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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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john marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture despite a majority of americans approving a stronger gun control measures republican senators are preparing to filibuster the new gun control bill what reaches the senate floor and democracy lets the voice of the people be drowned out by a far right gun toting lobby group that and more in tonight's big picture rumble also while all eyes were on the supreme court this week the corrosive influence of money in politics and dealt our country another major blow to tell you about it tonight's daily take and is the f.b.i. really catching future terrorists or just setting up vulnerable in of individuals all in the name of making americans feel safer at night once trevor enters aronsen
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in tonight's conversations are great but it's. you need to know this thursday president obama gave a speech at the white house demanding that congress get its act together and passed meaningful gun control. there's absolutely no reason why we can't get this done but the reason we're talking about it here today is because it's not done until it's about and there are some powerful voices on the other side that are interested in running out the clock or changing the subject or driving up the majority of the american people to prevent any of these reforms from happening at all less than one hundred days ago that happened in the entire country was shocked in the entire country pledge we would do something about it in this time would be different shame on us if we forgot. shame on us indeed we've let the n.r.a.
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bully us around for too long just yesterday gun fanatics toting military style assault rifles harassed protesters at a gun control rally in indianapolis the n.r.a. and its leaders not the vast majority of american people who support reasonable been regulated seem to be in my opinion to be with the ones who are really out of touch senator already dropped an assault weapons ban that most americans agree with from its pending gun control legislation and in less than a build mandating universal background checks and other reasonable limits but you know i think it just doesn't go far enough frankly isn't it time we stop listening to the small penis gun club and start listening to the american people. what's wrong. now it's time to turn things over to big picture rumble joining me tonight bob
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parks member of the black leadership at work project twenty one and senior video producer at m.r.c. t.v. also. democratic strategist partner bullfight strategist great see again karl and francesca chambers editor and publisher red alert politics thank you for joining us again francesca gun control so. you know there's this theory that these guys who are absolute gun crazies are trying to compensate for something not being and will actually we're going to get to that in just a second in more detail that the senate is working to finalize its gun control bill it will not have an assault weapons ban it's instead going to be just universal background checks. but even that even this one this week measure ted cruz rand paul and jim inhofe say they're going to filibuster this thing this doesn't make any sense to me it's you know we have the right to have the roads in fact article one section eight bit of the sun seven of the constitution stipulates that we have
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roads. but we say if you got to drive a car on the other register the car you have to have insurance at the driver's license what's wrong with registering guns and think there's anything wrong with this with registering guns it's this how many times we're going to redo it there's a university of cincinnati study that came out just recently more than half of the gun violence in this country happens in the inner city black kids getting shot up by the dozens every week we don't see the president in dianne feinstein and chuck schumer making a big thing calling for all this legislation and it just doesn't make any sense to me when you know why we just. how many black kids have to be killed. but when there's a columbine when there's a aurora shooting so we shouldn't you know all of the sudden then all of a sudden now we've got to do something doesn't make sense to me now i agree we should do is you just said it you know i mean i don't think that should have done
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this years ago but what we should have done a long time ago you're talking to i have been to probably more gun shows than anybody in this building put together i grew up around guns my father had a federal firearms dealers license growing up he was a sheriff and you know the activities that i did at a regular basis with my dad was shooting guns so you know there is a definite gun culture in this country i think the problem for progressives is that because it's foreign to them they don't know how to talk about guns in the first place and many progressives. either they've never shot one or they don't know the difference between the different types of guns or the different pieces of a gun whatever. and so we end up in this debate where on one side it's. no gun control whatsoever and on the other side it's we're going to do these moree medial things like ban certain types of assault weapons and you know have universal background checks but the hope there is that over time through attrition less
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guns will end up in the hands of criminals because less of those types of guns will be purchased and then stolen but that doesn't really get to the problem what if we want to solve the problem of gun violence in this country in addition to the issues of mental health and everything else we have to do the things that you're talking about which is licensing which is registration and i think that that would go a long way you oftentimes hear that a gun used in a crime the legal owner of that gun had no idea it was missing in the first place if somebody had to reregister their guns like they do a car maybe not as frequently maybe every three or four years. we'd have an idea of when those guns have gone missing or in cheska isn't it odd that these twenty kids can. that it could and you're point taken but to this there were these twenty kids and if they'd been killed by a drunk driver or an insane driver who just intentionally set out to kill him with a car geico would be paying out a million dollars each of these families right now but because they were killed
