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while some go to the region to enjoy the sights others convert the nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight show hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious caviar and necessary attribute of anything. the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . this is. mentally. operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood suck for a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination.
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wealthy british style sun it's best not to cut ties with. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our let me let me i want to wouldn't let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what we're having the debate we have our knives out if. the group is this right just about staying there again you're in a situation where being i didn't really talk about the surveillance.
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basket and a chill be given you see again you shall find knock and it shall be opened on to you. these pictures the nikolai's dembski is an army recruit were taken in the nineteen leave nicolai never thought that he would become a clergyman was seventy children and yet would lose her own home after two years of military service because i had no doubt that he would join the priesthood. so what happened to him on the border with afghanistan.
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after graduating from some unary nicholai was appointed to a post in. the city rests on the continents of europe and asia its river forms the border their planes this policy i can see the region is subject to blazing heat in summer and severe cold in winter the famous or in vogue shoal is one here to start off choosing temperatures. the young clergyman and his wife came to the village of sort of posh one hundred kilometers from orenburg there is nothing remarkable in the village other than rows of buildings. this prompted father nicholai to plan the construction of three churches in orthodox school and a charity house. besant home so cute bioterrorists square meter of two hector's. students give them more money was needed to buy the house and then syria. but when construction work began father new car didn't have enough
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money to complete it that's the way it was. but miraculously the project was completed the main church resembles the one in orangeburg that was torn down in soviet times the design of the orthodox school was copied from a nineteenth century diary as for the administrative building it was inspired by a picture in a book of fairy tales by alexander pushkin. the cushions dast house it's across the road it is big enough to accommodate father nicholas incredibly large family of seventy children. as a young boy drowned over a family with many children. a modest wife and enough money to buy her a nice dress. and then i married and bought a dress. at the moon. we had no kids of our own. so we went to
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an orphanage to adopt some young children. just took away the ones that were offered and we had no idea how children should be cared for so on no occasion we doctored five kids. and as time went by we realized that we could care for them for. a couple more i said to my wife but then we ended up adopting a servant. with. daddy . daddy. i was one of the several kids that they had taken then i asked him what shall i call you. he said call us father and mother if you like yes very much i responded and after that i found it easy to call their
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mother and father. i remember the day when father came to the orphanage he and his wife were sitting in the chair in the corridor when they came up and i thought the one wearing the black robe was a woman i mistook it for a dress i told him only and he gave me a suite or. when i turned him over and got another suite i wasn't exactly sure who was momen who was that. three years later father nicholas family had grown to forty seven children. on another occasion a woman from another town chanced upon a seven year old boy remedying through garbage cans he was bold. she brought him to me and asked me where i could give him shelter asked if he had to some documents and where he was from he had no documents he was from hunting months. this woman has heard about our place and was just planning to come to or inboard to visit her friends so she decided to take this boy with her and i said ok is he's just one
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person it's hard family grew. the situation with neglected children was quite desperate at the time but it would be i believe one third of the kids or those brought to me by are there people yes i thought he was the lord himself i was a little child then my granny had told me many stories about god there was an icon in our house so when i first saw my father he was like god. at that time i knew i was as young as her daughter is now father nicholai had already cheap priesthood even though he was just a young man under thirty. when he first took his new family to church the children pick pocketed parishioners. first to head their rose tinted picture of the children i saw them as angels when my wife and i went through a very difficult period filled with uncertainty should we take them back was tough
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. but they do we want to give them a read it thank you from my heart but the following morning the rabbit was nowhere to be seen. where did it go did it run away. get into a kong to find it but it was lying dead just outside the garden gate somebody had stabbed it as it turned out the father of the boy who killed the rabbit so abused to kill dogs eat. many of father nikolai's children did not have ideal childhoods some were removed from poor houses where they had to steal to survive others had never seen a tooth brush or even an apple mothers would drink even though they were pregnant some of the children still have scars from beatings one daughter's head was slammed against the wall by her alcoholic biological father so their new father needed to
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work a miracle for them to overcome their past. that they should see but it's hard to escape the past like yesterday for example we have a girl here i took her from a maternity home when she was just a baby so yesterday she stole a purse from her tutor but if another girl saw the act and demanded to know what she was holding in her hands so the little one said want me to share some with the you. see is. fair there. was a good job. the father nicholai hired a staff of nannies to help raise in teach the children. over time he learned how to both encourage and discipline. i always try to avoid
