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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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accusations of racism. on the streets of brooklyn. after the police shooting of a black teenage boy. children. and opposition forces in syria. despite an international. budget cuts that a plane from epidemic of unemployment. also comes to. washington struggle for the. top stories.
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international. studio here in moscow this is the twenty four hours a day at least forty people have been arrested in new york on a third night of demonstrations police shot dead a black sixteen year old authorities say the officers were acting in self-defense when they fired eleven rounds at the teenager but the protesters accuse police of systematic racism and brutality. the night began on wednesday with a peaceful vigil to honor a grave but soon after and arranged a split off from the vigil broke out into the streets and subsequently clashed with police officers dressed in riot gear what fueled all these anger is the fact that the autopsy on kamandi gray was released wednesday indicating that the sixteen year
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old boy was struck by the seven times by bullets and three of those bullets hit him from behind and this clearly fuel the anger that help that has already been boiling for days many new yorkers that believe that the this is a rather indication other example of police brutality of police targeting minorities according to the new york city police department what they say is that on saturday evening two plainclothes officers got out of a car. around eleven thirty pm it was an unmarked car and were approaching kamani gray they said and at that point he was shuffling with his pants or his belt and according to police they say that gray pulled out a gun and pointed it at the under cover officers knots when they fired off a levin rounds the teenager shooting him seven times by friends and family of i spoke with one personally told me that this young boy would never ever point
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a gun at police at any police officer let alone you know two that were there on scene come on agrees mother carol grey as well as other relatives are according to reports planning to hold a press conference in brooklyn thursday afternoon it is not clear what they will yet discussed previously gray's parents said that they would not speak publicly until the violence stops but clearly there's been a change of heart in this news is coming from a spokesperson for the families to report that it will lead from the proved. to boldly say what no one has said before bradley manning is claiming he became a whistleblower because of the u.s. army's beloved lust leaked audiotape from his court hearing on he looks at what could his case do to the whistleblower movement. and child soldiers are fighting on both sides of the bloody conflict in syria that's according to un investigators and charities as the crisis in syria approaches its second
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anniversary this week the u.n. is warning that this is not a simple battle between good rebels and an evil regime reporter. has this update now from damascus. the conflict is getting more complicated we have seen many many phenomena regarding the children being involved in this crisis we have seen many children like eighteen and. children in the school ages where there's wood there were destroyed and they don't have any other thing they've done some time paid for or paid for they're paid into one of the most important example of this was the video that was produced or let's say on you tube something like a month month two months ago for a child of seven years old by heading cutting the head of military officer in an airport and you have many reports about position position of force especially from a group in syria they are recruiting people are recruiting children between eleven
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years old and fifteen years old in order to fight with this extremist group against the government extremist groups getting more control over that it will lucian we have a very remarkable report by al qaeda of attacking some syrian soldiers in iraq and we have also some areas where the extremist group under the car they're trying to implement and. in some areas openly and in the plea and implementing all that all the traditional laws of al qaeda inside the cities. russia says any attempt by foreign governments to arm rebels in the conflict would be a breach of international law that follows britain's admission that it's ready to ignore the e.u. arms embargo to help the rebels fight president assad and his party's more efficient explains foreign involvement is increasing all the time. the syrian uprising the last of the arab spring sprang up in march two thousand and eleven by august of that year when in another arab spring country in libya colonel gadhafi
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had lost defacto power it was already clear who was next in the firing line this morning president obama called on assad to step aside as if i'm peeved many others would soon echo the same rhetoric is time for bashar to go to the message to president assad is it is time for transition it is totally to go with the regime of bashar al assad must come to an end we ask the regime to step down. has to go through syrian forces fighting assad immediately felt encouraged the train was in motion and a two year journey later had the destabilization on syria has been a us nato project from day one they have lined up all of their allies in a very ugly effort to overturn the government of syria and to create instability at emory and. so perhaps america did indeed pull the others
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in to then pull itself out two years on washington is criticised for its failure to bring things to had in syria those are home and abroad we are providing vital humanitarian assistance for my it is terry an assistance doesn't stop bombs. the rebels who have suffered losses as heavy as the military now see they feel betrayed by the us we did not get any real action on the ground from the united nation from the united states speculation is brewing that washington is starting to view the assad regime as the lesser of two evils preferable to radical jihadist groups the obama administration although there are levels and levels of what you what governments do basically it is it has been interested in seeing. there is a way out of this mess but in reality america is still in a white house decision last month may have ruled out arming the rebels an idea
