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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the secret find in some ministers is in a rush hour looking for a plan of b. after cyprus paul abend rejected an easy bailout deal which included a raid on bank savings. president obama is in israel for his first foreign visit after relaxing with claims his ship is preparing over the cracks in the relationship rather than seeking real progress on key issues like peace in the middle east and of potential strike on iran. the number of hunger strike you prisoners there guantanamo bay nearly doubles according to camp officials with inmates now in hospital.
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it's two pm here in moscow you live with us on our t. with me to one would say it's good to have you company with us. so i'm looking for a plan b. to avoid bankruptcy after its parliament or gave a resoundingly no voted to the e.u. i.m.f. bailout package the country's finance minister is now in moscow with reports russia could be ready to lend a helping hand to the ailing eurozone member now for more on that let's cross live to our g.'s you got a piece going up you know about what exactly are slide prison options are right and now do they have a plan b. well cyprus is in a very difficult position right now since it's just rejected the bailout proposal made by brussels and the troika of investors so frankly speaking there are aren't that many places for the finance minister to turn right now for assistance and he is in moscow there's speculation that the country is going to ask russia for a loan cyprian finance ministers already met with his
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a russian counterpart and he said that he's satisfied with the negotiations but at the same time he added that no official offer has been made so far and he's now set to meet with the russian first prime minister and it well we already know that cyprus also russia to have billion euros this was another law and given to the country back in two thousand and eleven and helped it stayed afloat the big question now is is cyprus going broke and is it going to ask for a full bailout package this is all happening despite and going merkel's course on the country not to even consult with anyone on its economic problems except for brussels and the troika of keen masters you've got a piece going to live in moscow thank you very much for that so the club is the taking of all aside praise which could run out of money within a week the banks are still closed across the country amid widespread public anxiety
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over savings tessa cilia report out from nicosia. all right after the rejection there were people on the street here protesting before that and then it quickly turned into a celebratory mood they were happy that the parliament had not passed this bill imposing a tax of their deposits as far as what goes on in the street at the moment it's rather calm the initial panic really happened over the weekend when that announcement was made from brussels that they will be toxic people were lining up. in front of a.t.m.'s trying to get their money out and yesterday i was talking to some locals who were trying to get some money out of the a.t.m. some had run out of cash and this morning when i actually tried to buy a bottle of water they have given me a handful of change and apologizing that they have run out of five euros or ten euro notes because the banks were closed so the banks will remain closed today and tomorrow and this will pose a problem in terms of cash flow for the locals the u.k. government as we know had already sent about one million euros in cash to their
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troops who are here in cyprus just to keep the cash go away now on the on the a bigger level of economic a level if the banks do remain close this will pose a problem as the economy does hit a substantially on the banking sector and there's already been doubt on whether the my school open at all and we also heard from reaction from the e.u. i did not find this minister said well the bloc deeply regretted the boat but the bailout offer still sounds provided that the initial requirement is still met all the sleeve that is law that has not passed the parliament and they're really not happy about that will be a part of what is happening in cyprus certainly sending ripples across europe first of all to the citizens who are now with quite afraid of their say because of the fact that the seeds of doubt that the soul of the credibility has been damaged that the damage has been done even if the poll did not go through so people are saying if it can happen to cyprus that that red line to be crossed dipping into people's savings it could happen to other euro zone countries that might be leading bailouts
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in the future. for more on the cyprus turmoil i'm joined by political economy expert marcus kava. kava we leave that appears to be a standoff between the e.u. and cyprus with the neither side willing to make concessions do you expect either side to give in where for the time being the cyprus side has gained the upper hand and the blackmail the blackmailing policy which is made by the cyprus government seems to work out or those type is one hundred percent to spend and on the willingness of the european union to bail the island out let's remember one thing cyprus represents about what zero point seven percent of the gross national product of the eurozone so it's not an essential part of the euro zone's and bailouts are only allowed to cling to the statutes of the european stability mechanism if
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a country really represents an essential part. of the eurozone and its stability is vital for the stability of the sustainability of the euro zone i think we have to come up with very clear decisions cyprus is no longer part of the eurozone and the behavior of the cyprus politicians shows who is quite clear in charge of economically speaking of the island it's moscow is not brussels and we have to draw conclusions from that as quickly as possible so how is it the cyprus drama then resonating in other vulnerable eurozone countries like greece and portugal could we see an investment exodus out from these states after what's happened to their aid. no the situation is absurd because not only the importance of cyprus after years and years of a policy which is part of regulation arbitrage and off shore paradise of.