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spanking them but sometimes i simply have to even though it is their wrong thing to do. those who are nervous breakdowns usually when they misbehave. i just don't allow them to play. and join the others want to work many trips. in this case they just stayed home with the nanny. in the summer he takes all the children to the seaside to go sailing and sometimes it takes time to moscow. and this one shows father and me visit in jerusalem i was eight years old here i'm three years old for this is us in america. if i remember being credible with the arrival of a new comer here comes the girl nobody knows just be she going to call them father
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and mother like we do father says this goes name is he or she will stay with us i fly into a rage how come she's going to live with us and calls a mother and father. father nicholai knows perfectly well how to settle conflicts among the children women because of the way i talk to each of them separately and i tell them i understand where they're coming from i tell them i'm on their side and then the next child comes and i tell them the same and this way conflicts will settle themselves. the family focuses on raising the children that they have but some come on their own accord maria a distant relative of father nikolai asked to join his family. i came here when i was sixteen years old the other girls who are about the same age if we had been raised in the same family there would be no conflicts we simply didn't know each other i wasn't here for sixteen years they have been living together for
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a long time they belong to different nationalities and have managed to build a community and then i came suddenly. i don't really know the saying goes when in rome do as the romans do but she was out impose her own rules and us. she wanted to be the leader but that would not work with us unless we aren't allowed to play football with the boys but she did i told her playing football with the boys was against the rules. she said are you trying to teach me she came back and began swinging her arms in front of me we had a fight about rooster me. it was about kinship and who loves whom you see. mine but the other girls but we've been with our father since childhood he loves us more than he does you and that's what caused the quarrel with the particulars of how to succumb to the majority but i told him you did the wrong thing by trying to
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set yourself against all the others who put your. now maria lives in the charity house across the road from father nikolai's family there's a pacemaker inside my chest i live off a big tree i know several old women complaining about their children living off their pensions and the grandmothers are starving. the rules the streets to hear if the girls can't wear trousers they have to wear scarves in further nicholas house kids lead the way they like to kill will leave as if we were in a morning story sometimes life gets very boring and there is no communication with the outside. the family gathers together during rehearsals they are always preparing for a performance. for the. one who wants a break and even christmas nor the new year by the frost won't find you. boys and girls live and study separately they meet in church at rehearsal or on the far.
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right. thank. you each. morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing an operation to rule the day. choose your language. because you know if to say still some of us.
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choose the beauty of the consensus get a. chance to opinions that invigorating good. choose the stories get into a good life choose be access to your office. something. law is been huge. thousands of metres of ice and rock. the lobby. that is aloof from many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. if
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let it be that black and white cal this one your favorites. then you wash her. hair she is kicking. it stayed still tall style while you were washing it. you. are involved the likes. of you tell us about your fiance. really came here on the tour and he liked me thanks changed numbers then became friends come back and i told dad i don't know what's going to happen next.
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for the priest the most important thing is that his daughter's fiance is a good man christina's husband is a policeman she was studying to become an accountant in orangeburg which is where she met her spouse. but i don't my father that i have met a guy and he's had to wanted to meet him to. go to acquaintance with said that he's a good guy and we can be friends and so on this is nice to. basically was a man who got married his. party was the next one. the girls love looking at wedding pictures hanging in the house as well as those of all seventy children who all called this to him scuse their father and mother. the parents members to look out for the first group of children themselves but as the family grew they had to hire people to help them. the mother could not cope with washing diapers for three dozen babies and checking the homework of twenty
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schoolchildren but like all parents the try to spend all their free time together with their children. yeah well basically i was my mother's favorite shows holding mean her arms all the time can you see me in her arms in the pictures and here i am in her arms too she was holding me all the time. little by little the day to day lives of the children have changed before it was the mother who put everyone to bed now the older sisters are in charge of the task it's also their responsibility to look after the little ones. and takes four shots to cook for the family a lot of food is needed as the children can eat their way through one hundred fifty kilograms of potatoes in just three days but the children always help in the kitchen it's very important for them to know where food comes from an orphanage children don't even know how to make friday since they only see cook dishes. children come and get your pies.
