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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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superhits a panic over billions in love to savings and lash out at the government angered by job constant harsh treatment from euro. china's new leaders in moscow in his first offer szell foreign visit as the two powers seek a greater joint role in global affairs. syria's main opposition body stands accused by an ex member of moving towards radical islam and failing to represent the people this as a number of those killed in a damascus suicide bombing rises to forty nine. and guantanamo bay officials of knowledge of the number of hunger strikes at the detention center is growing while human rights groups put the figure at over one hundred.
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where were you watching from around the world and this is our team riot police have condoned all of these secret parliament as angry crowds are descend on the legislature full of served day one day these are live pictures of from other capital need. the protesters are urging their government not to. pressure brussels wants to supriya to government to push through a highly unpopular tax that could wipe out ten percent of people savings the proposal has already been rejected once but there's growing concern that cyprus will be forced to accept it the country's banks have been paralyzed for almost a week now and i says are still important people are bracing themselves for the worst. all of this. the panic this negativity started of course on the announcement
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over the weekend from brussels that in order to get a ten billion euro bailout package cyprus will have to cough up about five point eight billion in the suggestion to impose a tax on. ninety one percent of cypriots according to a poll have been against. we've seen protests on the streets of people angry really . and specifically a germany they feel of the country has been cornered into a position where they really have no choice but to take a very hard decision now here's what some of the cypriots feel right now towards europe. these steps. and their vision of these should usually.
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be. very. well the mood here in nicosia cyprus remains rather negative it seems of the people feel that they're receiving one bad news after another the latest being that the european central bank will only continue to provide liquidity to the country until monday and after that it will only continue to do so if there is an i.m.f. program in place this means if there really is a cash problem on the ground cypriots going to be in the morning trying to get as much cash as they could have told me that the limit on their cars and the amount that they could take for the change has been lowered we've also been speaking to some shopkeepers they're really having a problem big losses in their business and it's been a headache for them since this started. my business is down over seventy percent in just the last few days. and you're really worried that.
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and one of the direct effects of the financial predicament you can already feel on the ground here the size of it put up only cash no visa cards allowed at this gas station we really want to hold on to was much half as good as the banks will be closed until next week and really they're not confident that the banks will reopen when the government said it would it's just to be safe because he decides if you don't have cash you won't get. the cash to pay. for our people. something we have to pay in cash so we take on the question now was the political leaders along with the financial sector here try to figure out a way to maneuver the country out of this predicament that people are simply sitting tight trying to hold on again was much cash as they can because really for them the main concern is how to get through these next few days when they've already experienced being in limbo for the past week reporting from nicosia cyprus
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. following all the developments in the soup pretty capital for us and posing regular updates and pictures among the latest from her is that prices a better greece has pledged to loan cyprus around six hundred million euros. why chancellor angela merkel is now warning sign pros i quote to test the boundaries of the troika's of patients and quote that's after all one avenue of rescue a deal with the russia all about evaporates because cea and moscow failed to agree on a rescue plan after intense negotiations in the russian capital market. picks up the story. prime minister medvedev said that russia will be willing to provide any needed assistance to rescue the cypriot economy only when brussels and you can see a find a common language on the ways out of this crisis this came shortly after the cypriot finance minister said that he had not received any help he was willing to get in a moscow and left the russian capital the proposals by the cypriot finance minister
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off joint company between cyprus and russia on exploring the natural resources fields on the island did not meet any interest on the russian investment companies and the chance of russia providing an emergency loan to the island was not even considered because cyprus is under a certain limit imposed by the european union of having loans from other countries and by getting this loan from russia it would have violated this limit and of certainly violated the internal economic agreements within the european union so that's where the talks between cyprus and russia stalled that's why the finance minister had to leave moscow in some way that indeed the european union is the final straw for the island for cyprus but here things are not also quite easy because brussels still insists that cyprus must impose the much maligned deposit
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tax something of course which is causing controversy in protests on the island and also apart from all other regulations analysts are saying that the bailout loan itself would not completely rescue the cypriot economy because it's much more money will be needed to rescue this situation and you can see it will have to find the money elsewhere and certainly this remains a big question where it could find the money apart from that certainly there's certain political wrangling happening between brussels and you can see it with the head of the cypriot parliament saying that they will vote on the turn it's of good blood. without considering the limitations and regulations of the european union and at the same time angela merkel stressed that i quote cyprus must behave accordingly with the european union regulations and must not test the boundaries of the troika patience and of quote so definitely this is a roller coaster ride and as it stands cyprus may be plunging into
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a default unless any kind of common language and compromise is found any time soon . the cypriot government is due to present the e.u. and i.m.f. with a new plan that dubbed plan b. a bailout that's got a german perspective on the crisis now with andrea's a d. together who is a free voter is a new candidate for the very an apollo meant message get chancellor merkel has warned that disciple is not to try the choice because patient doesn't those kind of rhetoric make the situation worse. it makes the situation well re complicated because the bailout. german chancellor plans will not bring a sustainable solution for cyprus cyprus as a debt problem doesn't that overhead which kind of pay and you cannot solve this
