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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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you know like it's wealthy americans who will foot the bill president obama signs the stopgap law to raise the taxes as part of the deal to avoid plunging off the fiscal cliff. and then strike kills up to seventy people a little mask is fuel station with mutual accusations between the rebels and the syrian regime. plus all the church of england needs a faith lift as its founding creasing out of touch by britain's population of calls to strip it centuries old power.
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over it even sure if you just joined us just after nine pm here in moscow this is r.t. our top story with me kevin oh in then president obama is to sign the law increasing taxes on wealthy americans the deal was passed by congress after months of political bickering to avoid the fiscal cliff and the threat of a destructive recession it was rushed through on tuesday night before the financial markets reopened after the new year holiday less than twenty four hours after getting senate approval the move prevents deep spending cuts and middle class tax hikes which technically took effect at midnight on john reid the first compromise increases taxes on household incomes over four hundred fifty thousand dollars now and delays spending cuts for two months some economists though see it as of being too little help to revive the american economy. they really leave out to really big question that they will have to attack caught in the. one or two month's
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time the number one priority will be sealing. the us gov the government already unleashed desailly of sixteen point three trillion us fellows and they are using the. tricks to get over to govern us government over for two months but in february they have nowhere to go they have to go back to congress a request for a high ceiling and the other one is the longest. solution would be budget deficit the fiscal deficit is running to one trillion dollars a year because tax increases spending because the problem is only reduce the deficit by something like two hundred billion dollars this way short government the us government have to cut the deficit to zero or actually to
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a surplus in order to pay off the huge debt. one area where america like a regular few more dollars though is next year's arm sales of the bonanzas most likely to come from pushing weapons in the asia pacific got to us as on that later in the program. next the activists in syria say that up to seventy people have been killed and dozens injured in an airstrike which hit a gas station in the damascus suburbs i want to say many of the women and children violence is despite a stark warning from a top international peace envoy to syria the country faces hell with the talks the more reports say the syrian rebels claim they cannot produce chemical weapons and can use it if attacked by the government middle east expert dr target share more time with a lack of dialogue would lead to even more violence. then a peace negotiation and. peace initiative presented by brahimi slash russia which is geneva two is not accepted by the opposition as it is at the moment.
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situation syria will be escalating saw the opposition is. the party who is. refusing any negotiation with the government position have chemical weapons this is a very dangerous and with a very serious matter and i think they don't have. all the legal bounding limits to not to use the danger of now is to be used and then blame the government for it to initiate some kind of international response against the syrian government this is a dangerous position and i think that this is what the syrian government should have always been saying that these to undermine the syrian government and to to get some kind of international attention and international support especially from the nato on the powers of the west the church of england has to find the u.k.
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and its laws for centuries but its privileges now far outweigh its place among british society in the past decade the number of people who consider themselves christians dropped by more than four million to report whether it's time for the religious mix to get more recognition. one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world with one official state religion to some it's a paradox i think any institute any faith institution like the church of england is going to have some potential threats on the horizon and those threats on the horizon are basically around its relevance to communities in general other faiths are significantly growing in their not only population but the voice in a social and political level so it's really important to have a plurality of opinion rather than just focus on one institution as being reflective of the nation yet the national church has twenty six on the elected
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members in the house of lords the upper house of britain's parliament and it enjoys financial privileges courtesy of the u.k. taxpayer by the church's own admission the number of people coming through the doors of this and every other church in england has harvard over the past forty years the very same report even warns that in the longer term the established religion faces fading away to virtual embellishments twenty anglican churches just like this one being closed down for worship each year entrepreneurial property developers a snapping them up and converting them to luxury housing or even light clubs while the number of church goers in the u.k. continues to fall some one hundred thousand britons have converted to islam over the past decade three quarters of those white women as you know broaden my knowledge about islam and compared with christianity i must tell you i found
