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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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to make the point to a lot of british people that they're somehow lazy because my current supreme to do these jobs they're not. i think we are seeing first and second class citizenship but we've already got that britain we know treats overseas students as a cash cow to prop up the university it also locks the market for being people lock people up for being born on the wrong block of land so we already have second class citizenship it's definitely a panic about bulgaria and for example which is a very very small country and very few will probably come i think there is something in this idea that you know britain is supposedly going to attract all these you know benefit frauds when in fact i don't know how people even want to come to britain lots of tough talk on immigration why do you think all the political parties talk about immigration right now i think all the political parties are absolutely bereft of ideas for solving the problems the level of the real economy and the turn to a very very easy scapegoat which is migrants who really are not responsible for any
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of the shortages housing or for crappy health care that we all experience in britain and i think turning the tables on them and forcing politicians to have a serious discussion with us about the real problems is where we need to head. for the moment with a new team with more for you in about half an hour from now in the meantime we've got the latest business we have katie joining us here in the studio and katie cyprus of course it's dominating all day here on the news desk the bailout of course is your impact on russians most definitely actually can tell you the markets down today and it's because of the situation inside present in the business but a ten we concentrate on the relationship with russia we have experts analysis coming out bell after the break.
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oh since the new pope was chosen the calls for reform are analysts everyone wants the new pope to allow this and to allow that but the problem is that the catholic church is a religion not a product and people don't like the way a pepsi bottle looks while the company will have to in theory change it to meet public demand but the pope claims to represent the will of the creator of the universe the pope supposedly holds and protects an ancient an eternal truth so how can you expect this eternal truth just up and change because of public demand even though they pretend like adult religions do change over time but how can you expect the pope after hundreds of years of saying that people would be condemned to the fires of hell and eternity in the charred walls of the damned for certain sins just now say well i guess those sins are ok if you are catholic and you want your religion to change constantly then why do you believe in it why bother having principles and rules in the first place supposedly given to you by the almighty if you're just going to change them whenever you feel like it i don't get this but that's just my opinion.
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that well conceived as a sign casey they may pray say a company saving. us and president vladimir putin has to host his governments look at restructuring a two point five billion year i lent extended to cyprus in twenty eleven this film is the agreement over the weekend of a ten billion year i paid out under the agreement or deposits of. less than one hundred thousand euros will be secured was the percentage to be levied on large deposits in the bank of cyprus the island's biggest lender will be resolved in the coming weeks now the agreement calls for
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a restructuring of two of the country's largest banks popular bank of cyprus bank of cyprus as well as a downsizing of the nation's overall banking sector ok i'm off to hours of tense negotiations between the cypriot president. of the european central bank and i.m.f. leaders russians are believed to account for most of the nineteen billion euros of known a you money held in cypriot banks on the east mediterranean nation has officially asked russia to extend its two point five billion euro loan by five years to twenty twenty one year areas the smallest economy borrowed the funds in december eleventh and has also sought an additional five billion euros from russia so with that in mind today i asked jacobs and chief economist from saxo bank if there is a ship between the two countries has changed its whole. both the government and the russia sees as
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a good relationship in terms of the help on the loans it's been made clear this afternoon that was cyprus is effectively asking for it's a ten percent off the loans and some slight improvement of the turns as you know is anyone who is a critic you always have an interest in keeping your investment going so i think it's in an interest of both russia but also cyprus to pay back in terms of russia and in terms of cyprus and in terms of russia too to actually help cyprus along i mean there is a huge amount of russian interest in cyprus and i think it's only natural that these two parties meet but i don't think the relation seen nice relationship or strain in any shape or form to be honest russia has expressed a certain dismay at the way the whole scenario was played out the fact that they want for a welcome in terms of supporting cyprus but then do you think that russia can really complain considering that they didn't offer the vost amounts of financial
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support that site press desire at one point last week in terms of rush or helping out the cyprus i don't think it is pretty it isn't the first port of call in terms of helping out cyprus is part of the european union as such the financial help should first and foremost come from the european union i think russia is right to point out that the the modus operandi in terms of helping out cyprus was not exactly smooth it wasn't. smadi in any sense and this afternoon's development where actually we've seen that the you or groups things this plan for the future template for helping out banks in europe of course creates concerns not only in russia but in all of europe as well so i think russia is right to criticize whether they are allowed to do that is of course not against me but for that for the russians to decide but i but i think the other way around for cyprus to run to russia or immediately after they are. some sort of after call from the e.u. was wrong it was tactically wrong and it was not respecting the jew cause of
