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streets of caracas to mourn the death of venezuela's president hugo chavez coming up next we'll take you to venezuela for the latest on what's next for that latin american country. and u.s. senator rand paul has a valid to speak until he can speak no more on the senate floor has been going strong for the past four hours determined to filibuster cia nominee john brennan and protect americans from potential drone strikes on u.s. soil. plus there is a threat to our national defense that's closer than you think the military is struggling with out of shape recruits out of the ranks of eligible soldiers continue to they're coming up we'll get the skinny on the efforts to drop those pounds. it's wednesday march sixth floor of the i'm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our. well begin today with the death of venezuelan
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leader hugo chavez he died yesterday at the age of fifty eight after losing his battle to cancer today thousands of supporters flooded the streets of caracas chavez's remains were taken from the military hospital to the day to you in a military academy and that is where his body will lie in state for three days vice president nicolas maduro will serve as interim president under venice well as law and election will be held in thirty days now the big question what happens next for the country r.t. spanish correspondent maria star stina brings us the latest from gus when israel is now grieving the loss of its charismatic leader sawzall hugo chavez supporters have taken to the streets across the country and the seven day mourning period has been declared the president of venezuela died on tuesday afternoon nearly two years after being diagnosed with cancer fighting back two years why is president nicolas maduro announced the news describing his debts as intensely painful and
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a history of tragedy for the country when as well as mildred t.v. life on state television to pledge their loyalty to honduras who chavis named as hugh successor one of the world's best known socialist leaders and distort the united states chavez has undergone surgery four times and had a number of sessions. in the cuban capitol have ana despite his ailing house chavez was reelected in october last year to enforce term however he was not able to attend his you know gratian ceremony casting doubt on the succession of power new elections in a swell and now have to take place within so two days. that was r t spanish correspondent maria status well chavez's funeral is scheduled for this friday meantime it's very likely chavez's successor vice president nicolas maduro could face off against opposition leader and righ a company lace whom chavez defeated and last october's presidential election well
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chavez was both charismatic and controversial and while he had strong critics he also had passionate followers among them political hip hop group rabble diaz the bronx space brothers use their music to spread their political message take a listen to part of one of their songs in titled make it a. good job. down the. road. but the duo joins me now to talk about how their music was inspired by chavez and what the leader's death means for his followers welcome gentlemen thanks for joining us today so first off i want to ask you what chavez's death means to you. well we like to say that chavez lives in the spirit of the bolivarian revolution and he is alive and well and present in
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the south bronx as he has support in the community the south bronx and so many poor people all wide and inspired us with his courage to stand up against imperialism and the forces of imperialism and for us but we def that it's a huge loss for all of latin america well you know the warrior spirit in us and that we will continue to support the bolivarian revolution and that we will continue to speak out against elizabeth now i know that you your music is inspired by chavez can you can you tell us about how how he's inspired some of your your songs were originally from cheating and you know we had some of the ending was unfortunately toppled by a cia sponsored aku and what followed was a dictatorship. but for the eyes of a child is in in the time of the born again revolution has been
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a spell out for us as the twenty first century i did it for us it was the idea of reclaiming power for the people and using the resources of man america for the people of latin america as opposed to corporations that continue to see exploit. the revolution in venice when i've been a profound inspiration and beyond that they have supported the work that we do in the bronx directly we've never had a push or obama visit the south bronx but we had charges in south bronx in two thousand and five where he pledged. oil to the poor communities in the poorest congressional district in the united states which is what we live in and in the bronx in new york and beyond that you start a social development runs through but they're always there when it's when i understand city very sick go here in the united states to support organizations in the south bronx that were doing work that reflected the values of the program
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revolution so for us. both their favorites are inspiration about as well are a concrete support for the work that we were doing in the south bronx now people like yourselves and people in the bronx like you have mentioned chavez does have a very strong passionate following but he also was a controversial figure his critics are quick to point out problems under his rule for example this skyrocketing crime rate the currency there has been devalued and restricting freedom of the press despite these glaring problems he still has a very devoted following why. i think that also you have to also understand that. the revolution is a process and in fourteen years you're not going up you know saying turn around five hundred years of oppression and i think that more than anything we have to understand at the main green cap the media has had a key role in it and portraying him in a good if in
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a negative fashion you feel that in venezuela more than any western hemisphere country that there is democracy fully living you know when you look at the literacy rates when you look at education money going towards education and i'm going towards we are like we have here in this country in venice when i but is going to sit it's going to have the threat of being hit by a drone strikes you know i mean so i think that it's also important to look at the angle which is being you know portrayed and i think that for us we come from a perspective that that if you're on the side of poor people you are a side of gravity. now the big question is what's going to happen next what's going to happen in venezuela now that their longtime leader has passed away do you think that whoever replaces him will be able to carry on his legacy well for us you know and i we've had the privilege of being in business when i and sharing with people in business when i and folks that work in culture
