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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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it's under the old dental school and home side of the fans and please that soup scores his down below in the good jail one zero. and in overtime when the shootout looks inevitable with just six seconds to kill hunger both east nation victory for the muscovites. well sky sports only once in their next game do although this time it was enough to win it. made slow and big for their mistakes and the other men in the sport like why diminish how they still standing with both of these a bonus from ska lying on the ice. it wasn't the best a week spoke up older as the now must go on home ice. cool it learn why it's needed shootouts to overcome slow one on wednesday and were upset by look
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on friday the war nailed by the middle particular period. wherever the numbers denise called her of did steal the show on the night. for you though while school. is closest rival to go the way he is up to me but not in from the big yesterday's dumb bus. stop. but it's not only bud great goals but also great goaltending and we close with the most executors saves all the way to joy.
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we. are. on to football and with the russian premier league now in its winter break the focus turns to the john a transfer window where some of these one to strikes might play their part something but out of picks the top ten goals from the first half of the championship. glenn.
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glenn. glenn. glenn. glenn. league.
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i. believe. live. live live. live . thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank the touch. so from russia to the rest of the world here's the pick of the week. thank you. on monday for my k h l champion sal about you live fired coach than yourself in
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following its three game losing streak but more woes were in store for the manager this team in switzerland this week as the men from the fox failed to reach the semifinals of the invitation the spangler cup the three tournament favorites crashing out to local team doubles after stinging seven five defeat. thanks. to their country as they the l.a. clippers boosted their christmas celebrations with yet another victory as the n.b.a. leaders beat the denver nuggets one hundred twelve points to one hundred on home court it was victory number fourteen for the california club the longest winning streak in the franchise history channel fulford was their go to man was gone thanks to a game. twenty two points to. thank you. then on wednesday there was a thrilling finish to a horse race in england after a long run overcame a mistake on the final friends to retrain his plant in the king george the sixties
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at kempton park the seven year old won by a neck from captain chris and was a jockey sam wyly come in sharing the spotlight as his father robert the horse's owner with to the trophy. thanks. on thursday former astray in cricket captain ricky ponting looked on as italy legend alessandro del piero helped what brought in sydney f.c. snatch a late one nil victory at home to a leader leader's central coast mariners the world cup winner didn't score but brett emerton did heading home in the eighty eight minutes to send the crowd into raptures want a last minute groups through the visitors reduced to nine men. thanks . gentlemen friday russian basketball powerhouse to scouting will see up close and personal later but their yearly top sixteen quest off to a strong start to the amen outmuscled turkish side to face in moscow starter sunday
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when you sign twenty two point bottom at first it added as many from the bench to help the hosts win ninety points to seventy one and go talk of duty. thank. you then on saturday doing that job of it was made to sweat as you well number one fullback to beat nicolas almagro in three sets invitational twenty two abu dabi a crucial back county fire responded to be. went on to retain his title six seven six three six four so things are looking good for the steady and it has to defend this is the story line for the title was. and on sunday it was double joyful for women's world number one of the miss williams to such a two year old won both her matches on the fuck up in australia to give america a vital to one win over south africa who would be the seven time major winner
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battled back to at last you know she has four six six two six three four to be judged on his six three six two doubles when she was found i don't understand. now russian figure skating star yevgeny pollution guy has returned from a three year absence to triumph at the country's national championships as the pre olympic test events continue in sochi a reports. as the countdown to russia's first ever winter olympics in sochi continues now with only forty three days left pre-games events are coming thick and fast the latest event was the russian national figure skating championships and the biggest news to come out of the event was the fact that nine time winner we're gaining pollution co once again grabbed top spot. the two thousand and six only big champion and twice on big silver medalist managed despite the back injury which has ended his long awaited comeback the thirty year old was pleasantly surprised with
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the result and explained why he decided to go to. heaven skated for three years time i tried lots of other sports is. none of them gave me what i felt when i was figure skating miles i simply love the challenge it comes from within i guess plus i really want to end up on the podium and it's such a not just to participate you know do something unique maybe even make the guinness book of records you know. meanwhile in the women's event sixteen year old elizabeth to clinch the first ever russian figure skating title despite nearly pulling out through illness. the junior world championship runner up and usually the champion didn't want to perform but a coach insisted she get a result in order to qualify for the upcoming european championships a move that paid off handsomely in the end. i'm very pleased i managed to pull off such a well executed. i mean i felt. it might not have been the most happy performance
