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tv   Headline News  RT  March 3, 2013 6:00am-6:28am EST

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the u.s. secretary of state's visit to cairo opens a floodgate of criticism from opposition leaders who say the u.s. is too heavily involved in egypt's internal issues. or the syrian opposition rebels are preparing to receive millions of dollars in aid plus direct support for armed groups fighting the office of regime after rounds of bickering with their foreign backers. private bradley manning pleas guilty to handing military data to wiki leaks saying he had to show the public the true cost of war but u.s. authorities will pursue the more serious charges of aiding the enemy possibly landing him behind bars for life. although the catholic world becomes leader of list with the pope standing down for the first time in six hundred years leaving the church is reputation spiraling amid child abuse and corruption accusations.
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and the sequester kicks in taking a chainsaw to america's economy with eighty five billion dollars and potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs to be caught thanks to republican and democratic politicking. from our studio in moscow you're watching archie with me and he said now way we have the weekly for you this sunday a look back at the very top stories from around the globe america's top diplomat john kerry has faced a wall of criticism and public protests during his visit to egypt some of the country's opposition leaders accuse washington of interfering in the country's domestic politics that sentiment is being echoed by their supporters on the streets as our correspondent del true now reports. there was a lot from the people here in egypt but we saw always protests outside the foreign
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ministry of people actually burning pictures of john kerry saying that he was supporting the muslim brotherhood and u.s. interests here in the egypt on a formal political level opposition leaders including hamdeen sabbahi amr and we said and mohamed el baradei failed to attend the meeting on saturday yesterday six all v.l.f. in opposition because he used to attend the sabbahi himself who of course is part of the national salvation front the leading opposition coalition here he said that he wouldn't open dialogue with john kerry the u.s. continues to pursue their interests here and to interfere at a domestic level. for his part apparently did to meet with john kerry we're not sure what was actually discussed. they talked to him on the phone clearly a feeling of anger towards the u.s. secretary of state who was calling for political consensus which many people interpret as a backing the muslim brotherhood policies here that has historically been
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a lot of anger towards the u.s. since the revolution people saw america as supporting him back to form and to dictators switching their release to the most in brotherhood and of course pushing forward this very unpopular four point eight billion dollars i.m.f. loan which will see subsidy cuts and tax hikes affecting the poorest of society and we will have a john kerry meeting with mohamed morsi the president here today we expect the protests is yet to be seen. as william and all geo political analyst and author of smith's lines an oil wars told r.t. that washington support for egypt's islamic rulers may not be as strong as the opposition claims. i think there's a double spaced in washington back in the muslim brotherhood goes back to role in egypt. when the. saw the muslim brotherhood as a potentially useful tool to put in their bag of organizations that they manipulate
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around the world i think some people around president obama have the delusion that they could control what's basically of political islamic fascist movement actually it's not really a movement for democracy and it is for much of the imagination at this point morsi is in a life and death struggle because the popular support is not there for this this who and washington is beginning to get a little bit wobbly on its support for washy for that reason they're beginning to rethink i think that's one of the reasons for the change between hillary clinton and john kerry to bring in a new cast of people and see what what kind of options there are in egypt just for . well it's syria's apparently never ending civil standoff which became the key issue if you have to promise me this week after bargaining and mixed messages syria's opposition group managed to get more concessions from washington and its pro-rebel allies the u.s. has agreed to provide direct non-lethal support to opposition fighters battling the
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acid army on the ground and has also promised an additional sixteen million dollars to help them secure the territories they've already seized but washington's been reluctant to send arms to the rebels citing fears they could fall into islamist hands over some experts believe america could already in their vertically be helping radicals towards power. in the united states the washington the ministration believes there mr always is one is way out reminds me of the last stages of the conflict in libya in two thousand and eleven when the opposition refused to negotiate with mr gadhafi because they thought he was on his way out as washington and the saudis see it they won't be able to remove mr also from power forcibly everyone knows that the locomotive behind the office. is al nusra front which in gauges and terrorist tactics and has no need or no desire for
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elections since they plan to shoot their way into power obviously washington is rather complacent about the participation in the syrian conflict over al bruce rule from so-called al qaida in iraq they either unwittingly or wittingly or pushing those forces into power in damascus what have a comedian a communist turned democrat and a sex scandal survivor got in common well they're just some of the leaders with attempting to form a coalition with a post-election italy split on austerity corruption and government that's coming up shortly. first this week the us private bradley manning pleaded guilty to handing over secret military data to the whistleblower website wiki leaks prosecutors say they will push forward with the more serious charges of aiding the enemy and call over one hundred forty witnesses to prove their point a guilty verdict could mean