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a revolutionary culture and bring a swell up and with our conversations with them it's really been you know idea that the revolution was not shot it is the revolution is the people is the people that make up the the concept of when i was the local councils the area that's what makes up the rebel and what's what has occurred in the last thirteen years has been a cultural shift the shift where these ideas of individual ism are thrown out the window an idea of collective success of building a collective successful society within minutes well that's the culture that's been promoted and so for us we are are hopeful that that the young people in venice will i will step up and carry this process forward we understand this process is being carried forward in the context of continued attacks by the united states by the cia and the young people are conscious of and they realize it and we support them that their movement be radicalized and forward at this point the loss of jobs now
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there's a patient as you know to have its lives in all of us and in many of the people in venezuela and i think there will be invigorated to take the streets and really you know she does revolution alive ok thanks guys appreciate you coming on the show and sharing with us your music and how he has inspired the work that you do that was going salo and rodriguez red rigo than a guy their band members of the hip hop group rebel diaz. well the drone program is coming under more scrutiny now after a statement from attorney general eric holder kentucky senator rand paul has repeatedly asked officials can the government conduct drone strikes on americans on u.s. soil here is holder's response to the senator quote i suppose to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate for the president to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the united states for example the president could conceivably have no choice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary it's
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a protect the homeland in the circumstances of a catastrophic attack like the one suffered in nine eleven. well this answer has raised many more questions here's senator rand paul he's been speaking on the senate floor for hours this was just moments ago in an attempt to filibuster cia nominee john brennan all senators ted cruz mike lee and ron wyden are among those that also spoke out earlier i was joined by mike reg's of reason magazine and i asked him if he finds holder's position on drone strikes toward american citizens to be troubling. we don't actually know what he's ruling out or not ruling out i think if you want to look at the exchange that was sort of put the finest point on this it was when ted cruz senator ted cruz asked holder could you kill somebody on u.s. soil who did not pose an imminent threat because if you think back to early february and we saw that white paper from the department of justice about when targeted killing could be used there was a real imminence how soon violence could happen from
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a potential terrorist was not very well defined so crew said if it's not defined if we do if this person is just talking can you kill them holder's answer was i don't think that would be appropriate but what cruz was asking and what rand paul is asking is is it constitutional you know approach questions of appropriateness have more to do with your behavior at a party you know then whether or not you can use a drone or a sniper or something else to kill somebody on american soil without due process speaking of courage he didn't grill attorney jarrett tourney general holder today let's take a listen to this exchange. if a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil is not posing an immediate threat to life or bodily harm does the constitution allow a drone to kill that service i would not think that that would be an appropriate use of any kind of lethal force we would deal with that in the way that we typically deal with a situation like that ok assists so what do you make of the holder's response there
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you know it's unclear yeah what we haven't seen him do yeah and if you continue watching that exchange somebody i think maybe dianne feinstein senator feinstein who's also on the judiciary committee tries to interpret for cruz and she kind of asshole or he's not asking if you think it's appropriate she's he's asking if you think it's constitutional or not can you just answer yes or no and holder says i thought my answer was clear it's no he doesn't actually say the words it would be unconstitutional. so it's sort of difficult to say whether or not the white house actually feels this way the examples the holder gave such as the attack on pearl harbor nine eleven that's also sort of confusing because you know there's no reason to think that and are all walk he was killed because he was plotting a new nine eleven you know and he was an american citizen so we don't this white house hasn't actually use that standard for any of their targeted killings interesting as you had mentioned this is raising some constitutional questions and senator rand paul is raising them today on the floor he's kind of keeping up the at this talking marathon in
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a tad to filibuster want to bring up this clip of something he said today if we're fighting a war in afghanistan which we have been and that there are soldiers around the bend that are a threat to our soldiers. there is no due process at that point but that's not what we're arguing about we're arguing about targeted strikes a people not involved in combat that's my concern. so you know we here in the us we obviously pride ourselves on the right to due process. but what can this imply about citizens constitutional rights to a trial well i think twelve years and what we're looking at is people are sort of they've lost whatever support they had or affectionately had for treating all types of potential terrorists as if they were enemy combatants former bush administration officials have made the argument that people who think we should have due process for targeted killing are basically saying this is a war on terror you know you don't use due process and more due process is for
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criminal justice issues but i think after we saw you know the killing of a sixteen year old american in yemen people are suddenly they've woken up to this idea that actually you know there is a place for criminal justice in the crude criminal justice protections provided by the constitution in combat in terrorism so i think that's sort of the shift we're saying just calling everything a war on terror calling everybody who might possibly dislike united states an enemy combatant it doesn't fly anymore. the but when holder says that these attacks are on likely and hopefully will never be used and we are just talking about very extreme circumstances to prevent a catastrophe from happening something like proper or nine eleven do you admit that there he has some kind of a justification there when he says that the yeah i mean it's interesting because we're not just talking right about the d.o.j. responding to those potential threats using drones they're talking about the targeted killing white paper doesn't specify whether or not it's truman's i mean
