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protesting is visit all the signs with messages like this one obama stop supporting israeli war crimes or secure the release of forty eight hundred palestinian prisoners or america as the head of terrorism one protest many were don and martin luther king masks in an attempt to invoke the spirit of the civil rights movement in south african apartheid was a far cry from the imagery of obama in israel you know the medal of distinction by the israeli government a first of its kind for any american president so here to talk about the significance of this trip and the prospects for peace between the two countries i'm joined now by phyllis bennis director of the new internationalism project at the institute for policy studies thank you so much for coming on good to be with him always good to see you so as his first trip as president to israel it's a gesture that every president kind of has to make during their tenure was this a trip of necessity for that reason or do you think that he actually had the intention or cares about brokering peace between the two countries i don't think the question is whether he cares about it as
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a person probably yes but that's not really the point i think that there was a very clear message here that there is not going to be any new u.s. initiative in getting the so-called peace process back on track we've had twenty one years of failed quote peace process twenty one years of failed diplomacy making that twenty two is not going to be much of a legacy for president obama i think that what he was doing was a series of symbolic moves that he had as you said done so far as president so he paid homage to yad vashem the holocaust memorial he went to the grave of. being and interestingly as i'm not sure other presidents have done this he went to the grave of theodore hurt so now it would be interesting if someone had asked him do you think that theodore hurt so the founder of modern zionism was such a great hero when he was known to have written to the infamous african colonial leader who. he said your interest is africa mine is a raid. but both of us share
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a colonial past that was of course cecil rhodes who rhodesia was the name for so cecil rhodes was hurtles hero i wonder if barack obama even knew that i'm guessing probably not but this was a moment for symbolism it was not a moment for any substance and we didn't get to the substance what we heard was you're on your own but we have your back we will continue to give you the thirty billion dollars of military aid that we've pledged to this twenty third wealthiest country in the world we will continue to have your back at the united nations so that you will never have to worry about real accountability but we wish you would do things a little different we wish that your young people would see things through palestinian eyes we wish that you in the government would actually stop building settlements but if you don't there is no consequence that was the message we wish you would do this but if you say no that's ok but what about the proportionality alone i mean if this is just symbolism and nothing more and kind of giving these and making these
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overtures there aren't really substantial proportionality i mean he spent hours in palestine in three days just kind of doing everything as you just went over and it will well he did see some palestinians inside israel some of the young people that he was addressing inside israel were in fact palestinian citizens of israel he made no acknowledgement of that but of course this was not symbolism aimed at the palestinians he did make in his speech some very important remarks about justice his speech was quite powerful in terms of the rights of palestinians to justice the problem was his actions his actions were very clear we're going to continue doing what we're doing we're not going to hold israel accountable we're not going to condition our aid etc so even at the level of symbolism if he had gone to the grave of yasser arafat for instance and said whatever i may think of some of the things arafat has done he was seen as the father of modern palestinian nationalism and in that way i recognize his his importance to his people. that's all he would have had
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to say he chose not to do that the real factor here was far more about iran where there was a great deal of pressure being put on the israeli government by the us to say stop pushing us towards war and in fact that's the one thing that benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister did not get what he wanted he did not get an agreement from the united states to follow israel down the path to war despite the move in the senate which is aimed at doing exactly that saying that if israel asks for our help we will go to war with them regardless even if it's a preemptive war even if it's a preventive war which means even if it violates international law we'll be there with israel he didn't get that commitment from president obama it may have been that there was a kind of informal quid pro quo where on the one hand obama says look we're not going to push you on a peace process if you say you support a two state solution we'll accept that in return if i say that i'm dealing with
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iran and you should step back you've got to trust me on that one maybe that was the quid pro quo senate resolution that you're speaking actually really alarming how many people signed on to that lindsey graham of the horse pioneered that they would give israel the authority to declare when the iran war would be and of course would back them. i don't know militarily or not know it was there in that this was a little really very frightening. let's talk really quickly i just wanted to as you were talking about kind of the symbolism and the double speak i wanted to show the c.n.n. a.p. news alert where it says the treatment of palestinians is not fair of course quoting one of obama's speeches obama says in jerusalem he also promised the u.s. would always back israel so it just seems like here we are kind of contradictory views saying yes it's not fair but then again it's not fair and i wish that you young people would go over the heads of your government changed things but if you don't we will continue to back you as far as we have to as far as we ever. it may
