a serious grilling from somebody who actually knows what they're talking about not
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those halfwits on c n b c s c o let it for you so according to the austrian court of auditor's now they're going to actually have to audit the gold reserves of austria held in london and it says the quote says but to date it has left open whether this will include the physical gold holdings. yeah this is really running into a conundrum isn't it because for decades the central banks have gotten away with holding up a representation of a theoretical value in a vacuum pertaining to astronomical astrophysical quantitative analysis of what gold might look like under certain conditions but not the actual gold. other central banks are being asked where's the gold and in the case of gordon brown of course he was forced to sell four hundred tonnes of britain's goal to satisfy demand from none other than germany so gordon brown had to sell sixty percent of
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britain's gold back in two thousand and one to satisfy germany's request any blind about it and the coalition government including cameron was born today are lying about it they don't have the gold and now they're being completely flamed by the actual market. oh oh oh oh oh well for those who don't know who have followed the gold manipulation story the central bank goldman if they should story or the got to gold antitrust action committee story. article points out that data alleges that western central banks have manipulated the price of gold for decades to support their currencies especially the us dollar and to maintain an artificially low interest rates many of these gold transactions are carried out with reserves of central banks so they may be storing in their vaults only half the gold that officially counted now again he mentions the devils currency the u.s.
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. currency most some more of my work that stolen cars. and then they say that it's in order to maintain these artificially low interest rates again this goes back to convincing us to believe in all these various toxic debt schemes that rely so much on low interest rates all of these bubbles and frauds rely on low interest rates not only did they steal money from savers like cameron was born they stole stolen over sixty billion pounds from savers here in this country and that number keeps going on in the new chairman of the bank of england mark carney he looks as though he'll be getting into stealing more money from granny by imposing more quantitative easing but this is the problem any of these artificially low interest rates and the problem we don't really have a goal that you say have. it forces units to a situation where you have to justify policies that cause hardship in the population so you become very much like the very people you say are fighting the
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terrorists so there's no difference now between any of the terrorists whether it's extremists anywhere in the world or cameron marconi mervyn king jaja bormann they're all the same well let's move on to this we have this hoax and prank economy created by this fake debt based currencies so let's move on to our world we live in due to this someone invented a four hundred million dollars google deal and may have made money from it for a couple of hours google's eye co-op purchased seemed real now the acquired company is saying it was a hoax that originated from aruba but stopped short suggest someone made a killing so max this is a penny stock which is the company in work rhode island that offers why fi and the rumor was put out in a press release some p.r. newswire a respectable company that that they were being bought for four inch of million dollars by google the shares went from less than a penny to five cents more this is
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a pump and dump scam ok and you have this move in the market and people got burned but you know the global bond market is a huge pump and dump scam where you've got people talking up the value of sovereign debt like the u.k. gilt market to three hundred year highs and when it crashes it's going to crash spectacular elaine people are not prepared for nobody in this country or around the world is preparing the population for the paper apocalypse exactly and also the article one of the articles about this story does point out that this is part of the trend of news jacking they call it where you want to be trending on twitter for example the world is becoming and sexual it well and sexual like the insect and sexual so the world is becoming like bees looking for pollen and they're triggered by. i figure means pheromones fair means or something i invented it's a combination of a of a sense and an idea federal mean. and when something like this comes into the
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blogosphere prices skyrocket temporarily and you have this amazing incidence of fraud but since fraud has gone public with facebook and group on and these second wave dot com stocks there's no way to stop it because without the fraud goldman sachs to go bankrupt overnight j.p. morgan without fraud without their ability to commit massive market running insider trading library scandals they would go bankrupt overnight jamie diamond would be on the street selling apples as he should be because he has no talent other than to be a ponzi scheme wilting fraudster so fraud is the blight blood up but no nowhere more so then in the city of london they world headquarters of fraud you know you also mention the paper apocalypse and i want to go to the next story about this ground we are literally running out of the pearl it is to describe how much we hate bonds this is jeremy grantham. fund manager in boston yields are pitiful dangers of even
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a slight recovery that could wreak havoc for long duration portfolios lou and monetary policies globally certainly have added to the specter of rising yields bonds are going to crash is that a black swan like that flyaway cutscene time they would have us believe you know it's an obvious build up to a system that's built on fraud lubricated by the platitudes and promised by the fake intellectual to lead us in when he goes on these very shows like c n b c he's part of the problem ok buddy you put out of all till the spread and then you make the market go haywire with zero percent interest i'm going to cash in every now and then there's always a cost of funds is near zero that's no up short this just gaming the system why why should anyone pay this guy any attention. so back to the story of our hoax some prank economies in which we've been divorced from any understanding of the value or