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presumably if you can kill some without due process and you and you argue that this has that there are no constitutional protections afforded a terrorist then something like cruel and unusual punishment would come into it so really what's going on here we get caught. up in the drone issue but it's the argument the holder is making is if a threat is imminent the government can use whatever means it wants to to kill a potential terrorist and you know i mean if we knew nine eleven was happening all over again i mean so tricky are we do we know that's going to happen tomorrow do we know it's going to happen a week from now do we know it's going to happen a month from now because you know a month out do you need to kill him or can you rustam you know and i think that's what it really comes down to and even in domestic law enforcement cases we see cases where police officers lot of times they're at the wrong decision but sometimes they don't they have to make the decision can we arrest or do we have to use lethal force so you know that's a question that holder should be able to answer if it's on domestic soil i think that's what is troubling a lot of people when it comes to holder's answer is that it kind of leaves leaves
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a very open and it still raises a lot more questions in terms of the specifics that you bring up mike thank you so much for coming on that was my great to see is the associate editor at reason magazine thank you now to a surprising new threat from members of the military are not talking about a threat from a foreign enemy about one they're battling right here at home as obesity plagues americans turns out members of the military are no exception these days military recruits are struggling with their weight it's sending the ranks of eligible soldiers are to correspondent megan low pass as more. genota bar. true. they don't call it special for nothing it's not a morning workout routine for the faint hearted two minute push of where mt is a go to failure on the a group of young men gathered early in the morning with one mission in mind to join the u.s. military all start when the big hands on the sixty and go but as they swim and
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strain and sweat this group of recruits is already on a battlefield of sorts fighting one of america's biggest national security threats obesity it's absolutely a security issue i know we've you know terrorists of killed several thousand. in the past decade you know ourselves you know just from heart disease. obesity diabetes we're killing hundreds of thousands since our nation began soldiers have sacrificed everything in order to protect the country that they love today they need to think about adopting healthier lifestyles in order to better serve their community today seventy five percent of men and women between the ages of seventeen and twenty four are not qualified to join and of the twenty five percent who are more than half cannot pass a physical training test the fitness tests are very easy the minimum standards are . almost laughable obesity is such a huge problem for the military that it costs the defense department some one point
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one billion dollars annually in medical care former navy seal stu smith is working to change that with his heroes of tomorrow initiative a program that is meant to get recruits military ready and that's no easy task you know it's a lot of these kids have no athletic ability at all or i should say no athletic history at all you know they have athletic ability they just never been tasked to use it and where there is a problem people are sure to look for short cuts the so-called taped test is actually leading some recruits to consider extreme measures like liposuction. in fact one center in north carolina boasts that forty percent of its clients are overweight military personnel but it looks like the military isn't going to change its standards anytime soon if anything the tests are going to become more stringent and more focused on real combat scenarios let them know it's not ninety away because they're getting really strict now with the push of pushing recruits to
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their physical limits could drain the well of military prospects even more in the fight for america's national security the more pressing war might be waged right here at home only this one is a combat against calories people need to understand that fitness one day will be the difference between them living or die their lives depend on their fitness level one murder reporting in washington meghan lopez r t. for more on the obesity problem plaguing the military our to correspondent i know most of the joints in the news their news room either magen so soldiers have always had to be fit why is obesity a problem now well liz it's really a compilation of the problems that we're facing in american society today we have seen obesity become a huge problem where thirty percent of americans are obese these days now what i want to say is that six hundred twenty five soldiers last year alone were actually discharged from the military that's an increase fifteen fold since two thousand and
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seven and really it does reflect the population we have people eating about thirty percent more calories annually in the u.s. they're also eating about fifteen pounds more of sugar annually right so yeah it's a problem and society as a whole and it looks like members of the military are not exempt from this problem could this actually pose a national security risk well that is what three hundred generals are actually saying it was in the letter that was sent to the pentagon and around the u.s. from three hundred joint chiefs of staff retired admirals etc saying that it is so big of a problem that it is actually our number one security threat no longer do we need to worry about the enemy's outside we need to worry about the enemies within which is really our own weight so we spend about one billion dollars annually on medical costs for military personnel alone that's what the pentagon estimates and just to give you an example of one of the real big problems that people are facing there is something called a moral neck stress injury that is something that military personnel actually face