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not work for your purposes he says but we're going to do it anyway what do you think it says that i mean he gets course to meet with hamas but i mean oz key demand for israel to stop building settlements and the light of resuming peace talks i mean he our right rejected the main demand from the only recognizable leadership and palestine what's perhaps more significant about that since the u.s. has never taken its serious leadership from the palestinian leadership this was obama's own position if you remember just two years ago his position was that's the basis of going back to the peace table that there has to be a settlement freeze also the israelis agreed to that that was one of the points in imposed by the so-called quartet that was in the so-called road map all of these agreements israel agreed to a complete settlement freeze including what they nicely refer to as the natural growth of the settlements even that had to be frozen and yet now when obama says ok we accept no preconditions as if those earlier agreements on the part of israel
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simply have no merit and they shouldn't be held accountable for that we should go back to square one start all over from what exists on the ground now with six hundred thousand illegal israeli settlers in the occupied west bank in occupied east jerusalem six hundred thousand people that are violating international law every morning simply by getting out of bed because their bed is built illegally expropriated land it makes no sense to me it's a no brainer this is illegal if you did not show much but i didn't national law as we know is not usually and again this time was not the basis on which the u.s. sees there being a solution the u.s. position is the only solution will come from negotiations between the two parties as if this was a border dispute between colombia and ecuador you know and not the reality of international law violations by a occupying power imposing itself on an occupied population and of course days ago . i woke up once again to the media reporting gaza militants fired rockets into
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israel during obama's trip of course i mean the fact as you said it starts when you when you start the clock i mean you can go back a decade or you could we. should not be firing rockets full stop because those are only aimed at civilians there is no way to target them at any other military target so they are illegal but they are not the point it's not the point it's also just completely omitting the fact that israel had violated the cease fire as well i mean over and over going to let's get into iran israel have a couple minutes left as you just cited in the senate resolution very dangerous rhetoric going on but were given to war options were given this false dichotomy military action or harsher sanctions i mean we're both would actually diplomacy look quite right for the actual diplomacy would be to say we're here to negotiate a quote grand bargain iran has interests and we recognize those interests one of those interests is that iran is a major power in the region and we recognize that iran has the right under international law specifically under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty which iran
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is a signatory of israel of course the real nuclear weapons power in the middle east is not a signatory iran is and they have a right under the n.p.t. to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes which is what they're doing what president obama didn't remind us of what none of the press are reminding us of is that just last week the head of the entire u.s. intelligence operation mr clapper when he went before congress he said once again we have determined iran does not have a nuclear weapon is not building a nuclear weapon and is not even made the decision about whether or not they will ever build a nuclear weapon so this notion that somehow the israeli red line of quote nuclear capability or the u.s. redline of a nuclear having a nuclear weapon neither of those have any basis in reality because iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon is building a nuclear weapon and hasn't even made the decision to build a nuclear weapon until of that part becomes the headline. rather than buried on
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paragraph sixteen we're going to continue to see this pressure ratcheting up the senate in their resolution sixty five saying we will support israel if israel decides it needs to go to war against iran under any circumstances that's a disaster that's giving away outsourcing to another government the right to determine when and if and how and against whom the u.s. goes to war absolutely and of course we see the similar rhetoric coming from the media as we did ten years ago with the iraq buildup thank you so much as always a pleasure to have you on director of the new internationalism project at the institute policy studies thank you it's been a pleasure. if you like what you've seen so far go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set to be sure to do what thousands of already done and give us a like will be updating our status daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to you for ideas on what you want to see covered on the show and also check out behind the scenes photos we've taken our studios like this one right here at congressman dennis kucinich so head to our facebook page and check out all
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of that and more and right now and take a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear why one group wants the t.v. show cops off the air next. we are focusing on the top problem. because no one thought to drink. when you feel sorry for. other local what's not in the local meats you want to community l.n.g. most will be. done for me. i was fired i must fight. fight. fight right.