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with guns not only are the gun manufacturers not going to pay a penny but you've got a right winger who got a legislation through congress that says that nobody can even sue them they're one of the protected industries well first i want to speak to your point about people not knowing how to talk about guns properly good lord thomas sounds like you got your talking points night straight from jim carey song called that hand as we talk about that in my second of all i want to speak to your point about about where the people get the guns from even if you have universal background checks which is what is being proposed by president obama right now those would never be universal because the criminals don't get their guns through legal means they don't get their guns by going to be around hard to that doesn't mean that you don't have car registration insurance and driver's license you know but the point being that there are gun permits rob banks i thought in the area that would be regulated that president obama is talking about regulating that's not where these guns are coming from seventy nine percent are seventy nine percent of americans acquire their guns through other means and that i think only something like two percent of people get
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their guns from flea markets or gun shows so you're talking your argument is that we should just do away with laws you know what i argue my argument my argument is that if this is how you're trying to tackle the problem you're in going about it the wrong way i'm not conceding that you you should regulate the guns is certainly more but you're going about it the wrong way and that's why you're trying to accept the point that there is an issue of how these these guns that are largely used in crimes obviously when we see these mass killings like in connecticut and other places those guns are typically legally purchased but when you're talking about every day go by as the three thousand plus lives that we've lost in this country to gun violence since sandy hook. is horrible and people. have died largely from guns that are obtained through legal measures. but the kicker is those guns were stolen or sold on the black market whatever those were taken from at some point in time that gun was the product of a legal purchase sob you want to make of how many times are we going to keep writing new legislation new legislation there was another story that came out ayers
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we should read it well you know there was a story that came out earlier this week where of the cities in this country the amount of prosecutions of people who are using guns in crimes are going down ok so if we're not going to enforce the law don't you know what how do you get on but what good is it we don't force with the tools to enforce the laws that are on the book instead of stripping them of their ability to do so do you know that it is against the federal law for the government to keep track of gun deaths in this country that is ridiculous not to mention how the republican party is neutered to be a.t.f. in this country or the ability for local prosecutors to take on gun violence or the fact that you think god may be factual maybe a gun that they knew we do this all the time cars are made that they find out through usage are not safe but they keep them on the market because they're doing the cost but in the benefit analysis of being sued the gun lobby doesn't have to worry about that so when they put out a gun without a without
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a safety on it and they know that there can be accidental discharges that kill people they don't have to do a gosh darn thing because they can't be sued and they and they and they really can't not giving them enough to realize that because of the the gun legislation that's going through congress right now a lot of police departments are having their problems getting their hands on guns that they need on ammo because the companies are either talking about shutting down or they're talking only listen to fox news on this one second act like there's reason to. buy you know weapons jim carrey had a video that went. pretty viral last week in which he suggested that really this is compensation says near as i can figure you're a big big man with a little tiny gland so you need someone bigger. or with a hair trigger for your kids. or is the little baby something bigger with everything you do for when the sun
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comes out you make you look up and when you're always going to be so you know i look at this and i see this picture yesterday of these guys who showed up at this you know women against gun violence mothers against here's mothers saying well you know where were opposed to go to and these guys show up in these a k forty seven zero air fifteen's across there. and i'm like you know we used to say men with hummers we're compensating for and then you go around the internet and you discover the small penis gun club dot com you know and there's a website there's a facebook page and order shock to find out that i was correct that you are getting your talking points from jim carrey because that is who we should be trusting about gun regulation yeah well i think it's miller you are funny or i think there's actually some science to it i mean you know we talked about this is yesterday or the day before that you know bisphenol a is actually causing men to have smaller penis is it actually does bob what do you think you think these guys i mean that's
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a liberal bias that you. want to start getting into stark it's like. oh god i don't i don't know i don't know where to go you know there's really you know. these guys are compensating for jim carrey hasn't been funny since liar liar ok. so now all of a sudden he's going to be putting out this video carl your thoughts. she said john kerry's never been funny i'm not debating that point i will say that in living color was a masterpiece but i don't. whatever i will say that there is an element to. false bravado false masculinity that runs through gun culture it also runs through all kinds. things athletics anything that you would say is super masculine and it's no different than then having a hummer or a a dually twin a dual cab truck that you know you don't even have kids or you don't work in the construction trade or forgot or got to have
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a chat to jet or on the country like liberals so in other words i know a lot of women yes who are you saying they are they send me a big which i don't i don't know i don't know thank you for stopping those sort of the part i dislike the hurt more but i think after the break. let me let me i want to know why don't you let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out if. we do this time it's a bad thing never get here in a situation where b. and i don't even talk about the name and we. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dog and. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares enough about. our through you know what that is my theory self that wants us to feature isn't he on. the christian point just. really tough. you know they are going to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that's. garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break this that it's.