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situation by adding debt like the term billion now the european union is willing to pay as our no one has a guarantee whatever about this will be no sustainable solution put in bloom post austerity to the people of cyprus it may well impose bible will lead to lower waiters lower prices so this is no solution and therefore one burg. no solutions but many ordinary cypriots feel germany's pressure pressuring the country to adopt its hoss and i don't fade tags a-d. do you think they have a point then why is germany being soft well i think there are upcoming elections and that's the point the bailout will not go on like it ever did for. european union the troika soon and bails out the banks but in this point of
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a demand what is in principle ok that creditors of banks have to participate in the debt cuts. and support that's right but not like they do it here one reason for the separate crisis was a weak regulations from the e.u. which i love to. cook at books and so why is the euro putting all the blame on cyprus. well i don't know now we're in a complicated situation and why the european union is so harsh i cannot explain for chancellor merkel it's the elections upcoming in september. that's why she demands. people of so i just have to. carry birds your however for me this cannot be alert solution. you know greece
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has actually pledged six hundred million euros to help cyprus why aren't we seeing such solidarity from other parts of europe and well there is solidarity when i speak to the people here in bavaria there is solidarity they are willing to help the people of cyprus but what they are not willing to do is that the risks and losses of the bondholders of the equity holders of the banks of the creditors of the banks of the bond holders of cyprus sovereign bonds but they did that for grooves but they did that for greece so why can't they go there cyprus they did this and now they change gears because because of the upcoming elections the german voters will not go on with a government policy like this. andrea said did carefree voters a room nuremberg candidate for the very in country parliament thank you for your
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time. catching the chinese wind in russia's economic sails that's what russia's president vladimir putin says he's aiming to do during lent money talks in moscow with the new chinese leader xi jinping a break to russia for his for his a trip abroad since taking office earlier this month a correspondent on isa now has more. let's not forget that vladimir putin picked china as his first stop in this term as president now the favor is being returned sitting paying first visit are brought here to russia certainly not a coincident and least that's not the way it's being seen but as a sign a symbol even a message perhaps to other leaders to other nations that this partnership is a strong one and it's only growing at the forefront economic cooperation and a joint interest to break the washington consensus around the world and transform the global stage into a multi-polar one. pushing two powers together
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a common goal to shift global balance is forging a tie between russia and china that could soon be unbreakable a new chinese leader his first stop moscow some think surely washington must notice what is brushing off no they don't take it seriously at their own peril russia and china fellow brics major trade partners and team players at the u.n. security council were there too often stand up against intervention and to gresham mosco and beijing or seem really impacts of nato back to tax and they don't want the instability that washington seeks in the middle east beijing and moscow want to do business china is booming and russia is right next door the potential for gas deals and pipelines are vast as soon as the two can agree on a price russia also sees china as a way to diversify its a common like helping tap untouched water sources in the east and investing in the
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west now they could join forces on cooperation militarily but it's the inevitable i think result of the type of us that asia pacific pivot that is is threatening china on one side and the nato increasing military encircled in the russian on the other side the more the us. pushes its agenda in certain parts of the world the closer they push russia and china together that opens the door for growth and enormous economic ramifications the nations that make up the brics group may be divergent but experts now see they are much more than an acronym point i am guy at goldman sachs and the brics are developing fast they agree on all of the fundamentals that if they want a multi-polar world and they want to have more say on what happens in it geo politically what they need to do is put their money where their mouth is that's the
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short answer according to the lead singer of putin the main goal now is to move from a dialogue based format that focuses on smaller issues more relative to them to a full scale strategic cooperation mechanism that focuses on solving key global issues together in order for them to do that they need to push forward with their plans of a brics development bank that could counter institutions like the i.m.f. . professor joseph chang a political analyst said hong kong city university believes the economic alliance between russia and china could serve as a foundation for expanding the global role of the brics group the brics countries natural to their staff effective mechanisms to get their act together i think there is a lot of company and parity among the brics economies for china's capital with. high. huge surprise of natural resources
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and so on and of course again there is a very strong coming interest in the sense that all five members would like to see a larger role in to international community trade between russia and china has been growing steadily in recent years and artie's katie pilgrim has more details on the numbers and the types of deals being struck. just to give you an idea as to how much money can be made it is forecast to exceed one hundred billion dollars in it twenty fifteen after already growing over ten percent last year now by twenty twenty we could be looking at two hundred billion dollars trade turnover a lot of it is energy so we are talking about oil as well we've got igor search in the head of ross natter the world's biggest or producer now are set to meet the new leader of china he's going to be discussing an increase of exports to china which
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could equate to one million barrels a day by twenty eight tain and it's not just energy deals going on though we've also got delivery of arms contracts as well being discussed so really it's straight to business. going to few minutes all the latest developments on the growing hunger strike at guantanamo bay. we are facing a lot of problems. because know what i think. when you are. other local what's not in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. most will be. done for
