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heard in his own words bradley manning explains he gave classified documents to wiki leaks to provoke debate on u.s. foreign policy in recording the despotic or band. in the spotlight once again oscar winning movie argo has outraged iran which is planning to sue over hollywood fearing mangieri. all change in china as the new party prepares to take control all eyes are on whether the revamped leadership can keep the growth going to surpass america's economy a few years. a contentious referendum that saw the folk in islands choose to remain british brings to light the story of another island as residents have no say when britain deprived them of their land.
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it is one pm in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshua welcome to the program now a full audio recording of bradley manning telling a military court why classify data to weaken leaks has itself been leaked despite a core ban manning is heard accusing u.s. army of not valuing human life in iraq and comparing troops to children torturing and with a magnifying glass now let's discuss this in more detail with tom barton here to tell what exactly did he say. well knowing the full audio is about over an hour long so there's a there is a lot said in this hearing we've taken a couple of edited excerpts from some strong language is used some descriptive language of what's going on the first video concerns an incident in two thousand and seven this video taken from the cockpit of an apache attack helicopter in iraq
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and the pilots decided to fire upon a group of civilians killing a number of them including two reuters journalists that were there at the time. those journalists were those casualties were inflicted a van then turns up to try and help the wounded and they fire upon that vehicle as well so this is the forest time anyone outside of the court has heard manning's own explanations of his actions why is that it is it is you know they've heard it just for the first time now he was very concerned to portray incidents like this which is how to have a look at that particular grab and how he talked about it. does that mean that. it was the only. way. for.
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for me this is so much which i. can see from that we can see from that little excerpt there how shocked money was from all of that he said that was when he decided he was going to upload those in two thousand and ten so some some time after that and then that was then released by wiki leaks so in two thousand and ten that is when he was arrested in iraq well manning is accused of endangering u.s. forces by his leaks so how did he explain his actions. well you know there are two sides to this so many both in the military and in the public at large in the u.s. consider him a traitor they're very angry by what he did as far as he goes he justifies what he did saying that. he really came to question how it all fitted together he suffered an emotional burden from all the things that he saw and he tried to form a whistleblowing channels within the army to try and complain those didn't work and so he decided to leak this information and actually telling us they were all
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very well going to be different so jesus. was. decided in the. service. so that was again him justifying his actions he currently faces twenty two charges he's pleaded guilty to ten not guilty to others including some more the more serious charges including aiding the enemy if he's convicted bradley manning could face up to twenty years in prison and of course all eyes will be on this trial that will be held in june right in just a few months from now all right tom thanks very much indeed for coming to the studio and getting some light on this case for us here. to other stories now the oscar winning dog buster argo may have been bathing in gongs and glowing praise but now it's getting some attention its makers probably don't want iran's apparently planning a lawsuit over the movie which chronicles the storming of the u.s.
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embassy in tehran in nineteen seventy nine calling it a distorted and unrealistic portrayal of their country here's icier chefs on a drama that's now being released. you won't see such at the oscars every year none other than the u.s. first lady announced the best movie award and ben affleck could not hide his delight at scooping the top statue for our goal not forgetting though to stick another boot into iran's backside right at the ceremony and we think canada would like our friends in iran living in terrible circumstances right now but will affleck is probably still celebrating his triumph his movie set to be based on the real cia operation spark fury in iran needless to say argo has been forbidden for screening in the islamic republic but a closed circle of iranian officials and critics watched it and described it as cia propaganda aimed at moring the country's image this episode the storming of the us embassy caused particular fury witnesses of the nine hundred seventy nine when say only students took part whilst affleck chose to portray them as bloodthirsty
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terrorists holywood just trades on stereotypes and loves it remember borrett such a baron cohen's comedy that depicted kazakhs as uncivilised farmers a comedy for some but kazakhs definitely were not laughing borat was heavily criticised but it never went beyond that this time iran may go one step further iranian media report that controversial french lawyer is the payer is now in tehran preparing an unprecedented lawsuit the islamic republic versus hollywood affleck himself is yet to respond to the accusations but with such strong statement of intent coming from iran soon enough hollywood produces may have to argo defend themselves and iran's wanting to take on hollywood at a town game by producing a movie west iran's version of events described in argo weren't details and that. now there's a new war of words between you can argentina after folk and islanders voted overwhelmingly to remain
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a british territory argentina also claims the islands and denounced the referendum as irrelevant but british prime minister david cameron said his country will always stand for the four corners but that's in sharp contrast to the country's treatment of other islanders as sarah first now reports. this is the story of an island a proud and spirited people displaced and the government he put it devastatingly high price paradise shockingly for many it will be the first time the stories ever been heard. of the happiness that we were leaving to each other and the way we've been treating here. we discover a moment it's very hard to go says a british colony in the indian nation and the largest of the chaebol silence has a population of roughly two thousand people about the same as the oakland.