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officemate two to nonresidents which has created a bubble economy a bubble banking community which is to the disproportionate to the gross national product of the island the european community that is to say the other taxpayers should bail the island out this is demanding too much solidarity from the other european the taxpayers the union the greek asians the was qualified by the euro rescue is as unique case apparently it is no longer and the greek banks despite being in a horrible situation seem to offer or making bits for them fillets in cyprus so it it will all works out that those who have broken the roots of the european community. and. having no real economic way to dictate the policy of the european community if the european community gives in
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your theology of the brussels authorities is a government is disappearing let's talk about what some german finance minister we want to have a of i just want to talk about why there weren't primaries minutes that said he won he won that cyprus that its banks may never be able to reopen if the country rejects the terms of the e.u. i.m.f. bailout i mean is that a real possibility is that an empty threat. well this is a response to the blackmailing position of the cyprus finance minister and the cyprus prime minister has well the cyprus population is against any foul part in the recapitalization of the banks let the european taxpayers pay for cyprus plans to have offered. conditions for their accounts we sure are young and you know his dreams we would have offered. tax rates and have let in people from abroad which are nonresidents and which are not at all the identical with the.
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population let's take this into account as well in germany we are going to help to have elections in the autumn of this year and the german population after the paid out of the irish cried out of the portuguese great out of the spanish paid out now is confronted with another case of bailing out a country which is not at all these hundreds of the eurozone and which in the past has benefited enormously from the euro not in order to build an economy but in order to build an offshore an offshore so is not part of the european project it's not part of the european project of the euro and it's not part of a policy which is in germany understood by the largest majority of the population some is to short people who have never even met a cab i'm so sorry but i'm running out of time anyone has just entered. i'm just going to have to interject i'm so sorry but we're just running out of time thank
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you very much political economy expert mark has kept at bay talking and sharing his in fact live at that. ride could russia no rules or be one of the reasons the e.u. wasn't willing to fulfill bailout cyprus or that's debated in cross talk with peter lavelle next hour. the germans are only agreed to this bailout if the russians depositors which is a lot is about thirty billion dollars worth of russian money in those banks they don't get away scot free but it's because of deposits overwhelmingly the people who are getting by this time zone depositors are secrets. and the notion that. russian oligarchs and so on are being brought by this is really put about in germany in order to justify the very harsh treatment of cypriot savers.
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barack obama is heading to key ally israel for the first time as you as president obama's previous term in office or frosty relations with israel's recently reelected prime minister benjamin benjamin netanyahu however expectations of a breakthrough on the most pressing issues appear low even among u.s. officials and many see the much a trumpeted visit as a p.r. stunt artie's a policy a report. when former american president george bush visited israel his trip was dubbed clear skies pope benedict the sixteenth was cloaked white road now it's a bomb has turned. we've called the visit then shakable alliance it is a sign of the extraordinary relations between israel and the united states. so extraordinary that the prime minister's office invited the public to choose one of these designs as the trips official emblem but relations between the two leaders
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are strained and many believe the positive p.r. is nothing more than cave a spin there are policy differences. on the palestinian issue on the boards the rise of islamist forces in. egypt what you see from your neighborhood not what you see from washington. at the distance from the palestinian street for that matter. the bomber came just to beautify the ugly face that bush left the american government works the same whether the president is a bomber or bush the only difference is that one president smiles while the other does not this is likely to be the scene for the next three days while a bomb is in town anger frustration and raised in the streets of palestine also full of posters protesting the president's visit to many of them his face has been blacked out. critics warn that if obama doesn't confront the two now who on
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settlements and sixty seven borders the visit could disintegrate into another diplomatic failure and some say we knew all of violence in the middle east we don't see ourselves leaving our communities we have returned to places where we have the jewish people have always wished to live there and we live that with the encouragement of the support of the israeli government when it comes to read about men netanyahu are at loggerheads a bomber is against an israeli military strike despite relations between the u.s. and iran being themselves quite strained franking iran. in spite of american explicit objections would certainly. hamper israel's relations with the united states might. even break them all together so for all its hype a bomb his visit for me is less of a compliment and more of an attempt by washington to reaffirm its military alliance in pursuit of its economic interests the interests of the united states its not its
