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cardiovascular surgery recently announced its doctors had performed the first replacement surgery with a brand new. history with performing such surgeries as proving the technology it's not surprising that they were at the heart of any big news on the topic. speaking. of the best performance. at the delicate tissue. as a result mechanical valves are often the way to go and then the latest which is just the most recent evolution of the. first mechanical implanted back in one thousand fifty two. definite limitations. to prove that synthetic materials could be used for heart. improved in the one nine hundred sixty s. for the advent of the so-called. which could be implanted inside the heart itself unlike with previous models later in the decade made their debut.
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blood cells. but these still weren't perfect. for the position of. create some amount of resistance. the pressure is generally as high as thirty forty or even fifty millimeters of mercury we figured out that it would be impossible to remove this obstacle as long as the leaflets were in the middle of the blood so we decided to place them outside the ring. those coming off the lines here. the materials obtained from ordinary natural gas. temperatures up to fifteen hundred degrees. special. on the
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walls of the reactor that's been collected and passed on for further reworking. but the main difference is that elsewhere pirelli to carbon is based on a graphic foundation. that is a result. structure. when the show is undamaged. but the whole thing falls apart whenever there's a tiny crack. material is better protected against such problems. getting that purely to carbon they need is only the first step in the process before these black into rings can become potentially life saving valves they must be cut and chiseled into the right shape. and given the fact these are only going to be implanted inside someone's heart repeatedly the way for pinpoint accuracy. unlike many other valves out there many inches are made
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entirely out of pure carbon that means that not only is the suturing but the leaflets are also made from super strong material to get the flap shaped just right down using special equipment and that goes on to be checked and cleaned once again from this point the two main components. are put together in an absolutely room over the years the company has sold tens of thousands of their previous models in more than twenty five countries but thanks to their work with the. new valve is a step above the rest by creating a totally unobstructed channel through the middle to improve the performance of biological valves with the long life and reliability of mechanical one of. the whole shape is the same as that human body which enables even laminar flow without any war to. be fully manned. the functions.
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we've just started clinical trials which we intend to run for a year and then start mass production sales. so far only a handful of the brand new place in the hands of capable surgeons when they do eventually hit the market they'll likely be plenty of demand in two thousand and eleven there were some twenty five thousand placements surgeries in russia alone and to avoid becoming another of those statistics you should do as i say not as i do for like this may be tasty but in excess it could lead to any number of health problems all the starch and sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth and might just land you under dental surgeons operating lights but they. even that doesn't have to be as nail biting as it used to be for many people there's nothing more stressful than a visit to the doctor but many are turning to new technology to soothe their patients. more invasive surgeries. are now using lasers to make the necessary cuts these are often perfect for surgery in the mouth because as it slices the
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laser cutter rises instantaneously. but this one being used just outside of moscow is of a new breed. which at the market early in two thousand and twelve. thermal optic surgery based on the nano carbonized zation of light guides feedback and a high power laser allows us to significantly reduce the time it takes to perform a surgery. but this means tissues consume less energy which in turn reduces the risk of causing thermal damage to the tissues. this is especially important in operations on the oral mucosa these tissues are very fine and delicate. response. is a global partnership that's based on technology pioneered here in st petersburg the streets of the northern kappa. in winter months. of some of the city's scientists.
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and has its roots at the. university of information technology. the cutting previously. created. the temperature could and. which they feel is. the competition. that controlled the temperature. being operated on. depending on the required temperature. different
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configurations to see which. certain. materials can be used in the tips but depending on how much. the. current cutting edge research takes place in. the company's production. just outside of boston massachusetts in the united states there's a truly international research and development carried out by the russian partners . individual companies. are responsible for innovation research development and commercialisation of the product in the russian federation. responsible for manufacturing and commercialization in international markets and we think. very optimal scheme to. because it allows us to. maximize the strengths of each party's in
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their respective. and also leverage. capital resources most efficiently here in the u.s. marketed as. you see here. but the company is currently working on a new fiber designed especially for cutting through hard. the unique design. for a different one in theory that means didn't have to invest and then entirely separate console for different purposes. devices produced by the closest competitors in terms of. more complicated than the ones that we made when some competitors make similarly sized devices but they're much less powerful than ours in the bludger and so our devices are quite well placed in the market with circle they're compact easy to assemble highly efficient and can accurately control the
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optical power output. as you can see here the laser scalpel is easily able to pierce a piece of wood with only three pulses it can slice through about fifteen millimeters the resulting hole is smaller and more accurate than is possible with other surgical drills in theory such super fast pulsating power could be used for pain this cavity drilling. in russia it was exhibited at the moscow dental show which was held this year all the devices they were produced intended for sale in the russian market were completely sold out over the course of the two days of the show. here in russia the company and its technology is getting recognition all around and not just from buyers despite having been set up a few years ago. a resident of which is essentially a big tech idea clearing house the status and advantages of joining that club only helped push the company and its lasers into the future.
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facts to fit the bill creates the support that the stuff. after the second coming it will be a futile place it will receive its spirit disco glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. full of professed. little stuff this type ammunition. is good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately. something. law is beneath. thousands of meters of ice and rock.