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pretty commonly it's about hundreds of soldiers each year and this surgery to fix that problem can cost anywhere between one hundred three hundred thousand dollars just for that surgery alone so so it is a huge problem not only to our military readiness but also to our economic budget when it comes to the military. when i ask you about the kind of testing that they have to go through in order to join the middle. terry are they an accurate measure of whether or not they are in fact ready for the military well as there's two different types of tests the first one is called and durrance test that's a fitness test so really that is one minute of pushups two minutes of sit ups in a mile run people call that easy by any standards you heard sushma say that in my story so bad one mile right in ten minutes none of that if you get a brisk pace now the second one is the more controversial one that's the one that's called the health test and what it's called inside the military is actually the
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tape test what they do is they measure the neck and also the mid section for wit and if you don't pass and with your body. weight kind of standards they also proportion in the measurements of your neck in your mid line and actually you can get kicked out of military for that no matter how fit you are no matter if you are the fastest runner or the best of the pushups you can be in trouble just for the size of your waist in your in your neck interesting so clearly a problem what are military members doing to keep that weight off while there's been a lot of things there's a bunch of different programs that the military is investing in they're still spending hundreds of millions of dollars to try to get the soldiers back in shape and something that's a little bit less known and some that i mentioned in my story earlier is that some people are actually looking at extreme methods i spoke to one soldier who is currently in the u.s. military and has done some really extreme things to get himself back in shape they include diuretics fasting and he considered life action. they include
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liquid diet sitting in sauna for hours there's just so many things that he's doing interesting you had mentioned liposuction some of these other methods in a way you could cut. i mean is this kind of a generational phenomenon are people becoming too lazy to work out i mean what about working out and eating right you know the old fashioned way that is certainly what the military hopes for with their fueling soldiers initiative and other things that they're doing but right now it just seems like people are yes not really wanting to work out you know liposuction i spoke to a center in north carolina that was really close to fort bragg they said that forty percent of their clients are actually military personnel that are overweight and coming in there too to lose some weight quickly the problem with that is that there are some types of medical complications it does cause swelling for two to three months but liz just to go back to something i mentioned earlier there are so many critics of these programs of the standards that the military has for its people and
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one of the big criticisms is that these tests are too easy on the other spectrum they're saying that the health test doesn't measure the right things and finally you're hearing a lot of saying that the face of war is changing that we're really switching into cyber technology into drones so we don't need our soldiers necessarily to be in shape so much as intelligent and capable in their own jobs interesting report there megan thank you that was our correspondent megan lopez. now to the presidential power to pardon power president obama apparently rarely uses on friday president obama pardoned seventeen people but even with this in mind his administration has pardoned fewer people than any other president in recent history our correspondent margaret howell has the story. one question is president obama less merciful than his predecessors ask me and her and she's obama has the power presidential pardons but he rarely uses it even last week seventeen pardons paled
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in comparison to the thousands of applications he's received since taking office obama has pardoned one in fifty people who apply while george bush's pardon about one in thirty three and bill clinton turn one in eight pardons are important because they attempt to fix the errors the justice system makes and restore one's ability to things like credit housing good employment on the federal books alone there are four hundred sixty six laws and six hundred ninety nine regulations that make felons life more difficult part is help people move on from their mistakes and avoid these laws and regulations so why haven't obama taken advantage of this power skeptics say obama stenchy pardon record reflects this event astray sions desire to avoid controversy and political risk so he does when he does pardon obama does so for seemingly minor offenses in many cases crimes that were committed decades ago and all nonviolent offenders meanwhile the innocence project estimates that anywhere between two point three and five percent of all people in prison are and
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if it was more than one million people behind bars in the usa frankly equal more than fifty thousand people jailed with wrongful convictions this presidential pardon is an opportunity to write some of those wrongs that obama seems more interested in trivial cases. but does that mean that this president is afraid to play judge and jury don't forget about his clandestine program which has included the assassination of u.s. citizens from the skies without any due process or transparency so it makes you wonder why this president is so much more interested in pardoning turkeys than u.s. citizens reaching out for help in washington d.c. margaret how r.t. . and out of the t.s.a. worry new policy will take effect soon and if you're a frequent flyer chances are you waited in the lines at the airport while the t.s.a. confiscates everything from your body lotion still to your nail clippers well some
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of that is about to change the t.s.a. is now allowing passengers to carry on some items that have been banned in the past among them small knives that's right as long as your knife is less than six centimeters long you'll be able to bring them on board for the first time since two thousand and one razor blades and box cutters are still not allowed also ok to bring on board sports equipment like golf clubs hockey sticks and ski poles even though you're free to bring along your pool stick don't you dare bring your shampoo liquids more than three ounces are still a big no no or the new rules are set to a take effect on april twenty fifth the idea is to make us rolls more in line with international standards though the logic of allowing small knives but not body lotion is puzzling for some we're going to leave it off there but come back in half hour and follow me on twitter out was walt season.
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