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tv   [untitled]    January 11, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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because biggest subglacial lake it was nice to get hold of over the drill down over three kilometers to get to lake vostok which has been sealed up for some twenty million years. colleagues about what to say it's just any old frozen lake. not all ice is the same we consistent pictures here from last year in february when the first breakthrough was made down below this huge thick ice sheet to what's called a sub lake there and some samples were taken here we go this is the the water taken out then. it was found then they hoped that they could some pull that water and see the composition of what was inside that frozen lake deep underneath the glasses sadly that was contaminated they couldn't work out where precisely that water had come from now they've gone back down it again and they're looking three thousand four hundred six meters they drilled down as you can imagine a lot of work in very difficult conditions and now they have this amazing piece of
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as they described it white ice with rich with bubbles it sounds almost taste it doesn't it doesn't taste it now we understand that it's been a russian team of scientists who've been there but it's actually it's not an international team so what sort of things are they trying to find out from this water that they've just government yeah i mean as a as i said earlier it may may think by society's eyes not the case it is a huge place here in tactic that absolutely so but what they think the scientists think from this team and from other teams trying to do similar things with different in different legs is that perhaps this huge ice sheet for twenty million years has locked this underground. subglacial lake it's essentially sealed it off from the outside world and that means that if they can extract the air in those little bubbles they can try and form a better picture of what life was like on earth if there was much of it around to
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that place twenty million years ago they may even be able to find traces of bacteria maybe even more complex life forms that would show as amazing insights into the process of evolution all that time ago. historical to match his bang up to date and the tories have a group anonymous has petitioned the white to recognize the temporary crippling of websites as a legal form of protest known as d.d. o. s. attacks bombarding sides till they seize up for a short while could become comparable to street rallies if the so-called activists get their way international human rights lawyer stanley cohen told us that such actions are a form of free speech which should not be repressed when barack obama gets on the television and begs his followers and when politicians implore their followers to get on the switchboard to shut him down to send a message to support a position it's considered free speech the da says essentially nothing different than what obama is doing what politicians are doing and what corporations are doing
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through lobbying firms we have traditional laws which are designed when people cross the line it's that we with all first amendment activities and it should be no different here i think it's less likely at this show that president obama will recognize that because he has a history of trying to repress free speech he's he's or he's afraid of the light of day i think it's more likely that down the road some of the courts may may may look at some of these actions and find that there's first amendment protection and free speech implicated that's not to say that an effort to change the president's mind shouldn't be undertaken again we're not talking about hacking we're not talking about theft we're not talking about injuring property in any sense of the word. it was love to see you bring us a bit of color in charge of the evening we were talking earlier on. course about this trillion dollar coin. tonight we're talking about
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greece to some extent anyway money coming from russia to do it i was like no one point five billion euros that could be buying the natural gas the state natural gas company which is the great plan other under pressure from the choice of the financial ministers in europe to sell assets to privatized they've got this interest from russian gas from the gas major here and there's been a few i was raised because there's a bit of a dart lemma going on because some people in europe are very happy about russia heading into greece i'll explain why later it is you know it's a questionable thing because greece need the money to have it to give what's the problem revealed to you. after the break so stay with me for that.
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crime is a plague of the big cities but in a tiny arkansas town of twenty five thousand it is really getting out of hand puregold is a property crime index of more than double the national average and rape burglary and assault are also way above average poor poor gold is a dangerous place to live in but what's the answer to living in constant fear of criminals well the mayor thinks that the answer to that problem is to live in constant fear of the government how logical the mayor and police chief have a doorstop plan to send out police patrols with a fifteen's and full swat armor to i guess intimidate the local population into submission well actually the plan is for them to stand around it ask people an important question ask them to show id the answer to crime isn't a police state sending guys out with automatic weapons and body armor around just to check people's i.d. like it's the berlin wall or something won't do anything a guy who breaks into your house for crystal meth money isn't going to be affected
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by this only the good average citizens will have to show an armed thug of their id just to go buy milk but that's just my opinion. and i well can. i thank you for joining me thank you for your company on the great government has yet another dynamic today a way that this time it involves russell. courses on the pressure from european finance ministers to raise cash from privatization to russian bit is. have emerged as front runners to buy up the country's state and natural gas which
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could potentially raise more than one point five really for athens so the question is what's the di lemma then while his remarks with all the details. it is a greek state all natural gas group which is responsible for the acquisition and delivery of gas to customers in that country at the moment has existing contracts with one hundred ninety three companies in greece and despite all the economic problems the country is currently facing this company's financials are not all that bad but in comparison to the rest of the nation the country is now under pressure from the european commission the european central bank and international monetary fund to raise as much money as possible from privatization of such assets in hopes or a self defense in billion euros bites one to sixteen in order to reduce greece's debt by about seven percent russian gas giant gazprom is said to be among the front runners to purchase a sixty five percent stake in depth and in terms of cash that amounts to about one
