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tv   Headline News  RT  March 4, 2013 4:00am-4:28am EST

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people killed hundreds injured in egypt is the army intervenes to break up your still riots in port saïd clashes happen after a football violence defendants will move between prisons. we take a look at the deadly consequences of the u.k. government's tactic of stripping passports from citizens suspects of terrorism but has no evidence to prove. war nukes and a growing rift with the administration dominated a meeting of america's most influential israeli lobby while protestors outside make clear there are other problems at hand. but there is a joining a chorus of european regions stepping up claims for independence saying it's done with bailing the capital out of financial misery.
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one pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on our teeth four people have reportedly been killed in street violence in the egyptian city of port say the army stepped in to break up clashes leaving more than four hundred people wounded artie's bell true joins us now live from cairo with the details so tell us more about what happened in the city there. well it looks like that the clashes have been continuing overnight in this restive total coastal city of port so i eat with the death toll rising and the injuries are topping over four hundred one hundred thirty nine defendants in this point saeed football massacre that occurred last february where moved by security forces angering families who gathered at the security directorate to protest and then clashed with the police force the army were asked to come into the streets to calm the situation down there were a confusing reports yesterday that the army were actually attacking the police something
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that the military actually said didn't happen however we expect this to continue as we look ahead to saturday a verdict on the remaining defendants in this. football massacre we've also seen violence in months or of the nile delta city after a young man was run over by a police vehicle cheering demonstrations that continues here in cairo there's been quite restive here as well the police forces in the early hours of yesterday morning attempted to clear. and open up to traffic this angered protesters who clashed with police on the cornish and close the square behind me creating erecting further tents this is of course is happening in the background a visit from the u.s. secretary of state tell us more about john kerry's visit to egypt so far how's the reception but. there's been a lot of anger here in egypt when the u.s.
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secretary of state came including at his first meeting on saturday protesters gathered in front of the foreign ministry burning effigies of john kerry saying he was blank at least supporting the muslim brotherhood and pursuing the american interests a key opposition figures including humming to but he. failed to attend a key meeting. john kerry with hamdeen sabbahi saying that he wouldn't have dialogue with the stupid secretary of state whilst the us was pushing the interests as john kerry left yesterday evening ultras the hardcore football fans who quite a politicised groups actually blocked the airport road meaning he was delayed by two hours before he left for saudi and people here still mistreat talking about america pushing forward this four point eight billion dollar i.m.f. loan which is very unpopular here as it will see a cut in vital subsidies in a rise in tax hikes as well as they say pushing forward in the israeli agenda so
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very much a lot of anger here towards america john kerry all right bill troop order for us from cairo thanks for that update. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images of the world on the street can't that. operations rule the day. having a british passport revoked could be a death sentence recent figures suggest the number of people having their passports ripped up on national security grounds has recently risen dramatically on the blacklist of people london suspects are linked to terrorism but it doesn't have enough evidence to prosecute some of the former british nationals have allegedly been detained some tortured even killed abroad let's take
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a look at some of the numbers now british born mohammed soccer had his citizenship revoked almost three years ago he turned twenty seven when he was killed in a u.s. drone strike while he was in somalia his friend bill our albert jawi who came to the u.k. as a baby and grew up there was killed under the same circumstances in somalia within hours of calling his wife in london to congratulate her on the birth of their first born son that same year a sudanese british man took his four british children on a holiday to the sudan four days after leaving he was stripped of his passport and his kids were prevented from growing up in the u.k. in another case a british born family including three children all stuck in pakistan after losing their citizenship while they were there two years ago let's go to london our farmer spoke with a journalist behind the investigation. well the full extent of chilling government program to rid the country of suspect terrorists has been revealed we now know that over the last three years sixteen people have had been stripped of their british passports and the grounds of national security critics claim that these suspects
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have little chance of appeal with human rights lawyers actually describing the whole process as mediæval and sinister well to talk more about this is chris words from the bureau of investigative journalism which actually broke this story chris with a new report it says or people are claiming that this completely ignores people's human rights and also the basic principle of innocent until proven guilty what is the evidence to support this all of these sixteen individuals of have citizenship revoked their passports counseled on the personal side of the home secretary so the courts have had no citation in this process we don't know the evidence that's been laid against these men. and even if they are able to get an appeal which is very very difficult that appeal will mostly be heard in secret and again those affected and their lawyers may never know the true extent of the evidence against them so it's a very secretive process in which the rule of law really does seem to be absent in some places and that's been commented on by judges sitting and looking at this