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wealth or or how wealth is created so all we have are ponzi schemes and the hope of getting in early that everybody hopes to get in early on one of the they're not really against jamie diamond or lloyd blankfein or any of these other ponzi schemes being operated around the world the only time they get angry is that they weren't involved early on because they have they have compromised the society they have to compromise morality that compromise ethics that's when the devil takes over we have the devil's currency and zero percent interest rates and warren buffett and charlie munger down there you know almost playing with each other while their pickings insider information and manipulating prices and calling themselves geniuses that's the devil. so here in london we have this story restaurant boss starts pay revolt on bank swaps one of london's top restauranteurs has stopped paying royal bank of scotland thousands of pounds a month to service a complex derivative contract he says the lender missed sold him so this is sammy wasi friend he's the co-founder of michelin star trainees restaurant. and he said
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he's already started to miss this four thousand pound payments to r.b.s. which is of course owned by the taxpayer he said because he realised after paying two hundred thousand pounds to this interest rate swap that he didn't know why he was paying it was totally fraudulently sold he gave them the two hundred thousand pounds but whatever he owes left he decided i'm not going to pay it and you stop paying it now they don't pay sammy's part of the global insurrection against banking terrorism sammy don't pay sammy don't pay don't pay that you don't appease terrorists and that's one thing we've learned from terrorism over the years is that you don't appease them what churchill say is like trying to feed a crocodile hoping that you last ok that's what the globe is all about now they're trying to just give jamie diamond extortion money give give carney the new guy so much torsion money given wall street in the city of london so much torsion money please don't eat me please just finally a man i mean stands up to me who glass to my forget
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is standing up to these guys he should be on the show you have an open invitation come on the show we're going to fight these gangsters took over the summer so finally the devil in the detail of this story here why this is important why it brings us back to the top of the show where we talked about the austrian gold now missing and nobody knows where it is industry observers have become concerned about the potential cost of the scandal of these missile swaps and a cabinet minister is understood to have warned colleagues privately that the compensation bill has the potential to bring down a major british lender yes yes yes but. max the story is here that over and over we're told that only our debts are real but they're so big and only we know the secrets to these complex derivatives that only we can interpret that you the people forever must sell your software sold to us well it
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must be anti-fragile. hope all right stacy never thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you. stay tuned for the second half of it talking soon andy beck obama of the yes man. the great russian laureates. prevailing over hazards and asperity. to reenact an epic parade through paris. come they complain that. people's admiration for two hundred.
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world. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tired welcome to the big picture.
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i max kaiser welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to new york and speak with andy bichlbaum of the yes men and the culture jamming activist duo are preparing a new film the yes men are revolting day to day. mr. sanders thank you very much and good day to everyone breaking news right now the
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chamber of commerce saying it will reverse its position all on the climate change bill what we need is simply carbon. are you here representing us number. two i work there and you do not live in your home. whether it is a smart business the earth this guy is a fraud or are you really going to get. to. their hopes by the yes man yes miss so good pranksters on proposing is pretty i mean it's all over the money was to come oh. andy bichlbaum welcome to the kaiser report. thank you so much max all right to be here ok so the yes men are revolting people can participate on kickstarter by contributing or donating to film you've got over one hundred seventeen thousand of the tutor a thousand dollar target we're going to add another fifty thousand to that right
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now what do you say to that indie. today with the last day so you better act. yeah you can go to the yes men are revolting dot com all right so tell us about the film the yes men are revolting this is the third film that we've made and it follows our evolution as characters as people as we take on some of the biggest corporate criminals in the world. it's about how we lose hope like a lot of activists do and then regain it as we realize that we're really not alone and there's this really giant movement that's behind us and actually helping in all kinds of ways seen and unseen and taking on the enemies of democracy i guess you could say companies like you know some of the worst companies out there governments that don't care about people but serve those companies. some of those companies like strapped for the in the news recently that spends
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a lot of time spying on activists we take on these targets and. there's a lot there's a lot of people doing that and that's kind of what this film is about its goal is to inspire people viewers to take action themselves and at the end of the film we're going to give them a platform to do that we're in the process of building it right now and it's a human stuffed platform called so far called the action switchboard that's going to give every viewer a way to get plugged into ongoing direct actions you are one of the pioneers i would say in one. only this kind of spectacle in a hoax and media culture jamming but also with financial activism for example when you are out there talking as personifying the dow jones spokes person there is a huge move downward in the price of down jones stock and it shows the connection
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between irresponsible behavior i'll buy a major corporation and how that irresponsibility is monetized how it's capitalized how they basically thrive on their stock price which is tied to irresponsibility now you're raising money using crowd funding and we also have programs like strength and debt so financial activism in the interaction between finance and activism is really coming together in an interesting way your thoughts yeah it's very interesting i mean there's no public support for filmmaking in the us so we're actually forced to resort to things like kickstarter it takes a lot of time it's a lot of work we'd rather be filmmaking but you know since there is no public support for filmmaking we have to do it that way that's ok we're doing ok and the example you mentioned where we managed to impersonate the dow chemical company on the twentieth anniversary of the bhopal catastrophe the world's largest
