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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from moscow cyprus officials in europe descend on moscow to thrash out a three way rescue as the island scene of the service shuttered banks on a cold shoulder from euro. or other headlines to. a rocket attack on israel mas obama's visit to the region as he meets palestinian leader mahmoud abbas with prospects of the trip brings stability still a distant hope we've got the latest thoughts on that tonight. plus. the united nations is to investigate the alleged deadly chemical attack in aleppo following demands for a probe from both the syrian government and the opposition if you keep each other of the assault.
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you just joined us here live in the new center tonight and i top story then heavy police presence on the streets of the cypriot capital tonight where crowds are gathering angered by their country's uncertain future let's take a look at the latest pictures we've got all the way from nicosia provided by a video agency ruptly they'll be on in just a minute anyway we're just turning around for you the cypriot finance minister is in moscow right now is talks to save the offshore banking house from bankruptcy and to crunch time the stakes are high with speculation that cyprus could offer natural gas exploration rights to secure russian help but of course time is running out the nation is dwindling cash reserves push it towards default bringing us up to speed than this risk and off with the latest on this big story. the cypriot finance minister is explained that the country doesn't need
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a new loan from russia but it needs investment in exchange for this investment it's ready to offer shares in its banking and energy sector the minister has been in moscow for the last few days in negotiating with russian officials so far he says there's been no official offer but he stressed that he's not leaving until an agreement is reached in the meantime a delegation of senior european union officials is also in the russian capital including the head of the european commission amount of barros of course they're also discussing the crisis in cyprus and earlier russia's prime minister dmitry did if i said really strong words to say about the situation but. so far the e.u. together with the cyprus parliament have unfortunately acted like a bull in a china shop i think all possible mistakes which could have been made in the situation have been made slow enough bustled little of the prime minister didn't stop there he also compared the european union's officials approach to the crisis to how soviet authorities downs with the private funds of soviet citizens meaning
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the expropriation of private property of course all this is happening after cyprus have rejected the bailout plan proposed by brussels and mostly the so-called droid of investors which included taxing private bank accounts the country is still on the verge of bankruptcy there is unconfirmed speculation that the cypriot calment is a looking at an alternative plan to get out get out of the crisis which may even allegedly include getting out of the euro zone altogether but time is running out for the country and its president said that a decision must be made before the end off the day and for more on all this i'm now joined by the editor in chief of the business new york magazine ben heiress mr ayres thank you very much for joining me and well about this latest speculation it's really unconfirmed reports but theoretically how possible is it for cyprus to actually get out of the euro zone and what consequences may this have. happened. being pushed into a corner being told to come up with five point eight billion dollars and they have
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got it and they here in moscow negotiating with the russians trying to raise the money but then if the russians say no then they simply haven't got the money and then come monday then they run out of money the system goes into meltdown and how do you get out of that i mean you. make and you're a big ations and you leave the euro zone is a very possible scenario so i pressed now says that it's not looking for a long from russia but earlier the head of the euro group said that if russia gave a loan to cyprus then it would do it would just destabilize the whole situation. to bigger one for cyprus to handle so is this a sign that something like that is fair to say or is it a sign that european officials are just simply in opposition to russia trying to get involved in resolving it saying there's a lot of rhetoric flying around over this this whole case it's become highly emotive and people seem to you know lost their sense of balance when commenting on it and it also seems
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a bit rich to come from western europe. that you know they haven't sustainable debt when most of those countries are they bring a hundred percent g.d.p. debt to g.d.p. which is under the musketeer also unsustainable i think the issue here is that you know cyprus needs to raise some money but the e.u. is saying on the one hand we're not going to give you more than ten billion dollars for the seventeen saying need and on the other hand but you can't go to the russians to raise it either and so it seems to me that they're almost precipitating a crisis it doesn't make any sense well we got will fold so now how the cypriot parliament reacted to this crisis we spoke to chris just messes he is an m.p. from the left new forces party tells us why nicosia turned to moscow and away from the e.u. take a listen. it was the mentality troika. come again and again in every country in which they try this cold he says with these
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policies that are unfair and unfeeling. and the problem is the question is when when are they going to stop and it seems that they will and so we suggest that we. go for direction we have today suggested a good thing to do is to look. at the most guns and to try and find a better program then we have more confidence and it can be safe and reliable. thing to do and keep keep negotiating we trade which had chilled us that we cannot accept them to be reliable and it seems that the end may be somewhere really out of taking control. and oil resources which is something that worries us a lot this is what we all the people of cyprus at the moment comes think of.
