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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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certainly rod cameron said it's pretty easy to make a great real estate deal in disputed west bank areas of the people i talk to never going to give up the house for like the ninety's the heavily. into the settlement of the entire west bank and they told me that like jordan is also the kind of part of the jewish state just call and like the other ones are just like none of the just people who used to live in these early election is all about social justice kind of the whole. the whole like housing prices so pretty much if you want to live chipping is the only option they told me that if someone is going to a victim which they don't believe but if people going to happen they're going to even make more money because the government would pay them compensation for the victims if you just go buy a float you can sell it to like the jewish americans so did you actually buy into
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this. i mean i bought money with me and i didn't go all the way there but just got the best deal and i almost bought it because i know what why don't i buy it if it's such a good deal you can make lots of money presumably. yeah i mean i could i could and i am i am jewish actually not all doing. deprived of privacy u.s. authorities push for greater control in the name of national security the f.b.i. refuses to reveal how all how many americans have spying on muslim distrust and are in no way will bring you the next prez opinion of the night set aside. for causing the moment he is honest and short on the slum they put them in true blood despite the government hailing it as a step towards democracy that's coming up after a short break. more
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news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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this is our c let's move on now barack obama has been sworn into office this week
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officially beginning his second presidential term during his inauguration speech on capitol hill has spelled out his vision for the next four years pledging to promote world peace by supporting democracy but many still wonder whether he'll actually keep any promises this time. he's escalated the wars in afghanistan he's escalated the drone attacks around the world so i'm certainly skeptical possibly now that he's in his second term he will stop and think about things but from what i've seen there's been no real activity towards drawing down our military and you know as an american i have trouble keeping track of where our troops are these days where we're intervening and so for me to try and predict where it's happening not to mention that there are secret operations going on around the world. do we have our troops in over one hundred countries and we must intervene in the election
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processes in other places so there's not really any real. activity to do things other than militarily i'm actually worried that other countries you know they see how we do things and they may. go you know go towards the opposite of freedom the opposite of democracy. americans are literally being kept in the dark about how and why they're being followed by the nation's security agency and civil liberties groups in the u.s. the f.b.i. to spell out what techniques it's using one track citizens and does it justice department did reply by sending hundreds of completely blacked out documents journalism professor christopher chambers says the your ass is violating the rights of its people. the state of privacy for american citizens these days is quite tenuous and quite frightening because we are being assaulted in america on two
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levels one from our government which is collecting information which is spying on american citizens. apparently without any predicate or basic probable cause or specific facts on the other hand you have corporations spying on american citizens to find out what we buy when we buy it how much money we spend how much well who is in our family what our friends buy basically to take money from us so on one hand you have people taking freedom of the other here you have people taking money so it's all based on a lack of privacy so it's a very scary situation here in america now. where. internet came don't come known for his now beyond file sharing service says he's at this center of a political witch hunt the shutting down of his mega upload sites one of the most popular on the web at the time became a landmark case in the prosecution of internet activists and he told r.t. he believes he's being hounded across the globe. i'm a businessman i'm driven by the success of achieving something in the business
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world ok that's not a crime there's nothing wrong with that the government is quite exposed here because. it was completely prosecutorial abuse and overreach and ignoring due process ignoring our rights spying on us illegal search warrants illegal restraining orders illegal spying i mean the whole war picture when you look at it trolls that this was an herb mission done in a rush to take them down i want them to go and it was a political decision to do that. and you can watch the interview with came dot com and fall on r.t. dot com but the mega upload creator is not the only victim of the campaign against internet. secrecy crusader irishman's took his own life to escape being hounded.
