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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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after the bolshevik revolution this is the office was nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they had a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves whilst leaving this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of a scape but within the year the czar and his family would be dead. please speak or language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks specifically our piece interviews intriguing story for you. see arabic to find out more visit our big teeth.
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oh shit. oh shit oh. please please.
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know that speak. to. her. i wish. things i missed some good. luck. just spent the money and i'm. going out of my mind i'm a little. oh yeah welcome to spotlight the interview show on our team. very my guest on the
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program is more how much more comedies out there. historical worldwide sound like climate change was recently how did dog see get control over global warming nearly two hundred countries agreed to extend the kyoto protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the event took place in qatar as i said which is in the middle east though the region is not really associated with environmental protection but isn't it unfair what other regions problems and in fact on our planet we'll discuss that with a senior official of one of the biggest middle eastern countries vice president al do you are more how much about mohamed is out there who is also head of the environmental protection often has a. when it comes to greenhouse gas polluters the general public might think oh established industrial giants and the developing economies as the worst culprits
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however iran is in the top five carbon emitters at the recent climate change conference to qatar the kyoto protocol was extended but carbon emitters as the united states russia and china chose to opt out iranian why is president mohamed these are this that he's country championed the extension backed by dozens of other nations. mr mohammad is a dan welcome to the show but i'm going to be first off as we've just heard a few days ago qatar hosted koppel eighteen the. eighteen's conference of the parties of the un framework convention on climate change the conference made a decision to extend the kioto protocol after the conference you said that this became possible last few thanks to the efforts of iran but what was the problem
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what was so difficult to work out a compromise in the name of god and the compassionate the merciful. i'm also very happy to see you and i'm happy that i can address your audience through your show. that what. this conference was a continuation of two earlier conferences in a mexico and in copenhagen. and the point is developed countries and there are about forty of them you should honor their commitments to developing countries. we had to make sure that they don't exceed current levels of greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time that they make necessary technology if they will to developing countries that are. better you can help developing countries in these matters and they should also provide financial assistance to
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help developing countries fight pollution that's why these let me create probably cover ran in g seventy seven and china did their best to explain their position to those countries of course there was some progress made first we were able to extend the kyoto protocol for another eight years also we emphasized the need to deliver a proper technology to developing countries the developed countries agreed but said developing countries should buy this technology. so the shoe that hasn't been resolved is that of funds for purchasing this equipment this shows that there is still a big gap between developed and developing nations. hard to say if it was that it was it is a rush or slow your words seem to indicate that western countries were reluctant to extend the kyoto protocol but as far as we know environmentalist are particularly
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strong in the west how do you explain this contradiction could it be that this is just a continuation of the conflict between western europe and america on the one hand and iran on the other which is now being transferred to the area of climate change as well in other words is appealing a political matter i don't think it is a political matter i think it is a matter of disagreement and the lack of understanding between g seventy seven countries and china on the one hand and western or developed countries on the other there are three countries that have distanced themselves away from the kyoto protocol russia japan and south korea but the remaining hundred twenty countries all agree mung themselves but this issue has nothing to do whatsoever with the disagreement that exists between iran and the west we think that developed countries have thirty year old to honor their commitments they produce more
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greenhouse gas emissions they have agreed to reduce those emissions but they fail to do so. and you saw you but they blame here for example germander searches published same stats few days ago and they say iran is the world's third biggest screen has gas a matter behind the u.s. and china is it true what do you do to minimize damage to the environment. so how now that this is not true just right how you move there live if you don't have iran actually ranks. countries like china or south korea or us trail leo or germany or canada i mean much more greenhouse gas than iran doesn't do good because actually i myself was under the impression that the environmental situation in the middle east was relatively good because your region is hardly ever mentioned in their support. most damage is done by countries
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like america and china so the impression you get is that your situation is quite good as a man who deals with these issues in iran can you confirm that you really don't have much to worry about. the government of iran has adopted a program to reduce hydrocarbon consumption for example iran has decided to move from using gasoline and diesel fuel to natural gas we now have a million and a half he calls running on natural gas many power plants are about to start using natural gas for fuel. and we have also increased the use of solar power and wind power. i mean yesterdays have introduced a new technologies to reduce their emissions. so not only controls the greenhouse gas emissions but even reduces them. but i want to see that america's position on
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greenhouse gas emissions is wrong americans are only five percent of the world's population but the us emits about twenty five percent of the world's greenhouse gas. we know that from day one the us refused to join the kyoto protocol john and they have no buying obligations. at the same time africa has a population of a billion people and yet it generates less than one tenth of the emissions america generates. so we have a very unfair situation where you have the united states on the one hand and the whole continent of africa on the other. but. if you when you you have another quote here again from a german source the spigot magazine reported recently that iran may spill all oil
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in the persian gulf in response to sanctions introduced by the west is it true they really have such plans because we remember how in one thousand nine hundred ninety one saddam hussein spilled oil during operation desert storm but that didn't help him i don't actually see how an oil spill can help you get those sanctions lifted you don't call them shiny regards the environment of the persian gulf iran's commandable because. when iraq attacked us and we had eight years of war we didn't cause any pollution in the persian gulf. and actually when saddam hussein attacked kuwait and said all the oil wells on fire. was first to help and put the fire out that. we have a lot of seaports and the persian gulf provides sixty percent of the world's