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diplomatic ways to do this ok city you think the desire for russian people to park money in cyprus is now completely evaporated with all that's happened in the last week or so clearly cyprus as a financial destination as a financial center is on some sort of pressure as you know from the deal yesterday to cyprus government needs to take a spanking sector down to the european average meaning all the facilitating service that is around the banking system is now going to be brought down so i will say that there must be better destination going forward than cyprus to be honest yes. and the markets were enjoying a modest relief in the wake of cyprus is last minute bailout till the euro zone's top finance minister said that the much maligned approach could serve as a template for future banking investors sentiment suddenly turned
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a live on last day all right then we're going to move on as i say they did turn out raul the nasty so i can tell you for a fact that the markets the european markets are indeed down i can tell you that will street is also down as well we have current says we're going to check those out and see what happens there we are all right then so you'll be able to see of yourself that the russian ruble finished up the day mix the dollar is up against the russian currency but the euro to the variable after dropping in the session with the concerns over cyprus really demonstrating that the confidence in the year is indeed wind. the russian look at them have a look at there is a market so ok the artists in the mises ended the day down as you can see. positives start each index lost as you can see less of a percent about eight tenths of a said just traded much better than the market adding almost one point seven
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percent thanks to a deal with china's c n p c to increase or supplies to thirty one million tonnes a year the real thing coal smaller than two percent was a big rumors of owner roman abramovich is a rest by u.s. authorities which have been strongly denied by his paypal writes that some markets move in and that boris berezovsky was once russia's most infamous all agog the billionaire personifying the wild nine hundred ninety is in russia so if exiled in london where behave became known to the world after his mega lawsuit against a fellow or the government abramovich he lost the case as well as his fortune and now his life and i thought it came from. the military cries of brother is very soft began during russia's notorious privatization of the ninety's close to russia's first president boris yeltsin results cake wired large stakes in the leading companies across
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a number of industries including oil matters and aviation in mind to learn to seven he was russia's richest man and his wealth topped three billion dollars to understand how much money that was in russia at the time you can multiply this figure several times it was a period when the average one for the celery was less than two hundred dollars the self-styled king re-occur there is also he was shaping russia's politics and economy but he didn't manage to keep rounds with russia's second president of large amir putin during a decade of exile or long results keys fortune shrank to less than a billion. it's unclear how much money he had left at the time of his death he lost a multibillion dollar lawsuit against romano bravo overage owning towns of millions of dollars in legal fees to divorces on top of that had forced to cut staff
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and sell property to some speculate whether he was going broke what's known for sure is that he left that's long the lawyers thirteen criminal cases in russia x. wives and children all of them ready to begin a new battle for what's left from various brazeau skis fortune. t.v. . interview and today we sit down with russia's deputy foreign minister sergei lavrov to talk about the upcoming brics summit and how far it can go in helping solve the world's main political problems. sigrid laboratory tim curry was able to build most sophisticated robots which fortunately doesn't sound anything tim's mission to teach me the creation of why
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the annual summit of the brics organization including brazil russia india china and south africa will take place in durban on march the twenty six and obviously the most important issue of the for the foreign policy will be discussed and to talk about these we along with our colleagues from the voice of russia radio are sitting down with deputy foreign minister of russia. thank you so much for joining us for this interview first question would be obviously we are speaking with you had of the brics summit and we are expecting that the syrian conflict will be discussed there between the member states of the brics are going to zation the question is lately we've heard from bashar assad a plea for help from the brics countries would that be possible with brics countries would be able to help the syrian situation and how unified is the position of the brics countries on the syrian conflict indeed it's unavoidable and
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it's good that syria and everything that relates to this issue will be on the agenda the leaders will have opportunity to. exchange views on this let me tell you that we are not in any way underestimating the gravity of the current situation and all the problems which we face in syria. this is not an issue at least for russia to support. the government in. damascus we are not in any way advocating the keys of bashar assad we are working and we do believe that it is still possible to achieve this goal towards the establishment of a platform for interest syrian dialogue for some reconciliation the impartiality here is crucial others that has more have more influence upon syrian opposition
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should do more by far more to impress these people that they should be really engaged with the government with the saudis i would put it rather this way. there is no alternative alternative is more casualties more tragedy what we experience there daily and others at brics have very similar views it has been proven through. several events national positions being explained by spokespersons by leaders themselves and then very sure that durban would add to this what we believe is a unified and coherent message. of what should be done there to resolve the problem there is some speculation in the west that russia and china are trying to bring break says their main job i need to call a force capable of deporting united states and nato from their leadership
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positions so how they standpoint reflect their real state of affairs i will category categorically deny any intentions towards this and. we in moscow do thing that brics. has now very established agenda and any pullet. any diplomat who is interested in what is going on there is very welcome to read through final documents of five summits see were things move to how they evolve we have published our own national concept of russian policy towards brics and within brics it's an interesting reading as well. we are not trying to counterbalance anything in the world we are trying to catch the wave the tide of changing reality in the world economy in the world politics and you know.
