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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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russia's foreign minister sums up the get up on the sensitive issues of syria and russia and u.s. relations an exclusive interview with. the news titans father ronda ron as british troops are ready for the gulf and while begin ited states can chew is yet more sanctions on tehran. that. it's enough to lead. to a poor for christmas and british pensioners are increasingly frozen out of the holidays by spiraling costs.
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and you saw russia on the wrong the world this is with me thanks for joining us. state of global politics through the eyes of russian foreign minister we speak as we speak exclusively to sergey lavrov on. topics ranging from syria's bloody war to russia u.s. relations and is going on joins us now live for more on basic or good morning so what exactly did before and minister have to say on the global developments that shakes this year. for syria still continues to be in the center of everybody's attention so of course it was touched upon as well and the russian foreign minister stressed once again that there could be only a diplomatic solution to the conflict based on agreements reached earlier by world
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powers in geneva which basically call both sides of the car the two simultaneously and immediately put their weapons down start a political process and for all members of the international community to apply equal pressure on them to do so at the same time russian foreign minister to mention how. the syrian opposition is a really diverse and how it sounds some of its groups often go to the most extreme measures like taking hostages or conducting terrorist attacks and the foreign minister stressed how it's on except or that some members of the international community are trying to justify that. western. security council started to refuse. condemning terrorist attacks in syria saying that yes there is miss bird but you must take
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into account the overall context of what is going on in syria and why people resort to terrorist attacks it's absolutely unacceptable and this logic we all might lead us if we follow this logic might lead us to a very dangerous situation not only in the middle east but in other parts of the world. russia's chief diplomat also said once again that moscow is not any side of this conflict and criticize the syrian authorities for often using unproportionate force. the security force is clearly war and. to face the public. protests and to protest in this aegis and in the villages they have been trained to you know to counter for and aggression not to keep law and order in
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a civilized manner. the foreign minister also talked about the current state of relations with washington especially in light of the money's deactivates recently by american lawmakers which. gives the green light for sanctioning a russian official suspected of being connected to human rights violations but since it's not really clear on what grounds this blacklist is being put together by many officials in moscow it's seen as an anti russian act and according to the foreign minister president obama offered to fly over to sign the law in the end he's a hostage basically on the situation receiving some heavy pressure from the republicans simul off also noted how the election cycle in the united states in cargo is makes it really difficult to cooperate with the country and reach important decisions and key decisions on some of the most critical
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international issues before minister also talked about the security council saying how there is a need for reforming it according to a single offer the world is continuing to become more poor arised and while some key emerging powers like china or india actually more like india and brazil are really becoming heavyweight players in the world and according to the foreign minister sooner or later the u.n. security council will have to review reflect that. developing countries and be thrust before the new economic and financial leaders in the third world countries like india brazil for example that the must be represented in the security council . these are some of the key issues touched upon by the russian foreign minister in
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his exclusive interview to r.g.s. and some got big events of the outgoing year now all right our t.v. screen of your many thanks indeed for that update and we've got more highlights from level of exclusive interview later this hour but for those of you who can't wait check it out online it's already there for you at. present allegedly putin's visit to india is yet another sign that ties within the brics group of fans growing economies remain a key international priority for russia president putin is set to meet india's prime minister manmohan singh late on monday several agreements are expected to come out of the trip including large contracts of the sale of military technology the talks in new delhi come after the leader of brazil in another brics nations let's pretend moscow earlier this month. the united arab emirates is said to be close to ordering some six to call by the trans from the u.k. and may be getting a contingent of british troops to sweeten the deal british pm david cameron told
