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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EST

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ends two thousand and twelve is the giant plan for i could use a mean word but purifying for me that's what it is. purifying water consciousness if you're good or not it's a rite of passage and not all is convinced that he will be among the survivors jesus himself told him by telepathy in the new era he's even going to change his name he will be called and told. integrating christ takes more than just five minutes. before i have to know how to build your individual. to be able to say frankly to someone so i'm untold mar but in fact that's a hidden way of saying i'm jesus christ. just by the end of the world anatole has become irrational. to devote himself to his mission he has given up his career and his social life. and all over the world there are thousands like him
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getting ready for the worst. two thousand and twelve with more than five hundred million internet pages it's one of the most written about themes on the web about the day of reckoning. where you're going to break into that now and go back to brussels where they were put in is holding talks with eva leaders the first time since his return to the kremlin in that russian president is taking part in a news conference along with the european commission president jose. and european council president herman van rompuy let's listen in. the wide range of e.u. russia relations and we also discussed how we can deepen our cooperation and implement already agreed commitments. our partnership for modernisation works. we have taken note of the latest progress report and welcomed the good results achieved in many areas further progress has to be made in the negotiations towards
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a new agreement which can put our future relations on a solid legal base the e.u. is very eager to progress faster in these negotiations we have discussed domestic economic developments in russia and the e.u. i explained the decisions of last week european council regarding the thinking of the economic and monetary union and the huge progress we made instead realizing do yourselves. deeply convinced that we need to create space for civil society activities in order to achieve an effective modernisation of the economy and of the society we have noted the outcome of our latest human rights consultation on the seventh of december which provided a useful location to discuss our concerns on the freedom for civil society activities and you exercise
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a fundamental rights in russia i mentioned also other concerns including the case of markets. as regards foreign policy we have discussed ways to deepen our political cooperation at global level we already work well together on issues like the middle east peace process afghanistan and iraq we have to continue our efforts to find a peaceful political solution on syria in full support of mr but i have a nice efforts russia and the european union work closely together in a quartet and we remain committed to two state solution two days or a li palestinian conflict in this respect i would like to highlight a joint statement by foreign minister a lot off and hide representative cathy ashton today on the middle east peace process. as regards our common neighborhoods i highlighted the need to achieve
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stability and security as well as democracy and market oriented economy this is the aim of e.u. supports we didn't the eastern partnership program especially as regards ukraine moldova and georgia clue will come that the elections in georgia open up new opportunities to improve bilateral relations and work toward stability in the southern caucasus on the basis of the respect for territorial integrity it is particularly important to address the protracted conflicts i also raised the importance of moving forward in the five to talks on the conflict in transnistria and expressed concerns regarding development in our god look at how but by working together the european union and russia can make a decisive contribution to global governance and regional conflict resolution to global economic governance in the g. eight and in the g twenty and to
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a broad range of international regional issues i would like to congratulate president putin for taking over the chairmanship of the g twenty i am pleased that in the sentiment that president putin and the european union have discussed all these issues openly in a very constructive atmosphere i want to thank the president of the russian federation for the constructive and productive exchange and i wish you all of you a very happy new year and merry christmas of course. mr barroso you have the floor you would love to listen gentlemen it is a great pleasure to welcome president putin to brussels we just finished a very useful summit where we took stock of our bilateral relations and discussed ways to further our time it's how conversations were indeed very. open very frank and very constructive european union and russia are indeed strategic partners of
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a special kind we are neighbors but we are also linked by history by a common civilization by culture and there is a great deal of economic interdependence and there's the world is increasingly interconnected we were respond better to dispersion of our citizens by joining our efforts we didn't mind last night we had a productive discussion on the state of the economy in russia and in europe and also on the general elements of the strategic partnership russia and european union are also making good progress in a number of areas of common interest and the potential to strengthens our ties remains huge we believe that the new russia russia agreement will be very important to lay the foundations for an even closer and stronger relationship i'm convinced that we can achieve a balance in the missions agreement that will be beneficial for both russia and for european union. our partnership organization is also bearing fruit and i welcome
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the results achieved so far the partnership entails an economic and technological development but it goes beyond that it is also about corporation and civil society and the overall legal and political framework for modernization says that we also reviewed the good progress made on the implementation of the common steps towards visa free travel. our goal is to open the grassy oceans on the visa waiver agreement in the future. we believe substance overspeed should guide our common in davis in an area which will bring concrete benefits to our citizens meanwhile before we reach our strategic objective it's a visit free region between russia and europe in union we believe it is important to the visa facilitation agreement to be concluded. i would trigger the economic ties are also very strong european union is russia's number one trading partner with our bilateral trade amounting to tree and eight billion euros in two thousand
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and eleven european union is also the source of seventy five percent of all foreign direct investment in russia and europe is also a key and very attractive market for russian exports notably energy products and commodities. so we are already doing very well and we are convinced that by hope holding double purulent commitments and by embracing open trade russia will increase trade volumes and become even more competitive and prosperous this is also of course what we are aiming we believe this relationship can benefit both sides russia is also an important provider a very important provider indeed of energy resources to europe we are keen on our energy dialogue and we want to continue strengthens our cooperation the field notably through the new agreement it is true that some differences remain regarding some aspects of energy relations between europe and russia but we believe it is