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when you think of a t.v. show like cops the scene like this one probably comes to mind. get back in some of the court. so. let's. stay right there to take that fresh take on everything. just stand up
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straight. what is wrong with you take a deep breath it'll be all right take a deep breath i could take to kill you can break those cuffs. to shoot the operation ok. yes the stereotypical out of control incoherent african-american male being chased down and wrangled in by heroic law enforcement unfortunately it's a depiction along with many others that permeates the entertainment industry to day so how does the media's construction of race shape our perception of crime and equality and how does that perception and influence reality help me break down the social construct i'm now joined by rashad robinson executive director of color of change thank you so much for coming on rashad thanks for having me so your organization color of change is actually trying to put cops off the air it's been on the air for quite a long time break down why this show is so problematic. you know this is
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a filtered sense of reality where we're they follow sort of this hero law enforcement figure and many of our law enforcement figures are heroes but it's a filtered reality where where you get to understand the law enforcement you you don't get to know the back story behind the perpetrators are the criminals the the bad guys are always wrong the cops are always correct and they only go into neighborhoods where that are poor so oftentimes black latino or poor white communities where they're shown this sort of filtered reality of what law enforcement looks like in this country you know our our theory here of color of change is this is part of the ongoing challenge with media and their depictions of people of color and poor people in this country if cops really wanted to have a show about the kind of macro challenges that we have in this country around crime they would do a show on wall street or on capitol hill where that type of crime really does
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impact sort of broad ranges of americans in the way that we get to live every day but instead they go into communities that are poor you know show low level criminals they make all sorts of arrangements and agreements with. with police departments so they'll never show instances of police brutality they'll never show instances where the police sort of step outside of what they're supposed to do and for twenty five years corporations all around the country have placed their brands next to the show have sponsored it on fox and what we're saying is that enough is enough and in the months and years now following the murder of trayvon martin jordan davis in florida and and this sort of ongoing challenges that we see here in new york city with the stop and frisk policy you know we've got to do everything that we can to ensure that media is is showing the true reality of what's actually happening in our communities you never shot a growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood and then moving to
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a predominantly black. neighborhood in oakland california i've heard a lot of crazy racist remarks one kind of stuck with me is that prisons are mostly full of black people therefore black people are inherently criminal i mean it's so frustrating to hear this how do you respond to something like this well you know if if if if you look at any community is over policed and has high rates of police where they can kind of have carte blanche communities we're going to see high rates of crime being reported now if if there were over policing on the upper west side of new york city or or down on wall street i'm sure that they would have a lot of instances where they would be catching people for all sorts of drug offenses and other type of offenses that probably happen in those communities police are oftentimes targeting you know poor communities we have a war on drugs in this country that has not proven to make us any safer and in particular what we've also seen is the type of policing that we see in t.v. shows like cops or the type of policing that we see here in new york city with this
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with seven hundred thousand stop and frisk happening only leading to a small percentage of arrests but in the process dehumanizing you know hundreds of thousands of young black and latino those in this community that doesn't make us any safer when people in communities that are riddled with crime can't trust law enforcement don't see them as partners in making their communities safer but actually see them as predators in the community we actually don't solve crimes we don't make our community say very and salute really quickly or one of the stop and frisk bloomberg said you know it's not about racial profiling of course it is it was even revealed through an audio recording between two cops that were actually being trained to single out african-american males in stop and frisk how widespread i mean even though this was an institutionalized program in new york how widespread do you think that type of program is across the united states what we're actually
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seeing is stop and frisk being exploited. places where they're trying to exploit stop and frisk we have an office in oakland as well the color of change in and we're going to be working to fight that in their cities all around the country where where there is not maybe not the exact policy of stop and frisk but there is the kind of what you reference in that tape that just came out of these police officers talking this idea that it is ok to racially profile it's ok to go into certain communities and treat them differently than other communities that certain folks have more rights in their communities and in on the street than other folks and what we're seeing a color of change is that enough is enough that the images that are put out by cops we've seen from university studies and studies actually on the show cops that they have a real impact on the way that black folks in particular black men are treated everyplace
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from the schoolhouse to to the to the court room to to the type of health care advice that people get in the hospital these have real world implications perception and bias are few in many ways by what we see and hear in the media and we've got to hold corporate media accountable we've got a particular hold corporations that come to black folks and say buy our products or use our services and then put their corporate next to a show like cops and to say that you really can't have it both ways really we do have a long road ahead of us in which it kills me to hear people say racism isn't an issue anymore sexism isn't an issue anymore i'm incredibly we have a lot to tackle in this country let's talk about another institutionalize whole see that you your organization is actually tackled quite a bit pushed by the american legislative exchange council or better known as alec the stand your ground law of course used as a men's defense in the shooting of trayvon martin how does this law breed racial
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injustice as well we have about a minute left well it's a vigilante law is it promote. it's the ability that people can can take matters into their own hands when they feel they've been wrong and win you over a lay law like stand your ground on an unjust criminal justice system which study after study shows gives harsher sentences to blacks than white folks for the same type of crimes and offenses then what you have is a law that's not actually put out equally and what we've seen is stand your ground apply apply to white folks when they've gone after a black person using that law but it's not operated the other way and stand your ground in particular was put out into states all around the country as a partnership between the n.r.a. and alec with the tension to sell more guns right if they could put these type of laws in place they could sell more guns and make our communities unsafe thank you rashad robinson executive director color of change a conversation we all need to be having.
