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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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tonight the moscow plane crash claims that another. five people have now died after the passenger jet they were slammed into a busy highway after overshooting the runway three survivors remain the critical condition. and i witness described to us that r t how he helped rescue wounded woman from a crushed airliner as he drove past the accident site. when i look at the week's other main news stories tonight president putin signs into law by the americans adopting russian children but it's dividing public opinion here in russia even though the authorities insisted saying that the flawed adoption system in the u.s. . and egypt's new constitution which sparked weeks of protests is officially
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adopted but that is a far from settled with opposition leaders now under investigation for allegedly plotting to topple the islamist president. and here they are to new center tonight's eleven o'clock this is our roundup of the big stories of the last seven days in a very sad story on home soil here in russia to start with of course five people have now died as a result of that plane crash yesterday when a passenger jet overshot the runway at one of russia's busiest airports one of the wounded flight attendants died over injuries earlier on today in hospital the total of two or four airliner crashed through a fence into the side of a major highway breaking into three parts is it all eight people on board were crew members now. a crash out in just ten kilometers from the city center this is actual
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video taken by a motorist dashboard camera which captured the moment of impact. such a lucky escape there for the people on the highway at the time of course but an incident which clearly left them shocked the driver video could be heard breathing deeply as it tries to pull over following on from what they all just witnessed there. earlier my colleague carrie johnson talked to a witness who stopped his car and got out to help the injured including that flight attendant who since died in hospital he explained to us how he found her and he shared some of the dramatic video we shot. her with i was the first to get there i saw the flight attendant asking for help to get the other flight attendant out so we had to go inside the plane me and a few other volunteers we followed the blood trail looking for her and finally found her further down the cabin we carried her out and try to get her to the highway she had some very bad thing and head injuries and both the legs were broken
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horizons were hurting from the jet fuel that had come out she was in a really bad shape but still conscious about it did she same thing at all. she kept saying that your eyes and legs were hurting and i was asking to be put on the ground she was in a shock and disoriented so there were only four or five people who volunteered to help together with me others were too scared to go near the plane as the engine was in fire and they couldn't put it out for twenty minutes so we were the only ones to give some help. the crash is no clue in the lives of five people who room board the other three are still in critical condition now investigators are trying to find them out why the pull of two or four careered off the end of the runway was a relatively new type of craft which had never before been involved in a deadly crash. lands how the tragedy step by step the twenty ninth of december the last working day of two thousand and twelve in russia. business is
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closed off as those forgotten until the next year families friends employee is jump into their cars and escape the busy capital bikies go highway heads to the west of moscow region where most of the luxury states and country houses are located traffic jams are common this time of the day and this time of the year but want to lock the row it is almost empty. passengers come out of the car to see what the sound was a big stack to see anything but not this. just minutes before that and simpler to call for white number nine to six and eight because when the little i've told you the first times it's unsuccessful the plane
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makes a wrong over the airport and begins to send in for a second time when they sign the plane touches down but can stall think fear is true at that moment there is likely knows already they will not make it but jets reaches the end of the runway runs into the fans but still continues moving it finally stops after overrunning the asteroid by four hundred meters the plane breaks into three parts and tail is lying over the whole year the road people can easily see its number or a thick four zero four seven the middle pod just bog misses away the cockpit is already partially damaged after the crash with a science falls right at the edge of the highway it's a miracle indeed the road is empty at that time this is a ten lane highway the wreckage is only on one of the lanes traffic continues on at least three here even after the tragedy there is fashion by slowing down to see what happens they notice and measure and post reply on the run the very roads they
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usually drive every friday and everybody sings a sad moment was eve eyes had come minutes earlier or was even i have been on that airplane people come out of their cars and tried to help out those in the cockpit told me that. weather conditions technical failure and pilot error are among investigators main causes of the incident was most likely a combination of reasons behind a fatal crash however a plane hitting. easy highway in one of europe's biggest cities could have left a much more devastating trail of destruction. there wasn't enough log for everyone on that saturday evening. party moscow region. for more pictures and i will succumbs from the scene on our website r.t. dot com you can also find out more about the plane itself as well. it