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process some of whom have raised the point that the government has waited until people have gone on family holidays for example before stepping in and removing my citizenship effectively locking the door behind people who are not only locking those affected out of the country but their families as well the children who are british or british born unable to come back into the country without separating the families and so on so this can have very serious implications far beyond the individuals affected as we know to these suspects that are actually being killed by us strange strikes is that a coincidence there's no proof yet of any direct connection between those events but certainly people are asking questions it is clear that those people died after their citizenship was removed as part of an active targeting by the you know. it states and again neither of those individuals were ever charged with any offense in the u.k. we know they were accused of serious terrorist offenses but there were no charges have been laid against the government's response so far has been to say that citizenship here in the united kingdom. is
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a privilege and also wrong to sticking by their guns but these are all cases where the government has acted because of concerns about the threats that these individuals represent to the united kingdom so in the home offices of you they've done the right thing and they're sticking by their actions ok chris thank you we will have to leave it there it is worth pointing out that the government has had these powers since two thousand and two well that would is this current government is really ramped up its use and over the last three years the number of cases has increased from six to twenty one and of course as we've heard the government only has to publicly justify what it's doing on the ground in cities in the interests of national security there are examples of the u.s. british connection in this last june a former london based care worker mahdi hashmi lost his citizenship and was allegedly pressured by british secret services to work as an informant after rejecting m i five the offer he was reportedly secretly sent to the u.s. where he's apparently facing terror targets we caught up with his father who says the son is being unfairly persecuted it was unexpected and shock to the horror
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family who are pretty sure what leads he all of us navy has a pretty safe but it's a lot of a shock to us who have wondered how it could be like that for someone just to be as if she's just to be provoked like that has been removed from what he was that he was away and it was even hard for us to contact him to operate against the kids all i can see is that my the he's a muslim and believe and he's a practicing muslim but being apart from this and it's not being an islamist that's all i can say oh that's why that's always been victimized. on our website taking to the cloudless skies a vast array of planes old and new on display at an international air show in melbourne australia visit our web page for spectacular photos and video plus. tragedy in eastern siberia as an avalanche hits a group of teenagers one frees him self before alerting emergency workers but five
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remain missing all the details that are. explicit warnings of military action against iran coming in at the american israeli public affairs committee conference in washington israel's most ardent supporters pushing for greater u.s. backing but the meeting drawing fire with protesters staging a somewhat colorful demonstration along their concerns aggressive settlement expansion on occupied palestinian land in warmongering talk from netanyahu artie's guiding sheikh yod takes a look at the aims and goals of the conference. apac is pushing for a congressional resolution that would say should israel decided to strike iran the u.s. would give all the support including military options mosque to humane. i
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. we have stated this time in the game and we expect those who say to me that. this kind of a congressional green light for preemptive strike although non-binding is seen by some as a way to put more pressure on the obama administration which so far has been reluctant to see the u.s. dragged into another war in the middle east the moonless will never abandon their nuclear efforts unless they genuinely believe that america is serious about keeping all options on the table. i many of the conference said they thought the administration was soft on iran but that's a view that was expressed on the sidelines not from the podium but the potential of israeli nuclear defense is the only thing that's keeping the country alive not relying on america because obama has not been forthcoming in defending them against iran in fact he's been stalling them apac is also pushing for legislation that
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would designate israel as a major strategic ally of the united states the question many ask is why does the country that's perceived as being closest to america suddenly need the congressional seal of approval now according to an n.b.c. wall street journal poll that came out just a few days ago fifty five percent of americans now no longer want any sort of preference between either side of the israeli palestinian conflict the lobby maybe this is a chance particularly in the face of sequestration where there could be cut just across the board almost two hundred million dollars they could view this as a last chance to tie in support. this fight here agency of the subject the conflict with the palestinians has received considerably less attention at the summit they want but the general impression here is that what's widely regarded as the most influential lobby in the american politics has detected