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a life sentence. is watching the latest developments. guilty but not sorry more than one thousand days after his arrest u.s. army private bradley manning admitted to being the source behind the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history private first class bradley manning has pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges against him private bradley manning minutes he gave thousands of secret document to the wiki leaks website manning gave his first detailed explanation of why he did it manning said he uploaded troops of u.s. secrets to the weeks and weeks website because quote americans have a right to know the true cost of war with the purest form with he had the very sophisticated now a fifth of why he had to do it as a duty to spread americans to expose what their government was doing in their name which was in the home around the world so all credit to him he's. the former intelligence analyst said he attempted to contact traditional media outlets like
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the washington post the new york times and politico but failed to get through to them later deciding to pass the documents on to wiki leaks manning said he engaged in a prolonged internet conversation with the wiki leaks member called cox who he assumes was julian a songe i think it's very clear that the risks government secrecy are much graver and have already done much more serious damage to the united states and god knows other countries and the risks wrought by whistleblowers and leaks like this one manning pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy the most serious charge which washington is determined to prove the u.s. government is reportedly planning to call a key witness to testify that osama bin laden actively sought to access material manning passed along to wiki leaks some reports suggest the unknown individual could reportedly be one of the navy seals involved in the about about raid that killed bin laden the fear here i think is that you would be sensationalizing the
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proceedings and it would it would make it impossible nearly. well for manning to have a fair trial just because we've now been talking about terrorism terrorism and terrorism will get away from the fact that he is charged with the offense of releasing the information and they don't have to show that terrorists received it this will continue the obama administration has ushered in this era of pursuing whistleblowers and making certain that they are prosecuted and they go out because i'm zealously in a manner that they do not go after other individuals that's been the thing i think is the most particularly striking is you can have private contractors and agent weapons smuggling like like the blackwater executives or you can have bankers that engage in financial fraud and they are pursued as jealously as whistleblowers following his arrest in may two thousand and ten manning was kept in solitary confinement at a military jail in kuwait then at
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a marine prison in quantico virginia for the first ten months of his detention a former army analyst spent twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot windowless cell and was forced to sleep naked without bed sheets treatment that hundreds of legal scholars including president barack obama's former harvard professor claims was cruel and inhumane punishment that may have undermined manning's psychological stability i think he was treated very horrendously and they were very they were very much trying to break him and some jackhammers of horrors and to make it clear to intimidate people around the world who would do the kind of heroic things the ground the meeting did to try and it's through them from doing that man himself said he believed the move would only embarrass but not damage the u.s. and eventually kick start a public debate the result the u.s. was shamed in front page headlines around the world a nervous superpower launched a witch hunt against whistleblowers and wiki leaks became
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a household name the cost for young private they spend between twenty years and a lifetime behind bars for an important i.r.t. new york. a week since elections italy and senate remain in limbo with parties across the political spectrum so far refusing any talks of coalition and one party led by enigmatic in that a comedienne now finds itself in the role of king maker that's right pepe grillo is anti austerity anti corruption rhetoric rallied millions of italians securing him a quarter of the vote but he was still behind the democrats in a coalition led by a disgraced former prime minister silvio berlusconi the president shall call on all sides to work together to try and form a stable government or else face a new election pollo rough on the strategic and political analyst says the people are as weary of broken promises as they are the people who need to be out of
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the measures which are not produced the structural reforms of the society you don't have to have a trustable future for those who are already working for those with land to do the work force. of groves's which have not been fulfilled the second left is. getting what it was already seen in the polls. but certainly many people are wondering why you didn't make the reforms in the previous their stations where they had the majority so the situation is very chaotic at the moment it is not certain that the government can be forged it's not a coalition government involving all the major political forces that are present in the problems. israel could soon get the unique benefit of being america's official
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major strategic ally that measures to be discussed the annual pro israeli gathering in washington but the leaders of both countries are absent we've got analysis coming up right after a short break. his power was the envy of ambrose. he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of this huge empty. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's day want to see.