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to his group and known by writing the website of the u.s. sentencing commission blaming their merican justice system for being too harsh and driving the twenty six year old to suicide bomb that as artie's website. jordanian islam is who boycotted wednesday's election claimed the vote was rigged and its results will undermine the future parliament's credibility the government however hails the poor as a gradual step towards democracy in a monarchy that seen a wave of protests. and of reports now from the tradition and capital beneath the calm facade here in jordan as a simmering crisis the kingdom has remained relatively stable amid the wave of regimes falling in the arab spring wednesday's parliamentary elections are part of the reform efforts undertaken by the government in an attempt to quell popular dissatisfaction. i'm optimistic that our political system has taken
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a big step forward if a parliament wants to enjoy respect the very first thing it needs is to be elected as a result of fair election that's what our future parliament is going to be but a balanced parliament just something that is highly unlikely to come out of this election it's being boycotted by georgia's most powerful political movement the muslim brotherhood citing a new law that critics claim gives an unfair advantage to regime loyalists the islamists and their allies have branded the elections as worthless. one of the most like why do people take part in the spectacle called the parliamentary elections delusions the way they are know and all the petain in rules the way they are cannot be taken seriously they do not represent the people's will band in many mideast states up until the arab spring jordan's branch of the muslim brotherhood has been a licensed political party for decades but seeing as own contemporaries come to power in egypt and tunisia it is now openly seeking
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a much larger role one muslim one of. the muslim brotherhood are boycotting the elections because this lauri's not in their interest but other parties are boycotting the elections because they will be held according to undemocratic law. the. king abdullah and says that he's serious about reform but there are other threats on the horizon. our main problem is economic unemployment and inflation are rising at the same time that the cost of products is soaring there is considerable unrest among the population. of. the country has long struggled economically and relies heavily on aids from western and gulf donors last november saw an eruption of violence nationwide protests over cuts in food and fuel subsidies one of the conditions imposed by the i.m.f. for a two billion dollar emergency loan and other financial and political comes. earn
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is the flood of syrian refugees hundreds of thousands have fled to jordan with more pouring over the border every day there are worries that the syrian conflict may follow its people into the kingdom what islam is striving for more power a tough situation on the border and a dire economic crisis jordan is finding itself caught between a rock and a hard place due to the boycott the elections are unlikely to produce any meaningful change in the once stable kingdom looks to be in for a long period of uncertainty you see count one of our key amman jordan. and check some other news stories making headlines around the globe in washington thousand donnegan support stricter gun controls the march was motivated by the connecticut elementary school massacre that left twenty children and six adults dead president obama has unveiled the most sweeping proposals for curbing gun violence in two decades including a ban on military style assault weapons and background checks of americans insist
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if their right to bear arms without restriction. over three hundred prison inmates were released by rebels who besieged and stormed a major jail in northwest syria according to opposition activists dozens of detainees have been tortured to death by the regime in the detention facility the government sent army reinforcements as all communications were cut off. but it's well this president has overcome his risperidone infection according to the country's information minister charges will continue to be treated for everything complications following his fourth cancer surgery in cuba last month two days ago the country's vice president maduro said chavez in his best moment and will return within weeks and he should have taken a new oath of office over two weeks ago but has not been seen in public since mid december and. thousands of teachers from ron paul trickle
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have flooded into the capitalist been to show their anger at proposed spending cuts the government plans to privatized many public schools and cut about fifty thousand jobs hoping to slash one point three million dollars from the education budget portugal is facing a said you have severe recession with a step or two measures triggering strikes and protests across that age. after the short break you can watch all these exclusive interview with the russian on the medium tycoon or lead terry pascal at the annual world economic forum in davos. i. i i i i i i
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. live. live. live. live. live. live . live live.
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live . finally on trying to get the world economy out of its current crisis mode why do you think one of the key speakers was a me term advantage he was obviously showcasing of russia as an investment opportunity what do you think of the many hurdles at the moment that are not allowing foreign investors to flock to russia because maybe a better opportunity for us it's important to improve you know you know own situation and provides them was. you know more predictable climate. to gives them. more transparent picture of what the practice should be changed and
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i think that was the main reason why the government officials said there was a double is just to show that they have a strong commitment to not to do this what do you think is the first thing that needs to be done and what do you think the government should focus on to really address that. should change management of central bank because what you said and as a whole country all around the world tried to curb problem the rich have been into cells and they turned we have completely opposite direction where with central bank which create more problems for the gross and try to support it well speaking of the central bank when you had the opportunity to speak during the prime minister medvedev session the only thing you said was that russia has two great banks d.t.b. and spare bank and that is certainly not enough can you elaborate on that can you tell me why you think that's not enough for a country like russia and what do you think needs to be done in this respect russia
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not just moscow russia not just resource sector you know russia is a waste to put you into you know from what you are still to some pieces from a good culture. so of course. we should have been a better financial system but no one could grow it's enough to mushroom it's not enough to have a great. the national system it's a commitment towards a country commitment you know state institutions in the center bankers and the people you know to grow proper infrastructure for capital markets for that market we already have a navy you. are tuna juice and begin ninety's when we tried to build capital is not even democracy now we know and no one has an interest in democracy we have lost this and in the we're trying to build capital is world capital as well as market economy without people who understand the know how to run enterprise in the private enterprise and with hail and this failure cost us almost to sort of jaded now would
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try to develop the country was the market who tried to bring innovation we tried to bring. in the end user put unit to. to benefit out all w two without comparing what the cost of capital in russia and was a country which would want to compete with germany was united states was a career and we have a course of capital in there which four times higher than same cost of capital and us three times higher in korea and of course it's you know it's not in the market unity and this is what we should do and it's not foreign investment it's not so you know for you know for foreign media or i know it's our homework and we haven't started here well the cost of capital in many ways is tied to inflation so that's one of the issues that should be tackled would you agree with that you know it's russian the flesh in his nominates or base it's everyone knows even center back
