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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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syrian rebels are threatening to execute a kidnapped ukrainian journalist a for ransom isn't paid reportedly saying russian and ukrainian citizens shouldn't be allowed to leave syria alive. britain says it is evidence of russia's involvement in the death of former spy alexander litvinenko after sixty years of failing to provide any tangible proof. than debt ridden greece sketch of slain us installment of bailout funds needed to keep the economy afloat in exchange for a debt buyback scheme which many see as counterproductive. also for you the u.n. atomic watchdog is resuming talks with iran we're going to look at why many a radiance consider applying nuclear energy not just a matter of necessity but of national pride.
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world news live from our moscow headquarters thanks for tuning in to our t.v. with me lucy catherine of the ukrainian journalist who was kidnapped by syrian rebels and is facing execution on thursday unless a fifteen million dollar ransom is paid and had been working in syria during the conflict helping international news outlets including this one r t the world's main groups defending journalists have strongly condemned to the targeting of reporters a middle east correspondent paula slayer is following those developments. the journalist and coach never was taken hostage in october and holmes the free syrian army has held her for nearly two months they've accused her of being both a russian and a syrian spy she has appeared in two you tube videos that were released by the free
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syrian army and one of those she appealed to the embassies of ukraine and russia as well as to the syrian government to meet the demands of the kidnappers it's very difficult to say whether in fact these demands will in fact be made she read a text in those videos in arabic in which admitted to having participated in the fighting and having worked as a military interpreter with syria and russian officers but the authenticity of these videos believing that they were made while she was under duress now the ukrainian foreign ministry has also released a statement released last month saying that officials would negotiate for her beliefs but they did not also further details. international press rights groups have called on the rebels to free the kidnapped journalist but according to dr ali mohamed from the syria tribune online as an online magazine he doesn't believe that they'll get any results. to the west or western pacific or american citizens in particular here to. ask the folks here in
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beijing to put some pressure of the release. of the western countries. very should have been sort of thing there were a massacre for. the birth of a duty we still enjoy. support for the information to be across the. syrian rebels are reportedly threatening to make russian and ukrainian citizens in syria their target and prey saying that they shouldn't be allowed to leave the country alive meanwhile moscow is warning that the opposition may win the conflict but adding on a sceptical price. has the details the russian foreign ministry would not exclude the possibility of the syrian opposition forces being victorious in the military conflict in this country that is according to the deputy foreign minister minister but he stressed once again at what price a completely unacceptable price according to the russian foreign ministry this
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victory may come he said that for now it has been claimed that sixty percent of syrian territory is being controlled by the pro opposition forces whilst forty percent of the territory remaining under the governmental control and if the opposition will be willing to push further this may lead to more casualties with forty thousand people about forty thousand people already killed the death toll could rise to hundreds of thousands of people and this is something russia finds us completely unacceptable and believing that this price is way too high this statement shortly after a conference in morocco finished with around one hundred countries pledging their support to the syrian opposition at the same time of violence is still taking place in the country with several terrorist attacks rocking damascus and the neighboring outskirts of damascus in the last forty eight hours. as the u.s. and its allies give full endorsement to the syrian opposition there are fears that they don't exactly understand what the. on the ground truly are on our website.
