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a series of attacks in baghdad leave dozens dead and around a hundred injured as a country mile ten years as a u.s. led invasion. cyprus moves towards a vote and taking cash from people's bank accounts to secure a bailout what's being called the great to you bank robbery. going tunnel prisoners hunger strike is said to be growing with activists increasingly outraged by the measure of international humanitarian organizations. it's two pm here in moscow you're live with us on our t.v. with me tom would say it's good to have you company with us at least fifty six
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people have been killed in a series of attacks across baghdad the deadly assaults come as iraq marks ten years since the coalition led by the u.s. and britain invaded the country with their freedom and democracy mission. has the latest from iraq. but we do expect the death toll to trouble me right to convey we know that doug and the people at. the district in baghdad have been injured we're getting from official the moment that there's been a period of more than a dozen. car bombs as well as the road why do you think that part of this could be a quarter needed theory that said again as i mentioned it had predominantly hip shiite areas in baghdad now and their concerns and try to. up their campaign attacks on shiite areas here in an attempt to preserve the period concerned they are undermining prime minister nouri al maliki's government there were on the heels of the first story the big concern of the wrong and we report
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here in the country you're trying to have a long way to go to heal the wounds exposed by the war at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. this was the freedom they brought shock and bombs over baghdad what the pentagon billed as a quick war to liberate iraq turned into a prolonged nightmare. ten years of bloodshed war occupation and deadly sectarian strife drained by afghanistan exhausted by iraq from washington the battle is over after a decade of war that's cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars. nation we need to build it is our aim but what if the nation they left behind. we're not happy to have biggest regret the iraqi people
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have destroyed the infrastructure is devastated the country is ruined. these graves are a visual reminder of a decade of human strife almost everyone in this country. he has lost somebody whom they love no one knows exactly how many iraqis have been killed since the invasion and estimates range from more than one hundred fifty thousand to over one million for years the u.s. claims not to keep body counts but how do you mohamed has kept count his four sons and only grandchild were killed in a suicide blast. how am i doing i raised my sons and saw them get mahdi's and send them to universities i watched them die you asked me if it's better or worse now compared to ten years ago i still had my sons ten years ago so i think the answer. others have seen their dreams of
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a brighter future shattered by years of violence. i was top of my class when circumstances became very bad after the occupation of hell that something was broken inside of me. and everything i used to dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer but conditions prevented me one continuing my studies but an education is no guarantee of work less than forty percent of iraqi adults have a job and a quarter of families live below the world bank's poverty line statistics that haven't improved much since the days of crushing u.n. sanctions in the one nine hundred ninety s. elections may have brought democracy to iraq but critics say the government is rife with corruption and infighting. despite the various that's occurred in the time of the former regime which is not comparable to the number of freely is by the politicians and the current government today iraq is facing a new political crisis there is tension on the ground between the sunni provinces and the shia led government as well as between baghdad and the kurdish north i
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think if these issues are not. it can lead to more significant problems including conflict which can lead to i think the breakup of iraq and destabilization the region. and an upsurge in violence is sparking fears of a return to sectarian strife new figures show that death rates have actually risen since the last american soldier left a rocky soil how long will iraq remain like this in order there are explosions already there is killing or dangerous terrorist. explosion after explosion iraqis have asked themselves that same question for most of the last ten years to see counselor of r.t. iraq. by the us taxpayers are probably asking how much or more all they'll have to spend on iraq on top of what's already been poured in now the figure of all that eight hundred billion dollars continues to rise with costs are mounting every
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second from dealing with returning personnel to the broader social and economic impact of the war and he's a know it takes a closer look at the numbers. the decade long war in iraq may be officially over but american taxpayers are still paying for the cost of the invasion let's talk numbers the u.s. has spent more than sixty billion dollars in reconstruction in iraq so far that works out to about fifteen million dollars per day overall cost and other aid adds up to seven hundred and sixty seven billion dollars since the american led invasion and that's according to the congressional budget office but national priorities project a u.s. research group they estimate the real cost at over eight hundred billion dollars and they add that some funds are still being spent on ongoing projects and that number continues to rise every second now a major problem it seems is that all this cash the u.s.
