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losing weight in a hopi u.s. military attorney reveals to r.t. the week's long hunger strike in guantanamo bay is fueled by the fact detainees say they've been robbed of legal process and the right to defend themselves. biggest ever cyber attack of its kind disrupting internet access globally after a clash between a spam filtering company and a hosting firm ripples across the web. banks open their doors in cyprus but little relief for citizens with empty wallets with street cash limits set to avoid a run for savings. nine am in moscow i met très
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a good having you with us here on r t our top story the hunger strike in guantanamo prison going from bad to worse detainees have been refusing food over mistreatment for weeks now claim they're being denied drinking water by guards is amid growing concerns the strike could turn deadly with several inmates already hospitalized r.t. spoke with u.s. air force lieutenant colonel barry when guarded military attorney in guantanamo now and he told us about the desperate conditions. i've never seen her in almost five years coming one kind of. more than fifty times i mean. talk about you know you forget whole. part of folk playing that week he went from one forty seven down to one hundred seven i mean it was only one third of its body weight and he continued. i don't know if you want to or not prepared to die but i can tell you that after eleven years of the region can charge in an
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opportunity to defend himself it's a very low point here and one out of the. movement he performed think anybody of one hundred sixty second if you want to get out of here even the clear individual or no way and the process of getting released from here. we've been robbed of a profit we were told it would get military commissions well you know and we don't even have to try to let alone an opportunity to get him out represent him only because of the former. wheatley give him a trial or least try but now he had no charges for me and i can't go to college department completely straight but quite to think that if. i die. president obama declared. the concept then we will. for the rest of their lives without ever having an opportunity to defend him now
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when a leader of a country come to an attention will be applied at one time ok well that's when you die will happen. fears for the lives of the hunger strike and prisoners have prompted the red cross to send a delegation to check conditions of the facility earlier than planned camp officials say more than thirty detainees are refusing food lawyers and activists claim the number is more than one hundred thirty speaking with r t a spokesman for the international red cross in north america simon shore no said poor legal regulation in guantanamo is to blame from our observations it would be those tensions and and this anguish that needs our experience in these clearly related to the lack of a clear legal framework in guantanamo and this is now a real impact and as an impact forty three days for some time on their mental health on their emotional for us would be the issue beyond just what you know we are seeing right now going on tunnel is these issues that lawyers are talking about
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the issue of the legal framework that that regiments the detention at guantanamo and this is that you should that the administration must address. meanwhile the white house has spoken out about the situation commenting for the first time since it started almost seven weeks ago a spokesman saying the obama administration is closely monitoring the situation and remains committed to closing the facility but former u.s. assistant secretary of state for public affairs under barack obama p.j. crowley tells r.t. the president's hands are tied in this situation. having worked for president obama i thought that president obama had the right policy approach when he came into office in two thousand and nine to close guantanamo within one year the united states civilian justice system has for decades been able to handle terrorism cases we've had a number of them in recent months and years however as the president had had signed an executive order pledging he had to close guantanamo congress has prevented him
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from doing that there was a secondary effort through the state department for those. detainees who were judged to belong to no longer pose a threat or have been mistakenly brought to judge quantum in the first place to transport those back to home countries third countries and that has simply had tried that over time made the challenge smaller unfortunately the state department has been forced because of funding issues to close that office down so it really is the u.s. is congress that has basically frozen you know the situation in place the president is right now unable to move forward to reduce the population close the population and obviously that's having an effect and to our timeline out our t. dot com for more of our response to the situation in guantanamo plus we're interested in your take on the issue of his radar online poll we're asking what the result of the line of the ongoing protest is likely to be out of the opinion stacking up so far is that more than half of those who voted think deaths among hunger strikers are eminent and only
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a token policy change will result one fifth more optimistic saying conditions for prisoners will improve because of the protest a little less than the u.s. will close guantanamo to save face but carry on with indefinite detention and seven percent claim the bad press generated by the story will put an end to the policy of indefinite detention or what do you think dot com cast your vote. a cyber war is raging across the internet millions around the world thought to be affected by disruption and loss of speed to their web services and what security
