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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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and realized everything. was a big issue. the week's top stories here on r.t. . passenger plane slams into a russian highway killing four after overshooting the runway survivors now fighting for their lives. president obama's call for a ban on the some sparks a massive shopping spree in the u.s. with gun stores reporting record profits. no end in sight to the syrian conflict to the rebels desperate push for regime change and rejection of raises international affairs that the worst is yet to come. also moscow hits washington with counter legislation the u.s.
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sanctions on russian officials it accuses of human rights violations. and egypt's rulers want their opponents outlawed the country's top prosecutors probe opposition leaders for allegedly inciting an uprising just days after and turned out referendum approves a controversial new constitution. you're watching. with me carrie. four people have died and four others are in a critical condition after a passenger jet crash landed at a moscow airport the plane is said to have overshot the runway splintering into pieces and littering an outlying highway with degre ortiz where the coach never reports from going to court the investigation is currently underway this is the sac
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and on the biggest approved of the plane that still remains very close to the highway and looks quite terrifying the other parts of the plane of the cabin that through right on the highway off through the crash and where the forty two members died as well as the black boxes probably already been cleared over the night and there is also a video that captured the exact moment how this caused injury jobs that crashed into the finally got video appeared on the internet over the night because while it so far there are three main diversions why this tragedy happened on these versions our weather conditions pilot error and possible technical problems with the plane in particular there were reports that there might been something wrong with the plane's braking system that's why it couldn't stop while being on the runway so the investigation is currently underway out of eight crew members four survived but all
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are in critical condition and according to the witnesses those drivers who were caught by this tragedy in their own cars they said that the scene right after the crash looked very devastating and terrifying that those survivors on board of this plane were all covered in blood and they were in such a critical condition that people who rushed to how the survivors didn't even know how to approach were found with the first aid as they were afraid not to hurt them even more we can now listen to one of the witnesses what you want to say i saw one woman all covered in blood it was the florida turned and christina. she said that the plane overshot the runway but they weren't carrying any passengers and that there is another surviving flight attendant there the rescue unit came very fast but the ambulance couldn't get through because of the traffic they were gave the injured flight attendant first aid to all best knowledge called her mother to tell her she's ok wrap her warm and blankets and clothing we could find and even found
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a car to take her to hospital but this plane to pull your foot to all four is the passenger reach out with the capacity to carry. with the tea to carry two hundred and one passengers and this particular plane belonged to a russian low cost or red wings. pilot and aviation expert you occur believes human error is the most likely explanation for the crash many experts believe and i have no reason not to believe them the primary course for the crash most likely was pilot error so apparently the aircraft landed beyond that those don't zone and for some reason do over the aircraft's landing systems were not activated only an aerodynamic system was acting with its wishes flaps and the spoilers so looks like . we'll brakes versus were used this aircraft has
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a fairly good record of course this is not the sophisticated as more than. a boy or airbus aircraft but in terms of reliability i have no reason to believe that this aircraft is a below standard. well more pictures and eyewitness accounts from the scene on our web site there you can also find out more about the plane itself and the problems the jet is said to have had that's at r.t. dot com. it feels like gun business in the u.s. has never been better with people rushing to stores fearing firearms may soon become forbidden fruit that's after president obama urged a ban on some weapons following the connecticut primary school tragedy that is going to tick and takes up the story. about two weeks ago actually on this particular wall here. we are four rows down four rows across. with
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everything going on in politics right now with the possible ban and everything everyone is flooding in. purchasing right away gun stores all across the u.s. are reporting record sales just two weeks after the tragic shooting at the elementary school in newtown americans are scrambling to buy the same type of weapon that adam lanza used in the connecticut shooting plus high capacity magazines and a lot of them panic buying trigger it out of fear that the white house is out to ban the weapons but this time the words need to lead to action no a r fifteen for this customer all sold out at the store while prices on line have gone through the rules have been going for a thousand and fifteen hundred eight hundred dollars to twenty five hundred three thousand dollars even in some cases it's just the most amazing gun buying spree i've ever seen so many gun retailers now quite cynically refer to thieve