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the behavior of the troika the way it has been in the last nine months and exactly in the last week even even even. now and of course times taken on now talk of deadlines the european central bank has set an ultimatum for cyprus no need to strike a bailout deal by monday all be cut off from emergency funds that of course be devastating for nicosia where banks remain shut to prevent mass cash withdrawals still test for centers more what's happening in the capital. the message is so widespread now across the capital at least when you walk down the street wherever there's a television it's on the news channel and. that liquidity flow to cyprus will end on monday if there was no evil or i.m.f. program in place and really pose a problem as far as cash flow was concerned we've already gone to some a.t.m. machines are people lining up they're trying to get some cash and some people tell me their limit of the amount of money that they can get from from one withdraw all
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has lessened some for four hundred for example to about two hundred euros we also went to a gas station and there are signs that they don't know longer except visa cards only because i think he said if you don't have any capacity you won't get any gas because they have to hold on to was much cash as they want as far sentiment goes so there's a a super bowl here that said that ninety one percent of us cypriots object to back to. imposing decided upon in brussels and sixty seven percent now favor an exit from the euro zone and stronger relations with russia i think now many people are just simply trying to find out if there's anybody out there who can help them because they know that the star situation of the financial situation directly impacts their daily lives really some people are telling me that they have to ask their family members just to have a couple of hundred euros to have groceries until the next week so the situation on the ground really i think it's it's kind of spiraling getting getting a little bit more intense as people realize that they're running out of cash money
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in their pockets literally and when i asked them look the banks will open next week or possibly tuesday and they asked me well what if it doesn't open i think this question that's hanging over their heads is really what's worrying. that we're following that story closely of course you want to keep up with it twenty four seventh's. website called the big stories of the day now the public. has been with us president barack. the west bank palestinians will. underwhelmed by the meeting saying obama avoided the most grave obstacles to peace in the region obama's trips been overshadowed by the daughter of a gazan rocket attack on israel it came after his meeting there on wednesday promised to benjamin netanyahu fall asleep as the latest on this story. well it's not such a large crowd of anti obama protesters here in ramallah but the same to be expressed here i would be reflective of the general mood on the palestinian street and what people here have been chanting is a bomb that if you're not black they've also been chanting that the occupation is
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like a snake and america is the head of the snake they're also saying that this is a nation that cannot be defeated not been talking to several people and what they've been telling me is that first and foremost through this visit a bomb has made it quite clear that america's support is for israel they complain that he's been talking to these radios hearing the israelis point of view and then ultimately putting forward the israeli position when it comes to peace negotiations with the palestinians we don't expect anything from obama he met netanyahu yesterday in israel and he didn't see one would all. of the palestinians do what this visit is just for supporting israel they're not considering the palestinians. we don't welcome a bomber in palestine he's a partner in killing us palestinians there are prisoners who are on hunger strike in israeli prisons and he doesn't care about them or about this nation. the united states is standing against any attempts to move the peace process forward the last
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one was the american veto and they refused to let us be part of the united nations this american government that supports terrorism globally killing the syrian nation and the african nations and all around the world. this coming on the second day of the american president barack obama's visit to the region certainly a bamma so far is speaking primarily to the israeli public and he admitted as much last night after he met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he said that his goal is to talk to the israelis he's spoken about the importance of israeli security and he's also committed american financial assistance to israel particularly in terms of military programs beyond two thousand and seventeen when the current contracts in expire now there's been very little mention so far of the palestinians of the peace process of the continued israeli settlement expansion and this is in stark contrast to the speech the president gave back in two thousand and nine in cairo when he said that one of his with my origins in terms of his foreign
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policy was resolving the palestinian issue having said that though there is a lot of mistrust between a bomb and that's when yahoo there is a lot of areas of disagreement they certainly don't see eye to eye on the issue of iran here we have missed on yahoo continuing to call for a military strike while obama continues to say that all options are on the table and that there is still time for diplomacy so certainly in this what we see is that despite the p.r. efforts there is no running away from the fact that netanyahu still holds firm to israeli commitment even if it means turning his back on his close allies we here in this clip israel can never grow to defer nursing homes to others even to the greatest of our friends the palestinian position is that they needs to be of attention one hundred sixty seven borders there needs to be a halt in construction of settlements and in this respect the anticipation and at least the analysis on the ground is that obama is not going to push these radios