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is coughing up isn't falling into the right hands or projects iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki says funding could have brought a great change in iraq but there was misspending of money i want to give you some examples of this missed spending if you can call it that there are too many to name but here are some that i think really stand out in iraq's diyala province the u.s. began building a prison in two thousand and four but abandon the project after three years to flee a surge in violence now have complete facility cost american taxpayers forty million dollars but since in rubble and there are no plans to ever finish or use it according to the justice ministry also sub contractors overcharge the u.s. government thousands of dollars for supplies take a look at this control switch the u.s. pays nine hundred dollars for that when it's actually valued at just seven dollars eighty dollars for a section of a pipe that is actually valued at just a buck fifty and when you're talking hundreds of billions of dollars nine hundred
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bucks of course sounds like small change but obviously it's adding up here's another one widespread fraud led by a former u.s. army officer cost cans of millions of dollars in kickbacks. nectar to government contracts for bottled water twenty two people were criminally convicted would still tens of millions of dollars in contracts for bottled water but for iraqis they're paying a different cost a government rife with corruption and in finding near daily deadly bombings still blast baghdad streets and a quarter of the country's thirty one million lives in poverty. historian and political campaign and to recall at least says it is surprising that no one has been held responsible for creating havoc in iraq. now we've got information declassified information coming out saying that the mere consul running the united states of the time want to do iraq a.o.l. and they were annoyed it was still nationalized and they wanted to privatized all
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that go off weapons of mass destruction we now know as some of us said at the time the intelligence agencies of the united states and britain themselves are not convinced about this today we're being forced an impression by politicians to provide the information to give them an excuse this is all come out and no one has been crying for lying for war crimes i mean twenty five percent of the british population want blake right for war crimes. cypress says revising its deposit tax plans with the burden easing for those was smaller bank accounts but holders of more than one hundred thousand euros will lose almost ten percent of their cash the country's parliament is expected to vote on the package later today the president did move to dip into people's pockets is to
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secure a vital cash injection from the e.u. and the i.m.f. the plans are triggered a run on banks and protests in the country let's get some insight from lucy robinson a british journalist that living in cyprus lucy just how powerless do people feel over their own money right now especially those with megace tapings. which well i think that the initial shock and outrage has subsided a bit since saturday when the announcement was first made right now people are really just waiting to see what the announcement is there's a feeling of expectancy people want to know what the decision is going to be about any bank levy in cyprus but yes there has been a lot of anger and have. been people saying that they want to remove their cash from cyprus as soon as they can of course have been other people have been a little more philosophical they say that it's a small price to pay for. a possible economic disaster and the government really
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didn't have a choice and the situation could have been a lot worse but really a feeling of expectancy here this is still going to what are the chances according to you that the island's parliament will bag these deposit tags. do you think it's going to go through. well this isn't guaranteed the there are several parties which are against this this option that is being proposed by the government it isn't guaranteed at all but the government has said that it is willing to revise the terms of any levies initially they were going to be quite harsh on small depositors but there have been terms proposed about anybody with less than twenty thousand euros in the bank being tax free without any any outcome from this decision. so. in terms of what is the mood like there right now what's everybody feeling right now is their mood of anxiety anxiousness is everybody just they don't know what's going to happen what's the mood like. well as i said before really just expectancy waiting
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to find out what a decision will be at the anger and outrage and shock has diminished somewhat and yesterday was a bank holiday in cyprus but today it's business in as usual in nicosia it's just the same busting city it usually is traffic on the road shops and businesses open but people are anxious to find out what the terms are going to be and what tomorrow holds well will be looking quite closely to what does happen you see robson a british journalist living in cyprus giving us an inside the on that story. dodging your m.p. one man does a believe the controversial tags the one stop the rot inside prison and what have ramifications across south or in europe. they claim that this is a unique situation to sign permits but of course it isn't unique at all this is a problem that we see all throughout the eurozone and as a matter of fact it's much more fundamental than that it's
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a fundamental flaw in our system a bad the banks can create money out of thin air that aren't backed by anything and that's great bubbles and central banks can go on forever with that and with inflating new currency it's a fundamental flaw in the banking system and this is just a quick fix this is we keep kicking the can down the road it's not a fundamental solution and until the finance solution is implemented we're going to see a lot more of these so-called one off solutions if it can happen in cyprus can happen in greece in the greece's problems are no smaller than an cyprus problem there are bigger. if you can happen in greece it can happen in portugal and it can happen in ritual it can happen in spain and italy and so what is quite likely is that a lot of people are going to moving their money out of southern europe to other places the potential bailout trades on deposits in cyprus is keeping investors nervous but it's inside add outside the euro zone area and i see i said ski explain to my colleague bill dodd why russia is particularly easy about brussels. well you