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analysts in the shoulders and would not talk about the new inflation. in the basic . you know the problem you know it's about money supply there is a real there is a basic failure you know we don't have institutions would grow where we don't have middle class we don't have. enough for investment which. which group which could provide money supplies and i saw this sentiment and sentiment should not suit uncomfortable chairs in the teachin as it's a wrist structural problem there is inflation which could because lying sick should be about in the course what's going on with the result inflation cost of capital in the cost of that and this is something that should be changed with it and how do you think it should be changed and how do you think the central banks approach could be changed what is the main problem what is the main reason for it being the way it is main problems of people if you look at c.v.s. no one was in so in crowd banking you know what they run you know almost market
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economy we still have a great in the state prisons was to have a lot of inefficiency but it's ridiculous we need to help people who experience a problem we need to hope people who knows what's customer relations what's true customer relations and and solve this issue. it will it will it could run forever you are very big on china. and there's been a lot of talk this time around in davos that africa is going to be the next china you have assets there would you agree with that assessment you know what prevents them from being the next hot spot for growth non-government not stability. not competence the lack of education. you know as a result of work work work there's just a dream. where you mentioned the w t o and obviously that's one of the hot topics for russian general we have
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a lot of expectations but you know nobody really understands how our economy's going to benefit from the accession how do you think it's going to honor out who will not change monetary costs will number and if it's for sure that's an opportunity you need to use as a preacher but again if cost of capital and that in korea. you know most three times there's an in russia who would in the worst in comportment sound when you're all region instead of a not to buy enterprise in career you know to have a proper supply base productive workforce and not barrier to bring this complement back to russia and it's this is the reality in that it's not a charity but what exactly what we're seen industrial people do not do our government for us to prepare economy try to recognize what sector would be developed try to organize support for the sector and certainly not jump into this chart you know in the ocean well do you think that this
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a lot of available capital is one of the reasons why russia's economy is not diversifying away from its dependence on the energy exports at the rate that perhaps some would hope it's one of the one problems we need to have not just. diversification regional do is to a cation only for you know regions in russia benefit of development for the last ten years. main problem is a human perception still people would not look at the business as opportunity to not to saul you know many problems they still believes of the government should do not do some miracle to provide solution which is a huge mistake and of course no one wants to support the business on. on the hard issues you know we talk about an insurer for small montreux we'll go to discuss we talk about two infrastructure we talk about investment in infrastructure and we try
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to look at the development in the interest potations sector and interest sector in that we try to develop a system runs a customer yearly increase in tears will pay for development of utilities it's ridiculous you mentioned image and the perception that's really also been. one of the main issues here everybody's talking about the image of russia not quite being up to par not really quite being up to what the reality of doing business in russia is but yet according to many surveys less than thirty percent of russians are actually interested in having their own businesses that's a very low number compared to pretty much any developed country why do you think that is and do you think it's a matter of entrepreneurialism having you know a bad reputation or having the wrong image or do you think there are deeper underlying problems missing just so those accounts are recognize that so it's hard work and you need to commit to almost all of your free time you know to
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not to do it we need to help them to grow we need to reduce barrier not to start a business to as i said banking system more interpose access to resources infrastructure and through support of the regional girl money and actually a fair budget system now we can so that all money from the budget to moscow and sandra distributed and they should be skilled incentive for regional governors smiler enough to develop substance because then it would be equalized so there is a big divide between the center moscow and the regions we all know about that and that's also been one of the issues discussed here before on a global level this divide between the rich and the poor the haves and the have nots how big of an issue do you think it is for russia unless we will not move our capital so we're in the region like
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a cartoon book and i was abuse could feel it will it will become even worse and that section of create wrong signal for the labor market we have tracked so many people from their republic which actually. look great. more burden for moscow all that says you know some putin region moscow region some . infrastructure and they actually create with no will create more tension and this is completely unnecessary it's only way to move capital somewhere not so close to moscow is a decided now because it's a mistaken tried to develop saying we're like brazil do play because our star due to that would be very beneficial and was sold out of it looks like china is really driving the demand in the metals and mining sector at the moment do you think that's going to be the trend going forward. because industrial freeze is
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a new mall commodity to companies or programs so there's a cycle in china development one zero very far as growth rate in term so for consumption all of us come over to this and say create misperception in the world it's all. in the we need to rationalize all to put not to meet demand not to produce in the waste and not to produce and i tell him so resources for this talk and this is the reality is what bill less investment in mining sector. in the future and in the west should be very cautious you know to choose what project to follow if there will be less investment in the mining sector what other sectors are you looking out for yourself in the world look at the russian development in the fracturing for a national search and construction in the financial sector what are you interested in it's a future story. ok thank you very much thank you. well
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. out of sight but still on our minds radiation from this till it suits the norm let's try to live smarter with smartphones you never know what some people are hiding and can't be sure to you prove down to the molecular level learned that what the doctor ordered is often based on secrets under our skin let it shine the light on a kid in a world. we've got the future insurance coverage. victims
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multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with the very profit on it is a very high return on investment. which is good knowing that he has it but i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the armed groups when they come i mean that is i knew that not a manager is a change their name and strategy but just tell the same budrus. high ranking suspects give no comment are you upset on that mr president you assume. the president. but then you have. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no. investigation is a dead. end he says sick and can stop your bullshit and keep quiet
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or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if they're your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. blood rivers from gold cinch i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has so many here. for all the gold in colombia on our t.v. .


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