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experts are describing is the biggest denial of service attack in history interruptions came after a spat between a major spam fighting group based in geneva and a dutch web hosting company our web producer plans to my colleague bill dodd how the battle turned global. this is actually just a fight among two companies one geneva based spamhaus which is a nonprofit but has bases all over the world they actually provide security services to keep bad things from going through the internet they actually protect one point four billion e-mail accounts across the entire world than the other side we have cyber bunker a company a dutch company who is very open about being able to do whatever they want on the internet they can host lots of material and they don't like being told what they can and can't do online and what has erupted is a battle on the web that has in some instances actually crippled internet traffic internationally i know earlier you guys actually spoke to someone from from cyber
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bunker who you know didn't go ahead and actually credit himself with that with this attack but kind of defended it and said it was a stance that was existing so that they can go up against this big international nonprofit who so they claim can actually control what goes on the web. and to be. effective. we're going to say which were the job into the bush issue and where do you can just go to the website and it would shut down. and do it on a regular basis if people do not comply to go to demand they just young guy or internet provider if the which oh the grocery store that they're going to lowers an e-mail so it you can see here this isn't a case of like a particular government saying what can and can happen on their internet this is actually a company a nonprofit within thirty eight headquarters across the world i believe thursday i'm sorry thirty investigators in ten countries across the world protecting
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a huge chunk of the internet so that spamhaus and cyber bunker is saying like i'm sorry here but you can't just be you know in showers of the internet and if you think you can do that we'll show you just how powerful you are but the thing is you and i and millions of all that uses the internet around the world to be affected by this all that just how bad all these. attacks i mean this school that is affecting everybody one interesting thing that we should say here is that these attacks now if they're actually taking down parts of the internet that are used for communications in the united states for example the telecommunications sector is actually considered a vital in critical part of the nation's infrastructure so once that goes down that is actually considered to purge nato's definitions of cyber war so i think we're seeing something that's a little childish it's between two groups who just don't don't quite get along what's happening as a result of this is the whole internet is slowing down and so it could have some pretty dangerous repercussions of that happening for an entire week now and is you know under investigation and as we saw earlier when we were talking to cyber bunker
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it seems like that that group isn't exactly ready to just sit back and go ahead and throw in the towel here cyber attacks prove once again the perils of the internet but don't worry you can safely cruise on our t. dot com where we've lined up more stories for you from across the web including google successfully pushing the swedish government to remove the term on google from its of social dictionary the phrase means something the user can't find using the giant search engine plus. striking liquid gold almost to report i want a russian man who spent three years speeding in a tunnel to siphon crude oil from a pipeline dot com when wildlife of riches remains only a pipe dream. worlds biggest emerging economies have agreed in principle to set up a new development bank that could rival established financial institutions the brics countries brazil russia india china south africa calling for reforms also to
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the world bank and the i.m.f. saying they don't reflect the new balance of power in the world contributor options on see things although the bridge project is yet to be finalized it could pose a challenge how the global economy is governed. the i.m.f. and world bank for decades have acted as bad cop good cop as it were we mustn't forget how historic day which is being said the potential for this is infinite for decades the world bank would offer money to developing nations and the i.m.f. would threaten those nations who we just have to speak to or what our modern or a argentinian or an african to know how the world bank and operated for so many decades and killed so many millions tens of millions of people losing their policies in giving aid only dependent on their particular brand of washington consensus according to people like former i.m.f. the man who wrote i think the book is a meme was
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a real economic hit man but the fact that right wing people like david frum in foreign policy can be so quick to delve brix the axis of asymmetry shows how behind the times people in washington really are. and stay with us r t still ahead a bomb blast striking the heart of the greek capital sparking fears more violence could fall was the country diving deeper into recession people desperate over the state's financial future plus ready for takeoff a look at a hopefully a storage mission for the iconic soyuz rocket and the international crew stay with us.
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we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish. to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. are you.