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know there's a certain stereotype in the west about the russian mafia keeping their money in cyprus offshore accounts well of course to some extent there is some illegal money there but definitely fundamentally it's all about the big businesses because almost just about every big business in russia has an asset an offshore account in cyprus and the biggest concern which is now there and was talked about by the by the president by the highest officials in the country does not concern the big businesses in the sense that russia has been striving to have the offshore money returns to the country the government believes it's now more stable to provide healthy environment to keep the money inside the country so this is not the concern here especially with the government and the president saying that it wants the money to be returned to russia spoke to the spokesperson of the russian president and here is what he had to say about i don't recall mr president for sure is
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a russian economy. was made during his annual address the russian parliament this year and here still stuck to this idea really have to make environment and russian economy more comfortable for those to invest their money. and to keep the money here on russian soil the biggest concern in the biggest unfairness which president putin talked about here and small businesses private who have the money in cyprus and we're talking here at least around forty thousand people who have their money in the offshore accounts there will suffer and this is something of course which is now being seriously condemned by moscow but then of course cyprus is in a very difficult position either it risks losing the bailout funds which of course will keep the country buoyant if it goes ahead with that then of course it loses its foreign investment investment so what does it do the reason feeling that cyprus
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may be shooting itself in the leg in the sense that it's been living off the offshore and. for many years now and russians have already started withdrawing their money from the cyprus accounts they may be soon followed by the japanese the chinese also have loads of money in the cyprus accounts and you know the world is a big place they're always find another country to have their money there. you know with our tea stay with us for more news off the show break including israel's political deadlock is seemingly over as a new coalition finally gets to work but as they did this hour there are more battles for prime minister netanyahu to fly.
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to seventeen. different strict. communicate. between their. guard their families and things.
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welcome back you're watching the prisoners hunger strike at guantanamo bay is a growing where even u.s. military officials knowledge minutes but do they still deny that inmates are being mistreated all that some lives are in danger as lawyers claim well small of the lack of response from humanitarian organizations is a raising eyebrows as marina explains. as the guantanamo hunger strike enters its forty second day there's been very little response and no outcry from international organizations the united nations for example has yet to comment or a good knowledge of the get mo hunger strike now r t did reach out to un human rights bodies in geneva and officials have promised to respond to our inquiry with a comment by tuesday afternoon now on the other hand the international committee of the red cross which last visited the island prison the third week of february doesn't knowledge that a hunger strike is taking place but so far all the organization has done is release
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a statement saying that the i.c.r.c. believes past and current tensions at guantanamo to be the direct result of the uncertainty faced by detainees now compounding this problem is that it's been very difficult to access any information about get most prisoners due to military censorship after all it was the attorneys for the detainees that first expressed urgent and grave concern over the life threatening mass hunger strike that reportedly started at guantanamo on february sixth now according to the center for constitutional rights a reported one hundred thirty prisoners on hunger strike in early february to protest the alleged confiscation of personal items such as photos and mail and the alleged sacrilegious handling of their qur'an now lawyers have reported that some of the prisoners are coughing up blood have lost two or more than twenty pounds and
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have been hospitalized experts medical experts say that by day forty five hunger strike participants can experience potential blindness and partial hearing loss now the center for constitutional rights and behave b.s. council have sent a letter to u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel urging him. to help immediately and this massive hunger strike and to quote take action before another man dies at that prison unquote the director of public affairs for joint task force kuantan m o captain robert duran did release a statement on friday to r.t. denying claims of a mass hunger strike or the mishandling of the koran shortly after mr durant released his statement kuantan a monique the commander announced that flights to the island prison from south
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florida will be terminated on april fifth now those flights have served as a vital air bridge for attorneys who are seeking to meet with their imprisoned clients critics believe that this is an attempt by the defense department to limit the access that attorneys with their clients reporting from new york. r.t. . or to spoke to an attorney who has represented several guantanamo bay prison as he describes detaining people for years without charge as a grossly inhumane. there are one hundred sixty six people at guantanamo of those who are probably at most twenty guys who are bad guys who were taken in later guys like khalid shaikh mohammad the other people are and most nothing more than half of them eighty six of the main been cleared at least for three years and some during the bush administration cleared as innocent people and they're still there and they're frustrated i mean i don't care if you're held in the dorchester hotel in