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on who is actually doing the fighting against the government there as well as a look at the top to. the death of former russian spy alexander litvinenko who was poisoned in london six years ago is once again on a spotlight testimony at a preliminary hearing into that incident to suggest that litvinenko was a paid british intelligence agent and that the russian state was involved in his murder. and following those developments for us. this is not just about the sort of salacious details of spying on the world there is there are wider implications to
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this and of course it has been the major stumbling block in u.k. russian relations for the last six years since it happened and it comes up every time there's any kind of problem in the relationship between russia and the u.k. and of course the main program at the moment is syria and how much involvement the international community could have in syria we hearing that the inquest lawyer has said that the u.k. government has material evidence that the russian state is guilty but interestingly under the law the english courts can't pass judgment on the lawfulness of the behavior of another state so that's an interesting point which i'm still come up again when the inquest is held but of course we've seen no details of this evidence which is interesting lead u.k. government has kept its evidence very close to its chest meanwhile there is convincing evidence on the other side of course lugovoy. u.k. police's main suspects. because poisoning he recently passed
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a lie detector test administered by british experts in which he was specifically asked whether he has had any involvement in his death he said no the lie detector test was passed by him also because only father told r.t. that he didn't suspect the kremlin or andrey lugovoy of having any involvement in his son's murder this inquest we're expecting it to take place next year and it's an inquest in which there will be huge media attention from all over the world. well you an atomic experts are back in a run to try to make headway over tension surrounding his controversial nuclear program it's the first visit since talks had a deadlock in august and the i.a.e.a. team is hoping to get access to some sites suspected of carrying out nuclear activity is one side they're not likely to get access to is the parchin military facility which tehran insists is a non nuclear facility and saying that inspectors simply have no way. right to access that iran has consistently denied its uranium enrichment has military aims but despite
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a lack of evidence proving otherwise israel has repeatedly threatened military action if diplomacy fails as an area for national reports michelle distrust between iran and the international community has already claimed victims. three decades of pride followed by three years of mourning when i'm in syria met her future husband a young physicist she immediately knew he'd come a long way indeed he went on to become one of iran's leading nuclear scientists until it all ended one sunny morning in january two thousand and ten. missions that would resign left to work and then i heard a terrible explosion i rushed to see what happened he was lying like this is what. i called my school would must must. must i thought he was just scared then i turned to him there was no face just blood in tissues he was the first
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victim in a gruesome trend associated with his work since two thousand and ten at least three other nuclear scientists have been murdered in iran to sing with me they were working hard so their country didn't need to beg other nations for know how we have the right acquires this knowledge and feel independent. means when men series husband began embarking on his nuclear career it was not a life threatening occupation in the seventy's western countries were eager to how pure run develop its own nuclear program supplying into with technology with no strings attached that changed when the iranian regime deed would was earlier seen as inalienable right became its biggest liability iran. would be emboldened in its pursuit of nuclear weapons or billions of dollars have been pumped into the industry before the revolution. at the time of the shah why should they give up now just because western powers say so while iran's nuclear program is now
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a target of western political discourse there is only suspicion and no internationally recognized evidence that the country's moving towards build an atomic weapon iranian officials believe all this tension is fabricated with the same purpose to demonize them in the eyes of international community if you have knife in your kitchen and some of the recent concert is contour and said go or if it's rude pendulous maybe you want to use it to from. this is a very. george king. the perceived fear is that the iranian regime can't be trusted with a nuclear capacity but even those who want a total change of leadership see should be non-negotiable for the country. in the current issue has become like iran after. all what if any.
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kind of rago. iran. even you. want. but how was it that. the blocks that killed monstrous husband was seduced shown that the clock in the living room stopped at the time of his death both the west and iran are equally failing to move forward iran has law insisted on its right to develop a peaceful nuclear program but suspicion in the west has led to more and more severe sanctions the more iran resists the more the pressure builds and both sides show little sign of giving up and while the west says only dangerous intentions people here in iran believe it's all down to pride and prejudice rife nationality from to her around. tehran university professor citing mohammad marandi told me earlier that the assassinations of nuclear scientists are partly to blame for iran's reluctance to give inspectors access to the parchin site. the iranians don't
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believe that the international atomic energy agency really has any fear about the party in sight and that it is basically american pressure that forces the agency to take such steps because it's a very western oriented organization it's not a democratic party most countries in the world meaning the nonaligned movement in fact supported iran's position. but the reason why the iranians have not allowed them to enter is because they've already done so twice before our chain is a military complex the iranians have a military industry now if. in the past when iran information be passed them on to western countries and eventually we have iranian scientists assassinated because of this information if they've done that in the past why should the iranians trust them to a not pass on this information to the united states about iran's defense
