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tv   Keiser Report  RT  March 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i am maj kaiser this is the kaiser report read by ups of a caused global great depression. max i think they may have and i have some evidence here in this headline sent to me on twitter by a g.e. laden and it is robot rat bullies real rats into depression. for science so max to test. yes that's a very good rat base there well to test for antidepressants pharmaceutical companies and scientists have had to use a large number of depressed rats and in order to depress the rats they've always done things like shock them or near drown them they throw them a water all the time but the problem with this has always been that humans don't get depressed that way so they've tried to find a way that more closely mimics how humans get depressed and for this they've
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created at university in tokyo the w r dash three rat bot it's essentially an attack robot the bullies rats into a more realistic human like state of depression the w or three is programmed with three kinds of bullying chasing continuous attacking and interactive attacking chasten is exactly what it sounds like your three tries to stay close to the rat but never attacks that continuous attacking is where w. are three continually rams the rat with interactive attacking w. or three attacks the rat for five seconds whenever it moves and then stops the japanese researchers found that the most effective way of instilling depression is to continuously attack young rats and then use interactive attacks when they get older well first things first of all the rats aren't depressed to begin with. rats are in a state of red like behavior and they're not depressed but the pharmaceutical companies
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running out of humans to depress with antidepressants that make people more depressed to the point of killing themselves they're looking to expand their business into the rat market into the animal market to sow more any depressives you know people's pets are not buying anti-depressants again and other presents for dogs antidepressants for cats and the depression for a goldfish so there's a way pharmaceuticals haven't destroyed the given race are looking to get into the pet market and the animal market as far as ramming goes you know this is the virtual human behavior that was there to teach the robots not to. act like not just rats but to act like humans yes well that's the purpose of that research but you know if you compare it to the financial markets or the economy this is what we see we see this is the w r three robot rat that causes depression look at that h.s.t. robot rats that cause find market depression that cause the markets to depressed because nobody wants to get in there because they're bullied by these algorithms these rats that bully you they continuously ram you or they have those five second
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intervals of spurts of the interval continuous ratting ramming right and why are stockbrokers on drugs why do stockbrokers snort so much cocaine why do the brokers and bankers at j.p. morgan and goldman sachs and barclays and royal bank of scotland why are they sniff their weight and coke every morning just to get started to begin their day rampaging through the market stealing people's wealth because they are being treated like rats by the pharmaceutical companies to get them into a state of perpetual larceny and it's working so the other way they do this is they chasing so that's exactly what it sounds like your three tries to say close the rat but never attacks and this is like the h.s.t. the high frequency trading front running the constant front running and front of large trades by the pension funds or the constant front running as professor forgets a said and front of the treasury market in terms of the fed and the open market committee thing so they're constantly front running us chasing us and if they're
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not doing that they're continuously attacking just scalping scalping scalping we've seen that over and over whether it was the bank of new york mellon scalping every single time you put a trade through their bank they scalp the trillions of dollars in pension fund money that goes through their door what is c n b c but chasing another was a stick maria bartiromo and the floor the new york stock exchange she was the only egg amongst a billion sperm a trillion sperm and then those all the sperm psychotic drug snorting lunatics out there still people's money they see the egg maria bartiromo they chase and they're chasing the sea of the sea captain jim cramer goes like a monkey mad crazy like he's being on drugs perpetually like trying to chase people down that rabbit hole of wealth that only adds up and perpetual debt. and the other was so we've seen that h.f. t. bot much like this your three rat bot and then we have the chief ben rat bernanke you bought which is issuing constant q one q e two q e three now they're on the
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iteration q.e. to infinity but that is causing depression by that constant they i think use the interactive attacking this more advanced method for adults so as soon as you start to get a little bit too complacent and think ok the worst is over they announce yet another q e round of q e and it causes panic and stress in the participants the rats that were fine before you started attacking them with these interactive attacking isn't chasings and distressed. and crashes easy money and crashes remember and also you know will crash the market give us more queuing or now ben bernanke is saying will crash the market give us more q.e. or in europe they're saying give us more free money in the u.k. now the u.k. pound on the verge of a blip when you've got this new mark carney coming in this hockey puck chater brain coming in from canada to run the bank of england saying we're going to stimulate this coming we're going to print lots of money at the same time he's saying we're going to poke poke poke you by declaring that you need to be more ethical in your