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a more logical you know it just resonates with me i like what the prince of wales but he wants to be if ever he becomes king he wants to be the leader of faith you know of all faiths that i think is a wonderful statement because certainly our society here in britain is very multi call. very multi-faith so everybody should be included while other faiths enjoy popularity the church of england says recent rejection of women bishops and disapproval of gay marriage has reignited the age old debate on the separation of church and state people feel alienated if they're not part of that church and so few people are because only two percent go to church on a normal sunday so that's why we must i think make sure that the church is disestablished and the twenty six bishops that votes in the house will go to the only country in the world to have a parliament where they have the right to do that should be extinguished britain
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now has one of the lowest rates of church attendance in europe there is a rule. in terms of religious opinions there is and that will grow and that may actually become wider as time goes on and so i guess what we have today is is the church effectively being relevant to certain parts of this country despite centuries of tradition some question what will be left of the church of england in fifty years time oh the statistics are very clear very clear almost disappeared with something i think the twenty fifty figures are one hundred thousand people in the pews on an average sunday out of a population of sixty million that's minuscule but the privileges and political influence afforded to it are far from trivial and that's what's fueling the calls
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of those who say that it's fairer to separate the church from the state party boy r t london. coming up police in bahrain if used tear gas on anti-government demonstrators is the gulf nation approaches the two year mark since the start of unrest we bring you another. where the opposition movement than could be heading next. and gaza struggling. crops that is often in the line of fire with israel so that to get creative with the harvest we talk about that later to. brighten. a song from plans to.
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place in bahrain avani suppressed anti-government demonstration with the unrest in the kingdom approaching the two year the demonstrators are calling for a transition to a democratically elected government and better rights for the country shia majority . from the european bahraini organization for human rights claims that security forces from abroad to stoking the violence by firing tear gas into the homes of unarmed civilians. security forces who are of working for the ministry of interior and migraine are practicing and ought to buy and thence and a lot of buying nations to human rights when confronting when pro-democracy protests and behave and lot of protests and it took place in many different villages and areas around behaving and all of them all of them got a. crack they were a crackdown by that by the security forces and by hating who are most to be and not by me and they are working and and they've been super interior and if the they were
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grouped from different countries foreign countries like pakistan and jordan and syria and yesterday and the village where i live and sit it out it was tear gas excessive you by security forces and i could see security forces running down the streets by applying white house and shooting grand in the end side the house as a good movement was completely peace said but after witnessing in the west that was during and position to or this this situation and behaving or that of illusion in bahrain it is unlike to what is what they are it claiming they are encouraging human rights in different countries arab countries but when it comes to bahrain they use double standards so the protesters here are inviting old though they are those radical protestors they are the minority and not the majority but they are using such methods to prevent that violent security forces from entering their
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their their religious and attacking on armed civilians and children like we witnessed and the big deal off of the four year old child being attacked by security forces with tear gas canisters. israel's easing restrictions to allow building materials into gaza but the blockade still severely affects the people who live even farmers of a to leave their land in the buffer zones to grow food on rooftops instead and it's not his policy reports next the recent assault on gaza leave some fearing they may not see the next harvest. there's not a lot of greenery in gaza at least not in the places you'd expect to find it like abu hafs arms farm which since the israel gaza war four years ago has laid a barren and deserted. look to our had a very nice plantation a lot of visitors came to see it also students from the farming school used to come and study at my place. they go nothing but workers from israel raining down on one
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of the most densely populated spots on earth meant i will have needed to find another place where he could grow his crops and so he looked towards his own home and upwards that. i needed no alternative so i made this plantation on the roof and started working again. creates a lot of things if he has time and energy i can make fifty thousand suppling from these seventy meters on the roof. it's an idea that's taken root in farms along the gaza israel border where much of the agriculture has been repeatedly destroyed by the israeli army many farmers are unable to access the land because of the buffer zone that's one of at least a food of gaza's farmland your. today there is no space to have a forum in gaza it is very crowded everybody is building new houses. now used to be a plantation for oranges and lemons and if you look at it now you just see