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ministrations ben talk as the obama gun stimulus that's how good it's been for their business so how do you go from a president with a tough gun control agenda to someone gun dealers call the greatest gun salesman in america manufacturers of semi-automatic rifles report that their market has grown thirty percent over the last four years states like north carolina iowa you have seen a one hundred percent increase in gun sales over the same period in the wake of the tragedy in newtown one of the country's biggest ammunition suppliers said they sold more than three years worth of magazines in just three days although president obama himself has so far failed to act on his pledge to ban assault weapons his words have certainly provoked action just not the type he may have wanted for someone they say is against firearms. going to great job for us. maybe we should be a third term in order to sell even more weapons many dealers hype up the gun
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apocalypse scenario for the band their government. to start not only to start with. but many of them don't actually see any drastic changes happening any time soon after all any significant gun control measures and up in the past ultimately clashed with the second amendment of the constitution and were subsequently scrapped. tale in virginia i'm going to check on. now it's a case where even the strongest have one raise the prices of poverty in online reports that topping the germans worst fear is europe's spreading austerity that's coming up. egypt's top prosecutor is looking to outlaw the leaders of the opposition launching a probe into mohamed mercy's three top opponents they're accused of inciting their followers to overthrow that is mr president earlier this week the country's new
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constitution was officially adopted after a two stage referendum receive the support of more than sixty percent of voters and with a low turnout and i gave massive fraud opposition activists say the new charter hastily drawn up by the muslim brotherhood effectively imposes sharia rule on the country neil clark a world affairs contributor for britain's guardian newspaper explained why he thinks mercy is going out in opposition now i think he wants to sort of deflect attention from the economy because the underlying problem plate the biggest we're facing is the economic crisis one of four egyptians are without jobs poverty is on the rise and the subsidies on fuel which means that the prices of gas and the city are going to rocket and so this is a kind of sort of smokescreen and he was breaking to get tied up in the sort of big challenges to. the to stop them from focusing on opposing him on the issues where he's very weak and i think also he be worried that you know a sizable minority thirty six or thirty six percent of people voted against the
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constitution. seems to be that he is on the way. and i think that obviously you know i think we can see more protests in the new year. now or let your imagination run wild animator behind blockbusters like the end ratatouille did he set himself the task of creating a new superhero every day of the year you can see some of his creations on our web page. and it tastes off another day another scandal as twelve million euros goes missing from greece's tourist industry this when the country needs it most who's to blame at all to dot com. now adoptions of russian children by u.s. citizens will no longer be possible of the president putin signed the bill containing the amendments into law the measure is a tit for tat response to america's sanctions against russian officials it sees human rights violators well arty's brings
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a small now on the diplomatic. you have to understand that the law the so-called dental magnitsky law actually deals primarily a with imposing travel and financial strictures on the number of american officials and persons who have committed crimes against russian citizens and only only part of the law actually bans the adoption of russian children by american citizens it has been in part inspired by the case of a russian toddler who was adopted by the american family in two thousand and nine and died in their custody several months later after his father left him in a locked in the car in the blistering heat for nine hours the russian lawmakers feel that the american law system does not provide adequate adequate protection for the russian kids and also does not punish those responsible for the deaths of russian kids for example do you think of use father adoptive father walked away with a fine but you have to remember that russia is going to boost the care and the situation
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with orphanages and foster homes in the country as well as improve further conditions for orphans it is seen as a sort of retaliate a measure towards this so-called magnitsky act which was adopted in the united states just a couple of weeks ago. which entails a list of russian officials whom the united states believed to be involved in the case. and now the act itself. puts a severe restrictions on the travel and freezes financial assets of the russian officials in question now the case of the game against key. involved the russian lawyer who was arrested on tax evasion charges and died while they printed it for a limited confinement but again these two acts are seen as the latest developments in the diplomatic row which seems to not to get any better between russia and the united states despite the whole affair with the reset button. well russian studies