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soldiers that they may be headed to the gulf state as they pull out of afghanistan right scrapes and happy saying dealing with the emirates which is accused of mass torture of political dissidents and all the wrong messages but to political analyst patrick hamilton says it's all about iran. the justification for this massive build up in the middle east specially in the gulf states area the west is basically blaming iran saying that because iran is pursuing nucular and vicious though there's no proof of any nuclear weapons programs as such they're blaming iran for a possible nuclear arms race in the region that's a quote from david cameron only days ago so the in circle man of iran it's certainly a geopolitical scale number one priority and i think they've achieved that militarily but you know the question is. is this going to be a real military standoff are we looking at a cold war situation where we just posturing militarily geo politically looking for
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some bigger conflicts down the road perhaps in a few years meanwhile as washington mulls more sanctions against iran a soul is making it clear that it's ready and willing to strike but tehran's chief ally in the region hezbollah has made it plain that it will take some of them taste of all aussies listen counts and reports not only the missiles function may have up it's. a red line should be drawn right here the line beyond which lies war with iran netanyahu would like to be able to communicate to the world that. the israelis are ready which he has to attack and that it will be done with the full support of the united states threat or bluff whatever the case an attack would all but guarantee a rapid response from another nemesis of the jewish state has. lebanese
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shia paramilitary group has evolved from a ragtag militia to a military and political heavyweight it's part of the so-called axis of resistance against israel referring to the alliance between hezbollah hamas syria and iran and according to hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah both israel and the united states would suffer a retaliation to any strike against tehran. the response would not be limited to the israeli entity the u.s. military bases in the entire region will serve as targets so if israel targets iran even by itself. america will be held accountable for this. israel's november battle with gaza was seen as a test for a possible confrontation with iran israeli airstrikes rained on gaza in exchange came a barrage of long range mortars and rockets most repelled by
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a range mortar. the front or fire a rocket threat from gaza the war may have showcased newly acquired weapons by palestinian militant factions but hezbollah's arsenal is thought to be of higher quality and quantity and experts say that it could launch four times as many rockets per day as hamas the details of hezbollah's stockpile are secret but the group's willingness to use it is not. israel was shaken by a few fragile five meszaros which could be counted on the fingers of one's hand how will it be able to withstand the thousands of missiles that will land on television and elsewhere if it attacks. the last time israel and hezbollah came face to face was and. around forty five thousand missiles of various ranges there is run of or part of. the range goes beyond three hundred and what's three hundred fifty kilometers which
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according to them at least they can reach the whole of. the south of the country this museum in the south of lebanon is designed to display hezbollah self-proclaimed military prowess captured israeli tanks and weapons are meant to be a reminder of the danger has block impose if provoked this is the only has the tunnel open to visitors but a network of secret passageways just like this one stretches across lebanon they're used to move fighters and weapons across the country ensuring that hezbollah stands ready to strike at a moment's notice lucy caffein of r t southern lebanon opposition cries for want after referendum in egypt's draft constitution the results of having its limits charter has been approved but many claim that could only be possible with massive vote rigging. the market question as it's love the chorus for tougher weapons control gets louder in the wake of the connecticut school massacre.
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for many of this time of year is the size of your wallet that dictates how much festive funny you will enjoy it while the shops are reaping the benefits of a commercial boost today people in the u.k. surviving on their pensions on their priced out of christmas spirit. takes up the story. better watch your brother not santa claus is coming to town and the shops are ready for the annual customer onslaught but eighty two year old lady isn't in the festive spirit she's worried that she can't afford to be anything other than a scrooge this christmas. the only under the family is enough to live on which it isn't but we bail.
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there's a water right that. that order those things and i'll be a pension person here try and save a few bob for that yeah and off the most energy firms hiked prices the winter months set in liddy and people like her face a cold or dark a festive season. of the old the bar new boiler i don't put it on in the bedroom in the. bedroom up yeah i don't know there are no guy if there's a big bill you know that something with something when i thought about enough money to cover it that is a while right yeah yeah more britons are turning off their heating and then run up to a costly christmas and they're using these hot water bottles instead watts according to hospital the money saving to spend comes on the high price.