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really is day the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens will no longer be possible after president putin signed the measure into law a tit for tat response to america's sanctions against russian officials which it sees as human rights violators. as more of the diplomatic spat. you have to understand that the law the so-called dental magnitsky law actually deals primarily a with imposing travel and financial strictures on the number of american officials and persons who have committed crimes against russian citizens and only only part of the law actually bans the adoption of russian children a by american citizens it has been in part inspired by the case of a russian toddler who was adopted by the american family in two thousand and nine and died in their custody several months later after his father left him in a locked in the car in the blistering heat for nine hours the russian lawmakers
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feel that the american law system does not provide adequate adequate protection for the russian kids and also does not punish those responsible for the deaths of russian kids for example do you think of his father adoptive father walked away with a fine aside from this new law russian lawmakers are also pledging to improve the lives of your friends and also improve foster care situation in russia but this new particular law is seen as a response to the so-called magnitsky act which was adopted in the united states just a couple of weeks ago. which entails a list of russian officials whom the united states believed to be involved in the case of ciggy magnitsky a russian lawyer who was charged with tax evasion put in for livery confinement and then died while in custody now siggy magnus his family friends and several few unwise of his ations believe the charges against one of these two were trumped up and that he died in custody from severe beatings these two acts are seen as the
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latest developments in the ongoing a tit for tat split diplomatic battle which seems to be going on despite the a reset button pushed several years ago. iran's rolling out the big guns in the persian gulf we talk about that soon two rounds of the take you must see maybe drills in the strategic strait of hormuz to show the world what it's got if trouble comes calling. that's the same in a couple of minutes time also two in our series looking back at twenty twelve we focus on the year in syria and what it's meant for its people and the president who failed to bring peace to become the. next pope the egypt's president morsi has made an attempt to ease political tensions in the country calling on the opposition to engage in dialogue but his offer was met with skepticism since it came shortly after the launch of an investigation into his three top opponents the chief prosecutor is now citing allegations that opposition leaders including nobel prize winner mohamed el baradei incited their supporters to topple morsi earlier this week it was announced
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a divisive new constitution was approved over sixty percent of egyptians in a two stage referendum the opposition though claims the islamist drafted document in trying sharia law and says only got a yes because of fraud neil clark's world affairs contributor for britain's guardian newspaper he explained was why morsi doesn't feel secure even after winning this referendum. i think he wants to sort of deflect attention from the economy because the underlying problem plate the biggest we're facing is the economic crisis one of four egyptians are without jobs poverty is on the rise he just ended subsidies on fuel which means that the prices of gas and electricity are going to rocket and so this is a kind of a sort of smokescreen for him and he was very keen to get the opposition tied up in the legal challenges to it to sort of stop them from focusing on opposing him on the issues where he's very weak and i think also he be worried that you know a sizable minority thirty six over thirty six percent of people voted against the constitution and the fact seems to be that that he said is on the way. and i think
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that obviously you know i think we can see more protests in the new year more big news stories that made the headlines from us in the last seven days right after this break. humus his day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of story hundred sheep in the mountains and plains of t.v. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but he dition unfamiliar with duty dictated that he would take on the care of these animals after his father has just made camp at their winter farm stead setting up his ute judicial to fenian round tent made of diskin his p.c. back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving streams of plus to minus forty degrees celsius it's just that i use them there are certain difficulties
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there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and of which i spend a lot of time here right now probably so on the survey i simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their hearts they hurt the cats or dogs going on for growth with new people leaving them coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of the herd and more attractive than promising largest subsidies for countryside and lie still and organizing cooperatives for the sale of day put out to ensure the hoda gets