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in the resources of the middle east and not in its people and to ever think that it is devoted to states have changed that is it will prove differently proof that comes at a price literally the three day trip cost millions of dollars is a high price for a visit with so little promise. television. but as i will be the next stop on our president obama's i had to ramallah on thursday well of course i'll bring you a discussion a word about the prospects of that visit with nora de a spokesperson for the palestinian authority she'll be joining us live from ramallah just stay tuned away that's all for more on that and we'll be back with more news. well. it's technology innovation all the developments
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around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is all. part of the big. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. a group linked to al qaeda says they have behind the so cold blooded choose a attacks in baghdad and sixty five people died in a series of blasts across the city the day in which mall to the tenth anniversary off of the u.s. invasion became the deadliest in iraq so far this year a decade after a western coalition has stepped in to bring freedom and democracy stability is still eluding the nation. explains from iraq. almost everyone that we've met here in iraq is deeply scarred and traumatized by war in one way or another whether was lost as under the saddam era or the massive violence and bloodshed that's been unleashed by the u.s. war and subsequent occupation not to mention the sectarian and ethnic lines that that war has opened blood shed is unfortunately the new norm for most of the parts
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of iraq here where we're standing right now is actually the semi autonomous region of iraqi kurdistan it's probably the only area in iraq that has seen life improved since the war in large part due to profits from the oil that's been found in this region but less than an hour away in the city of kirkuk where we went a completely different picture checkpoint after checkpoint blast wall surrounding the city it was quite dangerous for us to move around without a military escort and most of the residents complained of potentials of security attacks almost at any moment so this is something that's really been reflected across the country and it's quite symbolic of course that on the anniversary of the ten year invasion iraq close that painful chapter much the same way that it began with bombs across baghdad but as for whether the people feel better off or not it really depends on fortunately on their experience their. ethnic affiliations their religion and what they've suffered during the past ten years. the situation in the
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country so that we do have a problem. there are explosions everything is. the way things are today. groups are fracturing this democracy. we would feel free to go out and be returned safely. but there's no guarantee that i'll come home so as you heard there the one thing that does seem to unite iraqis today is fear fear of when the next explosion or attack may come. the u.s. led military campaign in iraq was supposed to overthrow the regime of saddam hussein and protect the world from his alleged weapons of mass destruction saddam was toppled although w m d's were never found argues in a delusional takes a look at whether the means justify the end. what's for the thinking then and what do they think now those are the questions that many people want to ask those in
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power who made the decision to invade iraq ten years ago r.t. did just that pose in several uncomfortable questions to those who voted to invade the country a decade ago warning their replies may leave you surprised no i don't regret voting in that way because i think the people of iraq have been freed of course you'll regret any number of people who died but the big question is what were the was the intent of saddam hussein against his own people we've already seen that we had a very repressive regime but what's come in place of saddam's baath his dream could hardly be called a better safer life indicative insurgency terror attacks roadside bombs and seemingly endless six tearing violence the effect of the invasion on the iraqi population has been devastating let's look at these numbers over here we're looking at almost five thousand coalition deaths about hundred thirty four thousand of iraq he does but of course those numbers are varying greatly depending on the source and
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finally you're looking at more than two million displaced people of course not to mention the latest report by the watson institute for international studies at brown university which reckons the war has to date cost the u.s. more than two trillion dollars some american military officials remain undaunted by the numbers and believe what they did ten years ago actually was a good thing i think it was very necessary for us to do something to help the middle east which degree of freedom but it hadn't had before now a lot of people are going to argue that the iraq invasion did not provide the types of freedom that we had originally envisioned but what what the they're dealing with a regime that didn't allow any freedoms and now depending on where you are in iraq there is at least a sim. once of some freedom unfortunately no map of those places has been provided the latest gallup poll conducted on the eve of the tenth anniversary showed fifty
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three percent of americans consider the invasion of iraq a mistake the view is shared by at least one man who was among those who ten years ago believed a military operation against saddam hussein was necessary artie's bureau london mets with lord prescott who in two thousand and three was tony blair's defeat the prime minister it always used to be denied that it was a rosary. book about not only was redeemed but it's now what motivates the russian i think in regard to iraq you see the people not talking about intervening but they don't want boots on the ground with that they just want. to kill more civilians than the. you know i want the lesson to be learned and we shouldn't repeat it again these countries must develop in all ways as for those iraqis who fought in the war well for them the war is anything but over as they now have to rebuild a country led to the brink of collapse by foreign invaders in the name of all to