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looking pretty in the field that you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspectives on top my skin's sorry. about the big picture i will join me tonight bob parks carol first francesca chambers let's get back to it. francesca use your interest of this topic a little. our deal laskar radio yesterday congressman don young really put his foot in it using a word from his childhood referring to hispanic americans backs going to his. whatever the word would be as wetbacks isn't this he now has come out apologizing because of progress but doesn't this demonstrate the republican party doesn't so much have a problem with its message as it does with this messengers i don't think it's fair
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to say because one member of the republican party said something very inappropriate at the republican party in general has a problem with its messaging and i mean when i meet up with many many more examples i mean a lot of members of congress today including john mccain came out and said you know this is very inappropriate there's no place for this in politics so i don't think he had an incident on twitter not two months ago where he insulted people of muslim heritage and i think it was the turn let me back it is very clearly or you should never say i don't know how you could not know that that i mean really. well i don't think that the republican party has cornered the market on racial slurs but you know i did see that story in the atlantic water today and you know of course like most people i was appalled. you know something i also just for this for the hell of it i typed in the search engine on that website. copper pan. ok sean penn's son who we had. thought you probably would have known about this just this week he had
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a run in with some pot with paparazzi you bumped him and as he was going on what way he called him the n word and the word and. you type that into the search engine and nothing was there so let's play this again our laws here are very different meaning here's what i mean if i mean there's more coverage over a can member of congress might have a sort of a dark act or look both sides but i'm not saying you know i don't want and i don't want to be accused of being like people on your side that says everybody does it ok because it's bad what happened that's all of them are all i'm saying is that when it happens with our public officials we should have less tolerance for it of course and i'd be the first one to kick that fools butt out if i could but at the same time we can't use a pick and choose and you know i for example i'm i'm kind of shocked. that you didn't know anything about the you know sean penn son i do not follow to be covered by going to tame it and i did not know about the shot inside ok thank you very much
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i don't run. into this market us center market ok is thank you very much i'm there but yeah. this is the conservative center of george mason university they've named north dakota the country's freest state and north dakota is arguably the country's most socialist state because most states when they take tax money they put it in a bank at wall street there's only six banks that can handle the kind of money that new york and california generate for example north dakota they've got their own bank it's nationalized or state ised why doesn't the rest of america i mean this there actually spinning off a profit they used to pay for schools what's wrong with this bob well you know when i was. socialism is that let's you know two thousand and ten there was a big debate going on a company who called the obamacare and one state was singled out it was a little deal that some people made the they called different different names but
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one state was singled out if certain senator voted the certain way all of a sudden no notable court house. it was the state you're talking about they don't have to be involved in the federal student loan program and when you don't have that one major bubble would you have all these different people who are defaulting so that's what i know your sense to you is sort of what you say is that nelson sold his vote but what does that have to do with north dakota well we have mary not be true i'm not a fan of ben nelson but what is you know when you don't have your when you go to setting a good socialist example for the state when you don't have some you know student loans defaulting as you said in the rest of the country now if that is going to make a big bets are going to be said for. commerce. ok fine i even want you know we're also looking overlooking other examples where you say it's the most special thing you know there are many states pennsylvania virginia which still own the state's liquor as well so why didn't you use one of those example while you're here how do
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you think we're all against the point being that you know there are other states that have measures in place that you might consider socialist because that you know i'm not sure where you have you know i used to live in new hampshire and live free or die as the license plates which are stamped out in prison which i was thought was bizarre and ordered to get liquor in new hampshire you got to go out of the highway and drive to the state liquor store which is on the freeway it's no point being there's other xander as you can get back on the far highway or a louisiana yes but the other point being that part of the reason why it's been a little bit more successful there is because they don't have the. regulations the same exact way that the federal reserve does which is the you know federal bank that's basically socialist i guess you could call it so they are for they do not take as many risks in the north dakota bank because their money wouldn't mean she. well it's not really i think all states should be doing this but francesco we're out of sight i'm sorry francesca chambers girlfriend. parks i'm sorry but for cyber thank you so much for being with us so you are shit.