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if you're an avid nascar watcher then you probably know that the one signifying characteristic of drivers is that their uniform is covered in logos and just like them soccer players too are walking advertisements they might be nice or at least we know exactly who they work for and who sponsored our entertainment so think of this first second what politicians you know the people we elect to represent us how to do the same well just yesterday a petition was posted on the white house website proposing that politicians do just that people are asking them to display names and logos of their corporate funders and wear them during all fishel interactions and public appearances according to petition the patches with a very proportionately into the size of the donation for example
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a one million dollar contribution would warrant a patch of about four inches by eight inches on the chest while a free meal from a lobbyist would be represented by a quarter sized button look we all know that this resolution probably won't gain too much traction on the hill but let's just pretend for a second just for fun that it did pass so what would the uniforms of some of our most beloved politicians look like well let's take a look at some of the most prominent ones starting with nancy pelosi minority leader of the house you may remember her when she blocked and pietschmann proceedings of bush and cheney during bush's presidency so who's backing this establishment democrat well coming in with thirty five thousand dollars during the last election cycle is occidental petroleum or oxy as it's called in the biz it's the largest natural gas producer in california and the largest oil producer in texas but i'm sure that's never a conflict of interest for her and wells fargo and boeing aren't either but they're
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generous donations of ten grand a piece. graham republican senator from south carolina he's been notoriously recently for pioneering the preemptive iran war resolution on the heels of the. conference but that's a whole other bone to pick for another day so who are his corporate sponsors while blue cross is coming in strong with a hefty thirty seven thousand dollar donation to his last campaign come in close behind our two giant defense contractors general electric and boeing each forking over twenty five grand and let's not forget mitch mcconnell senator from kentucky and republican minority leader who seems to serve no purpose other than the filibuster everything that's propose on the floor in fact has put repealing obamacare at the top of the list despite the health care industry funded in the most kindred to health care generously donated one hundred twenty two thousand dollars but let's not forget the big banks because just like almost every other
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politician has hosted his pockets with that wall street cash j.p. morgan chase gave mcconnell seventy grand and citigroup almost matched it at sixty nine grand and last but not least former democratic senator john kerry who's now secretary of state he may remember him best for money for what in the wake of losing the two thousand and four election despite there being massive voter fraud he's done quite well during a senate tenure when it comes to wall street with enormous deals from both goldman sachs at three hundred sixty seven grand and citi group at three hundred forty grand. it's no wonder he's been promoted to such a prestigious position don't forget about the giant telecom corporation time warner also backed kerry with a hefty four hundred fifty four thousand dollars look eyes are governments clearly more corrupt than ever before especially in the wake of legislation like citizens
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united just imagine if we could know exactly where our politicians sold out to and who they sold out to perhaps if they had to shamefully displayed. their badges on their chest they think twice about taking those brides so yes i know that this is a pie in the sky idea but a girl can dream right. then been living this way since the seventeenth century. their rituals are strict. their community. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien.
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and guard their family and things in the trash.
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