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a high at fair price i asked sympathizes with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life they and their publics capital because ill but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pasta way of life now looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm but more time on his hands he says matter of fact way he can start to look for a new wife. mission
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free credit patient free transport charges free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free medio dadar t. dot com. hi again gun sales in the u.s. have rocketed after president obama pledged to ban certain types of automatic weapons in the wake of the sandy hook massacre and he's going to teach it cando on the panic buying public getting armed while they still can. about two weeks ago actually on this particular wall here. we are four rows down four rows across. with everything going on in politics right now with the possible ban and everything
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everyone is flooding in. purchasing right away gun stores all across the u.s. are reporting record sales just two weeks after the tragic shooting at the elementary school in newtown americans are scrambling to buy the same type of weapon that adam lanza used in the connecticut shooting plus high capacity magazines and a lot of them panic buying trigger it out of fear that the white house is out to ban the weapons but this time the words need to lead to action no a r fifteen for this customer all sold out at the store while prices on line have gone through the rules have been going for a thousand and fifteen hundred eight hundred dollars to twenty five hundred three thousand dollars even in some cases it's just the most amazing gun buying spree i've ever seen so many gun retailers now quite cynically refer to thieve ministrations ben talk as the obama gun stimulus that's how good it's been for
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their business so how do you go from a president with a tough gun control agenda to someone gun dealers call the greatest gun salesman in america the manufacturers of semi-automatic rifles report that their market has grown thirty percent over the last four years states like north carolina iowa you have seen a one hundred percent increase in gun sales over the same period in the wake of the tragedy in newtown one of the country's biggest ammunition suppliers said they sold more than three years worth of magazines in just three days although president obama himself has so far failed to act on his pledge to ban assault weapons his words have certainly provoked action just not the type he may have wanted for someone they say is against firearms. going to great job for us. a review should be a third term in order to sell even more weapons many dealers hype up the gun apocalypse an aerial for the band they would be more. regulated stark.
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stark. but many of them don't actually see any drastic changes happening any time soon after all any significant gun control measures and up in the past ultimately clashed with the second amendment of the constitution and were subsequently scrapped. ancient tale of will genia and then is taken and we follow him or that next year i'm sure i guess now the end of the year in iran is a massive naval drills held in the straits of hormuz one of the world's biggest oil shipping routes warships submarines and jet fighters are taking part with the aim of proving to runs well equipped to defend its maritime borders the moves come as the west builds up pressure of iran's nuclear program piling on sanctions against the country around all the few months ago it could well block the strait but snavely commanders now say that is not on the agenda professor mohammad marandi from tehran university explained why the iranians don't think there's a danger of
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a military confrontation in the near future. in the sense that western countries are brutal and civilized enough to carry out an attack i think that that's clear to the iranians the fact that western countries are imposing sanctions and an embargo on it on iran they're trying to prevent iran from even importing and exporting medicine and food stuffs by blocking the central bank and there are shortages of some medicines right now in iran and people have died so the fact that the western countries are willing to kill ordinary people and to make people suffer i think makes it clear that the idea of carrying out an attack on iran is something that they would contemplate if they could but i think on the other hand the iranians believe that western countries are much weaker today than they ever were before the defeat in iraq and afghanistan the setbacks in fact that israel had in lebanon and gaza make as well the economic crisis in europe in north america make it highly
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unlikely but the iranians have prepared themselves and i think that itself has been a to deterrence to war so the i think in general the iranians feel that a military assault on iran aggression would be highly unlikely the fighting between the syrian army and opposition forces is intensified in part of damascus and they rebels claim they've targeted the presidential palace with shells now meantime russia says the refusal of syria's key opposition coalition to talk with the government early paves the way for further bloodshed at a meeting in moscow both foreign minister sergei lavrov and international peace envoy lakhdar brahimi said that dialogue is the only way to resolve the conflict love also reiterated that although russia condemns the methods used by the syrian army in the war it will take no part in regime change is its response to the leader of syria's key rebel group who demanded moscow apologize its what it described as support for president the sack. yep and emotionally i understand that mr had tb is