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but rather push the palestinians to meet the israeli demands. more now about this let's talk to comedian scott blakeman co-host of the stand up for pre-show in new york scott even tell you it might sound odd though i'm starting here tonight in moscow talking to a caribbean tell all how can your show help the peace process. well you know as we speak president obama is addressing israeli students in jerusalem and really that's what myself and palestinian american muslim comedian dean obeidallah and i have been doing for the last ten years you know there's a lot of time wasted on blaming or making excuses what we do is we bring together jewish arab muslim and students from all backgrounds together first of foremost to laugh which we all need and to promote a dialogue for a peaceful political resolution is really healthy and conflict and that's what all parties need to do is sit down and talk there's no violent or military solution to the conflict there's no doubt i guess what you're saying it's a great day as well but of course practicalities do come in the way but
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a promise said in a speech to me just quote this he said it's not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own of course how does that square with the u.s. senate voting against palestinian statehood kind of add up does it well i wish the u.s. had voted in favor of palestinian state and we should encourage and applaud when the palestinians move towards going through the united nations after all that's how the state of israel was created was through the united nations so we should pursue diplomacy everywhere and you know the problem is anybody who sticks to the status quo. you know is not in favor of a good life for israelis and palestinians the only way that israelis can prosper is if palestinians prosper and i can't imagine what it's like to be a child in israel worrying about missiles coming over or being a child in gaza worrying about bombs coming over you so the situation stands now is not one not a good one and our comedy show is a way to bring people together bring up this issue and do it in
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a way where people don't yell at each other and storm out of the room which is what usually happens when the subject of the middle east comes up well obama who opposes things to say about the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas he said was a true partner i do think that news is going to go down in israel. well i think i'm going to be. the best partner israelis can hope for and i think that you know this is been it's really been twelve years since they've been serious peace negotiations and that to me is just you know terrible is no excuse for it and mahmoud abbas said earlier today that he recognizes the state of israel i mean there's no excuse not for both parties and really three parties the united states really can play a major role in this and i hope that president obama is highlighting the conflict the israeli palestinian issue is trying to promote bringing the parties back to the peace table because that is the only way to ensure a peaceful happy future for israeli and palestinian children final quick fifteen seconds so we're hoping do you think it will happen he went into this meeting both
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sides weren't happy on the u.s. stance do you think anything is going to be forged out of this three day trip you know what one thing that really the comedians are like myself like dean obeidallah who are optimists and i really believe that the students are the hope of the future whether they're israeli american palestinian who were in the world they want peace they want to live a decent life so i am optimistic that there will be peace in the middle east scotland for i'm a comedy show stand up for peace thank you ever so much much pretty shady ok well we want to know what you think of the big stories of the day the question we're asking that we get this right we want to know what you think about real intentions of let's go and take a look at the wall here see what it says things voting if you have a vote still open for you well seventy percent majority if you think it's a p.r. stunt that's going to achieve nothing vast majority they have to say that doesn't change much for the last couple of hours just about nineteen percent this i was twenty other say it's a way to keep israel from attacking iran seven percent as you can see paying lip
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service only to palestine and minority their attempts to resume peace talks only thank you for voting r.t. dot com is the place to do it of course. now back to our top story riot police are forming ranks outside the cypriot parliament now as crowds gather there for a fourth day running things our latest pictures you're seeing it now live pictures in fact from our t's new video agency ruptly the protests as i said to me anger to frustrated at the closure of the banks many of the savers of course can't access their accounts over this nationwide current bank shot to open the banks a massive recapitalization with money cyprus hopes will come from russia if not europe latest pictures there from cyprus will keep you up to speed if you want to be across those as well dot com is the place to be across them from the r.t. ruptly video news agency those pictures streaming live.
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well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. we are busy and. the girls know what. we are. what's not enough wealth is a law in the local needs you want a community i lend you most will be. done for me. i was right about i was right. i'll fight. the right.
