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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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depression in the one nine hundred thirty s. which resulted in a slowdown of international trade and all was part of the lead up to world war two but that's not all the facts wars become cheaper imports become more expensive so ordinary citizens can buy a less imported goods and traveling abroad traveling abroad rather becomes more expensive that leads to public disapproval unrest and so on that's why russia would truly cheer as the g twenty is so worried and it's very likely we will see a major skirmish when the group's financial ministers meeting next month in moscow with currency wars recession and debt all rampant max and stacey are getting worried coming up in the next hour here in r.t. the cause report looks at the source of all the risk which is making the world's economy so unstable. getting hazardous out there lots of toxic derivatives nuclear meltdowns nine hundred micrograms of particulate air so thick you can hardly brave people so thick you can barely stand
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living next to the. risk. again idea why don't we just remove the wrist from the. oh that's right because that risk there would be no african capital as you know no. because report coming away very soon here on our teens thing with money matters we have natasha and katie with the business of. choice it's built it's miraculous economic recovery low cost manufacturing but that's all going to change and what's happening there well it does seem like the world's second largest economy is losing its competitive edge and i have katie over here that knows all about it does it really seem like it's losing out to countries in southeast asia like indonesia and vietnam that how cheaper
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a production capacity is because it's direct foreign investment this year sliding it's down almost four percent indeed and that's very significant because the last time it declined was two thousand and nine of course we were in the midst of a global recession so there have been a few alarm bells of going off with this data for sure the reason really is because of the labor costs they all going out quite significantly now the malefactor of course the china which we really is how they managed to grow so. remarkably fast in the last thirty years and now that they don't have that because people living in the second biggest economy in the world are saying hey listen we want to a better lifestyle we want higher wages we want better working conditions and that's exactly what they get and it is the poor i show in the government at the moment to really reform but i'm a big believer in china's economic miracle so i don't really buy the idea that it's the and of china's manufacturing dominance well i think it's not really at the
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moment look at the growth figures but i think a change of tactics is definitely on the cards right now and beijing have alluded to this they have said that they want to change manufacturing. instead of going from the moment it's cheap quality that's how life is to really build up this empire but they could have been moving quite fast into quality that's what they want higher production and these kinds of goods and luxury goods and really this also puts pressure on the government to source other drops for people over the marketing and production so changes only gender natasha but i'm going to help you with that ride but i mean this slide in direct foreign investment it has a lot of external factors yes well we're in the midst of this economic downturn too there's not a whole lot of money to go around well i suppose but i think europe is really where
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the pressure is at the moment i mean that is the biggest buyer that's who's buying up all these maiden china did that seems we changing because business is all heading towards those two prisoners that you mentioned yourself. so i also want to mention the fact the china really the general consensus is that it needs to go from a really investment led climate to a consumption one thank you very much katie pilbeam and moving on and less than a decade russia may overtake germany as the world's fifth largest economy that's according to pricewaterhouse coopers predictably of course is the demand for the country's abundant natural resources that will really drive this growth but the report also claims russia's aging population and its strength in war force will mean that its growth will slow after the year two thousand and twenty and in meal ferguson of harvard university tells business r.t. he agrees with this assessment and he also expects a global economic paradigm shift. the fiscal situation is far superior to any
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west european country there is falling inflation the move to a flexible exchange where it's been successful and then of course we're in the midst of one of the world's great energy boom then indeed commodity boom and russia of course is perfectly positioned to benefit the russian prosperity in light of the struggling europe while i do think the situation in europe and particularly in the european monetary union there is pretty grim because the outlook in terms of growth can't be good with these enormous public debt son with the chronic imbalances between the german core and the south european periphery i'd go so far as to say that parts of europe are in a kind of stationary state where do you think the situation is greenmarket in the europe all in the united states i think it is worse in europe but you can always rely on american politicians to make a problem seem much bigger than it is i mean the problems that the united states
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will be grappling with over the next two months include a completely artificial problem which is the debt ceiling i mean there's absolutely no reason why there should be a specified ceiling to the federal debt congress imposes that on itself and then having imposed it has to vote to lift it which it inevitably must so this is a pretty awesome fishel crisis a purely political crisis if you look away from the politics of washington at the u.s. economy it is unquestionably in recovery mode and what's most exciting about it right now is the way the discovery of shale gas in the exploitation of shale oil is ushering in a new era in which the united states will become energy independent for the first time in two generations i think that's going to be the cue for a written a song for the american manufacturing and the world is going to be pretty surprised by what the united states does economically over the next ten years which by the way has big implications for russia to. ten years ago if you were running gazprom
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you never thought for a minute that you would find yourself being on the cards by north america but that's what's happening bad implications for russia and i think that's one thing that is going to make life tough for gus from but you know what's bad for gazprom is not necessarily bad for russia and we should be very careful to make that distinction in fact it would be good for russia if gazprom had less power it would be good for russia if the big concentrations of power in this economy were broken up with diminished and you had a more competitive decentralized economic system. and let's quickly run through the markets now to see where we stand on wall street we see a lot of optimism the s. and p. five hundred a straight he added highest level in about five years thanks mainly to a bit housing data and a low weekly jobless claims this of course positivity is spilling over to europe the stocks they are closed at a weekly high as you can see there the footsie gained a less than