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buildings. fall out of five people in gaza are dependent on food aid homegrown food projects like rooftop gardens can help combat. and severe poverty by allowing farmers to sell their produce marry anyone can do it i work with my husband and my daughters till midnight is that half a lot of farming should be on the ground but we heard that we can plant in volcanic rock on our roots so i tried it. out farmers grow wheat barley and a variety of fruits and nuts on these rooftops they also raise. and chickens showing how a little ingenuity can go a long way ask anyone in israel or gaza whether they think the situation is stable and they'll tell you it's only a matter of time before the next gaza showdown there might be a cease fire in place between the two sides but no one believes it will hold least of all the gaza farmers who are always in the line of fire. on the israel gaza
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border. all over the west dozens of palestinians were wounded after a round on israeli troops over the skies and vegetables. mission. on our website. to the vatican lost. trust stuff that's the question we ask workers who can swipe cards to track their movements around purposes these days in the wake of a string of embarrassing leaks will attract. more news today violence flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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wealthy british scientists on. the. market find scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report on our to. tell us how much mike has a forecasting a significant rise in sales for the coming year after a pretty solid twenty twelve washington's been shifting its sides towards asia recently looking to its allies to neighbor north korea and china independent journalist james corbett says the u.s. is creating a pretext to make billions for mom sales which could though backfire through geopolitical tensions. what we can see is really just a return to
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a very old imperial strategy building up bogeymen in order to. create the sales to to combat those boogey men so it's a very old strategy it was identified by need by president eisenhower in his farewell address in one nine hundred sixty when he talked about the military industrial complex and we here we are half a century later with the exact same strategy at play and before it was the communists then there was the terrorist threat and now there's china and that threat i think it creates a situation where the economics may be what's driving this that we give it towards asia pacific but that in turn creates geopolitical realities so that for example china now sees all of these arms sales going to korea and taiwan and japan and some of the u.s. allies in the region and they respond with a military armaments of their own so it's a kind of self-perpetuating. prophecy that fulfills itself by the economics of the situations asian has its eye on what's happening with taiwan and the effort to
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retrofit the f. sixteen fleet of taiwan but also the japanese x. ray to expand radar for example that just recently has is being expanded and worked on i think has to be seen as a threat by china as well so i think definitely we're going to see an increase in tensions and that will probably create more situations like we saw in the past year with the dispute between japan and china. james cole but while there's a pacific a lot if you take a good share of the limelight in twenty thirty nine bit later tonight ninety's cross-talk people of oh so experts explain why the primary problem that the united states sees with china is that its economy is too strong and that it's building up its military so these are two things that the united states prides itself on i'd giant military and a big economy right what the weather what a big economy in china reflects is number one a lot of hundreds of thousands of people being lifted out of poverty and inside china. but also means help for the united states because trade is obviously
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mutually beneficial and so trade in international borders being a little more open to trade this is a good thing for the united states and washington wants to paint it as a bad thing they're playing a very sort of great game geo politicking in asia and because china's having success they're moving to try and contain china so that means backing a lot of unscrupulous people in asia pacific surging military forces their naval forces there this is all very bad it's an interesting way of the united states turning something positive into something very terrible and it makes it easy for people to go china is our next greatest enemy. and likely you know the latest edition of cross two will be on air at around seven twenty five pm g.m.t. tonight. headlines in brief this is bangladesh's capital the army there where police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at an anti government rally
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protestors are believed to be supporters of an islamic party from stones and police there demanding a halt to the trials of the top leaders on charges of crimes against humanity during the one hundred seventy one independence will pakistan there was a spate of deadly anti-government clashes in bangladesh last month. venezuelan president hugo chavez in a state of consciousness now after undergoing another cancer operation according to the vice president but nicholas material stress that leaders condition remains delicate and rejected early rumors that chavez was in a coma or in hospital q but the president's the integration of the tenth of january and. a motorcycle bomb going off in a crowded park in pakistan's southern city of karachi it's killed at least four people and wounded dozens of others police say the explosion happened when a political rally of the city's dominant party passed by when she admitted carrying out the water. it seems there's a price to pay for free love after all american health officials warn there's