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i'll get the first official u.s. reaction to guantanamo prisoners hunger strike the general in charge of overseeing the prison says the detainees are starving themselves to death now out of frustration at obama's failure to close down the prison will be coming and bringing more on that story later of course now next however let's talk about syria in this story our correspondent u.n. chief ban ki moon has pledged to send a group of independent experts to syria to investigate an alleged chemical attack both the government and the opposition of call for such an investigation after trading accusations it was beyond the assault of both blame each other it killed nevertheless up to thirty one people near the northern city of aleppo. following the developments for us. reports that chemical weapons have been used in the. area
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of the aleppo province this is are not clear at the moment people were rushed to hospital after the attack few had visible wounds to their bodies but some of them were clearly suffering from some breathing difficulties now that is of the assaults were saying that they saw other people falling to the floor dying witnesses have confirmed to r.t. that people have been suffering from effects of what seems to be some sort of gas back. in the heart from. where you're. over. now who could be behind this attack both assad's forces and rebels are pointing the finger of blame at each other but the rockets reportedly fell in areas controlled by the government the syrian rebels have long tried to overrun the weapons plant located in the very same area you can see it on the map right there aleppo and then also
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fear that is the place where some of the country's chemical stockpile is said to be stored in fact the syrian government said in december that rebel forces plundered supplied of chlorine gas and some time ago this video was posted online showing animals purportedly being killed with chemicals those behind this footage affiliated themselves with assad's opponents and threaten to do the same with those who support the syrian president yet all of this evidence doesn't seem to convince president obama deeply skeptical. any claim that in fact it was the opposition that used chemical weapons and interesting use of the word skeptical with the stakes being so high one of the biggest concerns for all is the scenario where syria's chemical arsenal falls into the hands of extremists fighters among opposition forces as history has shown there are examples when fighters supported by the west have eventually turned their arms against their backers now let's for
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just a moment imagine that extremists among the rebel fighters could get hold of chemical weapons how bad could the longer the tags for example of two thousand and five have been if that was the case we've already seen images of a chemical attack on a subway in a huge city in one thousand nine hundred five in tokyo by religious sect now imagine a similar scenario was staged by people who work throughout the conflict in syria initially supported by the west u.s. general in charge of overseeing guantanamo bay he says the hunger strike among prisoners shows their frustration with the government's failure to close a facility where the detainees lawyers say it's over abuse and the just a creation of the the number of participants acknowledged by the pentagon now has risen to twenty five but attorneys maintain it's more than one hundred going to she can as the latest. what we see here is a small protest in front of the white house one tata mohon out of the media spotlight for a while now you don't see much coverage on major u.s. news channels even with the hunger strike going on there right now so these people
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are trying to draw attention to the detainees more than fifty lawyers representing the president sent a letter to defense secretary chuck hagel urging him to help in that letter they said the participants health had deteriorated alarmingly and that some had lost more than twenty or thirty pounds that is nine to fourteen kilograms medical experts say by day forty five participants can experience potential blindness and potential loss of hearing so what prompted these people to resort to such a desperate move i was a consultant on if you were the case and on those men would tell their attorney basically i don't want to talk with your what's the point of talking with you i don't want to know the date i'm going to get out of here but there are no gates all . oh as many of the detainees have come to believe and this is what they say we've heard this from their lawyers that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin in january a state department shut down the office that was working to close guantanamo more
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than half of those detainees are sitting there with papers from the u.s. clearing them for with leaves and yet with no hope that they're ever going to be free again the officials are certainly trying to downplay the hunger strike but they're pressed for answers and they sure know what's going on and what caused the strike in the first place marine corps general john kelly and it's his command that oversees guantanamo he was testifying in congress this wednesday he said the prisoners had launched the hunger strike because they're frustrated take a listen they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed they were devastated when the president did you know backed off at least their perception of closing the facility that has caused them to become frustrated and they want to get this i think turned you don't get it back in the media. on our part will continue to press officials for answers as the strike continues and involves more people in washington i'm going to check on. well a story getting little attention in mainstream american media but here at r.t.
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we have been following it as you may well know from the beginning we've got the timeline of events on our website as was comments by u.n. and prison officials as well and detainees lawyers and activists had to auntie dot com for the full picture from us. well news in brief now let's bring you up to speed the first minister of scotland alex salmond has announced the referendum on scottish independence they're held on the eighteenth of september next year voters will be asked a single yes or no question a question should scotland become an independent country draft legislation outlining financial voting details of the referendum is today also been published by the scottish parliament. the job leader of kurds in turkey absolutely has called for a ceasefire with the government a message read out tens of thousands of kurdish new year celebrations this follows months of secret goes the nation is before it says it seems a step towards ending the twenty nine year conflict that's left fourteen thousand people dead weeks ago the kurdistan workers party of the k.k.k. me to send public just yet releasing eight to hostages.
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it's not exactly twenty twenty six mosco time coming up the tough financial choices facing cyprus are for discussion then in the late stage the cause report that's on it after this break. jorge rios an argentinian student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only
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given around four hours of work per week but was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgery i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in a comedy. that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have
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americans work for you get cheap corporate pigs that's just my opinion. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my tax cuts are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on our. a. little.


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