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tv   Headline News  RT  March 4, 2013 7:00am-7:28am EST

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government courts controversy with the secret of passport revoking crackdown barring its own citizens without warning or clear evidence. pro is really a lobbyist's seek to ensure you want to support in the case of a strike on a role in the group's gathering also triggers protests against israel's policies in the region. plus mass protests and grounded flights striking workers of the spanish flag carrier i plan a more action against the british management that looks set to add thousands of jobs despite previous demonstrations the clip to the airlines wings. so good to have you with us this evening it's four pm here in the russian capital i'm lucy caffein of and you're watching our t.v.
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well onto our top story a highly secretive security program is raising eyebrows in the u.k. where the government is revoking the passports of citizens it considers to be dangerous to the state many of those on the blacklist were born in britain and received no explanation as to why they've been barred from their own country. well the passports were often revoked with no warning when their holders were abroad a tactic that some have actually dubbed a medieval exiles let's take a closer look first we have british born mohammad sacar he's had a citizenship revoked almost three years ago and he was later killed in a u.s. drone strike in somalia now his close friend whose name is below all bird jawi he came to the u.k. as a baby and grew up there he unfortunately suffered a similar fate he was deprived of his nationality and a year later he was also killed in a u.s. drone attack in somalia and that same year a sudanese a british man took his four british children on holiday to sudan shortly after leaving he was stripped of us passport his children meanwhile prevented from
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growing up in the u.k. now in another case british born a family including three children all lost their citizenship while in pakistan parties under former spoke to the man who first broke the story in london. well the full extent of chilling government program to rid the country of suspected terrorists has been revealed we now know that over the last three years sixteen people have had been stripped of their british passports and the grounds of national security critics claim that these suspects have little chance of appeal with human rights lawyers actually describing the whole process as mediæval and sinister well to talk more about this is chris words from the bureau investigative journalism which actually broke this story chris with a new report it says or people are claiming that this completely ignores people's human rights and also the basic principle of innocent until proven guilty what is the evidence to support this all of these sixteen individuals have had citizenship
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revoked their passports canceled on the personal side of the home secretary to the courts have had no say in this process we don't know the evidence that's been laid against these men. and even if they are able to get an appeal which is very very difficult that appeal will mostly be heard in secret and again those affected and their lawyers may never know the true extent of the evidence against them so it's a very secretive process in which the rule of law really does seem to be absent in some places and that's been commented on by judges sitting and looking at this process some of whom have raised the point that the government has waited until people have got on family holidays for example before stepping in and removing the citizenship effectively locking the door behind people who are not only locking those affected out of the country but their families as well the children who are british british born unable to come back into the country without separating the families and so on so this could have very serious implications far beyond the situation as we know to these suspects that are actually being killed by u.s.
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trained strikes is that a coincidence there's no proof yet of any direct connection between those events but certainly people are asking questions it is clear that those people died after the certain shit was removed as part of an active targeting by the united. states and again neither of those individuals were ever charged with any offense in the u.k. we know they were accused of serious terrorist offenses but there were no charges overloading and so chris thank you we will have to leave it there it is worth pointing out that the government has had these powers since two thousand and two well though it is this current government is really ramped up its use and over the last three years the number of cases has increased from six to twenty one and of course as we've heard the government only has to publicly justify what it's doing on the grounds it is in the interests of national security. parties and reform are reporting there are a lot as we've just heard of there are some allegations of a british american connection in this program last june a former london based care worker bhakti ha she can see him right there he lost
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a citizenship and was allegedly pressured by the british secret service into working as an informant after rejecting the m i five offer he was reportedly secretly rendered to the united states where he now faces terrorism charges caught up with his father who says that his son is being on lawfully persecuted it was unexpected and shock to the whole family who are pretty sure leads he all of us navy has a pretty sick but it's a sort of a shock to us you have to wonder how it could be like that for someone just to be this is this is just to be provoked like that british and has been removed from what he was out of the car that he was away and it was even hard for us to contact him. the kids all i can see is that the sums and believe and he's a practicing muslim but being approximate is not being an islamist that's hard that's why that's always been victimized. well diplomacy is failing and military
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action against iran should be sitter's lee seriously considered that's the general tone of the american israeli public affairs committee conference that's underway in washington and more than ten thousand delegates gathered to push for greater u.s. backing of the jewish state and to make up for the series of setbacks that the powerful player was really lobby has recently suffered now the meeting has drawn not only media attention but also quite colorful protests one hundred activists descended on the venue to express their anger with america's unconditional allegiances towards israel among their major concerns of the aggressive settlement expansion on land palestine considers to be part of its territory while r.t. is going to you can has more on what's been said at and outside of the apec conference. apac is pushing for a congressional resolution that would say should israel decide to strike iran the u.s. would give all the support including military options mosque to humane on this day .