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dealings of course he doesn't want them to be ethical their dealings i want the drug smack of free money to occur through the veins of that corrupt economy into the hands of the city bankers are down there every friday sorry night getting blitz and exactly that's what the u.k. central bank and the us one are very good at is that continuous attacking to the consumer shop go shopping go shopping george bush of course threw it on the rubble of nine eleven world trade center shouting go shopping and that was the answer to everything and that's that continuous attacking just keep on shopping shopping shopping so on and that's all that's known that george bush was on that exists a heavily drug addled smack and do psychopath or just got people to buy stocks until they kill themselves well no population in the world is. more depressed takes more antidepressants anyway than france the world health organization just recently said that there the french are more likely to suffer a major depressive episode than any other nation on earth the second to them was
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the united states the americans so francis economic rut deepens but borrowing is no problem economic data flagged a growing risk of recession in the euro zone second biggest economy france but investors nonetheless snapped up the country's bonds banking on them as a safe bet well you know the french people are on speed they're the biggest takers of pharmaceutical speed i mean everyone says all those people are so slow it's because they're on crank station or crank every single day for breaking news that's how they get so slim the women like they all are so slim and so healthy no they're on drugs this is the biggest pharmaceutical market in europe by far the average french person takes twenty times more drugs than anybody else in the world and you watch him driving you see it you know at the stoplight if they don't get to the pharmacy in time to reload their smack prescription. got to get most of. them go just like. it is a continuous attack method ology in the c r three wrap sort of method but it also
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may be because we have the h f t but we have the q e three bought mimicking the c r three bought in the rap world but here i think in the headline it gives you an indication of the cause of the underlying cause of this frenchman laze and that is the d.s. k. you bought because i've noticed a lot of these headlines about the sinking french economy they keep on mentioning rocked they say france is in a rut and of course as the sexual innuendo and there it reminded me of the famous headlines from dominic strauss kahn dominic strauss kahn like a rotting chimpanzee says alleged victim now if you go to google and enter a definition of rut and says a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles. or an annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals during which the males fight each other for access to the females or as a verb engage in such activity a running stag well with d.s. k.
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or dumb extra cons case here's a guy overdose of biography and you can keep it as passing more and he'll show up mud. goes with a different well you know the biggest pharmaceutical giant in the world in terms of the number one antidepressant zoloft made by pfizer's of course they make fayyad grows well it's a great cocktail of being happy and hard. so well france is going to overshoot their budget you know they're supposed to keep their budget deficit below the master treaty regulations the three percent is going to be three point six percent this year and their growth they say even in the most optimistic sense if they take a load of antidepressants is going to be point three percent at best but the business survey showed that business activity this month contract at the fastest pace in nearly four years max but investor saw more than twice the amount a fixed rate medium term bonds on offer and demanded only slightly higher yields than a recent options were france's bar would at record low rates well those the symbiotic relationship going on between the bond dealers and these central banks they buy
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each other's bonds in this unholy alliance that not even the outgoing pope would dare do in his worst pedophiliac nightmare and this is supporting bond market to the point of this historic bubble which is only months away from pumping and then you're going to find the french people paying fifteen percent on their short term debt and crying all the way to the pharmacy and they'll run out of drugs and then they're going to have to face their brie and stinky cheese for real well you know at the top of the show it talks about these three rat bots and what they how they do it is they do chasing continuous attacking or interactive attacking and the heart of europe is of course the constant attacking the wars between germany and france. and this is kind of brought up in this in this piece here because they're saying that what we're seeing is that this there's a continued trend of investors piling into french bonds though there are economists
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shrinking and according to market two who reports on the p.m.i. index the purchasing managers index they're saying that there's so a widening sea chasm between france and germany germany's growing france is sinking the french industry minister are known won't board just came out saying he wants the e.c.b. to start debt monetization he wants a lower euro germany of course is growing they say we're all fine but there's they're indicating that while the rest of the world is continuing to treat france like a core country it is actually looking on paper more like a peripheral country and again this is the french arrogance does not like being peripheral to germany and once again yet again in the several hundred years they are peripheral to germany yeah but this was all in the plan going back to mitterrand who got suckered by germany by allowing reunification of east and west germany mitterrand believe the the concept put forward by germany at the time that well if you reunite germany it will be under the rubric of this multi-nation euro
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zone under the euro and now here we are ten fifteen years later and we find that oh only germany has a solvent economy everyone else is falling into the muck including france that means that germany effectively runs europe they'll have the only functioning banking system the euro u.c.b. is the euro is frankfurt there are two out there kicking britain out of the earth zone david cameron saying we're not sure if we want to be part of the eurozone frankfurt germany or saying we don't want anywhere near frankfurt because we want all the business here so this is the fourth reich this is what they couldn't accomplish in the last century germany will come closer this century you know maybe they've learnt their mistakes we can assume that it will be a bad thing. well digging into the data shows that there's an increasing schism within the euro zone national divergences between france and germany have widened so far this year to the worst seen since the survey began in one thousand ninety