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a silent epidemic stalking the baby boomers of the sixty's but in a coach never reports now of a call in california to get checked for deadly hepatitis c. . california was the center of the hippie revolution amounting pot of music drugs and sexual freedom we did drugs but we didn't think about it there was no process because everybody was doing dean mitchell is a baby boomer born during the pastas world war two years nineteen forty six and nine hundred sixty five his generation now is paying for that lifestyle a life of things drugs and rock'n'roll all fueled by flower power and the summer of love they say few remember the sixty's you were intrigued there the baby boomers out of the sexual revolution may have lost some of their memories and they had the mists of time but there is one legacy of their past which is anything but harmless
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the centers for disease control has already named him patatas see as an unrecognized health crisis according to their granny zation current he won in thirty baby boomers are infectious with the virus the silent killer it can lie dormant for decades that's what happened to dean mitchell's friend who died just two months after being diagnosed with the disease they're paying for the car consequences because there are now so. they have to get medication. and it's a disease that i understand can kill you but worst of all it's not just baby boomers who are interests many could have a knowing if you contract to the virus through blood transfusions the screening was only improved the aids crisis in the ninety's californians bay area has been the hardest hit with more people dying here than anywhere else in the country it is
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also a very costly problem for the bankrupt state costing billions of dollars. for the. with. you very. poor issue in a certain sense more widespread than h i.v. have to tie to see kills around twelve thousand people in the us after a year and with the baby boomers in the highest risk group the center for disease control has called for mass screening they say they could identify almost a million people now living with the disease and saves many more lives but the question remains if the present generation will listen might you know question archie reporting from los angeles california. bunkers or something slightly more cheery coming up off the bright we continue our look at the people who prepared for the cosmic calamity that never was a minor. in
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this remote siberians units people still sing the songs which russians sang in the middle ages and they cherish the nation through choice practiced by the will set up church before the seventeenth century the old believers here assigned the area are conservative community. leaders need there yet again i feel right. now i'm the first to do it the five. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and to show them how to dance in the local star.
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seventeen year old nada is from the same village she now studies in the city and. yes is it a club. she puts on her costume in the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother. ok i didn't ask on time for an answer because i want to keep up to date with this more of the world but still i would like to have camp my very ground how my ancestors lived very attachment to the church brought ninety's and sisters to this remote land east of late been called more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in persecuted for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introduced in russia in the sixteen hundreds the old believers still bolland cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying was more and more young people leaving for big cities this year is the all believers culture
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could be imperiled. plans to continue her studies abroad to grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the jews are fresh in her memory so is the culture. it's a job but it's also a religious vocation that's pushing her to constantly find new ways of developing her business. today she visited this cave in the denver area. it's a more than three kilometer deep maze the spot is for sale and robin is thinking about buying it for the construction of more underground shelters if somebody was to light a fire sometime in here what about the ventilation with the smoke or something like that you probably would want yourself back in a small room with a fire or anything like that but when something like this we are close to an
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entrance there's a lot of there will be probably be all right talk. to think it's a good survivor it's like i do a cave like this week it easily howls a thousand or so people i knew so it would be a great project a great resource to have. for robin it's the perfect place for her family seems a little less enthusiastic would you like to live in a cave like this. if it was like mandatory. but if. but according to robin the girls will surely not have the choice because according to her the end of the world science is already well and truly visible starting with the crumbling of christian values in our modern societies if you go one bookstore or one movie store for instance how many of those books and how many of those movies do you think that jesus christ himself could watch and that will tell you how many things are going to get burned.


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