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sure the spanish. visit. a nail biting time in europe with cyprus banks to to reopen after being paralyzed for almost two weeks but as little relief for cash strapped citizens with severe restrictions imposed on how much money they can withdraw limits are set to prevent a run on the banks making the cyprus the first year as one country to induce introduce capital controls are reports of the anger and despair on the ground a serious try to adapt to the new reality. like many in cyprus lady this this is simply stunned at the speed and manner will finish the banking crisis in his country seems to be spiralling out of control he shows us his wallet no cash only lottery tickets a single parent unemployed and caring for his sick mother the unraveling of cyprus
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his financial woes couldn't have come at a worse time and i feel that i leave with a pension of my mom all of your life is coming up side down you make a plan for the future so that people in the young and doing this in. you can have the economy of your own country in boxes than these. corrupt so. you standing with an empty hands. a sentiment echoed throughout the tiny island nation. scenes like these becoming a daily occurrence another day in nicosia cyprus another protest though this one in particular is a gathering of the police of the country's largest lender the bank of cyprus but they worry that the company is headed for collapse and they may eventually lose their jobs so many cypriots told me that they are well aware that this is just the beginning of a long hard road i believe that. europe is germany's told
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because we're a small economy they felt that the consequences would be minimal what they don't know is that the president has been said and what happened today in cyprus could easily happen tomorrow to italy to front choose to spain we just want to be left alone to pick up the pieces and get on with our lives to cyprus is part of europe here european union says plan falls and for when cyprus was paying the money through the european union to have. the other two contras you may embarrass like those in the main. no but is that cyprus have a problem or it's because you know economy or suffering as economic drama continues with politicians and bankers drawing a painful measures to execute the years old ira back to the bailout plan it's all too clear to ordinary cypriots who is going to be very deprived need us as mother
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for example have a monthly pension cut from one thousand one hundred eighty nine euros to just over one thousand a month ago why they cut from people who have special needs they cut from the people for his part allies question all cypriots would like answered as well. yes or sylvia our team make a c.s.i. course. as protests in cyprus intensified by the day in golf and people from all walks of life something that will spill into violence take a listen. it is financial governance over europe i don't think they care what the citizens of europe the five hundred million people of european continent feel about how this crisis or these crises are being handled it is governed by crisis to the extent extreme you know they were polite and said we're going to date you early on in this crisis four or five years ago now they're making a very bold statement they're not asking any more they're just going to take it if
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someone's trying to rob you then it would make sense that it could certainly lead to violence i mean that is the ultimate outcome if somebody is trying to get access what is theirs you know their money so they can put food on their table and they're being told no you can only take out three in a time or you can transfer around the to your friends or family around the world if you go on vacation you know take three thousand dollars i could certainly see an tempers flare. later today max kaiser and stacy herbert turned their attention to the cyprus crisis that they described as nothing but a full fledged war. we saw it in greece and papa grayle stole money from the greek people put in his mom's account to suddenly showed up in switzerland how did that get there who now are saying it with the leadership in cyprus stealing money from people who've seen this story before there's a war going on there's two sides there's the corrupt banking bank stirs and then there's people who are trying to hold on to what they have and i think if i'm not mistaken a bomb went off a couple of days ago in cyprus look for more of those types of things happening
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because this is a bloody war. well this latest gloomy prediction by kaiser seems to be becoming a reality in greece a bomb explosion in athens near a famous tourist spot the acropolis apparently targeted the house of a shipping magnate who also used to sit on the board of the bank of cyprus it's the latest in a series of bomb attacks that have been plaguing the country since this economy sank into recession reflecting people's growing outrage artie's tom barton reports . the bomb planted in a backpack exploded just hundreds of meters away from athens is i conic across the lists the police did manage to evacuate people from the area because of a tip off given to a greek newspaper just twenty minutes before the bomb was planted outside the house of nicolas sarkozy was a rich figure owning
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a greek shipping company he is also recently reportedly been on the board of governors for the bank of cyprus greece has seen numerous small bomb attacks in previous years but there is a fear that there could be growing political violence linked to the effects of austerity and people's reaction against that a bomb was set off in cyprus on sunday there have also been bomb attacks in greece in january one of those at a softening center another targeting the houses of five journalists and now this we've also seen violent protests over the past couple of years has greece's politicians have tried to struggle with their financial crisis and the ensuing need for austerity many people here are looking at the road ahead as a bleak one and it's feared that there may be people turning to more desperate means to express their frustration with the current situation. i'll be back with