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a potential threat not just from israel's neighbors but from inside washington itself. in the wake of two wars in a battered economy we see signs of an increasing decided to disengage from world events and focus inward. this growing yearning to untangle from what is perceived as too complicated a world effects both parties conservatives and liberals alike they just want out. for israel even the tendency toward isolationism is extremely dangerous refusing to speak on camera some of the delegates expressed frustration over the president's decision to nominate chuck hagel as defense secretary chuck hagel is known to have been critical of the pro israel lobby president obama will not be speaking at the pac conference this year but he'll be traveling to israel at the end of the month than one of the speakers here said it's going to be a real challenge for him to show that deep down and i quote him he really understands israel under threats that he faces that gives an impression that the
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package is not too happy about the administration seemingly trying to play down the war talk in washington i'm going to check on. lack of a widespread appetite for a strike on iran maybe only the latest in a series of reversals for a pack according to analysts robert naiman from just foreign policy. there is a lot of believe the. israel lobby is losing the clout for milo they have had a series of reversals bush about the election the reelection of obama was a reversal when the israeli go you clearly need leaders even we want a bomb and we was elected to go back you were then their candidate for secretary of state with susan rice she was our john kerry. they didn't want john kerry so that was their second defeat and then we just had the spectacular defeat and the nomination confirmation of mr fenty these just suffer
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a number of personal and women in their lives and plump and milk in their agenda is getting more extreme and more radical these two things are leading the used to be used to be very careful to try and project a bipartisan image of public democrats but increasingly openly advocating a great weekend that a lot of democrats don't want to be a source of. as israel's relationship with the u.s. is in danger of going cold so could financial ties with washington as a sequester or emergency cuts at the u.s. so they were asking whether you think the u.s. aid to israel could be under threat almost half the respondents think israel's lobby is too influential and could get legislators to block the cuts a third the whole the opposite view saying that all foreign handouts would be reduced or guard less given the situation with the sequester a smaller number think the aid is too vital to israel's survival to be cut same number says less money will be sent but only if the u.s.
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agrees to back israel in a potential strike on iran you can click one of your choices there on our website r t dot com down in the comments section so go check that out. meanwhile of militias explosive tempers spoils libya's business plans coming up the country stops gas exports to italy after a fierce firefight between rival groups or the right to guard a plant. and a hearing into accusations of tax evasion against russia's lawyer started magnitsky begins on monday after a short break report on the court case that is up and running despite magnitsky death. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia. that's huge you're covered. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome is a big issue. is he.
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thanks for staying with us eighteen minutes past the hour now a pretrial hearing in the case of late russian lawyer sergei magnitsky is going to go ahead in a moscow court he was arrested five years ago on tax fraud charges he died a year later while in custody his death led to the u.s. introducing travel sanctions against russian officials a move that calls for an international spat between moscow and washington artie's alexei or a chef he has been. well the prosecution has justified its decision to resume the case against magnitsky which was stopped in two thousand and nine after his death. even despite that the man in question has been dead for more than three years because the case has been so much controversial and there is a certain need to find out whether magnitsky had anything to do with the alleged embezzlement and tax evasion something he was accused of back in two thousand and eight when he was arrested the family of the deceased man said that they would not participate in the struggle believing that this trial is a violation of human rights but the prosecution insists that this is not a violation of the law despite that the man is dead they still want to find out
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whether those accusations against him had any substance behind them i'd like to remind our viewers that he was arrested in two thousand and eight accused of helping his supervisor william browder to evade taxes of more than one hundred million dollars later in two thousand and nine he died in custody allegedly because of mistreatment it's also worth mentioning that it was not the original magnitsky case which sparked a lot of controversy it was the fact of his death in detention which. sparked huge spats between washington and moscow with the u.s. congress passing the so-called magnitsky act which imposed a string of sanctions on the russian officials travel sanctions travel bans in particular those officials who would the u.s. believes to be associated with the death of need skee the russians they do responded with sanctions on us human rights violations as it was described of their own including a ban off on the door of the russian children by u.s.