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london or the best hotel the ritz carlton in moscow and you're confined to that room for eleven years and you can't see your family you can't go out and talk to people you can't read freely you can't get about i don't care that's a lousy condition even if you're fed the best food every day and believe me they're not i mean they are imprisoned improperly without a chance to get out that's the worst condition. and we've got much more on the ongoing guantanamo hunger strike on our website to help day to watch an end of the year with a film of god at the notorious camp who gives a firsthand account although a lot of it is a shame to us detainees and with analysis of other possible reasons behind the mass protests. by now to live pictures of from other vatican the where pope francis is holding his inaugural mass hundreds of thousands
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of people gathered outside st peter's basilica to welcome the new pontiff francis is of the first ever pope from the americas and the phrase are from outside of europe in more than one thousand singing was elected to the world's one point two billion catholics last week feel benedict the sixteenth abdicated to go help. right now turning to other international stories in a brief of the syrian government using rebel fighters of using chemical weapons in the attack in the country's north which reportedly killed sixteen people meanwhile syria's main exiled opposition bloc has elected its own prime minister to administer areas as seized by the rebels the newly dad the son if you talk syria border american citizen a desperate rebel groups are fighting in syria have already criticized the election . two years without a running water have seen a town erupt in
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a second day of violence in northeast colombia water supplies are stopped women avalanche destroyed a processing plant and there's no sign of it being replaced at least or two security officers were injured and twenty two people arrested after why police used tear gas to disperse the rest. israel's new government has now been formed and us want to end weeks of showing you as we go she is of that sort to political newcomers assume roles as prime minister netanyahu is main coalition partners but the compromise could mean his troubles are far from over as policy explains. he might have perfected the role of israel's great communicator but as prime minister benjamin netanyahu enters his third term of office like his audience his powers of persuasion are shrinking. you need to watch the body language of how this coalition was forged it changed from aggressive to disappointed and after the
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disappointment the anger will come we'll see that in the open what's already being seen in the open is that netanyahu is new partners are not the ones he wanted form a media personality out yet appeared and representative of these way to set a movement naftali bennett their everything he's not young contemporary and popular . he's panicked netanyahu realizes they are the next generation it's like a national geographic film where the young lions push the old line aside they get the females and the future is theirs. but bibi as he's called is nothing if not supremely confident over the past dozen years he's earned a doctorate in defeat and how it may be avoided he's a pro at welding together the broken parts so they can hold on for a little bit longer. driven by the fact that he has some kind
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of paranoid when you're paranoid. makes you minimize the volume of mistakes that you might do and i think that he when he always thinks that there's a product that someone is. about to pull a trick on him he's there were prepared as he used to sit around a table with partners who might eventually signal his downfall. netanyahu ran a confused campaign and a confused negotiation although he is very smart very experienced it didn't show the goals were constantly changing there was no planning so he needs to sit now and get his house in order. it wasn't that long ago that time magazine crowned him king bibi influential magazine ran with the headline that he's come could israel but nine months later it's not so clear whether israel hasn't finally conquered netanyahu in the final as the great communicator might not be able to communicate
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so great after all if we are seen television. after the break a look at the lies of a community which turned its back on societies centuries ago you're watching r.t. . there was a time in america when buses were officially segregated and today if they tried to research the wall next or there would be outrage throughout the usa every t.v. channel newspaper so segregation in america was wrong but no america funding for via foreign aid seems to be a ok and jim dandy. arab language leaflets have been spread around west bank in palestinian areas asking residents to start using
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special bus lines plans to put palestinians on separate bus lines were first announced in november of two thousand and twelve after some complaints by jewish settlers of trouble on the buses between passengers of different ethnicities in regards to the special bus lines it's really human rights groups but selim said the attempt to put segregation is appalling and the current arguments about security needs an overcrowding must not be allowed to camouflage blatant racism you know when south africa had apartheid they were slammed with sanctions including from the us but if you're israel go ahead and segregate all the buses you like and you'll still be the us is top recipient of foreign aid at three point one billion dollars a year if there's one thing i don't like it's hypocrisy like this but that's just my opinion.
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it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we are the future are covered. we're old believe us we're not supposed to be public people we'd rather not be filmed or shot on television we're supposed to live a quiet life and keep distant from worldly matters that's what we need if we're to keep our traditions we be glad not to be disturbed too much or. don't we'll be a day in aviation with only a way to shave. in the world with no yelling in english we're going to be a a.


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