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hydrocarbons. eight countries around the persian gulf and yet it was iran who set up this standard for fighting pollution in the region. at if we have set up a monitoring system to enforce the standard you know all of the gulf countries. we need to preserve the eco system of the persian gulf and iran plays the leading role in these efforts. next year on march third through sixth year ran a well hostin environmental forum on key sheil and. where eight gulf nations will discuss these standards. and want to quote once you know me also in addition to these eight nations various international organizations will be
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represented there. in other words there is no threat of an oil spill in the persian gulf and you don't confirm that iran considers such a step that not only we deny that we regard this as an element of psychological war against iran you could use a machete q such things simply cannot be done. so. that the vice president. will be back shortly right after a break so they were. wealthy
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a free media dog hearty dot com. which will brighten if you knew all about song from the funniest impressions. start on t.v. dot com. welcome back to spotlight i'm al green of and just to remind you that my guest on the show is more how my job ad will heidi that the vice president of iran. mr muhammad is are there since you've mentioned ideological warfare iran has long been involved in
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a war of words with the west especially the united states many people say that a military operation against iran is quite possible. as one of iran's top leaders do you think this is a real possibility. do people in your country live in a constant fear of war or do people think it is unlikely. for the past thirty three years ever since these lammy cueva lucian the west and the us in particular has been plotting against iran and people in our country are aware of that. but at the same time people go on with their lives and they don't worry about what the united states me do. this does not mean that the united states does not want war with iran what i'm saying is that they won't gain anything by this war
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and such a war is unlikely. so we are not afraid of the us or any other country in our message to those countries is that a friendship and not a message of war. talk only a foolish person can expect is with guns but such an approach makes no sense at all. you say your message is a message of friendship and you do look like a very peaceful person but i think you will agree that some of the sayings that president doesn't mean jaja says about washington can hardly be described as friendly do you agree if you look at what mr ahmadinejad you will see that he's approach is actually that of peace and friendship he ran is an anshan nation with history that spans thousands of years and in its long history iran has never
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attacked any other country but when attacked by others and fought well but iran has never been prone to violence and member aspired to dominate the world so it is all just psychological war against iran and especially against president ahmadinejad. and they seek to demin eyes iran. let me give you an example if a child refuses to be parents may tell their child that a monster will come and eat them but they say this just to intimidate the child in reality there is no monster western countries and especially the united states seek to demo nizer in order to intimidate other countries and make them by their weapons this is merely propaganda. scourge of the skies it's a backward case. comes under attack everybody understands that iran will years all means available to protect itself against aggression so if
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there is a military conflict. can the iranian nuclear program be adjusted to be used for military purposes. when there was a conflict between iran and saddam hussein many countries supported in intelligence services and many countries supported him and of course international media all worked for saddam. certain arab nations in our region made unlimited financial resources available to saddam hussein and he also received military hardware from the us and other countries what this tells us is that when people want to defend their homeland no matter how much financial and military aid their opponents may receive they will still prevail that's why i doubt that somebody may repeat such a stupid mistake with respect to iran i really hope this doesn't happen and i don't think this may happen but i'd like to say that iran is much better equipped to do
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you know order to protect itself in other words we have all kinds of weapons to protect our country as for nuclear weapons we don't have nuclear weapons and we don't seek to have nuclear weapons we don't need nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons are not part of our religious defense doctrine but we have a lot of strong patriotic young men who are ready to defend our country they don't need nuclear weapons. that. this is very good indeed and already and is happy to hear that i'm sure you another was even if there is war and iran is in danger of suffering a major defeat and you have nuclear technology you will not use it to produce nuclear weapons is this what you are saying. but i know that will not sell or has the. net. team is there for that we don't have nuclear weapons in even if
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we had them we wouldn't use them but we have often raised the disarmament issue in the un and other international organizations we want israel so aggressive regime to disarm and we want their stockpiles to be destroyed. we support the idea of a nuclear disarmament and this means that we don't seek nuclear weapons ourselves. i think certainly is that officially israel does not have nuclear weapons but many people around the world have no doubt that in reality israel has nuclear weapons you do seem to saying that israel has nuclear weapons ready to be used and you have no doubt about that right what if he's a real does not have nuclear weapons why does he's a really refused to allow international organizations to carry out an inspection of their facilities. why do they refused to sign international treaties why do they
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refuse to honor their commitments let's go back to environment protection which is your primary area of responsibility that there is a lake in iran called lake mia it has lost sixty percent of its water it seems to us as outsiders that this may result in a lot scale disaster is it possible to save this lake we have prepared a detailed program to restore a lake or me. lake siri is five thousand square kilometers but it has strong to twenty seven hundred square kilometers now because of higher temperatures and evaporation and a reduced inflow from the reverse. we have twenty four projects to restore the level of water in a lake or me and they are all already working. we have diverted water and from three other sources to this lake this is about
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a billion cubic meters of water boarded to lake or me. also we use new more efficient irrigation technologies to make sure that water from nineteen rivers goes into the lake and not somewhere else because this will provide another billion cubic meters of water for the lake and we also use other methods like cloud seeding to increase rainfall actually this is one of the projects where iran and russia worked together all these measures will help us save. us about thank you thank you very much for being with us they were just a reminder that my guest today was the most common that bad mohamed these that day vice president of iraq and that they've put out the all of us here if you want to have your say and spotlight just don't feel i will be back with more for an apartment on what they really want in and out of the shop until then they are honored to take care. thank you thank you for not having the.
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deadly rivals the decades. if you had fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be mediators. self-imposed out costs from society i will contact myself chemical attack my brother understand my contact immediate. going to eventually attack the cops of my ngo and my frustration the.
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judge well into the dome. two of the most violent gangs in us history. is just all model killer big deal with colors matching the national flag. but this country uses violence when it reaches and then it legitimizes the violence they are made in america on the oxy.
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please. please. please. i live.
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