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possible to find concrete programmatic solutions for some of the problems that still exist. beyond our traditional areas of cooperation our powers are also growing in breath and depth. let me give you a very concrete example to which i'm very attached to we agreed to make two thousand and fourteen the european union russia year of science technology and innovation this year long series of events to be jointly organize across the opinion and russia will celebrate the vibrant and multi-faceted science and technology cooperation between european union our member states and the russian federation involving scientists research organizations innovators and by the public this european union russia a year of science will directly build on russia's strong involvement in the current european union programme for research and technological development. further to
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that we are also cooperating with our russian partners on the preparation of the next g. twenty summit in st petersburg we very much agree with a very important priorities that the russian presence here set for this summit we will do our best to contribute to success in sent petersburg to conclude let me once more welcome president put into brussels thank him for the quality of our exchanges today and yesterday our relation as a huge potential that can still be explored as we have proposed to president putin we should transform an interdependent spy nesa city into an independence by choice the european union remains fully committed to engage in desire action on the basis of common values model interest which will benefit and model respect and to conclude hundreds parent li and of the world did not come today i wish you also
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a very happy new year and of course merry christmas for all of you your families your friends the best for all of you thank you for your address and wish president barroso i've been up on the floor to the president of the russian federation plenty putting. it's about. but it's not the same and. also some. of exchange of opinion take place. range of issues from energy and trade. international and visa issues. just as usual our talks were held in a constructive spirit and. they had a lot of substance we drew conclusions about where were. the last six months after the june summit. but after the summit engine to enter twelve and we
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mark. the progress including the progress and trade to that grew by one third and made up three hundred and ninety four billion dollars. that is four point four percent but twenty twelve but i hope that this year it will be four hundred billion dollars but it was precisely because that i would assure you when you were going to spoil this deal with me or you. i would like to pay attention to the fact that due to recession in the euro zone. ration between russia and the european union is a very positive and constructive factor to sustain economy in that and also to have balance in the social sphere and maintaining a large number of job s'posed in russia and in the e.u. . and the e.u.
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share in the russian trade balance is forty eight point eight percent and this is not sky is not not the limit of the european partners are ready to diversify away and enlarge their exports to russian markets where the. russia's accession to the w t o we hope that the e.u. will remove most bands and our experts including dumping procedures the e.u. is one of our main investment partners aggregate. investment. is now worth three hundred ten twenty five billion dollars. and russian companies have invested over two hundred fifty billion dollars so with one hundred direct investment. our economies are growing increasingly interdependent convinced that this will show in our. relations including the legal basis of
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our cooperation we have agreed to today to continue working. we have general agreement between russia and e.u. we have discussed this a free. travel agreement between russia and the european union and i would like to point out that almost all the technical issues on the visa free regime can be considered and it is only now up to our european union partners to. take a political decision on that. and your ways russian tourists is and in the european union over. the land you are. so i believe this is a substantial substantial figure and considering our four hundred billion. dollars a year of turnover. of course it is clear that.
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the absence of a visa free regime is a great champion meant to further deepen our economic ties but we understand that we have to agree this issue with twenty seven countries and there are very. so we will be able to wait for our european partners to agree on that there is one aspect for us and that's and there she. is for once said of european union or i guess this is another testimony to the fact that our economies are deeply integrated and interdependent. we believe one priority is diversification in malta and they say sion of energy infrastructure here are aware that we have completed the north stream and started in la their pipeline. in the black sea that is the south stream. thanks taking together using the
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gas a trance persis to model ukraine as well and to the expansion of the amal europe system pipeline will supply significantly increase energy security off europe is one that we have also discussed they said energy package. our stance is well known here and we believe that it is like sceptical to apply the same package to contracts concluded before its adoption by our european partners. we can continue. that discussion and we hope for a. favorable solution we're not looking for any preferences specific but we do hope that they grimace reached between our countries will be observed we have also discussed humanitarian questions we are concerned to where blatant violations of.
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the rights of russian citizens since some of both six states. scriabin heroic status to. extremists. speaking out the global economy. he will think that is it we need to complete companies that measures to stimulate. economic growth so we believe that this will be greatly aided by the russian. president says we have paid a lot of attention to international issues in syria and north africa the middle east and the nuclear program of iran we do disagree on a number of issues but the most important part is that both sides are interested in increasing. international come i say she and we will continue our dialogue at her legs level on a regular basis and then. at the twenty thirteen russia summit i would like to
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thank our colleagues for having created a base environment. a positive atmosphere we have been able to discuss all the questions in the construct event friendly manner. with an intent to find solutions merry christmas and a happy new year thank you for your attention you for your state and president putin restoring for only a few questions thank you for understanding state your name in the media you are representing before addressing your cash question thank you yes sir for. the record. when from the actions wall street journal couple of this is a fine on cyprus president putin do you see any circumstances under which russia
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would join a bailout of the cypriot government or of its banking sector and for president. the good discuss the cyprus situation with mr putin and would you welcome russia and russian involvement in bailout talks. and secondly on syria french foreign minister five you said last week he hopes two thousand and thirteen will be the year of a free syria president putin is that your hope too and can happen with mr asaad still in charge and for president one more point so have you heard anything from your russian counterpart today that makes you believe they can be part of the solution. thank you for. all the what you initially ok let me. in order to torture my colleagues to much so concerning cyprus.