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international news in a couple of minutes stay with us. good leverage tory was able to build a clue. about anything tim's mission to teach we. should care about. this is why you should care only. for the. science technology innovation news developments around russia. wealthy british.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the global financial headlines kaiser report. thanks for staying with us turning now to some other stories making global headlines clashes broke out in dresden germany where hundreds of national democratic party activists gathered calling for the deportation of foreigners who commit crimes in germany the trouble started as an opposing left wing group
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approach of protesters police used tear gas to disperse the crowd the location of the rally symbolic next to a spot where a german man was attacked by a foreigner last week. hundreds of people marched through the streets of chicago protesting against the closure of more than fifty schools because of budget cuts the protest organized by the chicago teachers union more than one hundred demonstrators were handed fines after staging a sit in in one of the city's main streets local authorities claim they'll save more than a billion dollars over ten years but the move forces more than thirty thousand students to find new schools. britain's home secretary has lost a bid as it lost a latest bid to deport abu qatada the alleged al qaeda linked cleric wanted to jordan over terrorists are jews the court of appeals rejected the attempted deportation citing human rights saying he wouldn't get a fair trial the u.k. has been trying to deport the radical cleric earlier described as osama bin laden's right hand man for five years now your mains in the u.k. prison on the ledge breach your bail conditions. north
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korea's cut off a key military hotline with southern neighbors claiming war may break out at any moment it was the latest form of communication between the two states military drills conducted by washington in seoul as well as the u.n. sanctions off north korea's latest nuclear test have increased tensions earlier ordered artillery and rocket units into combat posture aimed at the u.s. . finally in the news block less than a day to go before the soyuz spacecraft embarks on a record breaking mission will be the first ever six hour flight that takes the new russian american team up to the international space station artie's enter farmer looks at the ups and downs of a fast new wrote and what it means for the crew. rolling out what will be an historic mission the iconic sillies rocky will set another record from by canoe with a sweet taking three crew to the international space station in the fastest time
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ever it was slashed the journey from two days to just six hours and we achieve it by. just four times instead of thirty before docking that off the coast of lewis decided they needed less time to adjust to weightlessness. one of the bandages will be to reduce weightlessness you can operate quite normally if you were where it was in the first few hours another advantage is that you can take biological experience to the station very quickly also it means we can bring ice cream to the space station before it melts the russian in good spirits as he spoke behind glass and in quarantine at the crew's last press conference but they also admit the new express route will bring extra challenges less laps of the earth means less room for error the rocket must take off just as the space station passes overhead within ten minutes the soyuz will begin its first orbit and we're five boosters to catch up and dock with the i assess a few hours later this workhorse of
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a spacecraft is ready for yet another loan from the step of kazakstan and when it does dock with the space station each tree will begin one hundred sixty eight days in orbit now there is nothing particularly new for the experienced publishing to get out of or chris cassidy they have been on previous missions and so know all about the hectic shadow of scientific experiments in space walks but it is new territory for alexander kin who'll be making his debut in space what can i expect of the most exciting journey not just in my life but the life of any individual it is difficult to put into words i hope the excitement will remain to route the six months of the voyage and their hard work will not prevent me from feeling the thrill of such an epic adventure despite the thrill there are obvious dangers and the crew have prepared for every event to ality simulating a crash landing in a forest for three days was part of their training but there's also a monday inside to being a spaceman on a six month mission they also have down time and need waste
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a fairly current i assess commander chris hadfield took that to a new level by releasing a single in space last month or though that's not something this next mission is likely to repeat fortunately all the musical talent left earth. december i only sing in the shower and we don't have a shower it was so. good humor and a photo cool ending months of preparation for a mission that aims to beat a new fast track to this stuff and open up a new highway to the international space station andrey pharma. kazakstan. still to go more on the life of a man who spent thirty years in prison is now lending a hand to help those who are just like him stay with us.
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