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kind of identify areas where it would be natural for countries as big as influential as china india brazil south africa and russia to work cooperatively this is very synergistic we are talking about multiplying authority and influence no doubt about it but this is not to challenge anyone this is to further our own interests and ensure that our ability to achieve these goals. is growing and implemented in practical action as long as you mentioned china there is obviously one of the biggest members of the brics organization along with russia we saw the new chairman of china in his first visit to russia just a week after becoming the new leader of the country we also saw that vladimir putin
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made an official state visit to china just days after he was elected president for the third time. are we no longer in difficult situation are we no longer in difficult ties is it something of a new era for the russian chinese relations forgive me for some bluntness but difficult situation in our bilateral relationship. brings me or rather my memory through the days of this spring in nineteen sixty nine were clashes took place on battle number the months bills were scenes that i would dare to say we only progress and this state of the relationship right now can be very fairly described as an advanced strategic partnership we do not have any major unresolved problems in our relationship with china and the newly elected chairman c.e.o. of shame visiting russia on his first official trip abroad is
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a very symbolic and important gesture frankly we are on earth we understand that it means a lot for both countries we want to pursue and we have a very interesting prospects a very interesting vision of what can and should be achieved in this relationship brics plays an important role in this contacts this is an area this is a platform where russia and china cooperate effectively on political and economic issues of course there are different approaches of course we can see differently on some things but that's natural big powers have big interests and those interests do not necessarily coincide at any moment but. the a maturity of the relationship allows us to look into the future with a good degree of assurance that nothing happens that brings this relationship
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backwards russia and china has a position in going to nations security council about a settlement in syria and the same time. of breaks. want to take place a negative nation security council so how breaks members could influence their informal think united nations irrespective of what is going on in terms. interaction and coordination even on syrian issue at brics i think we have a big issue on the un reform in broader terms and most pacifically on the un security council reform up. no doubt there are differences of views differences of priorities among brics members on the c.s.u. russia is here as in many other aspects of this agenda balancing force this is how we want to play out our role there with think
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whatever might be the outcome of the current efforts to have governmental negotiations on the un security council reform conducted under afghani chairmanship since two thousand and nine and eventual outcome of these talks should be very inclusive it should command broad support by far broader than two thirds of the vote. needed for adoption of any resolution of the un general assembly secondly we need to maintain the effectiveness of the council easier said than done but it can be translated into more specific positions of any country and i can go on in explaining it no need for this belief or what i see thirdly we need to maintain a veto right for russia and the other. permanent members of the council this is.
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a non an unavoidable element of our position we would pursued and i understand that not only change but others at brics. have a good deal of recognition of this very situation i'm not saying sympathy i'm not saying of course support that's a different issue but understanding. of the reality i think it's a very. normal base for further discussions and hopefully also for. achievement of some results in not so distant future if we look at the brakes they obviously the population. this country constitutes more than a third of the world's population two point eight billion exactly economically it's also a very strong entity with the respective countries being the leaders of the economy on the continent on their respective continents there have been talks for a while united development brics bank appearing could you enlighten us how far are
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we in making this bank and how crucial would that be how strong this potential bank would become if it appears anytime soon. thank you for this question establishment of this development bank is probably one of the major deliverables. along. the line of in idea having brics more and more prominent in the area of economy international finance the development of infrastructure exactly the core issues that are very close to our own heart when we talk on the future of bricks. it's not been long since this idea was first floated . in brics last year in new delhi leaders mandated experts to have an exploratory study and prepare recommendations which was fulfilled and completed
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. very effectively and we are now on the verge of a formal decision it would be as substantial in terms of capital and paid capital as substantial new international institutions we want to ensure that this bank plays a good role in you know pouring capital. you know constructing loans establishing. credit for to facilities for. first and foremost infrastructure projects in the brics countries themselves we need more of this kind of tools we need and we need to see how it will you know be. in know introduced into the fabrics of international finance and what it will occupy several things are yet to be resolved in terms of headquarters
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stuffing actual charter of the bank or terms of reference whatever you call it but those are secondary things. the major political decision the spending and in a very few days will we'll know what has been decided in this area i think the current moment is a very very opportune one for something like a new bricks development bank of course small timing is perfect and it's true for anything but on this particular issue i do think. that even sake a logically and politically the message that we expect from durban will have a very i would say a positive and healthy effect on markets and then the general mindset of people who deal with this issues thank you so much for this interview and luck in south africa thank you for having me here thank you bye.
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