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major university is a variable treasure trove of knowledge in the form of both respected professors and millions upon millions of books however there is just not enough time in the day all our lives to get through them all but thanks to the labor of one tireless academic here that could all be changing. to science and technology it's hard to find as prolific of an institution as moscow state university stalking the hollowed halls here have been some of the globe's greatest thinkers and it was here back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. i. teamed up with if you move lieberman to prove the existence of the electric potential difference across mitochondrial membranes that was a confirmation needed to help earn a british scientist the nobel prize perhaps more importantly that discovery could unlock the founder of youth for assault. to understand aging we have to look inside
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each individual cell among the various organelles the most important for our purposes is the mitochondria and as these power plants pump out energy for the cell reactive oxygen species are also generated the build up of these so called our wes's and mitochondria can damage our inane d.n.a. and proteins which is thought to be largely responsible for.
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it wasn't put into practice until the one nine hundred ninety s. . fact it was michael. cohen. told him that it wasn't a very good choice in terms of the. wouldn't forgive him if he changed half way through and said they were going to give it a shot. it takes ten to fifteen years. unfortunately a lot of that time was lost in my opinion however no one can deny him the honor of being the first to try out our idea. since that first.
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accident dr school cho and other moscow state university researchers have been hard at work coming up with an antioxidant and delivery system pair that shows better results. from mike murphy who tried vitamin. q. there wagon to a substance well accustomed to dealing with the build up of lots of oxygen plant chloroplasts. the thought being that since our green growing friends produce large amounts of oxygen for their own antioxidants must be up to the task of keeping dangerous. species. the resulting compound which they call. is reported to be hundreds of times more effective than any of the other variations previously. kill all this is based on the proposition that it's programmed in our genetic makeup to slowly but surely kill.
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that program and you might just. more than that. in extending human life more importantly in the onset of aging it least that's what it doesn't. and we're cells are so there is a good chance but it's not a certain effect yet so as a scientist i am obliged to have my doubts but we're working on is rather a hypothesis but we have to try. and camped out in the. preliminary positive results in arresting this change. needed reform. and decided to take it step by step how much. coverage they want can use this substance to make so that it is
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efficient enough to administer it typically. a much easier path to the market. or to commercialize the technology company. dropped into the potential adverse side effects are much smaller than with something like a. traditional. in human clinical trials had to be passed the go ahead from russian health regulators earlier in two thousand and twelve and at the moment they're working on having it approved by western health agencies. are targeted at relieving chronic. increasingly impaired vision. blindness these russian made drops are able to do much more. there are techniques to find out how many cells have died as a result of. the. different
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picture when used extensively they greatly decrease the number of tissue sections. by. doctors. as the first guinea pig even before he got the russian regulatory green. in my opinion the results pretty much speak for themselves. i'm very short sighted i started suffering from cataracts and i've had for years. as a result of using the eye drops of the cataract disappeared my myopia dropped from minus seven down. but surely started getting their market there tempting to go.
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they've already sold twenty five thousand bottles to pharmacies. innovators this is just the first step.
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is one of the operation operation . these robotic simulators. different simulators are practicing minimally invasive surgery. the
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technology differences. thanks to the video we were able to follow. it also shows the mistakes. possible impact. this exercise feels very. all of this enables the students. but the. complex is home to the inspiration behind. the so-called technology companies get tax breaks and other business. development projects before they came out with a. different kind of.
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drive. with the company. for the. actual. program. according to company. a much greater. and more precisely. experience. but. even. a few tricky. but military and truck drivers aren't the only ones that could benefit from a little more practice behind a fictional wheel before getting out their. transporter drivers. to practice real life.
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everything. however for the. patient is only half the. only. starting point. so the simulator practice. transporting the. two other doctors from that point on a different. surgery. the next logical step. to make training gear towards the other aspects of. the company is working on creating a whole training complex more than one hundred different medical branch is needed for russia's health care system. and feel just right is of utmost importance. the training the more useful it is when the time comes to put that knowledge to use
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. the company's production facilities designers are constantly working to improve them in addition. they've also been working on a skin like covering that will mimic the feel of cutting through real life. rather. becoming more lifelike. production ranges from training to complex robots. skilled computer programming. operation. talented team of. programers all the simulated guts on the inside would be more or less useless. every one of the models for a concrete. could be a specific section or the whole body all together. engineers can replicate the
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various systems and organs as closely as possible to real life compressors are used to mimic breathing. pumps fluids for cardiovascular. systems and servo motors for joy and react to the doctor's actions. programmers to recreate just about any problem imaginable. in the world there are four major companies in the business of making medical simulators. naturally each manufacturer does their best to stand out. about this kind of competition because we believe that it benefits the end consumer the more competing companies there are. the better it is for the medical equipment market so we feel that our devices are better than foreign ones. first specifically for the russian health care system secondly we have introduced a new concept. with
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a number of ports which is unique to our company. with model of an operating room together with a robot this is something our foreign competitors have yet to emulate. but i don't think there they recently got big backing for a project to build one of the largest innovative medical complexes in russia for now the plans are only on paper but they soon hope to break ground on a center that would bring many of the globe's leading institutions to. as you've seen today we hope that your next visit to the doctor and this holiday season. i'll just be to see you next time so then enjoy the ride. a ritual and atticus in imperial russia. the tradition of staging
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