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but i did everything i could in the past. and maksim trying course to gold for the second year running and i was pleased everything had gone according to plan and their season had started positively while maxime analyzed areas for improvement ahead of twenty fourteen. probably where we could have made mistakes with deeds but it's all part of the work in progress it was also a new routine so the. well moments where we didn't know where to exert more energy we were also skates and lost something we've been doing a lot this year so we're used to it but of course it's still a psychological disadvantage yet with all that in mind of course it's still a great result. well when london hosted the recent summer olympics the u.k. managed the best ever medal tally now with russian skates is coming into form i just the right time it bodes well for a country that is aiming to fulfil something similar at the winter olympics in
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sochi. oxy moscow. and that's also part one but stagings a part to you as we head to the some jeans where seven time truck will not let the man charge in hopes to me the commons mostest to an eleventh victory. and go and. choose your language. of choice make it with zero in federal custody until someone . chooses to use the consensus you can. choose to opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to. the news you should good laboratory to mccurry was able to build
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a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me creation why it should care about humans and we're going to dish is why you should care only on the dog. look. divine power in action activate the sacraments. i am just so we need these we are under the control of those governing us before we are at the service of a space mafia i found on that date the magnetic field of the sun will be folks and they will create the super got the stuff. after the second coming it will be
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a beautiful place it will receive its glory it will be a renewed world and it will be a beautiful place. full of the best. will stop this type of ammunition. it's good business for us it's kind of like being a doctor you know there's a disaster businesses. better unfortunately. i. don't speak. to. her.
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and i. wish. to. see them on and on and on. and on the line i mean. welcome back to part two of this war show now the twenty thirteen dakar rally starts on january the fifth and seven time truck winner bloody me a child and has moved on from being the driver to head up the camels master team aiming to lead the russian group to further glory cousin but out of reports.
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i am. the doctor really has always been one of year's first major sporting events and despite many changes come as morris to remain the host favorites in the truck category the russian team has taken ports in twenty two out of the thirty four rallies so far and can boast a world of trough is having won ten times the legendary vladimir charge include driving into an eleven shortly after clinching his record breaking seventy dakar victory and it's hard to imagine the blue truck without showing behind the wheel but this year will still be special for the forty two year old as you know leads one of the most successful teams in the sport and i mean you know. i was surprised to be appointed as the team's head i'll do everything to be useful and hope my experience will help us with our trophy cabinet is good proof that our tactics work and will remain the same age. known as the tower of dakar joining the replaced
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another legend that they hailed his former navy gator and team founder. juggins move up his clearing the way for young drivers to come through and sixty five year old you himself has made room for the former driver the tough of them keeping some all important ingenuity inside the crew juggling knows the key to success having been fundamental to come as masters of winning run since his first triumph in two thousand but he knows he can rely on the support of the former chief regulators and there's been a hard days for check in as his role in that scene has changed and he's learning something new every day will help him without interfering in his job in a couple of years time he will surely become a successful manager. at. this year's event will mark five years since the end your own sre swapped africa for south america they thousand kilometer ruud buses through beirut and argentina
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before finishing in santiago the capital of chile in twenty two well to formally dominant thomas team suffered a setback when they failed to make the podium for the first time in eleven years this time three trucks with a young drivers will be supported by a technical truck carrying a ton of spare parts and although driver it was disqualified in the previous race after the crash the twenty six year old doesn't feel under any pressure that the teacher was like this year the restarts medusa's off peru it's the hardest part of the route all the contenders for podium places will be determined during the first days will do everything not to let choking down as he has everything to become a good bus that he could teach a child and teaches us you seem. to think you mustn't i spend lots of time on the passenger's seat teaching our young drivers this year i think they've got the talent and the potential to perform successfully. team has lost some of its prestige over the past two years but it's widely anticipated that juggins students
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will soon get it back on the winning track for the first time comers is competing in two peril events the dakar rally and they offer an equal race and they hope their blue trucks will make the headlines at both advance. on spending but out of our team. moving on from actions to their own words the way the president michel platini was counting the cost of goal line technology in football after two rival systems were put to the test at the recent club world cup in tokyo we can be humans or could go we can put more police is that we decide to go in the goal we have in three years for. example where doing one mistake england you could take twelve to a centimeter and fourteen pounds it was great and this is