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capabilities and b. what is the end game. coming up here in r t the russian president lashes out against america's prison system that's following u.s. decision to sanction russians linked to alleged rights violations and corruption case the sand other stories for you after a short break. the sincerity of you know california police force to shrink by eighty officers this year to cover their budget deficit during a local meeting the chief of police laid out the city's problems this is facing waves of gang violence. drug trafficking but with all the prisons completely overcrowded many of these criminals go right back on the street and there's just
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nobody to put. are police out there to fight them the police chief really only have one solution offer a given situation go home lock your doors and load your gun and you know what actually that's not that bad of a proposition america has always been a country where people been expected to look out for themselves and i appreciate the police chief's honesty but i know the world we live in and i have a feeling that the second some homeowner shoots a guy who jumps over his fence at night that homeowners going to go to jail for life you can expect a nineteenth century attitude towards crime we'll be able to work in a twenty first century world where rapists consume you because they slipped on your slippery kitchen floor if you want people to be able to defend themselves that's great but you have to allow them the legal liberty to do so or else the criminals will just take over but that's just my opinion. wealthy british science. is not on the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. if . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so please. you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target market was a big. mission is. going to take three. or four three. three. three. three. gold freeboard video for your media project to free radio don carty dr tom. clancy captain of here let's get straight to our next story russia's president has hit out at sanctions against russia officials recently passed by u.s.
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lawmakers washington has accused several russians of being involved in the prison death of the attorney sergei magnitsky referring to those moves as a surge however looting reports and also highlighted america's present track record . as a shim. but frankly speaking i don't understand why our american colleagues are doing this most likely it's internal political intrigue little the foreign ministry has already called it the theater of the absurd that's precisely what it is looking for sort of death was a tragedy but there's nobody in u.s. prisons and maybe even in greater numbers going up a bit is a. is they have failed. where people are kept without due process under wearing shackles like in medieval times people who open secret prisons have legalized torture during investigations are now pointing out drawbacks and you. put in also reaffirmed that russia is yet to complete his investigation into magnitsky its
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death promise to retaliate against the congress sanctions by barring americans that it accuses of human rights abuses. always more stories for you on our website that r.t. dot com including this hour of hypnosis that's going to be tested on a us sergeant who claims that he has an unusual prosecutors are hoping that he'll try to remember the day of the allegedly killed by fellow servicemen in iraq. and here's a strange one for you we've got the tale of how one paralympic athlete left a trained horse in his wake winning in a contest between man and beast. the
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euro zone's biggest banks may soon come under direct policing from brussels it's a move which could get final approval by e.u. leaders later today now it's a key step towards a fully fledged banking union on the content with national powers slowly being concentrated into a single authority the deal was a matter of concern in britain where many had feared that it could lead to its isolation but under conditions agreed to by finance ministers on thursday the u.k. and other non eurozone members will have influence over the decision making process now earlier stephen wolf from the u.k. independence party told me that british leaders policy is contrary to much of what the majority of the people there want but there is a certain code of politicians values in this country who are petrified the no longer going to be at the central table of european joining the late night events in the flash. hotels that they get the decision making the real balls of being but
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there are those like me surely no party that believes that being outside of this particular trip would actually influence the great great britain's influence would actually rise and we'd be able to trade more easily with the rest of the world because we're freed of these regulations so you're not alone in the euro or a perspective and i want to pull up a graph that we have for our viewers here showing that more and more people would vote for an exit if there were a referendum like this is data from the mori opinion poll now how does this growing anti e.u. sentiment in your view sit with for example prime minister cameron's desire to be in the union and to be actively involved in the decision making process well he's isolated he's isolated themselves from the general opinion of the british people and he's isolating themselves from a large amount of and he's with it he's a political party he's stuck with a coalition where the liberal democrats huge believers in the european union they themselves don't like to be told by the british people of what they know is the