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in history professor stephen cohen from new york and princeton university's says they have never been any of the nations about russia u.s. relations. there's an old russian saying we're friends are also deeds a lot of people in moscow and in washington when they passed the magnitsky act and now the ban on adoption in moscow may have thought they were just talking showing off playing grandstanding politically as we say in america but these words have consequences they have that very few all this new cold war atmosphere which is enveloping the relationship between our two countries it's going to affect american relations with russia regarding afghanistan regarding missile defense regarding syria regarding iran these are very serious matters but obama has continued the policy toward moscow begun by president clinton a democrat and continued by president bush a republican that policy is investing nato toward russia's borders building missile
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defense on russia's borders interfering in russia's internal politics most recently the street demonstrations this is the same policy that began twenty years ago with the soviet union. well coming up the rise of opposition sentiment in events which triggered the public's mood to short break our end of year series feature the memories of those who covered russia's political landscape in twenty twelve. and america is braced to plunge off the fiscal cliff as democrats and republicans haggle over taxes. on. a sacred place rising out of the waters of the lake the lawn ministry's home to one hundred fifty orthodox monks mostly younger than thirty five and they've come from many different places and backgrounds to live in isolation here spiritual
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life it takes up many hours on the road to becoming a monk requires both hard work and religious telly cation. salem's to become and herds cattle as part of this preparation. however these beasts get a musical company. down sequences you know they react to the sound signals the flutes the herders had in the old days they needed them it wasn't just fun but these meadows didn't come naturally requiring decades of composting to bring the soil up to farming standard this island is mostly rock. the soil here is very thin on the monks can't just get more of it because they're surrounded by the lake so they have to work very hard in order to provide whatever food they need. to grow their own crops found their own fish and repair their own churches.
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but the central purpose of the lawn has always been religious the name on a street surrounded by smaller priories spread through the many archipelago the monks head know their existence is a little different from that of other ministries here out of the way and we do have. bill creams and song times tourists as well but no way of. tranquility. is coddling them just a. come to start combination of high religion and down to earth hard work than motivates these men.
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russia says that the refusal of syria's key opposition coalition to enter into dialogue with the government is a road to nowhere and will only result in further bloodshed at a meeting with international peace envoy to syria. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov reiterated that dialogue is the only way to resolve the conflict he's also stated on numerous occasions that although russia condemns the methods used by this it will take no part in regime change and here's his response to the the serious rebel group demanded moscow apologizes what he described as. if an emotional response i understand that mr had tb is probably not very experienced in politics but he's looking to be a serious politician it is in his interest to hear our position from us and not from the media that sometimes distorts information so i'll repeat we're ready to talk to or opposition forces but we start from the premise that they should not
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only think about their own ambitions but also the fate of the syrian people and if they think that russia could play a role in the country's tragedy police should meet our representatives with no preconditions or show notice well we also managed to speak exclusively with the foreign minister and more official thoughts on assessment of the syrian crisis is coming up next hour. the international monetary fund has warned germany against its austerity plans which include a tax hike and welfare cuts head christine legarde said to recover from the economic crisis europe needs germany as a counterbalance piece all of the reports on whether berlin is afraid it will follow the regional trend. top of the european tree i don't think germans feel that they have nothing to grumble about. there in the park there measuring public mood by telephone and face to face through thousands of interview. we've got
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a pretty good idea of what the people are thinking stats boffins have been gauging the country's mood to come up with the biggest moans of the year from your average german at number five it's national debt it's better to give than to receive at this time of year but germans festive spirit ran out long ago over chancellor merkel being a little too generous and bailing out countries like greece especially when it's their money at four is climate change the mayan world ending prophecy may have turned out to be hocus pocus but germans remain seriously concerned about keeping mother earth ticking over for as long as possible number three is a very twenty first century problem getting ripped off online as we bank in shop on the web more than ever before the fear for germans is that someone else's netting their details on their cash. poverty came in second towards the end of the year it
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was revealed that around a quarter of europeans are at risk of living below the breadline but the biggest worry for germans in twenty twelve was rising prices costs are rocketing everywhere from food to fuel and next year looks set to get even more pricey germany is a world leader in using renewable energy and over the coming year it's the consumer who will be paying to keep it that way with a shocking fifty percent increase in the subsidy paid towards renewable energy sources so that's what troubled germans this year but what are their fears for the future but i'm concerned maybe to find a good job because i want to do something different i actually love bill and that's why i want to stay here but if i can find a job here so i will have to try to get somewhere else i worry about everything job crisis everything is going down the hill as with most situations in life when you ask people what their concerns are or what they want to see changed you do have to