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if you can. come back you're watching our live from moscow the catholic church witness history this week as benedict the sixteenth officially resigned something a pope hasn't done for six hundred years and as the church remains leaderless internal divisions and a marred reputation mean many are losing faith eroding the church's foundation archies arena go reports. it's not just about. selecting a new bishop of rome some say but the very future of the catholic church the
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catholic church is undergoing a very important crisis it is a crisis at two levels this is a government crisis and it is a crisis of the believers there was a lack of leadership which culminated in the great scandals of but the leaks are far from the splendor of the sistine chapel a closer look at the recent events in the vatican to highlight disillusionment and frustration with the church once all about i distanced myself from the church when i became an adult when i started talking about what had been taught specially after all the scandals broke out in the catholic church i realize that it doesn't represent my spirituality benedict the sixteenth may have been the first pope with a twitter account but many argue this measure alone was not strong enough in appealing to the masses now this is the age of transparency the age of the people the churches should be properly. they'd be. considered sacred she went.
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to great assets everybody now you see that they will be to be. the problem of the media they're really working on leases he went to change many things about the church for people of gabrielli of this inability to face up to and much less to punish those who may be responsible for tainting the image of the church is the deciding factor in abandoning catholicism. before there's another scandal with a girl who disappeared in the vatican twenty years ago and they say the man found her remains the italian police are leading the investigation here but instead of helping them about it in news obstructing the investigation it's likely they knew about this and stayed silent and on top of all those cases of pedophilia with this is just disgusting the list of controversial events involving catholic priests or vatican officials reads like a tabloid reports of sex abuse pedophilia accusations allegedly are just skin. corruption and possible ties with the mafia while the media especially in italy has
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been having a field day with the scandals the vatican either stayed silent or rebuffed all accusations but those things may be looking rather grim for the seat of st peter's at a first glance there's still a chance because the church can make a comeback. with the church would. go through but there. could be strong we become to reform but in spite of the reality recent revelations have left me wondering if the holy see has been blind the world is rapidly changing and it was at the catholic church has failed to keep pace sure it has seen a fair number of ups and downs as well as scandal in two thousand year long history but there is opinion that perhaps taking on pleasant development sweeping it under the carpet and sealing it with the people ring for secrecy is a tradition better left in the past in rome. r.t.
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. the us is looking to squeeze tehran with yet more sanctions but. there's a boom in other quarters as iran's agricultural sector picks up pace that's coming up later this hour. i'll still grosses depression and range just a few of the side effects of an anti pregnancy drug reportedly given to ethiopian women in israel without their consent stay with us later in the program for more on those shocking allegations. so question cuts have kicked in in the united states with the government now slashing eighty five billion dollars from its budget following political deadlock but even as the first snaps are made the blame game is raging with democrats and republicans desperate to offload responsibility professor of political economy jack believes the new consul bring worldwide on. certainty. i think the psychological effects of marriage yet it's it's just go house and in order will have an impact not only on
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an us as we've talked about but i think it will cause more on certain uncertainty is a key economic variable across the globe and i think you know once again the whole issue of does austerity solve the problem will be a big issue and as a result i think it will turn more globally towards monetary tools quantitative easing but that has big problems in the suffocating currency wars so we'll see what what happens with on the money terrorists and that will be an outcome of all this i think for us basketball legend has called the north korean leader and awesome kid despite the country's recent nuclear test that's when he took a trip to the isolated country to film a documentary find out the details of what else he got up to on our website.