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sides postage doesn't come cheap now at thirty percent more this christmas first class post in every sense of the term there's not a shop in the land that would risk missing out on a christmas promotion right now it's not one to hire adopt the best service he's getting more and more commercials he's getting more and more to hear what can he afford to take god we've talked to many families about christmas time and it's something that they really struggle with
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a time when all the families are celebrating we've got rises in fuel prices we've got rises in food prices in the benefits and the support mechanisms that people have got local care that they've got is all being cut back it's going to be really really tough for people this christmas pensioner lady isn't just worried about the plight of the elderly she knows she's far from alone and counting down to a down costs december twenty fifth you know where they've been going out but their wages that are now and people with. a lot of people are. being told. now and with the bank of england's less than glad tidings of a triple dip recession on the cards struggling britons will be wishing for nothing short of a christmas miracle. r t london. christmas will be difficult for some in the u.k. but the queen will be putting on
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a brave face show been bracing new technology once again on your festive message this year and we'll see her as we've never seen before in three d. so you can find more on this story on our website. monkey business the future of this scene loping around toronto call paul doesn't look so rosy so find out what happened to him online at. egypt's new constitution has gained majorities approval according to early results from the final round of a referendum the draft hastily put together by the muslim brotherhood dominated committee is seen by many as a sure way to the minting islamists power in the country and cairo based journalist truly has been following the vote for the preliminary results in egypt's
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contentious constitutional referendum egypt appears to have voted for the constitution sixty four percent say yes. thirty six percent have said no this comes after mass dissent in the streets across the country over the cost three weeks against this constitution opposition forces say in force of presidential dictatorship and was drafted by an islamist dominated assembly of the twenty seven governments that went to vote in the last week only three voted against the constitution. this in the last round is largely due to the fact that in the last seventeen governments there were two votes a large amount of them are rural governorates who with large muslim brotherhood supports places the opposition forces for their part to say that the reason it is a yes is because of electoral violations they say they've seen a number of instances of possible vote rigging including missing judges as their
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own supervised polling stations missing ballot papers stuff the ballot boxes and also campaigning by the muslim brotherhood groups also. conservative salafist groups with in the polling stations telling people to vote yes the biggest news of the day however is the resignation of the vice president mohamed micky this is largely seen to be perhaps because in the draft constitution as it currently stands there is no post for the vice president this comes in the background of deepening violence across the country on friday we saw clashes between rival protest groups limits rallies in egypt. second city of alexandria in support of the constitution there was rock throwing and also burning of cars the police had to intervene with take us comes just one week after similar clashes in alexandria and of course three weeks after very bloody scenes here in the capital cairo we saw ten people die when
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rival protest groups. fought outside the presidential palace with a deepening political crisis and neither side backing down now the constitution is likely to be put in place we can only and the street at the possible violence across the country egypt's opposition has been outraged with its preliminary results and ahmed how are you from the us to party believes there's no way the constitution could have passed without massive fraud this constitution and this referendum is a disgrace to a nation that far hard for its freedom and for its right it's a document that. rips out all the for all the rights that we have and try to constitute a dictatorship and it has been taught by a friend and that was a massive massive rigging for the ballot boxes massive rigging for the voice of the people see tens and hundreds of schools tens and hundreds of schools where the
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ballot boxes and the referendum process was taking place at a convenient time when when the voices were very when all the polls saw that the people were voting no the power was cut off the muslim brotherhood the. judges and employees in that school shut down the school over. in the front of the voters and the state with the ballot boxes not overseas for hours and hours we do not recognise any result but of a proper digging through this evidence that we've put and we received a proper answer from the high committee of elections. the national rifle association in the u.s. has once again stressed it won't block any sort of gun control legislature and this comes amid a storm of calls to rein in the accessibility of weapons in america in the wake of the massacre at this sandy hook elementary school in connecticut where twenty children and six adults died. on has more on the future of the second amendment
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a week after the tragedy at the elementary school in newtown president obama made the same pledge as when he became president four years ago to try and get assault weapons off the streets of the u.s. it's a pledge he has failed to deliver on this is not the first incident where we've gone there. were a few but the administration indicates this time it's different this time they're serious it will take commitment and compromise and most volatile take coach shooting. it's a school and it's an important part of our hearing the debate taking place at the moment suggests national consensus on the issue is far down the line and the dialogue between those who support and those who oppose such a ben comes down to that with guns come safety if the guns are in the hands of the good guys that you know believe will be. the interest group in washington the national rifle association has successfully fought any form of gun control