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a matter of artist i was right i must fight. fight. fight right. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry was a big. officials and took one homo bay detention center in cuba have like knowledge more detainees
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are joining the hunger strike over alleged mistreatment and human rights groups representing several inmates has reported the number is now over one hundred to the pentagon though claims that the figure is much lower while the protests in the day of forty fifth a day which according to doctors marks a critical point when the body is to private at least one former u.k. resident is being kept a they withheld is a bloody boyko takes up the story oxy tunde to the u.k. foreign office for that position and we can have a listen to the statement that we received back right now. u.k. has long held that indefinite detention for trial is unacceptable and we welcome president obama's continuing commitment to closing the detention facility at guantanamo bay and to maintain the lawful sustainable and principled regime for the detainees. so quite an anodyne tax thread that sounds like it could be in some
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serious need of updating actually it refers to us president obama's continuing commitment to closing down the prison now the closure of guantanamo bay was actually one of us president obama's main campaign promises back in the two thousand and eight presidential election it's something he's spoken about a lot it's a promise he's made reputed to get the decade later and nothing has happened in fact the only shutting down that's taken place recently is the closure of the government office that's charged with transferring the detainees and closing down the prison so just to recap in case that sounds in any way peculiar they've closed down the office that's meant to close down guantanamo bay and the british foreign office supports this continuing commitment to shutting down the facility shakir i
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am a has been. at guantanamo bay for over eleven years now and quite astonishingly this is a man who's never been charged with any wrongdoing he's never been put on trial he's been cleared for release twice yet he's still there the british government's efforts to negotiate his release have been few they've been feeble and most importantly they've been completely and utterly fruitless so the red cross human rights watch amnesty international they've all expressed frustration that they haven't been allowed to visit detainees they condemned was been taking place at the facility for. over a decade now but at the same time over here in the u.k. there's been little more than a peep from the mainstream media both about shaka and about guantanamo bay in general with this little awareness of the situation shock amas future is very much uncertain. read more on the guantanamo strike on our website is staying away with
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of the u.k. after an overwhelming british royal vote in the falklands this emerged that the u.k. wasn't always thought keen to hold on to the islands new documents reveal that margaret thatcher's government was highly reluctant to go to war with argentina over the small territory. and the us is willing to pay ten million dollars for any information on two of its citizens that recently made it to the top of the f.b.i.'s most wanted list having fled to somalia head to r.t. dot com for the details. at least forty nine people including a senior muslim cleric have been killed in a suicide bombing in central damascus marks president bashar al assad vowed to avenge his friend's death by ridding syria of extremists well than eighty others were injured in the explosion which authorities suspect targeted the cleric
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mohammad. a sunni muslim who was an important pillar of support for president bashar assad who is part of the smaller alawite sect it's a versus who was out of date to hit a muslim is a syrian uprising began reporter was amy has the details. of the most shocking news and details that after the bomb they discovered another bomb which is the daughter of the most. happily the happy news that it wasn't exploded. they managed to absolve it and sergeant the mosque of mr the madonna which is one of the most important school in syria and one of them. that important one in their stomach would be is the one who was targeted mainly because. he was he was considered a supporter of. the syrian government and made some strong speeches every friday trying to convince people to join the army and fight for their country and
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he was he was under a lot of threats around the time of the and said i rest in syria but he insisted on his and his position and did not change into becoming one of the one of the people who are reducing the rest. meanwhile cracks appearing in the empty syrian national coalition after the election of a new prime minister to govern rebel held areas twelve members of the body initially resigned from the umbrella opposition group after you were citizen the son he was voted in. who has been involved in the anti acid movement says a radicals now dominate the coalition. it coalition went too far forming a monochrome government which we can't characterize as extremist and the reason behind this is the mechanisms that we used in the selection of the head of government were undemocratic whose coalition wasn't elected it was appointed and
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radicals make up the majority does not match the reality of syrian society if this coalition was the result of free and fair elections then we would have accepted the results of the vote should not deprive syrian minorities of the right to participate in political life as one should not have broad syrian liberal political groups of their rights at this stage of rebuilding our own the coalition should not be about revolutionary power it should be about a legitimate government and the german government should represent the opinions and interests of the whole syrian nation our position is balanced and we say that what we are seeing now is wrong. stay with us as we take a look at the everyday life of rebel fighters in the oil raids by delta.
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jorge rios an argentinean student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week but was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgery i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations. that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month over all real so wound up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make
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a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have americans work for you to cheap corporate pigs but that's just my opinion.
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so it's. simply.
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the for the past two years the battle has raged at the mouth of the niger river pitting local militants against government forces and multinational oil companies. when i first arrived here i had just a basic understanding of the nature of the conflict. the jury is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the united states just a blood sex partner of oil on the planet but in the niger delta.


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