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make good while those who instigated the carnage seem to show no regrets whatsoever and later this hour are to take that to the streets of iraq setting on a three week a road trip exploring the country behind the headlines don't miss a special report. clear image of iraq after a. twenty day taxi trip through the country. really. clear. to see. the reach of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. i got a taxi on our t.v. . the number of prisoners a staging a hunger strike a gaunt animal bay has nearly doubled according to u.s. military officials they also admit it leaves a two inmates were treated in hospital for dehydration but maintained there's no
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mass strike over mistreatment as detainees lawyers claim meanwhile the u.n. human rights body has finally responded to mounting media coverage of the guantanamo crisis where in a board or has the details. received a long statement from the office of the un's high commissioner for human rights navi pillay now directly related to the guantanamo hunger strike that statement said that quote while aware of some of the allegations of mistreatment of inmates said to have provoked the hunger strike which includes undue interference with inmates personal effects we are still trying to confirm the details unquote of the statement went on to say that the human rights commissioner has repeatedly regretted that the u.s. government has not closed get mail and has she's also expressed concern over the obstacles the national defense authorization act has created for losing the island prison and for trying prisoners that are there even the united nations has not been
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able to have enough access at guantanamo to see what is taking place with this hunger strike the prisoners at guantanamo bay one on hunger strike on february sixth in protest of the alleged confiscation of their personal items and religious handling of their qur'an at that time the u.s. military was saying that only a handful of prisoners were on hunger strike but we do know that medical experts have told us and so have attorneys that once this hunger strike enters its forty fifty day hunger strike participants risk losing their eyesight and losing their hearing there's been reports according to attorneys of hunger strike participants losing up to thirty pounds if not more coughing up blood losing consciousness being hospitalized so the attorneys for these state detainees are sounding the alarm as they've even at the center for constitutional rights even sent a letter to u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel say help us end this hunger strike but the u.s.
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military is maintaining it's not a big deal. marina pod and i are reporting from a new york for us and our g. also spoke on the phone to captain jason derives a member of the defense team for some of the detainees raising guantanamo now here's what he told us about the condition of the prisoners find themselves in when i first walked into the meeting room three weeks ago when i met with my client my current i was shocked to see the change in the parents last. year overall concern and the description here didn't. think a whole lot about the conditions of confinement because the u.s. government stated that we can talk about this broken only talk about meaning i can tell you that when i conferred with other defense attorneys in other he'd be. called the same exact story about how what happened with the current search is what happened with the soldiers it is for a universal it's not a risk. syria's government and rebels are accusing each other of launching
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a chemical attack near the northern city of aleppo that killed twenty five people and wounded dozens opposition activists earlier said government troops were among the dead news all the attack led to a prompt international response britain and the us regenerated bit earlier warnings that the use of chemical weapons could lead to an intervention russia has expressed concerns that rebels might have got hold of the w m d the all the news story and general tone says the horrors of syria cannot be looked at in isolation. and if it turns out that the rebels committed this act we should not be surprised after all they've become master of car bombings not least we should also recall that this is the tenth anniversary of the disastrous us invasion of iraq and as we speak bombs are going off in baghdad country waiting this disastrous invasion we should connect the two events just as the al-qaeda in iraq and their allies or detonating bombs in
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baghdad across the border in syria all nusra front which is connected to al qaeda in iraq is engaged in current bombings and perhaps chemical weapons bombings as well france and the u.k. or wintering powers as a result of that weakness france and the u.k. are heavily dependent upon capital from the gulf arabs the saudis and the fatah reason not least and so it seems to me that when they talk about trying to arm the rebels in syria they're basically dancing to the tune played by the saudis and the qataris. after the break a mall on the everyday life of iraqi people amid the ongoing violence.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in world events this is why you should care only on the dot com. a clear image of iraq after the invasion. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the road full of danger. clear evidence
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from north to south. the route of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. taxi on r.t. . download the official r.t. application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites . if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch ati anytime anywhere. visiting the general hospital in fallujah is like living it was a nightmare. children with two heads tumors malformations missing limbs and macabre an unbearable litany they say every family here is.


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