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good memories. there you go it's a home a real paradise today they da gusty is one of america's biggest military advices because we it's our land. it's not for them. you know when you see them you got this anger because they are enjoying the island. we are suffering back in the one nine hundred sixty s. and it is shrouded in secrecy bush cynically to learn the islands to the us but there was a problem the island had for generations been inhabited by the chikezie and people they'd built schools hospitals a whole life and what did the british government they simply pretended none of this existed by fixing the entire population from their homes secrets lies deception dishonesty all the way through it in fact in one thousand nine hundred eighty s.
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britain went to war protecting the folks and islanders from argentina in training first sums of money and costing precious lives the exact same time it was also using expensive resources preventing the people of the chakan silence from returning home in the falkland living in the homeland and they have a choice to stay where they they wanted to stay under. the rule of the british or if they wanted to go to the fork. and time rules they have a say but we dislike wish and would not have the see if he gave me the impression that there's not just this event a british government is the one like you every now and then use you here in the news talking about human rights justice social justice and so on but they are no one not many people in the justice that she can see in community have been fighting for their right to return to the islands ever since they winning some of their cool
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cases pushed. government have continually appealed blocking their progress every step of the way how differently that people have been treated there's been a government balloting on knocking on doors on their behalf or asking what they want the word comes to mind. for how long are you going to punish us for how long we're going to live this life. we don't want to be here we don't want this life. we want to go back home. where we belong that's all and to send us back home perhaps the most shocking thing about this story is this is simply something that happened decades ago and this person just this is a being compounded by successive british governments right up to the coalition of today he continued to fight against a chuckle since returning to their island and say their stories from
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a largely consigned to the shadows and yet that you can see in people continuing to bravely fight to return to their home. bases. of britain's overseas policies as well as whether the falklands referendum will make any difference to the bitter dispute between the u.k. and argentina are up for discussion in cross talk later today. the views and thoughts of the islanders are completely and absolutely irrelevant as not true the the worst of the wishes and the will of the islanders is very important here this is what it's all about it's about what do the people the falkland islands want to live under do they want to live under the crown of the united kingdom or do we want to be part of argentina the reason a debate about sovereignty two countries claim these islands and they should get together and have a discussion about what might happen and that is what the british absolutely refuse to do. you believe.
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this is. what china's new leader is expected to formally take over from incumbent who jintao later this week in the world's got a close eye on the once in a decade power transition and a fast rising global player and second biggest economy while beijing is very. rapidly growing over the last two decades at a speed which has brought a close to the traditionally major economies including the u.s. and even allowed it to surpass europe's powerhouse germany well that slowed down a bit recently but china still expected to overtake the u.s. as the world's biggest economy in twenty seventeen all the economic rival really comes amid the battle for influence in asia between the two countries between the two countries rather between based correspondent shannon sun says foreign policy is
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another hurdle the new leadership faces the obama administration announced a pivot to asia last year which means an increase in military spending on military military resources by the united states being focused in asia so that's very significant and china is really increasing its own military spending its developing its military they have appointed a couple of a few senior diplomats in charge of china's foreign affairs one person who's been the point person on japan for a long time another person is very familiar in dealing with the united states so how this will affect. leadership going forward particularly in terms of these territorial disputes china's been very assertive and sometimes even bellicose over the last year when talking about these territorial disputes and they seem to really want to show their strength in terms of talking about these issues it's just increasingly china has the military strength now to back up some of these more bellicose claims and territorial claims and these parts of asia. also i have three
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of the sour it's not just people's pockets that are emptying and recession ravaged europe italian universities have seen a dramatic drop in student applications we'll look at that and talk to some students to see their graduate future as grant. also. hundred stake to the streets for another night of anger in brooklyn over the deadly police shooting of a teenager is another story he's after a short break here in our team.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. in the news you see good lumber tourny to mccurry was able to build a new age most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and worry that this is why you should care only on the. hard dijon faces of freedom fighter.