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be prepared that their answers might not be exactly what you want to hear really one of the you off the top or on us was to legalize soft drugs i don't think that legalizing soft trucks is one of the most immediate concerns you. should have split commissions in two thousand and thirteen so what will germans be concerned about at the end of twenty thirteen even though they've less to worry about than most europeans it's unlikely that worries over spending at home or on other countries will disappear within twelve months peter all of a r.t. early. days to go until america plunges off the fiscal cliff there is still no deal in sight between the firmly entrenched republicans and democrats millions of americans stand to see their taxes go up dramatically in two days' time . i'm sticking point holding up negotiations on the rates for the rich the
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republicans have rejected any deal that would see those taxes rise on the democrats insist on the wealthy train up a little more investment advisor patrick young says the u.s. is heading towards further recession if it comes to curb its spending. i'm really worried going into twenty thirteen i mean ultimately the great thing is that humankind will survive and we will all remain the same people but the problem we have is first of all america seems to be heading suicidally towards this thing the fiscal cliff the possibility that it may enter another leg or recession or possibly even depression as a result of legislators inability to current their how bit of spending like footballers' wives and then on the other side of the atlantic we also have this problem the european union is getting to the point where it seems to think it solved its problems solving your problems means that twenty five percent of the workforce of several countries are out of work fifty plus percent of the youth of say somewhere like spain are out of work that really frightens me. but
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a period of political challenges in the search of public opinion that's how russians might possibly describe the outgoing year today in our series looking at what happened in twenty twelve we focus on the rising levels of political energy in russia. presidential election twenty three cameras up on this roof correspondents throughout moscow and i mean you come across lines throughout the night was a great night was. the real color was right behind us was in it but but so one point when putin came out to show me like crowds the way of costume of the thousands and thousands of people i suppose so celebrating his victory one of the main points the unprecedented protests that took place to that election work and
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protest rallies that never really feels like we're actually taking part in the event it was during one of the massive protest rallies in moscow square that it really fifty for the first time when i saw the crowd walking it's easy to park right next to ours in the station and i realized how soon was people really turned uncontrollable in the matter with seconds and they'll come in just as easily chaos really quickly of people trying to get the political point in the past twelve months. the best way to do that would be about going to head to some rugby downswing in a cathedral the one thing that was important to get across when we were covering it is people's political flavors in this country the fact was that what they did was deeply offensive to a huge number of people not something that they consider when they were looking at the pussy rights case. when they made a press release about its our interview with president putin the first that he's ever given us he's stirred inauguration we see dozens and dozens of calls from
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international media representatives and they were all asking us just one question did he say anything about the pussy rights case nothing was out of this in fact the more challenging it is the one gauging the conversation would be of course not. not a big list in my head i wanted to hear about his thoughts on the ongoing syrian conflict also whether the polish one of the pussy riot punk but was indeed with calling site maybe too heavy had some interesting comments to make about that odd what he thought about the russian opposition movement one of the big stories of the year the streets are available for protests that is for sure and i think it's good that people are conscious about politics help politics is not a big deal among most people here in this country when world we're going to change election only be good for society and i think even the authorities reacted with relatively low. when next to the final part of all special report takes a look at the gang violence or making assumptions
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a soft a. wealthy british style sun. sometimes it was a time. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's
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cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on. something. beneath. thousands of meters of ice and trauma. that is a louver for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it to distance.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today . well into the future this month high tech means good help whether it be the latest laser cutters on lifesaving hard belts russian innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's been a lifetime of work unlocking the mysteries of the skull check it all out on technology update we've got the future covered.


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