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citizens meanwhile the prime minister of russia to mediate has been saying on many occasions that this case the initial case of sergei magnitsky has nothing to do with politics it's a purely criminal economic case which has to be brought to the end. various join catalonia and scotland and stepping toward separatism many politicians there think germany's largest state may be better going it alone complaining that it's forced to hand over too much cash to correlate of berlin or he's peter all over takes a look at how far by various are ready to go. to germany reunify next twenty three years ago but the cracks are showing in at least one of its regions voice. we want an independent state of bavaria this is an extraordinary aim there are twelve million by variance if independent we could be the ninth biggest nation in the e.u. with the fifth largest annual economic turnover i'm convinced we have the cultural historical and economic strength to survive the bavaria parties campaign literature
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certainly doesn't pull any punches when it comes to showing how they believe the rest of germany treats the sun state the group poses little threat to germany's political big guns it took just over one percent of the vote locally in two thousand and eight but their ideas are spreading increasingly influential circles. to predict when i look at the map of europe and of history i see that boundaries are not made to last forever if they can be moved by free people czechoslovakia made with peaceful transition into two democratic states in two thousand and fourteen scotland will have a referendum if there's work being done in catalonia this movement is happening in europe today. the very a is booming when it comes to business it's home to some of the most recognizable and expensive brands in the world b.m.w. audi. and siemens of their base of operations here while munich is one of the
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world's major economic senses all contributing to an annual income of almost half a trillion euro a major factor which sticks in the craw of the variance. is how about wealth is distributed throughout the federal states this sick of paying for poor berlin it hands over around three billion euros a year to the capital what impact would an independent bavaria have upon the daily lives of those living and working there to find out i've come here to the beautiful bavarian countryside to speak to a man very keen on independence. yossef farm produces bio diversified from dairy you know generates electricity the local homes definitely a case of where there's smoke there's money but it's where his tax cash goes that's concerning him more than the smell the college talk is geek tickets were completely
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and represented in germany on our own we would be a good size european state all we are now on the financier's of berlin and others are. and for yosef there's more at stake than just money for one of europe's oldest states. since reunification there's been too much number varian influence on us i want my kids to grow up feeling very culturally linguistically no one learns the barbarian language in school we want to change that. when germany's unity day celebrations get underway in the old some open ice is might find that here in the largest states they're more keen on policy weighs down upon seeing peace or all of. the various. from separatism in germany to protests gripping spain or spain's idea airlines are set to ground more than a thousand flights as they plan
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a second round of strikes lasting five days last week the firm said it wasn't giving up its plans to cut salaries and x. almost four thousand jobs or around twenty percent of the company it's figured each day of striking could cost the airline ten million euros. a massive car bomb goes off outside a mosque in pakistan's kharaj killing at least forty five people and injuring many more police say on a hundred kilograms of explosives were used repping through several buildings setting fire to others no group yet claimed responsibility the shia population there are often targeted by sunni muslim groups. fifty thousand people protested in cities across both garia marking national liberation day say they're angry at the rising cost of life and political corruption the former prime minister boyko borders so was forced to quit last wednesday under public pressure and new elections planned for early next month rolling demonstrations have grown into a backlash against the whole area and political system. in south africa
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a policeman caught on video dragging a man who the streets handcuffed to a police van there due to appear in court charged with his murder a man from mozambique you see in this video died from head injuries and internal bleeding he was arrested with these taxi illegally these pictures of have sparked outrage in south africa after being broadcast on national television. libya forced to halt gas exports to italy after a deadly gunfight between two armed groups in the northwest shooting broke out after an argument between militias over who should guard a major plan conflicts like this had become a regular post revolution as a key way from pan african newswire things libya is stability may have fallen victim to western energy interests. some nine billion cubic meters of natural gas off from libya is export it to italy constitutes eleven percent of the national supply of natural gas to that country and now western europe
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and i think this is a reflection of the fact that there is this codependency between the former colonial power of italy and libya they are attempting in many ways to productize the natural gas as well as the oil industry inside of libya of course the majority of libyans are suffering immensely as a result of this post gadhafi political configuration and as we've seen the clashes between the various militia groups as well as the so-called army that is still simply out of the control of the general national congress is still not going to situation where it could actually bring about stability. cross-talk coming up with pier lavelle stay with us here on r.t. .
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john kerry made his first major verbal gaffe as secretary of state by mixing the nonexistent country of courage to stand in one of his speeches of course it is funny when politicians misspeak george bush was pretty good at that but i can say that we all make mistakes when we speak trust me it is very easy to butcher the pronunciation of someplace on earth like course to lobola or walla walla washington the thing is that he didn't just misspeak his speech was written correctly and if you look at his eyes as he said it he wasn't really looking at notes or something he was reading it off of a teleprompter right now i am reading off a teleprompter but i put every word there myself which is probably why john kerry is spelled with a q but my question is would kerry and prompter mr obama just read anything put in front of them so they even.


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