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father nicholai sometimes drops by to see if everything is fine now it is he has very little time to do so. first children got a lot of our attention we spent all the time together with them we took them to try everywhere we went to the boy. they received lots of our attention i would be biological parents sometimes give less care to their kids than we did. but with the kids that we have now lu situation is somewhat different. perhaps because we've grown older. at first glance it may seem that life for the children here is no different than in a good orphanage move because of this what makes the difference is that they feel protected they don't want to leave this place. they don't ask me to pass them to
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another family this is the best sign that they feel protected. it's there are different from an orphanage even know when i married my father calls me to ask how my kids and i are doing my children treat him as their grandfather and their and in addition did bought us a house which is never the case that often injures one with. he helps us as any normal parent but he's got too many children. the priest knows that one day many of them will ask him for a blessing of guidance. here they just want to know why they abandoned me. sooner or later almost everyone of the children will wonder why they were abandoned and try to find out who their birth parents are. she was at home when i wrote. my set her maiden name and she confirmed that it was
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her i started making him sure remembered a certain person the name of the date she said yes so i told her i was his son but she said i wasn't what i said was that strange it's me look at my birthdate. but she kept on saying i was not her son so that's the kind of conversation we've had with the record although she doesn't want me of course i'm not going to thrust myself on her that i do have parents here as they are my dad and my mom that's all i need. my mother would love like she knows that i leave here and she knew that i had been taken to protect ash. and i don't carry steen about her. she doesn't want me if shit bend in me when i look for her. i have the
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parents who took care of me and my childhood is the world and they take care of me of a now. but they can still help me even though i am an adult and i have my own family. nowadays they all gather together for big holidays like christmas not just the children but the children's children too. she. did it. at least a year. in. and. some of the older children who work at the monastery others have left father
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nicholai lets his squad choose their own path. naca song what do you want to be when you grow up every ever thought about it. now. but it's time already it's time to make a choice i know that he has already made her choice be honest with her you made your choice i want to be a designer or i can painter what about you. and no you don't know when you will be and i don't know. what about police officer police officer. why are you crying divied. the children know their father supports them and that miracles do happen ask and it shall be given seek and you will find knock and it shall be opened onto you. to train students an ordinary person can feel very
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doubtful about building a church did you would saying he had no money or other resources and he wouldn't cope with the task but as for him he doesn't think he's going to do it he simply doesn't he's not afraid of anything. home. father nicholai had a parish without a church good he managed to found an orthodox town he had no children if he became the father of a very large family. i always wanted to be full of children this is my dream used to maybe my son nico i will be able to do it more i must raise a successor who can continue what i've been doing conducting children. he told me that will be his successor he's always saying that to the guests.
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nikolai is eleven now his father often takes them along on trips like to moscow once as they were traveling he told his son what happened to him on the border with afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty five. during a skirmish she was hit by a bullet which broke his cross but saved a. school stirred was upset because the cross was broken. so he put it on the table and went away. but later when he came back and like hell for noah he saw that the cross was really as good as new. father nikolai wants his children to start them always of their own rather than war is the only explosion he wants them to hear is when the christmas fireworks rumble in the sky.
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hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it. hold it hold. her blood. but speech. people. her her. her i wish her. luck. a bomb explosion good luck. just see the monument
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and i'm a. little mouse run i'm a little. fifth. if. peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace. peace peace peace peace. see. plenty shinin free cretaceous free transport charges free to make amends free.


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