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right answer in the froze the british people is that we can see that the change in the global economy means that we've got to trade with the rest of the world and we shouldn't be isolated we've one small particular state and he's a he's a real problems. here is own finance ministers have rubber stamp the latest installment of bailout funds for debt ridden greece the money had been withheld for months and was dependent on athens buying back some of its debt before getting the vital cash injection and artie's paper all over reports the deal might not be as good as it appears for years on. greece has given its financial backers something of an early christmas present by buying back a chunk of its debt from them however when they take the wrapping paper off but if they don't find it's a little less which they've asked for as part of a bone to buy back scheme which saw things buyback its own problems at around thirty four percent of their original value the international monetary fund how to expected greece to be able to get its debt situation down to one hundred and twenty
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four percent overall economic output by twenty twenty that really does not seem likely right now this is cools the i.m.f. to say well we won't be lending any more money to any countries that can't pay back their debts however there is a dangerous precedent with this in terms of greece be able to return the money of course private investors private creditors see greece well a lot of banks and a lot of insurance companies are already have to take that hates it it may swell there's no way we're going to get this cash back for greece but that is something that the i.m.f. certainly are not willing to accept right now well in a few minutes max kaiser is going to reveal how banks are been getting away with dodgy dealings what else is now h.s.b.c. to pay one point nine two billion dollars fine to settle charges over laundering state and federal authorities decided against indicting and just piecing in
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a money laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world's largest banks and ultimately disturb allies the global financial system too big. too big to jail this government condones crime and they wonder why the magnets on fire because they will murder not fire because they've got the contract for the lighter fluid company. at. ten workers remain trapped under rubble after a building collapse on a construction site in russia's southwest region at least five have died in the accidents twelve others are currently hospitalized it's not yet known why the three story building came tumbling down but an investigation is currently underway emergency teams from moscow are heading to the roast of region in the far south west to help with the rescue operation. well as promised in his report is coming up
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next in just a few minutes stay tuned. which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that you're soft as a horse breeder on the island of a horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and horses what sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes that bites as well it's part of my every day life. i home suburban home
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to it make brats like me just laugh for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish every evening local villagers place their nets and in the morning the catch is always good. we always have enough here. if by call is often called the pearl of siberia and horn is said to be the pearl of by call it's all end of fake forests. and vast staps. it's also a place of traditions respected by locals and travelers alike. an economist turned adventurer has crisscrossed by called shores and learned its customs well. you see pillars like this and thought to have supernatural powers
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every traveler who comes he asks. spirits to make the journey easier on them give them strength and dearest wishes i knew virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and curial seekers but those used to five star pampering may be in for a surprise the island's infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even running water for most people a tent is the only real option but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. you and your need to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the local say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and
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again. i am max keiser welcome to the kaiser report first a good news story bankers have been arrested in connection with rigging live or now the bad news is the arrests were made by the serious fraud office so down hold your breath for a successful prosecution and now the really bad news over at the new york times a headline reads h.s.b.c. to pay one point nine two billion dollars fine to settle charges over a laundering the first after start
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a call proceed to tell you all you need to know whether. global financial and economic systems quote state and federal authorities decided against indicting h.s.b.c. in a money laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world's largest banks and ultimately destabilize the global financial system too big to fail too big to jail stacey we've been warning about this for years now and it's happened they say openly in the first paragraph of the new york times article that they didn't want to destabilize the global financial system so they got away with their crime does not over just me see this morning they gave me this package of cocaine i opened an account over there they said here piers ok welcome to just b. sing and they gave me some munchies to play in the cocaine as well because this was amazing lucas is the most is that something out of his show these monkeys that's
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the most own the most. just b.c. so they loaded money for cocaine ourselves out of mexico they still can although i don't know what it is to believe that george osborne david cameron at number ten the muslim ventured short of cocaine all day because they obviously don't care that they're fuckin banks are but a laundry list well the f.t. article about this story mentions that c. had allowed itself to be used by the mexican drug cartels and therefore it was very passive they were in themselves and gauging it but if you follow the new york times article all the way down to the very last paragraph you'll find that the reason why they even charged h.s.b.c. this fine was that in two thousand and ten the comptroller of the currency had found that h.s.b.c. had severe deficiency in the money laundering controls including sixty trillion dollars and transactions and seventeen.


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