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legislation for years and the solution they offer to the epidemic of gun violence that has plagued the us is more guns. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. constitutional lawyer roger pilon thinks along the same lines and suggests arming teachers to prevent massacre was like the one in newtown connecticut you're always going to have people who are going to be doing these kinds of evil deeds what you need to do is protect yourself against the weapons in schools and you go to a movie theater you have to carry a gun because there there will be there maybe someone with a semiautomatic you know wiping out the entire theater as we have seen is that what you're suggesting. where do you put it provocatively like that what i'm suggesting people movie theater yes because the police cannot be everywhere
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there are almost three hundred million privately owned firearms in the u.s. around ten thousand americans die in gun violence every year the gun murder rate in the u.s. is almost twenty times higher than in the next twenty two richest and most populous nations combined we have three hundred million guns in america but also a population of three hundred million people so that's one gun per person and if more guns were actually the solution to deterring was shootings of many times it would have this problem in the first place the gun adam lanza used to kill twenty young children and six adults at the sandy hook elementary school was an a r fifteen semiautomatic rifle it's a military style rifle that can shoot hundreds of rounds at a rapid speed it belongs to adam's mother who he also murdered nancy lanza a teacher at the same elementary school owned six guns numerous types of assault
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weapons are readily available for purchase in the u.s. at gun stores at gun shows and online after the newtown tragedy many americans are calling for change again. make it inherently make it worth something we could meet some good you can't forget you could create change previous meaningful attempts to change hit a wall and that wall is the second amendment of the constitution the right of the people to bear arms skeptics say the most the administration can do is required background checks at gun shows but again adam lanza's mother a teacher at an elementary school would have probably passed any of those checks on her military style rifle would have ended up in the hands of her son anyway that constitutional lawyer i spoke to seemed very certain that nothing major is going to change when it comes to gun laws in america does that mean more massacres like the tragedy newtown in washington i'm going to check on. a red alert has been pushed by
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it surely that the pi who they all can own the border with. toronto scientists are warning people to stay outside fifteen kilometer radius around the volcano to avoid any mudflows oval comics like months that could be thrown out smoke and has been pouring out for more than a day causing people in nearby villages to leave the area roads have been cleared in case over about curation is needed. islam is trying to use have destroyed the last mausoleums in the ancient city of timbuktu in the north of mali b. and some are dying group claiming responsibility sorry about defending the purity of their faith against people washing idols this comes just days after all the islam as in the north announced they had cut off the heads of two. a sewer and rebels are accused assad forces of launching an air strike in hama province in the east of the country leaving at least sixty dead they say civilians were killed as they queued to buy bread these images were taken by acts of its own kind of the
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independently verified this comes on and i would link representative brahimi arrives in syria to meet with officials. and see where it was also one of the topics russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov touched upon as he talked of the ships in global politics we're bringing you this exclusive interview with elsie in just a few minutes. longer decades. mediators. self-imposed out costs from society i will cut myself am i going to tag my brother understand my gone. image and i'm a. going to eventually attack the columns of my anger and my
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frustration the bill that. got upgraded well into the dome. observed the most violent gangs in us history. as just all model killing to kill with the colors matching the national flag not. that this country uses violence when it reaches and then it legitimizes the violence they all made in america on the odyssey. gave. you.
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to. so you are off russia's foreign minister thank you very much for being with r.t. today my pleasure you're ending your ear with a visit to india russia has been clear in its support for india's aspirations to become a permanent member of your own security council how do you think the much criticized joint security council will benefit from india's participation power first of all i
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would say that criticism is not always warranted the latest wave of criticism was related to the fact that the security council allegedly cannot act on syria. by these by the desire to see some action on the part of the security council the critics wanted the parser resolution under chapter seven which provides for the use of sanctions on the use of force eventually and russia and china are convinced hundred percent that this would be a disaster and that this would be the beginning of a very slippery slope and will bring us to the libyans in the area which we cannot afford anymore and the region cannot afford the security council was once expended only in the category of nonpermanent members and now. after several decades of the council functioning in the unchanged.


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