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we have stated this time in the game and we expect those who say to me this kind of a congressional green light for preemptive strike although non-binding is seen by some as a way to put more pressure on the obama administration which so far has been reluctant to see the us dragged into another war in the middle east the moonless will never abandon their nuclear efforts unless they genuinely believe that america is serious about keeping all options on the table. of the many of the conference said they thought the administration was soft on iran but that's a view that was expressed on the sidelines not from the podium the potential of israeli nuclear defense is the only thing that's keeping the country alive not relying on america because obama has not been forthcoming in defending them against iran in fact he's been stalling them apac is also pushing for legislation that
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would designate israel as a major strategic ally of the united states the question many ask is why does the country that's perceived as being closest to america suddenly need the congressional see the full now according to an n.b.c. wall street journal poll that came out just a few days ago fifty five percent of americans now no longer want any sort of preference between either side of the israeli palestinian conflict the lobby may view this is a chance particularly in the face of sequestration where there could be cut just across the board almost two hundred million dollars they could view this as a last chance to tie in support. this fight here you see. the subject of conflict with the palestinians has received considerably less attention at the summit then it was but the general impression here is that what's widely regarded as the most influential lobby in the american politics has detected a potential threat not just from israel's neighbors but from inside washington
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itself. in the wake of two wars in a battered economy we see signs of an increasing desire to disengage from world events and focus inward. this growing yearning to untangle from what is perceived as too complicated a world effects both parties conservatives and liberals alike they just want out. for israel even the tendency toward isolationism is extremely dangerous refusing to speak on camera some of the delegates expressed frustration over the president's decision to nominate chuck hagel as defense secretary chuck hagel is known to have been critical of the pro israel lobby president obama will not be speaking at the conference this year but he'll be traveling to israel at the end of the month and one of the speakers here said it's going to be a real challenge for him to show that deep down and i quote him he really understands israel and the threats that he faces that gives an impression that the
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character is not too happy about the administration seemingly trying to play down the war talk in washington i'm going to check on. well it's not just war talk but also money talk that is dominating this year's apac conference pro israeli lobbyist want to ensure aid from israel is exempt from the looming u.s. spending cuts while remains to be seen whether they'll succeed we here at r.t.e. are interested in your opinion on how these cuts will actually affect aid to israel so let's take a look at how the results have been divided so far there's a chart as you can see it now more almost half in fact forty four percent of you believe that the israeli lobby is simply too influential for to allow for the aid to actually be slashed a third of you thirty percent in the purple right there hold the opposite view you say that all foreign handouts must be reduced regardless now almost a fourth think that the aid is simply too vital for israel's survival to be cut and a tiny minority of the three percent in the green right there say that the lobby
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will agree to the cuts but only if the u.s. in turn backs israel in a potential strike on iran of course it's not too late to log on and votes ahead over to r.t. dot com to express your point of view. staff at iberia airlines are said to ground up more than half bottles and of the spanish carriers flights as a protest against job and pay cuts the firm plans to layoff around a fifth of its workforce and the latest blow to its struggling eurozone member
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which is already already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the block parties to solid arcilla reports. the staff of the iberian airlines one of the national carriers has taken this to heart taken it personally really there's been a rise of anti british a sentiment there are now this. as well as job cuts it has been a result of iberia merging with british airways forming the group and says this announcement had come to pass we've already seen the people taking to the streets those working for iberia and we've seen putting out a poster saying british go home and the workers unions have also been calling the management a betrayers that they have actually betrayed the spanish people by selling spanish national interests to foreign interests that's what they're calling this there has been a three months of negotiations between the unions and the management which should not see any deal and therefore leading to about three thousand eight hundred jobs