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they're ready to clean up a new city. and bring a new liberty. salute free. to be reduced to a. syrian diary on our t.v. . welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow now human rights activists are sounding the alarm over what they're calling a humanitarian crisis unfolding at the guantanamo bay prison camp it's thought around a hundred inmates are on hunger strike over fresh claims of mistreatment their lawyers say some are close to being a critical condition the prisons authorities insist just
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a few and mates are involved are just might not work now is following developments . more than one hundred on top of the detainees at the camp six prison there reportedly began their hunger strike approximately three weeks ago to protest what their lawyers say are conditions of confinement and the alleged confiscation and discreation of their personal items including the koran now the prisoners more of how for whom have been cleared for release told their attorneys that since early february get most already as have been confiscating items including their razors their toothbrushes their books family photos letters and illegal mail now according to the center for constitutional rights authorities also restricted exercise for the detainees seemingly without provocation or cause the prisoners also allege that arabic interpreters have desecrated their crowns when they have searched the holy books for contraband now one hundred sixty six men are still incarcerated at get mo and camp six houses around one hundred thirty prisoners those prisoners are
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considered ones that don't pose disciplinary problems and aren't regarded as a particular risk now according to attorneys everyone in that in that camp six prison except for the silk or the elderly is on a hunger strike in the center for constitutional rights says that they've received reports about the hunger strike detainees coughing up blood losing consciousness being hospitalized now being force fed and c. is the center for constitutional rights says the situation is a rapidly deteriorating and reaching a potential critical level however robert duran the director of the public affairs for the joint task force and one kuantan m o denies claims of a mass hunger strike he says only nine detainees are engaged in hunger strikes five of whom are being fed through tubes inserted into their stomachs so clearly there's a discrepancy in the reports here but if we're going to listen to the civil rights attorneys and the all the attorneys representing these men it's more than a hundred of these prisoners that are now refusing food for more than three weeks
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this is deja vu. in many respects back in two thousand and eleven more than fifteen prisoners at guantanamo protested and went on hunger strike to protest the indefinite detention order signed by u.s. president barack obama in two thousand and seven more than a dozen prisoners subjected. to hunger strike and had to be force fed subsequently had to be force fed two thousand five hundred twenty eight detainees went on hunger strike for more than a month and in two thousand and two nearly two hundred inmates at guantanamo bay went on hunger strike so clearly this is a pattern that continues repeating but it is quite a dangerous pattern because any human being that goes without food for a long period of time can in evidently lose their lives well it is of course not the first time in mates have endured severe maltreatment at the notorious going tunnel prison and remember no one in there right now has faced a trial we're asking you if you think this could be the final straw that leads to
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the infamous facility being shut down. well take a look at what we are so far on our dot com more than half of those voting in our online poll believe one tunnel will stay open no matter what almost if. only close what i call when it becomes financially and viable to maintain it all slightly fewer say one title will only be shut down when a similar president is in operation elsewhere and believe it will be closed out only when a worldwide terror is defeated r.t. dot com is where you can go to add your voice. is.