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and filthy rich moscow has more billionaires than any other city according to a new survey get a glimpse of what they spend it on at r.t.e. dot com. nuclear talks how this week between iran and six world powers including the u.s. ended without breakthrough and as america introduces a new bill to tighten the economic screws on the country tehran insists it has the right to ensure its energy independence global strategy analyst hillary mann leverett says war will be hard to avoid if u.s. policy towards iran doesn't change. the critical issue for the iranians and i think this is where they perceived a slight and i stress slight movement on the u.s. side is in the recognition of their rights their sovereign and their treaty base rights to enrich uranium what that does is not solve the problem but it allows a process to go forward of negotiations and suddenly go she ations over how much
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the united states and other key parties are going to allow iran to exercise its rights as iran continues. to go forward and speak to a program in the rest of its in the west of its ways that it's amassing missing real power in the middle east the united states and particularly its allies israel and saudi arabia will be increasingly uncomfortable with that and i don't know for how long they will be constrained both those allies and their friends here in washington constrained by this these these negotiations because these negotiations are not really intended to resolve the problem it may be something that is delayed for another year but i think we are if we don't change our policy in some fundamentally ways were on a trajectory toward toward war with iraq. israel could become the first ever nation to enjoy the official status of america's major strategic ally this among other things could really us would be obliged to support any potential israeli offensive against the wrong the proposed legislation is to be discussed at the annual
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american israeli public affairs committee gathering about to kickoff in washington despite the significance of such a move neither of the leaders of the two countries are tending to political analyst patrick henson says this could be a sign the israeli lobby is moving losing influence. you know us some noises coming out of washington there is quotable contingent within the united states they're looking to get into. and not be talking abrasively as they have in previous years and is really for us. really lobby is really putting pressure on those politicians in america to take a more israeli line which is a more hardcore like the us to do with perhaps a flame war with or rather the big change that we're looking at is a shift there is a shift away from this kind of like allegiance to israel that is on capitol hill in
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washington d.c. there are splits appearing because americans are realizing that it's not in their best interest it's not in american interest to follow israel's agenda so therefore aipac. it's not beneficial for aipac to be running the government or want it anymore as they have for the past thirty years. where can this friendship lead. to a packed congress this sunday. it's not unusual in israel for immigrants to have to meet certain criteria to be allowed to settle in the country but shocking allegations have emerged that ethiopian women have been made to take potentially damaging contraceptive drugs to just be allowed to enter archie's polis lior house the story budget met up in them a horror when i first arrived at the grand transit camp i got pregnant and i gave birth he told me if you don't take the shots we won't give you
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a ticket so i choose a shot but i didn't know that it would prevent pregnancies i didn't know. but more and more israeli women were becoming suspicious like. who runs a youth center in an ethiopian neighborhood in four years only one child was born here and the alarming statistic in a community where family wealth is countered by the number of children of all i believe a few of the organizations who were responsible for bringing in the open immigrants to israel decided to administer a contraceptive to them we don't know who gave the instruction but we do know from what we were told that this treatment began and i failed them and it continued in israel where every three months immigrant ethiopian woman received a shot of the controversial depĂ´t provera contraceptive drug that they said wouldn't take the shot then you can see i'm a great long get this is on a medical. although legal the american food and drug administration has warned that
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the side effects of this drug could be irreversible we're talking about contraception that has significant medical and mental effects irregular cycles a journal a leading us top arises alongside mental side effects like depression would swings wage and hunger and two thirds of ethiopian women have been taking it without being informed that they don't have to and now for the first time an israeli official has admitted off our teeth have been administering a to them in january this year the director general of the health ministry ordered all gynecologists working for or with the health maintenance organizations not to a new any deeper prevail or prescriptions for women originating from ethiopia or for any other woman for whom there is a concern that they do not fully understand the implications of the treatment critics say it stinks of racism and think the rule is wrong or don't want poor all blocked. but the legal backlash is beginning and while nervous about
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coming forward human rights groups are encouraging ethiopian women too soon for damages so far no one's taken responsibility. organizations involved in the immigration of ethiopians to israel are all blaming each other the defense is that they offered several different types of contraceptives to ethiopian women and that all of the implicit pated of voluntarily and family planning. to have. up next the second half of our special report is we look at why half of all infections in the u.s. affect only thirteen percent of the population. i've got a lot of messages from our t.v. viewers who are very concerned about drones living under skynet is not the american
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way and many are concerned about their safety and privacy congressman ted poe has introduced a bill that may address some people's concerns about drones this bill is the preserving american privacy act what's clear if i see how the government can use these drugs so basically the act as bureaucracy to drone usage in order to restrict it in theory protecting people's privacy the thing is that one side is arguing for drone usage and the other side for bureaucratic restricted drone usage but what about not using drones to spy on americans ever no drones should be used on american territory period and overseas they seem to breed more terrorists than they kill saying that there are only two sides to this issue for drones and well kind of for drones is absurd congressman poe if you would please be so kind as to change the name of your legislation to the drones are an acceptable form of tyranny act i would be very grateful to you sir but that's just my opinion.


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