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eight germany is on course to grow in the first quarter in contrast france's downturn is likely to deep and bringing the euro area second largest member in line with the periphery then with the now solitary looking german core right well i guess france will have to surrender they haven't done that yet this century aristide's number thank so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max go i stay right there are much more coming your way. here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i mean the guy who cares an awful lot like you sir are a fool you know what that is my dearest self you don't want to listen to featuring
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me on liberal democrats. can you believe that the. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm abbie martin and we're going to break this that. is if you.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax kaiser special pleasure now to enter did
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back to the show. welcome back to the kaiser report there's no mikes missing all right pierre a minister's home was attacked in the past week here in france which minister and was what was the motive smile i smile the acrid smell of revolution so the name of the minister was mr lew fall which is actually which means mr crazy so it's quite interesting and his the minister of agriculture and the remind us something here in france you know it's the smell of not calm a bit of the revolution you know writing a fantastic revolution and so they started at three o'clock in the morning i think if i remember well that was like a couple days ago and because there was almost one. peasants who was a i don't know if it's the right term i'm sorry who is going to think suicide every day and the this is extremely difficult right now in france repeat that one passenger per day is committing suicide yes the french work in france yes really
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yes. dramatic and the national french will lose its made a statement that the number of suicide jumps thirty percent you know the people who put their of their body on the truck right they jump on. jumps in one year of course in the united states we don't call them peasants we call them consumers and now. of course we usually do the show in london pierre and we notice that there is a high concentration of french young french people in london and they're supposedly something like five hundred thousand actually in london is this a healthy sign of the economy or is that a bad thing. i think it's a. bad think it's a good thing for those who are but it's a bad thing because. people are all live in france and people who are productive are leaving the country and people who are not very productive or are getting in so
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there's a it's not it's a real problem there's a brain drain but it's a it's a bridge and also even in england it's also something going on in germany or spain or italy you need to see that right and. there is a big story recently the titans hire company the boss maurice taylor he recently asked do you think we're stupid when asked by the french government to hire french workers he claimed the french spent three hours talking and just three hours of working your thoughts on this was a big story this was a big story because it was it was a kind of proof. just let me remind you something very important from goldman sachs your friends your best friends. sachs banker said in think it was in huffington post that all the french salaries need to be taken down thirty percent so which is absolutely crazy i mean think about that oh i don't think banker there
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you know to come up you know and say you know oh. only french people routinely enter into people need to work through the person does a sort of crazy why because they're getting inference simply i'm missing greece right you have seen it so in greece also reese have been taken down with thirty percent and this is extremely difficult on top of that we had used to were doing to a french news through the french government and french people who you know the euro did just a bunch of lazy people which is which is totally false which really forms because it was in the business insider a huge piece saying to the french people are the most productive in the world so you can run. so right on an hour on an hour by hour basis productivity in france and as high but you know you mentioned all this actually mention grace we know that before greece collapsed goldman sachs was and gracious they cooked the books they
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got greece to join the euro under false pretenses exactly they did a deal with lloyd blankfein and they had a great pop and got together and john paulson head fund manager talked about destroying the economy and selling off the parts to bits and pieces as they are doing now so this is a leveraged buyout of a country it was a financial take out of a country because greece was only a three hundred billion dollar economy they were out they could do they attacked it was financial weapons essentially credit default swaps naked short selling and now they're selling off bits and pieces and they're like a leverage buyout like a car carl carl icahn grease exam assume plan ok now it's moving to france yes ok the french people are you. get the sense that they are they aware of what's really going on and they're ready to revolt are they kind of sleepwalking into losing their sovereignty as greece has lost its sovereignty there's a part of sleepwalking is actually simply is greece because of do mainstream media
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didn't explain to people with homework. happening you know it's like nobody's talking about goldman sachs but things are good to read to because there is new or new week the big companies you know lingo like hundreds or even thousands and thousands of people it's you know it's nonstop since since many of two thousand and twelve so french people are aware that something is definitely wrong and pollution are lying and this is why didn't this pollution he's left wing think about and this is something you talk like a left wing socialist you know is this something new you're right the revolution stuff coming or going to you know starting again brewing well when they have a big financial crisis say in the two thousand and eight period within eighteen months or so france they reacted they lowered tax on restaurants etc which was same