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point five billion euros if this deal goes through than gas from practically control the into our gas market in greece and that's in part because of another company which is a subsidiary of dep i called the desk now that manages pipelines and terminals throughout the country so that would give gas from direct access to customers in greece and guarantee a stable delivery of gas to the european markets however there are certain risks associated with this purchase due to the european union restriction that prevents combining gas extraction and its transportation under one umbrella so having that unwinds there could be some serious opposition to this deal in the e.u. the country is certainly bats make a major commitment so on the one hand we have the european union pressuring greece to maximise profits from privatization and pay back the creditors and on the other we have e.u. once again joined by the americans for whom the russian expansion in the gas market
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is probably something like a nightmare so let's watch this space and see what happens in the near future. well let's see what's happening now with the u.s. stocks them because they are indeed having a choppy. well they are actually in positive territory albeit modestly just now we got news from china that inflation topped estimates that's really hurting sentiment as well as the slump in the financial sector wells fargo is the u.s. largest homeland taking a beating that's because people simply are not taking out mortgages in these times of uncertainty which out europe then we see what happened there in today's session they ended up the week she with gave a pretty flat again rather modest sara third for the. and that's really also as china's inflation data and earning season in the u.s. takes center stage in europe or prices are also being dictated by the meeting china as well concerns are high the economic stimulus may be curbed in the world's second
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biggest consumer of oil china of course us the price of oil is going down the russian ruble finished up today's session against both the u.s. dollar that says the main currency is they head north as you can say the russian markets finished with a mixed performance. to finish up the week in positive territory despite or prices taking a nosedive meanwhile the two basis points down that's how to finish just in to the red a meeting on the japanese government approved a fresh stimulus package equivalent over two hundred and twenty billion dollars the aggressive measures are aimed at tackling the country's debt which is the biggest in the industrial world weakening the japanese yen creating six hundred thousand jobs with the hope of adding two percent to economic growth in total and earlier today. from robert bank about the latest package and how effective he thinks these
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measures will be in the long term not just for japan but for the global economy as a whole. well i think it's the answer lies mainly in how the major economies have been responding to the sovereign debt crisis they've been printing money that is the fed bank of england the c b or the background they've all been printing money so these norms bubble of liquidity out and people always talk about how inflation is not going anywhere at a moment so that can all take place but the fact is that time and time again we've seen that inflation is too narrow a measure that you will price inflation is too narrow a measure you should look at us of bubbles i believe lot of the security will ultimately feel less of bubbles of course if you don't think about equity office in asia it is one of the nest nations where it will go i don't think whilst the asian markets currently are bubbles but i do think more money will flow in there some of these markets are bristow becoming quite bubbly in terms of twenty thirteen you've already mentioned that japan was printing money it's already tried this approach we know the federal reserve has also tried this tactic what else can be done and you
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see more printing of money in twenty thirty and what needs to be done in terms of the global economy to get it moving again i think what needs to be done is a multi-year process of painful adjustments but currently we're not really very good in the major economies are taking pain well pressure is increasing on the central banks. print money and i tried that and i think that is pushing on a string it will have negative repercussions as well as more freight will see that but i don't think that's where exactly where the solution lies and speak of competitiveness you ask me that on japan. in a way japanese competitiveness will be hurt because the governments take an increasingly active approach think about nationalisation about making investments themselves when governments decide where investments go that's typically not an official allocation. so just to conclude then you don't see the weakness of the yen last staying in the long term. i think the weakness of the youngest of my other
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factors as well see we're at risk of the second exactly same thing as a year ago when we were in a similar situation that it was doing. nobody else euro and people talked about the measures now it's driven by a little bit of fiscal cliff optimism we've at least seem to have avoided it for a few months and therefore now people think that hate is to measure in japan are working to some to it actually helps to do extractions on it but the key measures here is really the start of the universe camote that risk almost can evaporate relatively quickly. so the business will today have a fantastic we can stay with us here and i'll take as the danube or so he'll be out with the.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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when i've done your. drug game coming up. the reeling from columbine to sandy hook. a supermodel with. no proof anti-depressants are a sham. from the age of pain docs pumped. in adam lanza pretty much every school shooting in the polls. was on prescription drugs on antidepressants kids at the same times more likely to get funded suicides are even more widespread politicians forcing full make good old americans in the mainstream media disparate you pull those pills they told me that i had taken
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a gun to my my third class and held them hostage we were told that if we did not follow up with their evaluation of a.d.h. t. and take him to the pediatrician and get him on ritalin that child protective services could charge us for educational and emotional neglect at age thirteen while writing his skateboard he suddenly keeled over and was dead the county medical examiner said there was no doubt in that case that the chronic ministration of the red line was the cause of death ritalin is for the purposes of classification by the drug enforcement administration as they schedule two drugs on the same list this cocaine trying to solve a problem in the schools by putting their children on kiddie cocaine as we killed just annoying days off to being prescribed and t.v. . prisms like pack fill she was a normal girl having trouble sleeping. he.