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wanting to be caught as well as one thousand two hundred seventy flights that are a grounded today now this is certainly paralyzing to the spanish economy not to mention adding on to the twenty six percent of unemployed already and steering here some sort of nationalist a sentimental wanting to protect their own interests of course over what they see as mediation from foreigners at this point reaction from the euro bloc especially specifically the euro zone have been pretty much one of block dealing with billions of debt anyone with that amount of debt would be having a headache trying to deal with this cyprus is the latest that they're going to talk about bailing out at this point. the warning bells for the country has already been sounding as of last year but no deal has been made and today they're trying to move that forward and this is just the latest of a string of countries already that have had to bail out and also portugal in arlon want to renegotiate their bailout plans that have already been received they want more time for their money and this is despite leaders saying that they are on track
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or that begs the question if they are indeed on track why would they need more time for restructuring debt again making markets and investors jittery today they're dealing with psychosis be allowed and as well as the protests in spain the big question among nervous investors and concerned citizens is to morrow who is it going to be and how much more is it going to hurt. relentless budget cuts are triggering a wave of separatist movements within europe with the german state of area being the latest candidate considering secession we'll tell you why in just a couple of minutes and a rally for justice in a trial over last year's deadly egyptian football riot turns violent claiming the lives of five people injuring more than six hundred that and more for you after a short break. we'll. technology innovation. developments
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around russia. the future of. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you. are welcome is a big picture. view . you.
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thank you. welcome back i'm lucy catherine over here watching our t.v. at least five people have been killed six hundred injured in fresh clashes between protesters and police in the egyptian city of port side violence erupted as hundreds of people demonstrated to demand justice in a trial over last year's deadly football riot r.t.l. truest following the unrest for us in cairo. looks like the clashes have been continuing overnight in this restive total coastal city of port so i eat with the death toll rising what happened was the thirty nine defendants in this point saeed football massacre that occurred last february were moved by security forces angering families who gathered at the security directorate to protest and then clashed with the police force the army was asked to come into the streets to calm
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a situation down there were a confusing reports yesterday that the army were actually attacking the police something that the military actually said didn't happen however we expect this to continue as we look ahead to two saturdays a verdict on the remaining defendants in this this is. football massacre we've also seen violence in months or of the nile delta city after a young man was run over by a police vehicle touring demonstrations that continues here in cairo there's been quite restive here as well the police forces in the early hours of yesterday morning attempted to clear the crease open up the traffic this and get protesters who clashed with police on the cornish and close the square behind me including erecting further tents this is of course is happening in the background of the visit from the u.s. secretary of state there's been a lot to gain here in egypt when the u.s. secretary of state came in including at his first meeting on suffered
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a protesters gathered in front of the foreign ministry burning effigies of john kerry saying he was the one could be supporting the muslim brotherhood and pursuing the american interest as john kerry left yesterday evening ultras the hardcore football fans who quite a politicized groups actually blocked the airport road meaning he was delayed by two hours before he left. on line for you with the berlin wall drive saying girl once again the hundreds of people tried to protest against the demolition of the historic divide but which are to dot com to learn what could replace the city is a legendary landmark also for huge tragedy strikes in eastern siberia as an avalanche hits a group of teenagers one of freedom self before raising the alarm but five are still missing you can get the full details on our website r t v dot com.
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a moscow courthouse resumed hearings in the post trial of russian attorneys fair game he was arrested five years ago on tax fraud charges but died a year later in pretrial detention causing a scandal between russia and the united states over human rights violations because he's colleagues and said he was jailed after he accused the state officials of corruption that he was abused while in prison or say or she has more on the case. some nine billion cubic meters of natural gas out from libya is export it to italy and i think this is a reflection of the fact that there is this codependency between the former colonial powers italy and libya since the u.s.