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industrial disaster for which dow chemical has also met responsibility and we announced to the world that it was finally taking responsibility for this disaster and as you mentioned the dow stock price tumbled by several billion dollars when the world believed that that was true which kind of points to the problem with having markets decide what's right and what's wrong there's something running parallel with culture jamming it could be called capitalism jamming and situations like. crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter are kicking the traditional capitalist models and opening up the phone. makers like yourself so it would seem really in the keeping with what you guys are doing tell us a little bit about action switchboard what's that all about the action switchboard is a platform a human staffed platform that we're building that is going to be available to anybody to launch their own direct actions or get plugged into
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ongoing direct actions attacking and holding to account some of the biggest most nefarious corporate targets there are. it's going to be a platform but behind it are going to be people who will help you actually work on projects come up with new ones and carry them out exposing some of the biggest corporate villains out there i want to ask you something since you guys yes men have been so successful in portraying these corporations in the wicked the wickedness of their ways the you've gotten smarter and more effective the powers that are fighting back have also got nasty here so in new york this week a hacktivist is on trial and faces many decades in prison for hacking in doing two big global intelligence company that you alluded to earlier what does the severity
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of the charges indicate to you i think the severity of the charges indicates that the corporate world is actually kind of threatened by this sort of activism and i want to say a bit of background on this company stratfor this is a really nasty piece of work there a corporate spy agency and they spy on behalf of large corporate clients like dow chemical among others on activists that's one of the things they do and they've spied on the occupy movement on animal rights activists on both paul activists and on the yes men. and think about spying on bhopal activists they were hard. by dow chemical to spy on the victims in bhopal having an alternate responsibility for the bhopal catastrophe and these activists wanting to hold out to account what does dao do because they can't actually do anything legally against them they hire a spy agency called stratfor to spy on those activists so the stratfor this company
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. spied on the us. because they had no other recourse their emails were hacked and the world found out what they were doing and they just want to say it's utterly reprehensible for a company to be spying on its victims and that's what the world found out stratfor was doing among many many other nefarious activities and whoever did hack those e-mails whoever expose those e-mails from stratfor revealing all this did a tremendous service for democracy and against those who would. impede democracy so whoever did that did a tremendous service for all of us and i want to thank them. all right any because the yes men are two guys and they've done remarkable things in bringing awareness
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to the insidious and weakened ways these corporations but there are just two guys is there a way and i think this might work into the action switchboard question are you trying to scale the yes man in other words the world needs a thousand yes men they need ten thousand yes men how can you take what you do the essence of what you do and to use a business to scale it up to create a thousand ten thousand yes men out there is that the it's not the point it's not the goal and is it possible am i on the right track in asking this question and is this what we're going to be looking forward to yes. the simple answer is yes and the world needs all. all kinds of activism the world needs people to get off their asses and do something with ever it is whatever they can do from wherever they are to. fix democracy and take it back from those who have stolen the. one way one thing you can do is the sort of activism that we've been doing fun media
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getting activism it's one component of it it's only one component of it there's a lot of components of it like hacking emails belonging to nasty corporate spy agency is a really important thing to do. but what we do is one thing you can do and we've been helping people to do this sort of thing for about three years now and we've found that there actually is nothing special about this in regards to this kind of activism. anybody can do it anybody can come up with a great idea and carry it out often it takes a bit of coaxing a little bit of reassurance maybe a bit of advice along the way. and that's what the action switchboard is going to be we've been doing this in person for about three years and we've helped a couple dozen projects happen. actions that other people have taken that are fun in media getting a little bit of help from us
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a little bit of advice from us we're going to take that and as you said scale it up to the entire internet in other words much of the world and help whoever wants to figure out actions to take fun media getting actions and. do those things would seem that there's room on the internet for a p.d.p. social networking platform that's dedicated exclusively just scaling up activism to do battle with corporations i want to ask you we have about thirty seconds left i noticed that some of the old world order guys like version ski has come out recently. with a statement saying that the grassroots activists out there are becoming a huge threat to the status quo so bells are ringing in the. polls of the old world order and the new world order as some call it. proof of
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success or how far we had to actually defeating these guys will grassroots activism has been extremely important for a very long time it's what's always defeated the bad guys and made good things happen for hundreds of years and you can point to you know civil rights struggle the new deal in america that created the social welfare state and the things we hold as basic tenets of civilization all of the progress of activism people taking that the streets so now is no different but now the situation is very dire because the entire planet is facing catastrophes because of runaway capitalism so there are many ways to take action and we want to encourage people to do whatever they can to hold these nasty folks to account and rein them in and take back power. of the yes man rather time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. thank you max great to be here all right and that's going to do it for this
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