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backed by the pentagon cia and state department but the country's doing little to stop others doing just that washington was silent when another made to member turkey asked for the arms embargo to be lifted nor did protest when the arab league gave the go ahead for weapons supplies and more recently when the u.k. said it could veto the use arms ban the us of a no objections everyone knows that the u.s. if it were to tell saudi arabia or qatar or turkey or whoever of its friends there that they should stop it well everyone knows that but he would prevail instead the u.s. has decided to watch from a safe distance we played a crucial role in starting the americans can't fix this problem syrians have to fix this problem is genuinely surprising after two years seventy thousand deaths a million people displaced tough sanctions imposed on syria dozens of countries
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within nato and the arab league can dam and assad and urging him to go and after so much money and weaponry invested to achieve this to hear america's ambassador to syria saying that only syrians can fix their problems perhaps there was a time when syrians could have resolved things on their own but pressure from the outside has been relentless and now it could simply be too late for anybody to fix this race national party. the leaders of britain france say they could will supply weapons to the syrian rebels despite a u.n. embargo on our website at the moment we're asking what that could lead to and this is what you think so far most of those who have voted at this stage over forty percent say this will only prolong the conflict and lead to more bloodshed we can see that a lot of say that this will cause other countries to on both sides in the conflict . at least in the whole region that could be a consequence about one in five believes that such a move would spark
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a worldwide diplomatic crisis and just seven percent there in the green we can see that they say that this will actually lead to an end in the conflict with the opposition emerging victorious that's what you think because here if you haven't already voted you could be good to hear from dot com. now it's a story worth of a hollywood blockbuster it features a ukrainian journalist held hostage by bandits in syria a fifty million dollar ransom and a daring escape. you know at some point i realized that he that be killed by the army is that was held in a location from where the bandits were firing rockets or i'd be killed by the rebels in an exclusive interview with. said she had to cross fifteen kilometers a mountainous terrain on foot before finding shelter you can find out more from the journalist's own account dot com online all the time.
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a day of action involving some of the largest trade unions in europe is coinciding with a two day summit in brussels the protesters want to see drastic job shortages tackled across the block a situation that's been made worse by deep sturdy cuts of course is in brussels and reports on the agonies and aspirations of those protesting. well we're here today in brussels where thousands of people are gathered from across the east you want to protest against the u.s. stared that they're seeing across the a continent of angry i fear costs thousands of job cuts that they've already seen in their own countries now interestingly enough just beyond that this facade over here that's where the twenty seven e.u. leaders will be gathering for the e.u. summit to discuss precisely a sturdy and unemployment in the policies that they've been imposing to try to get out of this a sovereign debt crisis going on for three years now with twenty seven million e.u.
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citizens unemployed that's eleven percent of the population and what's interesting is this is always a debate about austerity versus growth but economists are now pointing to the fact that these social impact is actually one of the biggest factors that could be breaking the very fabric of the e.u. even if those economists from think tanks that have been advising the e.u. they're warning that this kind of social dissatisfaction could really bubble over and cause bigger rupture than they've already been seeing so far and the economic a fear visa been argued before people here say there's absolutely no theory to be argued when they're looking at their own lives they have no jobs and they don't have enough money and that's simply the reality that they're seeing on the ground across europe. international consultant and former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament load of a new state he says it is a struggle that will last for years. one cannot measure social services and social struggle on a day by day basis this is definitely
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a long term start and that's going to take years definitely what we see now more and more is a government and governments implemented bola cease and go against the will on their own people now they call it all started it they call it courageous decision and so on basically what it is is the destruction of the social gold backed as it was constructed after the second world war and that is exactly what the problem is that for the moment the willingness to listen to when these people have to say i mean it's always about austerity it's also about privatization it's always about cutting down public services the divorces that say you have to do exactly the opposite to revive the economy are not being hurt and that's why you get these protests i mean this opens the way to forms of extremism and people who are desperate especially young people will look for ancestor on the exchange with us from the left side on the right said his mother but if you want to really prevent
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this to happen there's only one way out you have to invest you have to invest in jobs and jobs but especially for the young that's the only way to do it. not here moscow still to come the south new pope of problems sex abuse scandals corruption within the catholic church and shrinking congregations and just some of the challenges the first latin american pontiff will have to cope with that and more for you after this break. be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world's hot spot fifty yard p. interview intriguing story for you kid. arabic. visit our big.