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a good month acknowledging if i put that would like to go because me fifty million year old. while tennis star andy murray has played down his own vision to become world number one the olympic and us open champion says his goal is to win more titles and rankings will take care of themselves even though the scot crashed out this week to take it to him in abu dabi. this is number one ranking is not something that i mean every player would like to get obviously but it's not. my focus is more on the tournaments and on trying to be consistent outside of the slabs and by doing that you improve your ranking. now to something rather cheesy before last thursday as you only get exploited and with the festive spirit all around a few members of the tesco moscow basketball team swapped the court for the kitchen and learned how to make pizzas and michael kraft was there for a slice of the action. it's not every day you walk into the pizzeria and find your
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chefs to be none other than professional possible plays on break on stage and apparently jackson from the sky moscow as well as coach quinn snider and scout ben as my t.v. shows but such was the scene at a branch of papa john's one of the club's official sponsors in central moscow despite an early start the best time to avoid a mob of fans those players and staff managed to hide them or seek getting their hands right in to make a star signature pizza but it wasn't really about having fun he says car coach snyder was also working out a recipe for success were watching very closely to try to gain certain ideas about what to do with them on the on the court clearly andre has made a statement about the fact that he wants more shots. based on his feats of choice in return the power forward trey's the coach's effort before admitting he did prefer on court action by his boots are. really good too but mine is better for
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sure but. i think with the ball i do much better than the pizza. although andres pizza did look tasty the club scouts went on the charm offensive topping the rest and i had to see what his pizza was all about and i would try to be a big make sure to you you know you enjoy it because it's a pity that i'm not. because he's left yeah but no one was ever you know that better be ready for the taste explosion taste explosion yeah. true or. so want to. have that as a book because i'm telling you a little difficulty that i think there's a good teacher. and after a sleepy start point got our lead jackson took the game to is team mates using some special ingredient i related to my heart and so you know about my heart blood sweat and tears are still going to to want. i'm very passionate about making pizza so yes
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i love pizza right there and once he'd staked his claim to having the best pizza he proceeded to shoot down everyone else's efforts right now i'm judging people make their pizzas just pathetic look at their. looks like some of threw up all over and there's like a love and nobody gets to go eat it because it's a masterpiece so some healthy even tasty rivalry between the players but quince neither could only trace the color mary extracurricular event any time you get together particularly after a basketball court it's different and it's nicer than it is usually the players get sick of it the coaches they probably say yes as long as i wasn't here but i have to admit bettis is pizza this one right here. really good and it needs andres pizza by a long shot but i hope andre is not here to hear that anyway. i had a good time with the cisco basketball players then it's behind me right here michael got to call it mr b. man mr b.
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anyway it's much tanko reporting from moscow for r.t. . and finally after a year of big events and big investment sports minister telling what coast says russia made a splash in twenty twelve but will soon be the center of well sport bikes on the show and reports. and he's only all new year meeting with reporters literally would call cast a satisfied look back at two thousand and twelve and with the advent of the sochi winter olympics we'll championships in a fanatics in rugby the prospect of formula one and of course the football world cup all to come the sports minister could also look forward to five years of russia hosting global sporting events as years to not at all from twenty thirteen to twenty eighteen russia will be the center of world sports and when the next world cup is finished in brazil all eyes will be on russia but as you know the city of khazan home of twice russian football champions rubin has built a new airport and road system in anticipation of next year's world student games as
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well as some of those world cup matches while in the last six years alone more than eleven hundred sports facilities have been build nationwide and within the next year the country aims to train centers for all fifty three olympic sports them if you get out by twenty fifteen there will no longer be any problems preparing the national teams even for new winter disciplines like freestyle skiing snowboarding and nordic combined before they had no training centers and if we add to the legacy we hope to establish after the olympics and student games the basis for high performance sport at the highest level was about i want to key areas our youth development with three and a half million children currently studying in sport schools and in big success as russia is soon set to host the salty winter games and has been boosted by bobsled track and all weather by fall into when you are as big skating palace and salt she
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could also be converted into cycling track is the country aims to further invest in swimming rowing shooting and sailing after also proving its traditional strength in summer sports finishing fourth overall of the london olympics and second in the paralympics. if we take our results in london olympic and paralympic games. one of the leaders we made a splash there and this is not just me talking the world sport community says it too in london the russian national anthem didn't stop but it daniel recent opinion polls claim seventy percent of russians are such a spoiled with the performance of the national teams in major competitions we've found exciting years to come of hosting top of instant sports venues popping up nationwide the target for rushing two thousand and three is one hundred percent clear alexander shane all see moscow and that's all the sports news i think. it's.
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