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a percent the dax was roughly the same and day here in moscow equities ended the day with pretty hefty gains actually one half percent for the y. sex and just under one percent for the r.t.s. and on the currency markets the euro was strange that into the greenback and as you're seeing here on your screen the russian ruble ended mixed to the major currencies. according to the chinese horoscope twenty thirteen is the year of the snake and it turns out the births here sign matters when it comes to business success the majority of russia's am as it turns out china's business tycoons were born in either the year of the dragon or the rabbit and the horse is falling pretty close behind that's according to a russian magazine sloan dot ru it discovered that about half of the richest russians were born between one thousand nine hundred sixty q and one nine hundred sixty eight and when it comes to traditional zodiac signs it's
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a virgo's that top the list of the world's richest sagittarius is of the most scares on the fourth place and that of course explains why i'm not a millionaire and that's all the latest from the business desk you can always find a lot more stories that are t. dot com slash business. congress' approval rating has hit an all time low never has american record history been so disappointed with the lawmaking body united states even former arkansas governor mike huckabee said that their approval ratings are just barely above a pedophile so i guess that's good news for the disgusting pedophiles out there soon you won't be the most hated group in america anymore but i don't think this
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statistic reflects the quality of government but so much the quality of the government in some small country with a hard to pronounce name if the government became that unpopular the country would simply collapse but no matter how many wars congress gets involved in and no matter how many jobs are shipped overseas or no matter how much the american dream gets stamped out every would still relish round obama and votes democrat and republican this popularity rating doesn't show up. effect of the government is it shows how arrogant they are because they seem to have no fear whatsoever getting reelected or being punished in any way for their bad behavior so you know congress i have to say keep up the good work go for one percent popularity and maybe someone will actually do something about you but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. i'm tom harkin
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is a big. news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. thank you very much. for being with us with russia today let's start with the mark as if you do think the marsh is likely to. turn free will be democracy in fox time
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especially where the. general election is to be held in a few months democracy is going to be did not going to be due to it is dated by the corrupt political leaders began to put democracy in and out one guy trick. and we want to pull democracy in place in its two legged and spirit we don't want any kind of delay in elections. they literally form which i have suggested here ality mentioned in the constitution of pakistan all the details which i am demanding ali he did in the law the constitution and electra laws and the third thing my electoral reforms agenda has been our lady and lost by the supreme court of pakistan in or study meant which was issued on aid of june two
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thousand and twelve this year so we have to adjust and force these articles of constitution and sections of the electoral laws and judgment of supreme court in dozen or did more than one month and still we have three months for care to go to government so there is no chance of beating the democracy election can take place on due time for the two you accused the political reader in pakistan of corruptions and other crimes. do what they think them or do you expect which force that you would be dealing with or you wish to deal with that can pranged that this the change that requires the crust of all let me substantiate what i have stated that there was majority of that these people are corrupt there is. department of the government never national accountability bureau and its chairman
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retired admiral for siebel heidi this is appointed by the president of pakistan mr zardari himself he has stated in his press conference and he has issued his off neb statement. that five thousand million rupees but n m. are going in corruption so these are the facts and figures given by the government department. and at the same time the it is declared and it is not be naive that seventy percent of the members of the parliament of pakistan there are decks of readers they don't bother to file their tax returns they conceal their source of income. saw the corruption there is nobody can deny this reality so our one of this martin movement is anti corruption to educate our society from corruption and this is need of the whole muslim world and old third world and
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developing muslim countries the have to get to good of corruption and corrupt leaders we have to get rid of decks or rid of the law breakers this is why we have started the struggle as if there is create in pakistan you mentioned egypt and some other countries it's very famous saying. the revolution eats its own children is and what happened in egypt and other countries. those who call the revolutions the are not the rulers don't you feel that the fruits of the efforts that you are going to do now that could be shown to somebody else no i don't think somebody else will gain because somebody else has no intentions to take over the power. they have lost a lot of their reputation because of past experiences. and they in effect are no specialist of controlling the civil society they're not gen forty eight. when i say
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revolution we should keep in your mind in egypt in tunis in libya and all these countries there was needed a dictatorship for years and years for a long time. and the people stood up against that in iran there was it when eric to rule of shan shah the people stood up against that or to stand cases be different there is no one else to neither monadic nor a military dictatorship here is electoral authority in the twenty two million isn't electoral dictatorship just democracy and political process as well as the term is concerned does exist there are political parties and the men who cleared the elections to come back in the parliament after seventy five years but does the true democracy does not exist in this society neither in political field nor in social field nor in economic field or democracy the people are not in fact
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participating in the real process of democracy. they're not getting the job they're not getting the rule of law they're not getting the. protection of their life there is no production of their wealth and business this target killings that people are being kidnapped you know there are for last four days hundred twenty five dead bodies were sitting there with those bloody you naughty ministers was there no provisional government was there no member assembly was there and even the prime minister are right there four days later so this is a law lessness total chaos and anarchy in this country government is totally dysfunctional. saw this is the single nation single country in whole muslim world and in nuclear capability and if the same situation continues that would be a very big disaster if we could come to the level of collapse so we have to put democracy owners' right we have to stabilize the society on true basis of