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would have done that thousands of such the big mo by big pharma reputation across companies is the best not actually matches that of tobacco companies as with vioxx we could have known you're a sicko before many people died because the best selling cycle to expect will prozac effect thought have been for for the first time to reveal the shocking research by being coached thanks for joining us what was the result half of the data that had been collected by the drug companies had never been published they'd kept it hidden so they knew about it the food and drug administration knew about it we use a law called the freedom of information at and we compel the f.d.a. to send us copies of the data that did not show a benefit of the drug over placebo ok they hid proof of id useless but did they
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know their pills are actually deadly to search to three quarters of the people taking them can lose their ability to engage in sex the way they usually do there's an increased risk of strokes there's an increased risk of death from all causes in young people children and adults up to the age of twenty four there's an increased risk of suicide ality. in women who are pregnant there's an increased risk of miscarriage and when they have babies there's an increased risk of. malformations of the child of autism other serious disorders. serious side of mouth formation the mainstream media winfrey pulled because for every dollar drugs spent on. research they hand out million times more to media on commercials like this advertising big
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pharma shills an astonishing one hundred billion bucks on ads so the brain will shoot into a boy top spin. with this notorious antidepressant zoloft mainstream media gratefully pokus the fool chewed and who cares about the view of. the way willie corp pharmaceutical company for nearly fifteen years covered up their own internal investigation that showed that anyone on prozac is twelve times more likely to attempt suicide then those using other antidepressants that talk times more than the average population twelve times more than those already on other antidepressants this is a criminal act and i want to know why these criminals are still walking the streets the public is swallowing the lawyers like
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a dream the top three antidepressants bring in twenty five thousand dollars a minute and the most recent campaigns of the last year or so you're hearing so much on ask your doctor or talk to your doctor about and when you hear that on the screen it sounds so nice a doctor about the facts who accepts your doctor about some doctor your doctor about soledad talk to your health care prepares your doctor to do doctor tell you talk to your doctor immediately talk with your doctor what the studies have shown is if you actually bring up a brand name drug with your doctor by name you are significantly more likely to walk out the door with that drug so they do that for a reason industry. it's responsible to wall street and wall street first they have to they have to please wall street but the fact that they don't work works to the advantage of the drug companies and the psychiatrist which means that you're not cured which means that you're a patient for like you're a customer you're a client for life and the worst your health care is the more drugs you mean it's
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it's a great deal for them to feel mortal paulina porizkova had everything going for her she was only the second girl to cover sports illustrated swimsuit edition two years straight then prescribe quote crippling antidepressants she shouldn't have been allowed on america's next top model as the drugs made her stable for the program pitied her because she was also on the same medication in fact go find all her friends or anti psychotics which she says give you the self-awareness of a slug and kill your sex life. americans are currently the law of just a guinea pig trial in history mind altering drugs are tested just four weeks there's a long term effects of being evaluated on i'm suspecting citizens who think their drugs have been checked then we see who dies who has seizures who has to form
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children who has epilepsy who has diseases downstream whose heart stops the public is the clinical trial no drug has side effects they're all effect it's a very dangerous industry that has gone so far overboard in inventing fictitious diseases and drugging our children and our population that i consider to be engaged in primes against humanity but one of the people we depend on our doctor is telling us on mainstream media the pope pills doctors and again have become a custom entitled to all sorts of gifts from some was to the largest and certainly to the public of. seeing doctors being dropped to the caribbean for a weekend with a drug company paying does not make the profession with very good will joins us he's the pioneer in the field of happiness research with hundreds of studies what formulas actually work and so strong correlation between eating lots of fruit and
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vegetables and having good mental health how it works we don't know the pattern is strongly in the data. is the key reason why villages income put the silly live seventy years longer than average americans tracy lawson lived in the village what's the secret of it happening on. which that you. could kitchen and it cool because it was it was it wasn't which and. and of course. you know which part of the law can americans all prove with. hope but. that they can take lessons and actually transport and. capital manage that even if. you. have a little bit of space to grow vegetables. in fact. and
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so you just need it. and if you can't. buy organic vegetables and over those. chemical which a company. culture production commonsense is the question today in the states where kids of the new drug targets. from school and schools fit a cocktail of twenty two drugs off to a computer close to who. saw for myself what they were giving her and how much. often. i just. killed this child and the parents were helpless so presents itself as being a wonderful altruistic. program whereas in fact i believe school bloody hard is intent is to recruit more children into the very subject the diagnoses of mental
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illness and to treat those kids with medication the regime in the history of this world has ever tried such a deadly drug experiment on its own people before. today's children in fifty years time when. the face consequence is true from fights this is the truth the. elitists. government no longer represents the. people who are going to take the trip.
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to the middle east in the future of the of the maoists. the way our economic system currently is not going. to. i. join me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real crime insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v.
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