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a further night of anger in brooklyn as hundreds continue to vand their feelings of the gunning down by police of a sixteen year old boy officers claim the teenager pointed a gun of them more rallies are expected after a heavy police presence turned out at a candlelight vigil racial equality and activist carl dick says america's upside down by justifying police brutality instead of providing security. the police whenever they murder or chill a black or latino youth it is always being justifiable. the witnesses tell a different story this happens again and again we should live in a society where those who are intrusted public security. risk their own lives in mode or injure an innocent person but it's the other way around this is why people are upset and they should be. people are frustrated people are angry and
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then they can ban them for standing up express anger because the real violence in this case begins with the killing of rape. look at some other stories from around the world north korea has confirmed that it's breaking the agreements with its other neighbor and says its next step will be a military retaliation against so yeah an earlier threat and that it'll nala five a cease fire south korea and the us continue with their joint military drills it also follows the us slapping more sanctions on north korea for family reasons clear tell us. it's round two in the conclave which is trying to elect a new pope black smoke rose from the sistine chapel signaling one hundred fifteen cardinals have failed to agree so far they'll vote for times a day until there is a two thirds majority for a single candidate although there is no clear front runner to replace the retired benedict the sixteenth to lead the world's one point two billion catholics.
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twenty five year old man has been shot dead and two others want to buy israeli troops in the west bank according to palestinian medical officials the man was among a group throwing stones at a clash with israeli forces at a refugee camp near the city of hebron palestinians have become increasingly in brain raged in recent weeks over israeli soldiers using the live rounds and tear gas against unarmed civilians well there's been no comments from tel aviv on what's happened. now getting a decent education in italy is proving to be easier and affordable or fruitless the country's major money troubles have seen tuition fees pushed out of reach for manny and those who do have qualifications can't get jobs is ridiculous can now reports it's causing a slump in university applications. italy was once an abode for thinkers philosophers and artists no only for its own universities and schools now however
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the tables have turned as more and more students choose not to receive higher education but the simple reason of not being able to afford it and i couldn't make say no one but the government is to blame the country's national university council estimates in roman to italy universities dropped by nearly sixty thousand applicants in ten years that's equivalent to losing an institution the size of the university of new lawn in the last six or seven years we had. diminished from twenty percent. to the access to university anyway twenty percent in five years that meet young people understand that even if they go to university they would not find a job propped up on the scaffolding art history student and restore to reset continues from work even during our interview for her long working hours aren't a burden but a blessing. it's very difficult to combine work and school i used to spend four
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hours just getting to work but i can't complain i'm actually very lucky that i got this opportunity because it's hard to find a job as it is and since you should fields have gone up i have to have a job otherwise it's impossible to continue with school although italy and art are considered to be synonymous with one another teresa says an art historian like her is likely to be doing something entirely different after graduation. you might have been this my specialty is restoration i'm going to get a diploma yet i will look for a job in other fields as it's hardly possible to get a job in this area there's a very slim chance to get a solid long term contract so i'll be looking for other ways to make money at. the displacement is something students seem to share with the faculty who have an equally dismount perception of the scituate. but i feel quite old we're talking about it but we the professes everybody felt the strain we haven't had a cellular raise in
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a decade but we have it easy and can complain in comparison to the students and normal families who don't think of high occasion as a stepping stone for the future it's no longer considered a wood investment and a lot of families can't afford the negations fees for a country with a glorious past where at times people were literally ready to die for knowledge this trend does not bode well for a bright future in rome in a ghost called r.t. . well after the short break here on r t a look at a far from glittering side of gold and colombia stay with us. thanks.
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i. want to keep. i. was. going to. come. back. to.
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with. to go via in northern colombia. beneath these rusty sheds the country's richest gold mines it's operated by canadian multinational corporation gran colombia gold.
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today the army has taken over the sector for a high risk mission. transporting the week's production to a safe location. three gold ingots over twenty kilos each. here we have sixty eight kilos. that makes one point two million euro. in colombia gold is highly coveted by the criminal organizations. so in order to avoid an ambush the time and day of the transfer or decided at the last minute made my escape the this is the most critical moments notice and the gold leaves the factory it up got to be transported to the city of midday and it is. the in goods are carried away at a run.


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