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to give people a sense that they were muddling throw that they were able to get but now what you're describing is that there's another big down leg that there's a truly more. impactful down like to this crisis and it's starting to really cut into people and there's a lot of layoffs right so this israel is just a real thing i mean by french people but you say the mainstream media doesn't really communicate what's going on these t.v. two visions right so now you've got probably the most popular blog in france i would say in the economic space and your books by the way your new book on blith masters the devil of wall street is i think that's the subtitle or the wicked witch who destroyed the world it's quite a default swaps i'm quoted in the book by the way it's coming out in english so you look for this but in the in the end you have a radio show here as well. so how is that message is the message going to get through or is we just going to wake up one day and they're storming the barricades and the revolution is on i mean if you really think that it's going to be a gnat a coup a revolution for real i think you know we can sort it you know the government is
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doing in the crazy things that think about it they're going to start to put taxes. you know on the on the government subsidies i mean you know given to families who are who have like three or four children i mean this is weird i mean you know if they wanted to create a revolution that's really the best idea to put forward you know desperate you know to to give money for people they don't know how to do so and even do most readers thing is that they are socialist you know because this kind of politics are expected for you know from white wings to you know so people are totally lost no you don't do even worse time to more so the worst of the group worst right wing right you know that's the point ok well of course in the past countries that have the option of devaluing their currency but of course france is part of a r.l. like race they don't have that option to devalue the currency it's just setting up and some antagonism with germany because it's up talk all about that. was driven it
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is it was all over the scene almost one euro group. list french socialist party started to attack american political and economics and no it's just widens so this means basically that the germans are getting richer and the french are getting poorer. to put it simply and it's of course it's very dangerous as it always was. especially you know we were. telling to have a specific gooch you know to see you know how the economy is wide and between the italian economy and under germans because this is the main track you know of what's going to happened and we can leave nobody can leave germany took over the whole economy and if this is going to continue to we'll do it you know europe will be
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a mark you know it's basically it's already it's a mark but it's and it's saying that when they prime are a. i think i started with meter on that there was a this idea that well we can reunify that to germany's but they'll be under the umbrella of europe so they want the tonic genie won't come out of the bottle and we're not talking about the fourth reich anymore i mean they're going to be watered down by the air but now all the other countries except germany are are becoming insolvent so they had us isn't haven't germany pull a fast one and they're going to be essentially doing what they try to do three times or even more once he's going back you know we'll talk about this germany wants our gold back they were told by this this is going to be x. i mean think about wagner's. piece you know the rheingold you don't do gold was stolen you're looking for to gold. it repeating himself again it's quite interesting right now germany supposedly has three thousand tons of gold but a lot of it's held overseas they're trying to repatriate the gold they've been sold
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where you can have it for seven years is that going i was seven years of reflection right meanwhile countries around the world are asking to repatriate their gold france has a lot of gold and only has a lot of gold you know sometimes you sold six hundred tons of gold is that right i didn't hear about that some cozy sold six hundred can actually lead to this happened when he was mr. it was like ten years ago some superior to us tony blair refinement who well really you know the english pm sold four hundred doan's brown gordon brown wrong i'm sorry broome to four hundred to. six hundred so that was billed as the symptoms. professor for cata exactly. didn't sold any gram of the gold. this was meant to you know to save two dollars you know to keep good to go you know you know move a group of people who think that everything is you know everything is well you know
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bees and oh you know flying around and this is you know not to wear it but. i've got to ask you about your hour day part. of the russian news your thoughts my thoughts is that his name in his name there is that gold jewish. and jew left actually did have homes on the do a good god as last god has left so it's if we admit you know i'm going to get on this level it's quite scary but the french people are actually depressed about this because they really venerate death pardew and he's kind of left france and this isn't going to if we're going to do admitted but this is just the top of the iceberg would show that something things are really really wrong everywhere you know that very rich people you know are able to get out of this very heavy taxations system and poor people you know being even more so this is something very new perry got thanks for being on the kaiser report messy night and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert
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our thing my guest p.r. john and i can say many many places archives are quite r t t v dot are you and i'm asked by up. these children. they're serving a sentence just like their mother. little ones born in prison. now must pay for the crimes committed by their parents. kill babies on our teeth.
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