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news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operation. continues here in a recording of bradley manning's court testimony had been leaked by his supporters the u.s. soldier is heard saying he became
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a whistleblower to provoke debate about u.s. foreign policy and accuses the american army of blood lust he faces life behind bars for handing of classified documents to wiki leaks back in two thousand and ten . and has more on the story. nobody was allowed to make recordings of bradley manning's pretrial tribunals of the military court in february but someone did it and the freedom of the press foundation released mr manning's testimony in its entirety in this hour long testimony bradley manning in his own words explains how and why he leaked all those documents many of which revealed how the u.s. government covered up civilian casualties in human rights abuses during the wars in iraq and afghanistan he served as an intelligence analyst in the military and had access to all those documents the biggest leak in history let's take a listen to just one episode where bradley manning explains why he leaked the video of the apache helicopter gunning down boisterous journalists in baghdad and then targeting those who showed up to rescue the wounded including
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a band with children in that footage shocked the world. i mean that's a. hero. it was a very huge not. just. for. you know. for me. it seems like now is bradley manning who is the and under the magnifying glass of the government very serious charges lined up against him here is a weapon he was there at the hearing when bradley manning delivered this testimony you heard him you saw him did you get a sense of what he would have done the same had he known how this would turn out i don't think bradley manning or anyone else would have known that by leaking this information or would have been three years of pretrial punishment and detention
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that's something i think even the u.s. government thought however i do think that he knew that these documents were very very substantial and in fact in two thousand and ten he said that these were some of the most significant documents of our time last month during his testimony he says he still believes that the iraq war logs and the afghan war logs. are perhaps the two most important documents of our generation let's let's talk about the chilling effect that the whole trial will have on the lower story happening on exactly do you think anybody ever is going to do anything like this again having mr manning's example in mind i mean faces life in prison people are going to be more hesitant not only does he face life in prison but he could face the death penalty and it's the u.s. government that said they were going to pursue that other people other people who are going to try to seek for more open transparency are going to be more hesitant because they know that this could mean three years of being put away in a chair without ever being taken to trial on the other hand i think i think p.f.c. manning did what he did because he knew that these atrocities need to be exposed and i think other people are going to do that maybe not during our generation but in years to come it's going to happen absolutely thank you thanks andrea thanks
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very much bradley manning has been held in u.s. military custody for around three years now and the un special rapporteur on torture has formally accused u.s. government of call the grating treatment towards bradley manning including but not limited to keeping him locked up for twenty three hours a day in solitary confinement for eleven months in a row bradley many pleaded guilty to ten out of twenty two charges brought against him just one of those churches he faces twenty years in jail but the prosecution may still pursue the twelve remaining charges including the most serious one one of aiding the enemy and that one carries a punishment of life in prison and the big question for many remains whether it was the enemy that bradley manning aided or the public which has the right to know what their government is doing in their name in washington i'm finished. paying has been formally confirmed as the new president completing a lengthy transition process he's already announced his first priorities as leader
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tackling corruption the wealth gap at home and boosting the military budget plans come amid u.s. efforts to gain a stronger foothold in asia tend to see that as put beijing all in washington has been expanding its military reach in the region as you can see on the map there and the power games between the u.s. and china are also playing out in the digital world solti's alexia was just reports . a bigger threat than al qaeda this is how washington officials now describe the legit cyber attacks coming from china u.s. stopper delegates officials now rank the threat of computer large foreign of sorts higher than terrorism transnational organized crime and weapons of mass destruction for the first time since nine eleven washington has long accused china of stealing military secrets and intellectual property from hacking president obama's facebook page to cyber attacks against u.s. flagship media like the new york times but a recent u.s. congress report warns of going beyond online vandalism chinese penetration of defense systems threaten the u.s. military's readiness and ability to operate it said that could include u.s.