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and nato bombing and the support down for the rebel insurgents they are attempting in many ways to plan the time the natural gas as well as the oil industry inside of libya of course the majority of libyans are suffering immensely as a result of this post gadhafi political configuration and as we've seen the clashes between the various militia groups as well as the so-called army that is ostensibly under the control of the general national congress is still not going to situation where it could actually bring about stability that do want to apologize that clip that you just watched was actually in regards to clashes between militias in libya over securing gas facilities there which we'll get to later in the next hour on just some other international news this hour at least fifteen people are reported to have been killed in kenya in
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a series of attacks on police stations on the day of the country's presidential election the government has a blame to the killings on the separatist group. republican council which has called for a boycott of the vote the clashes are the worst since kenya's heavily contested presidential election in two thousand and seven. cardinals of the catholic church have gathered in vatican city for the first round of meetings to choose a new pope will be picking a date and setting procedures for the vote the search for a successor to pope benedict. the sixteenth part pardoning resigned last month comes amid a scandal involving the british cardinal keith o'brien who had stepped down over allegations over sexual contact. well we are moving on to bavaria which is the latest province to be caught up in a wave of european separatism triggered by scotland and catalonia wildly conservative germany is the economic powerhouse politicians there insist that they
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would be better off as an independent state parties peter all of our looks at how far the country is ready to go of areas ready to go germany unified twenty three years ago but the critics are showing in at least one of its regions. we want an independent state of bavaria this is an extraordinary aim there are twelve million variance if independent we could be the ninth biggest nation in the e.u. with the fifth largest annual economic turnover i'm convinced we have the cultural historical and economic strength to survive the bavaria party's campaign literature certainly doesn't pull any punches when it comes to showing how they believe the rest of germany treats the southern state the group poses little threat to germany's political big guns it took just over one percent of the vote locally in two thousand and eight but their ideas all spreading in increasingly influential circles. when i look at the map of europe and of history i see that boundaries are
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not made to last forever they can be moved by free people czechoslovakia made the peaceful transition into two democratic states in two thousand and fourteen scotland will have a referendum there is work being done in catalonia this movement is happening in europe today. the varia is booming when it comes to business it's home to some of the most recognizable and expensive brands in the world b.m.w. audi. and siemens have their base of operations here while munich is one of the world's major economic centers all contributing to an annual income of almost half a trillion euro a major factor which sticks in the craw of the variance is how about wealth is distributed throughout the federal states they're sick of paying for poor berlin it hands over around three billion euros
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a year to the capital what impact would an independent bavaria have upon the daily lives of those living and working there to find out i've come here to the beautiful bavarian countryside to speak through a very keen on independence yossef farm produces bio gas suffered he diversified from dairy you know generates electricity from local homes definitely a case of where there's muck there's money but it's where his tax cash goes that's concerning him more than the smell i wish dogs cats were completely unrepresented in germany on our own we would be a good size european state all we are now are the financier's of berlin and others and fios surf there's more at stake than just money for one of europe's oldest states. since reunification there's been too much number varian influence on us i want my kids to grow up feeling very culturally linguistically no one learns the
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bulgarian language in school we want to change that. when germany's unity day celebrations get underway in the old some. might find that here in the largest state that. weighs down. these are all of a r.t. the very. well back now to our story on a moscow court resuming hearings in the trial over the raid late russian attorney star game against here's his report which we want to show you earlier in the program. well the prosecution has justified its decision to resume the case against magnitsky which was stopped in two thousand and nine after his death. even despite that the man in question has been dead for more than three years because the case has been so much controversial and there is a certain need to find out whether magnitsky had anything to do with the alleged embezzlement and tax evasion something he was accused of back in two thousand and
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eight when he was arrested the family of the deceased man said that they would not participate in the struggle believing that this trial is a violation of human rights but the prosecution insists that this is not a violation of the law despite that the man is dead they still want to find out whether those accusations against him had any substance behind them he was arrested in two thousand and eight accused of helping his supervisor william browder to evade taxes of more than one hundred million dollars later in two thousand and nine he died in custody allegedly because of mistreatment it's also worth mentioning that it was not the original magnitsky case which sparked lots of controversy it was the fact of his death in detention which. sparked huge spats between washington and moscow with the u.s. congress passing the so-called magnitsky act which imposed a string of sanctions on the russian officials travel sanctions travel bans in particular those officials who would the u.s. believes to be associated with the death of sergei magnitsky the russians they do
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responded with sanctions on us human rights violations as it was described of their own including off on the door of the russian children by u.s. citizens. after a short break as crosstalk with peter lavelle stay with us you're watching our team . john kerry made his first major verbal gaffe as secretary of state by mixing the nonexistent country of courage to stand in one of his speeches of course it is funny when politicians misspeak george bush was pretty good at that but i can say that we all make mistakes when we speak trust me it is very easy to butcher the pronunciation of some place on earth like course to lowville bowl or walla walla washington.


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