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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2013 9:30am-10:00am EST

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and that's how our life was. east and west one of the jews called us a few times and. i'm a little boy they won't hurt me. cause. just
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as it was. the jews chased us. let's go and. everywhere we went the jews would chase us to here to get rid of us.
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well worth the glue. come help us so what are you doing oh you sure what come work with us i have to work every day of course. ok. until we find the suitcase. the suitcase full of dollars then we'll quit. every day. thank you thank. you do you think we can sell it with our laws help.
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so we can pay for next week will only add lentils. and you will get you a chicken today not tomorrow remember the smell for another two weeks. we work three days for sack of flour. down this work. and i work day and night more. some of those who do you want to look for another job. you have a degree so why not where would you look there are no jobs. thank you. deserted the neighbor came over i was ashamed of our dirty house what can we do she asked why the house is dirty i said that's just the
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way it is it will be like this forever until god helps us and gets rid of the jews and the p.a. . and we can live like before independently. which to get to work i am working i'm sick of it. and you have a better idea. which words they have my song work. that one give them up. enough you safe enough i can't take it any more just. make me coffee enough i'll buy you some flour seats i've had it i'll buy you seeds no no this is there no call for you what do you want to finish up and call the guy to come and take the stuff. so i won't have any coffee or tea.
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thanks thank. you. thank you put it down here. was misquoted.
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and when will he find five thousand dinars to bail out sheriff. since he has been nothing but trouble he married his second wife took my gold and i don't have my own house so we do that and now if he keeps on like this i leave him. i can't take it anymore. if your other wife calls before his trial i'll tell her if you want him free pay the five thousand in our bail it's if you help us he'll keep seeing you years later is it otherwise he'll stay with us and take care of his kids one big headache i don't want to get him released and then he'll abandon us to her kids. we're
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heartbroken over him so why did we could feed our kids with the money was sent him . she doesn't care we borrow money for his release and he'll go to her us leave. no. yes wash the floor. it shouldn't. toss. god sent us sheriff to make our lives miserable. he's already become a millionaire. old man i don't know what to say to those who would the world would get closer.
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he's a loser under sort of a loser what a loser i see him in very sad loser and the son of a loser no you're not a loser he is. if. you are in the form. of the tough. love the put you. into. her.
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wrangling to. get. this woman time to. cut. cut cut cut cut that god help us. get up get ready. i'll move up so i can see him. ticket.
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the clothes back in fact just. ok. if they're serious. it's a serious look. like up the court is now in session. good morning. and. you're not.
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sorry are you the defendant yes. mama dumber is present as is his attorney mr us some of the larger. the witness. to the stand. hello hello give me your i.d. card. place your hand on the qur'an and say i swear by almighty god. to tell the truth. and not to distort or lie. take a good look at these men those to sharif and him you mean elem or yes they're my relatives were elam orse. you know suspects three and five are you familiar with
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the case yes this is curious already told me. that they want to sell my land to jews. where is your land near the bypass. the bypass. when you bought it did you do anything with it. i couldn't do anything. it's on the border. but this is an area c. yes it's even passed area c. it's in israeli territory. it's under israeli rule which is why i couldn't do anything with that. ever speak to about the land yes i want to see sharif why he drives a truck i said you're my cousin. if you find anyone who wants to buy the land.
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you spread the word yes. all i know is what the security authorities told me. yes. yes just take your id card and go in peace can i say one more word go ahead just two words. these men committed a crime with my life i call in the courts and the palestinian authority to release them because of their situation i said. listen to me. they are all my relatives listen go ahead you came here to testify if the court finds them guilty they'll be punished if not they'll go home goodbye goodbye.
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mission free could. case should be free. for charges free to make amends free. free. free. old free broadcast quality video for your media project free media. dot com you.
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download the official publication to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just. not with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. near here here that's mine. compass mine it's mine i swear.
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to. get away from. all this for a piece of shame on you. a piece of shot to hell with here. i hope you find money but always. i let me see. i. was. really. nice cause now you've never been inside and your mom saw it just stuff that i'd been through that kind of don't take them. to
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the british children don't pick them son to try. parents gave me that. it cost a hundred shekels but. why did they give you one for the window my brother well yes another one this is the shower this is the bedroom. so come say hello. now could son of mine is closed on top if it will install is saying there and time goes over right. over the flooring all right it's the end and that. this is only temporary right enjoy thanks. for us where does your husband work. there do you pay him once every three months
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to sign up when we dialled the floor it cost thirteen thousand shekels just for materials and he the time it took five thousand for labor after she. god willing haroun will grow up and get a job paying less you enjoys working. doesn't go to school. really he flunked nothing nothing at home it doesn't want to go back. to i'd sit him down to study and when i got back i'd find him asleep bowie's book room what did you study years when the sisters asked him questions he couldn't answer is no good at school. he's a numskull. man i want him to be good and hard working hard and proving himself to his grandparents. and made them jealous when in the area.
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they don't like me or my husband or my kids. they hate us they can't stand us. they say were worthless. all day. but once we fixed up the house they started to treat us a little better. the palestinian authority and israel are ruining our lives. i hope around destroys the whole world because life without liberty isn't worth living.
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just a war is the only answer life isn't just working eating and drinking life is more than that. we're stuck like a bird in a cage this rules. that were imprisoned out in the some things we aren't in jail or under a roof or in the shade where imprisoned under the sun. never to go around in circles and you get nowhere.
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don't fight you'll get to see. if you're still going to move the film the israeli side from the plane i built in the center of town and israel took over our land in one nine hundred forty eight you know to let you know this is this is the center of town this is israel be quiet
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i'm the pro here. you are you know it was your house. one of these four children burned them. yes. i know you know. this why should i help him when he doesn't help himself let him stay there. not been an alley. and he doesn't deserve pity if.
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it was in cahoots with lowlives me why i should kill it but i'm sure why was he in coach was lowlives he made a mistake. well you never showed remorse you never showed remorse be disgraced us. and you want me to visit him and pay for his release. and when he has to have been mad at him that soon we won't have enough money to visit him don't bother listening i'm told bring him food and money no one will feed him let him die let him die let him die in jail let him come back dead it will be better off why do you say that. i swear i don't understand you will never be an honest man. you will be quiet by.
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this what if we accomplished nothing. i want you to be a good student. but let's look at our life did you see me leave at three am and you see me when i got home. at the checkpoints and work hard at school don't be lazy. she is dangerous i told you how your grandparents treated us. and they burn as if they could pour gasoline on us and burn us without thinking twice. you know i'm going to do when i will so they kicked aside and humiliated us in
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front of everyone the fights and arguments. you understand i would never that as you see i don't want you to be like me i want you to be. you see how we sell first. matters. but we managed to build a house. about actually took a while to move in with but we did it. so and your grandparents of changed. so now you don't treat us like they used to. and we did and i want you to succeed i don't want you to be dependent on others so i want you to be independent. you have to look out for yourself had done and it's every man for himself. who were.
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juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another world behind that which is how to influence things situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around
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so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come in through the mail that. didn't seem to be a good idea to. learn the european way with brussels business and in the ocracy it's one person one fault but in brussels business it's one euro one fault.


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