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constitution and law this is this movement is for the student to feel that if force will be it's a loss of innocent lives. could be a sacrifice to the smart we have to stand up the people have stand up for their rights people want a peaceful society which would be used i don't think i don't think they will be able i know thousands of the commandos they have got from the government opened up shed by the city has sent thousands of commandos this night they have already made an attempt the first night when we arrived over here and they were defeated. our security guards and ladies game in front of them. and they've run away they ran away i know and i telling you tonight thousands of commandos had been sent from the government open job. and there were aged from the capital to the thinking of
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a joint venture but hundreds of thousands of people are sitting here although they are unarmed they are peaceful they don't have any weapons but still hundreds of thousands of people in spite of being peaceful they are enough to stop this kind of terroristic attacks by the government there nasr question marks on how you fund you funded your campaign and this march in particular did. you receive any foreign aid or funds from the world's simple answer who funded the revolution of the line and the people in egypt who funded them who funded the people in libya who funded the people in tunis these are the people who funded the people in iran very old is when the people get up for revolution they give their lives as second feis but to talk about the money every single poor person is selling his that has these
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sold we gave i myself my life my children's my daughters my daughter in law all of them other family to give the part of the jewelries. the ladies are given the judy of the gods and given the jewel these people are standing there out in their motorbikes their cars whatever savings they have the are spending on the public city they are doing everything for this but the even though it's an open secret that the americans the u.s. and the with some western powers have. the head they have a role actually to shaping in shaping the political events and scenarios in pakistan how do you see the role and what is your strategy towards the americans and the switch from powers this is because of this incompetent political leadership. if you have become bigger leadership who fixes
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and and prescribes of you can see who knows that whatever supreme national interest and then it develops or forty layers it's foreign policy exactly on the basis of our own national interest nobody in this world whether america or any other country is your permanent friend nor your part of an enemy. we don't want to become enemies of other countries and we don't want that that is going to including america our other countries to be of any. a fair. friendly relationship with every countries but at the same time we want to safeguard our national interest we want to become a peaceful country we want to protect the peace of our neighbor than region and we want to spark disappeared in developing the peace for the whole world that's on my last question some orbs over thing or accuse you actually directly that you are
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carrying a foreign engine that you are trying to implement here pakistan and you march comes with some certain developments there the tension between the two militaries of pakistan and india on the eastern side and kashmir and some developments in quit . where one hundred and twenty five people were killed from here we are sure it how do you respond to these accusations dr can you tell me a single day when there is no crisis in pakistan when there is no target killing when there is no bomb terrorist attacks when there is no law no kidnappings every single day is the of prices in this city of pakistan because of it it believes he incumbency of these rulers. my coming here this is a farce accusation i totally reject it i totally rebutted refute it. i have not come here with any agenda my agenda is the nation of pakistan. somebody critic can
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say anything to anybody who seymour barack would have said the same thing to the an evolutionary people of you know if you see linda now they say now it's going to cause as he would have said this in essence said the same thing so whenever you get up for the change the people who want to maintain the status quo daddy used to say these kind of allegations and telling lies. and this time of rising up and. standing up for this chain and democratic revolution is the best appropriate time because i didn't we didn't order van dam the political will. to disturb their mandate their god for the five years term and we wanted them to complete their term now the attorneys are almost complete. elections are early due in march you understand their term is coming to an end so without disturbing creating disturbance during their term and we give them time to deliver if they can deliver
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anything but they couldn't deliver to the people so now this was the best time to bring electoral reforms before we enter into the process of elections if they actions take place according to the same corrupt practices and corrupt traditions and is has been taking. place throughout history so it means the same corrupt people with fake degrees the lawbreakers. corrupted people with the decks of raiders. and like the prime minister has been ordered to be arrested by the supreme go bugs done so this can be but it will come again to the parliament and they will ruin this going to do the next right of yours so i think this time was the best time to bring electorally farms and then election to take place within that time frame given by the constitution without any delay in political. i am not here
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to end poverty myself i am here to a member of the people of pakistan i have eyelet he declared that i did not take and he did for a caretaker prime minister absolutely no. technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future covered. sigrid laboratory was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which fortunately dorna found anything tim's mission to teach me. to care about humans and. this is why you should care only.
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rivals. if good fifteen people killing each other in their country there would be diplomats there would be a. self imposed from society i will myself and my. brother understand. the cause of my anger and my frustration. that. well into the ten dollars. to the most violent gangs in us history. is just all model.
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with colors matching the national flag. of this country. when it reaches and then it legitimizes the. made in america. couldn't the family ever after. gone. and left nothing to live. so hold on. for precious children. like on mom's fragile shoulders. leave it to die. on our to.
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my i.q. . thank you i thank. you. what makes life complete. love and a happy family. or self-expression. public. that seems so trivial for little ladies. child. if. you feel.
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