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satellites weapons start getting systems navigation computers and many more but are the chinese really the aggressors here as washington wants everyone to believe and is the united states really an innocent victim china's ministry of national defense claims sixty three percent of the one hundred forty four thousand monthly cyber attacks that it recorded last year came from the u.s. based be addresses while washington claims its military cyber programs are there only to defend the country's borders but the stuxnet virus signaled a new aggression and experts have no doubts it was created by israel and the united states to derail iran's nuclear program both american and chinese leaders continue to shake hands and speak of fruitful cooperation at official meetings such real world optimism is undermined if not totally negated when it comes to cyberspace and given reports of mutual cyber attacks intensifying in the last six seven months as well as beijing changing the man at the wheel it seems that only in competition
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between the superpowers will remain fractious if not downright dangerous. the eleven year sentence for the experts been convicted of involvement in the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya will stand the high court ruled the sentence is legitimate and rejected an appeal by lawyers the man just one of six suspects was found guilty of following the victim in preparation for the murder and a product of scar was a prominent journalist writing on human rights violations in the russian republic of chechnya it's believed she was assassinated in two thousand and six because of the work. of international news in brief this hour a series of coordinated lots of hit the iraqi capital killing dozens and wounding more than fifty the bombs went off near a number of government departments including the justice and foreign affairs ministries security forces were involved in a shootout with government in order to regain control of the justice building. the south korean prime minister has visited the disputed yongpyong island in a move likely to anger north korea the territory was shelled by the north back in
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two thousand and ten killing four islanders and the military has been put on full alert by their leader joint u.s. and seoul war games which are ongoing in the region also adding to tensions. roman catholics have a new leader argentine born pope francis has become the first pontiff ever from the americas and the first from outside europe in over a thousand years the seventy six year old was elected by a conclave of cardinals after five rounds of voting the search for a man to lead more than a billion catholics worldwide began when benedict the sixteenth resigned one of the main goals for the new pope will be rebuilding the church's reputation following a spate of scandals. when a string of child sex abuse cases were the most damaging let's look at just some of the numbers that were involved here reported cases of children being abused by priests in the u.s. eighty percent of those allegations were made against more than four thousand priests and deacons more than
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a billion dollars has been paid out to victims in settlements and in all and which comes second in these grim statistics the church had been turning a blind eye to the allegations for thirty years and in germany two thirds of all dioceses were allegedly involved in sex abuse scandals and austria is an example of how these scandals have led to people's disillusionment with the church almost ninety thousand austrians deserted in just one year when italian journalist franco all of us he's an expert in vatican affairs he says that reaching out to believers in europe at a time of economic crisis will be one of the greatest challenges for the new pope. the problem is that the only new poverty law better go now comes from south america they say very sensitive area would be for this kind of progress but he is also to face the nobility of their of there's a lady neutralizer countries from europe for example europe discovery the economic
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and moral crisis and so they are in very young meaning people in specially in europe they are getting away from the church need to find their way through the needs you know that you're in the region. is going to be to be problem if they don't well they're good marginalize they literatures to their to the through world you know all the poor countries. well i'll be back with a news team with more news for you in about thirty minutes from now before that sweet port in the unseen conflict in a remote area of colombia a scramble for gold you're watching.
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a u.n. investigator ben emmerson has decided to not let the sins of the recent past go he's demanding that the u.s. government release documents about the cia's program of addition and secret detention of suspected terrorists everson believes that there is now credible evidence that shows that cia black sites were used to extradite suspected terrorists with neither charges nor access to a lawyer you know nothing says protect a democracy like snagging people in foreign countries without even charging them with a crime this huge investigator may have good intentions but the thing is that no matter how much he and his u.n. pals urge the u.s. to prosecute officials connected with torture or expose classified information they really have no power to do anything if you haven't noticed the u.n. is very happy to section and punish certain countries birdie if you out there i even have to think that they'll sanction the usa or send a peacekeeping mission to stop the human rights violators in washington not a chance the un really has no business meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries but they do it all the time but there is
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a zero percent chance that the un will stand up to the bad behavior from the u.s. government no matter how much it's investigators whine and plead and beg but that's just my opinion. been living this way since the seventeenth century. differentials are strict. their communities are the cell. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guard their family and things in the trash.
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for the past ten years colombia has welcomed foreign capital with open arms in his turn the new president juan manuel santos places mining at the center of his development model in bogota be independent expert coolio fiero denounces an incestuous relationship between the multinationals and the colombian political class. know it but it isn't just an impression it's a reality that there exists a very strong link between these companies and the political elites they serve the interests of the big multinationals. marked in red on the map of the country the land requested for mining concessions a vast area the multinationals bagged
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a major part of the mining rights about seventy percent of the andes is tenured all covered by requests for mining concessions when you know if they when we see that it's easy to imagine that we're all going to find ourselves expropriated. where are we going to grow the economy and people's food yet what's going to happen to our regions so this is a completely irrational gamble that. the mining permits are already allocated but the big companies aren't yet mining the andes gold. the largest reserves lie in the heart of the chord. mountains where the revolutionary armed forces of colombia the fark operate at war with the colombian government for over fifty years no one can penetrate this region without their authorization with the help of divers go betweens we've established contact with the four guerrilla fighters they've authorized us to travel through their zone while waiting to receive us.


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