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the russian finance minister is well aware of this problem and we have being in touch with the cypress. discussing this questions a lot in the answer and then he did mention a macro economic situation of russian economy which is quite positive and we are witnessing that economic growth of three point seven per cent and our monetary reserve said growing our currency reserves over five hundred billion and one hundred fifty billion of they say they reserves will be lent out of the results of the government. matter is about conditions and systemic measures cyprus is a member of the your opinion and said oh i have received from the fact that our european partners shared. sat and their little relations a couple ration within your opinion and it is not
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a very proper date for us to interfere into this process but in a situation when these agreements have reached into not rule out a possibility to take part in the bailout. of cyprus. this will require. discussion that expert flavell now speaking of syria our stance is well known to everyone we. did not sure i was advocate and we don't support really. trying to find excuses for the current government and see red button order to achieve. some agreements it is person to agree on what is going to happen in syria in the future to ensure the interests of all the syrians of all the religious and ethnic groups to find out how. syria will be ruled and only after
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that should we go to go on to implement this plan engine a well we did achieve a number of agreements and this is very much in sync with what i have said said now and our european partners have agreed to this and that all they can take part is shared sit down to negotiate it we're going to and we hope that they said agreements who will be put in practice which are i would like to highlight the size that we would like order to come back to syria we would like the regime to be democratic based. awards to see where people actually want we are really interested in they speak as. this is this is a country which is very close to us to our borders. and we wouldn't like cares to take place in syria that is now seen in other countries of the region
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everyone is interested in a session of violence and bloodshed. regarding cyprus. first of all we got this situation from cyprus we have been discussing this first of all with cyprus the republic of cyprus we have been also discussing this in your opinion namely with the member states and of course we do appear in central bank and the i.m.f. . what i can say is that we have not raised this issue today with russia but we are aware of the contacts that have been kept between. and russia and of course it's a first of all to cyprus and russia to decide what can be doing gauge amount of russia in support to cyprus regarding the financial situation of that country it's up to them to be fine because we know that they're already been important context
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we've been cyprus and russia these are what they can say to you at this moment. then on syria we exchanged a few of your own meeting on the situation on syria and agreed on the urgency to stop the fighting and we also agree on the need to continue supporting the efforts of mr brime meanie. i recall the position. relented recently expressed by do you counsel i'm just quoting from this council conclusions the european council to ask the foreign affairs council to work on all options to support and help the opposition and to enable greater support for the protection of the civilians and we support also future that is democratic and inclusive with full support for human rights and the rights of minorities. because the reality.
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is still from my actions vested fam radio stations i would like to ask president putin and the e.u. leaders in your. dresses you have said you have made it clear that you tackle a lot of questions in the framework of cooperation in quite a quick manner for instance you've been able to agree with the e.u. protocol service to to hang the russian flag in the right way because before that it was a doubt but in any case there are some questions that take time to discuss for for example axis of russian companies to the european in their key markets and these are free travel for russians. go to europe. so how can you take all this. take of this question. to the benefit of the countries
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as mr browser said speaking of visit free travel travel i have already said it all i don't think there is much to add. to the human spirit but. the ball is in the corner of our european partners partners and for four years all the readmission agreements have been in force. we have taken and implemented all the decisions so on external water control so there are no questions that remain technical as settled very suggest this political question which is really hard to tackle for our european partners because the european union comprises a whole of twenty seven countries there are various approaches and bad. of course attained the development of our economic ties given that such a great trade turnover but we have to gain enough patience to move towards that
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came over to us said gilks. speaking of energy i have already commented on that but all i can say this that our today's discussion our our european partners have also mentioned that they hold sacred the primacy of war and the wants only with russia but with all their partners. very soon. in force that is lays the groundwork our relations the article thirty four. says that both sides shouldn't. be implemented whereas conditions for for for one are there so this third energy package which. has jurisdiction was spread to agreements that were concluded previously we can see the rate of violation of article thirty four so
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much for the actions already undertaken by some of our partners seen in a number of the european countries as a confiscation of russian investment. but we keep in touch with our european partners on they sound we keep discussing that if you. are going so we don't go for. the right solutions. now that it was spring of lakes torsion of investments are now. price formation for energy resources inside russia. as we exit it to the w to we didn't sign a really obligations on. price on pricing within russia and another thing is that our european partners do not supply this criteria to some other countries like norway why is this why are these criteria applied
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selectively. and this is a question widely discussed between russia and europe but in any case i want to emphasize that we discussed this in a very useful and calm way we're not fighting over it at all and we did hope for a positive solutions. thank you there are mainly two issues if you put in the question and inject regarding fisa let's put it make it clear our goal is visa through a dream with the russian federation and i have stated it today during the meeting and publicly we remain committed to that goal but we are not yet there but let me just give you some facts about the relations. between the european union and russia .


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