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probably not very experienced in politics if he's looking to be a serious politician it is in his interest to hear our position from us and not from the media that sometimes distorts information just so i'll repeat we're ready to talk to all opposition forces but we start from the premise that they should not only think about their own ambitions but also the fate of the syrian people and if they think that russia could play a role in the country's tragedy they should meet our representatives with no preconditions actual notice and staying with syria next to our reporters who are on the ground throughout the year recall the events that shaped the country twenty twelve. it became fairly apparent after
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a massive regional arab spring and in the wake of that the next context of a pro-democracy movement and a revolution or civil war was out of what was happening in syria when you see some politicians there and the media just. cracking down on people you think but what about the other guy on top of the politics and diplomacy that are simply too important to ignore. i remember i was a training session of the syrian football team and the coach was very angry with how his. team he was swearing from time to time and then i move my head like this just like this and i saw two helicopters flying at a very low altitude and firing we were at each other's hotel restaurant close to us there was a group for rich syrians playing cards law from smoking and living life as usual and just the news before that as me and my colleagues were live in the local t.v. station there was an almost lost a few blocks away most likely terror attack most likely people have been killed and
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what struck me was the coexistence of those two. realities the reality of death and the real sort of life most interesting interaction for me with our side happened before and after the interview obviously and that's often the case. i asked him if he's afraid. he said no. he said no i'm not afraid that's a moment when the you believe the person or not and the only reason you know if he's right or wrong is intuition or i think series becoming the next iraq it's a country that is totally distant from them where they. don't surprise or shock anybody and like in the case of iraq told this harm was done to syria with a substantial help of the outsiders on the guise of democratic and.
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i'm talking of memories of twenty great program lined up for you tomorrow night over you will tell you more about that a bit later taking a break from the news next though your essential monthly technology update from our secret anyway very shortly after this break. a sacred place rising out of the waters of the lake the lawn ministry is home to one hundred fifty orthodox monks mostly younger than thirty five and they've come from many different places and backgrounds to live in isolation here spiritual life it takes up many hours on the road to becoming a monk requires both hard work and religious telly cation. salem's to become and has cattle as part of this preparation. however these
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beasts get a musical company. they can remember sound sequences you know they want this sound signals the flutes the herders had in the old days they needed them it wasn't just a fun thing but these meadows didn't come naturally requiring decades of composting to bring the soil up to farming standard this island is mostly rock. the soil here is very thin on the monks can't just get more of it because they're surrounded by the lake so they have to work very hard in order to provide whatever food they need. they grow their own crops found their own fish and repair their own churches. but the central purpose of the lawn has always been religious the main ministry is surrounded by smaller primaries spread through the many archipelago the monks who know their existence is a little different from the out of other ministries here we're out of the way and
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we do have. bill creams and song times tourists as well but only. tranquility use these cognitive. disturbed. the distant combination of high religion and down to earth hard work that motivates these men. wealthy british style young girls that's not on. the. market financed scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headline news joining to cause a report on r.t. . well into the future this month high tech means good health whether it be the latest laser cutters or lifesaving heart valves russian innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's been a lifetime of work along the mysteries of the skull check it all out on technology update we've got the future covered. choose your language. ok. because we know in the financial community there is still some. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your office.
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oh and welcome to technology. anywhere else in the world. which we're all hoping for good health to keep us in tip top. russian medical science. breakthrough.
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it's not surprising that. with previous.
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seventy's more or less modern day by at the scene but these still work perfect. whatever the position of leaflets inside the ring they create some amount of resistance so the pressure on the heart is generally as high as thirty forty or even fifty millimeters of mercury we figured out that it would be impossible to remove this obstacle as long as the leaflets were in the middle of the blood flow so we decided to place them outside the ring. for that to doctors turned to med inch premier heart valve maker those coming off the lines here are made of what's called monolithic pure a little carbon the materials obtained from ordinary natural gas as it's burned at temperatures up to fifteen hundred degrees. special ovens.


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