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while all eyes were glued on the supreme court this week in the hearing surrounding marriage equality americans were dealt a major blow by the other two branches of government on tuesday president obama signed into law a charge nine thirty three a continuing resolution appropriations bill that had been approved by congress both the house and the senate just days earlier and while the bill sounds fairly innocuous by itself buried seventy eight pages into it was a provision that protects g.m.o. and biotech companies like monsanto from nearly all forms of judicial oversight despite calls for more than two hundred fifty thousand americans to veto the bill president obama went ahead and signed it anyway giving giant agribusiness companies like monsanto free rein to develop plants and sell all sorts of genetically
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modified crops despite a wide range of health and safety concerns surrounding them according to greenpeace international a provision in h.r. nine thirty three will fact of lee bar u.s. federal courts and being able to halt the sale or plant of genetically engineered crops even if they fail to be approved by the government's own weak approval process and no matter what the health or environmental consequences might be as you can imagine the passing of h.r. nine thirty three has biotech companies like monsanto jumping for joy food democracy now an organization that campaigned against h r nine thirty three writes that since losing a court case in two thousand and ten to the center for food safety for the unlawful planting of g.m.o. sugar beets on santo and other. biotech companies have been desperate to find a way around court mandated environmental impact statements required as a result of a u.s. district court's ruling so now monsanto is free to develop plant and sell all sorts of genetically modified foods without fear of being sued or prosecutor if they fail
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to abide by the federal government's health safety and environmental standards but just how did this teeny tiny provision get inserted into this big appropriations bill in the first place that's where missouri republican representative or senator excuse me roy blunt comes in. according to the new york daily news blunt helps to carefully craft the provisions language with the direct help of monsanto why would he do that you might ask it could be because according the center for responsive politics senator blunt received nearly sixty five thousand dollars in campaign contributions monsanto between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve in fact one has been the largest republican recipient of funding for months and in recent memory the good news here is that this provision that protects months and zero from judicial oversight expires after a year the bad news is that this little provision with a big impact is just a symptom of a much larger problem in america today right now any corporation with money to
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spend can team up with elected officials and slowly but surely tear away at our governmental protections it's really not even lobbying it's investing these companies will often make far more in profits than they spend on buying legislators like senator blunt it's an investment that has a measurable return investing in politicians it can be hugely profitable for generations corporations of flooded our democracy with mountains of corporate cash by an offer alike that officials left and right and while lawmakers could be bought and sold in the past and it was particularly bad during the gilded age and the war in twenties the situation is far worse today than in the living memory of most americans earlier this week i had former congressman bob ney on the big picture in my interview with him we talked about the state of politics today and the corrosive effect that money has on our democracy has been named went to jail for his involvement with discrete washington lobbyist jack abrams but he told me his
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interactions with abrams off paled in comparison to what happens in washington today take a look. in fact the things that jack and i did eating sushi restaurant drinking with him going to scotland that's peanuts today i officially as a lobbyist can take you if you were congressman to alaska we can go honey i can have a three thousand dollar dinner and raise you one hundred thousand i can then take you some family and staffers to las vegas i can have a four thousand dollars dinner i can raise your hundred fifty thousand dollars all of what i just said has happened in all of its legal wow and that's life and that's even far worse than what you inject it was yes and we did bad things and i don't deny that but this now has been caught a fight in the law this one right now lobbyists and corporations can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for elected officials and thanks to our broken system it's all legal as a result corporations like monsanto are able to spend lots and lots of money work
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around the law put the lives of americans potentially at risk at least arguably all the name of making a profit when something as important as food or gun safety or the privacy of our phone calls can be corrupted by corporate cash you know something has to change right now in communities all across america americans are standing up and saying that money is not speech and corporations are not people it was yesterday the west virginia house of delegates passed a resolution calling on congress to propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous citizens united ruling and to reduce the corruptive influence of money in politics as west virginia delegate to mansion told a local newspaper yesterday this is doing the only thing we know how to do when the supreme court bases a ruling on a constitutional principle this is what we've got to do is to change the constitution we can't continue to let corporate officials buy off our elected officials now is the time to say enough is enough and end this terrifying reign of
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money and politics go to move to amend or and join the fight to stop the fire sale of our democracy. after the break you've seen the headlines massive bomb plot foiled f.b.i. now just copra just in time but what's really behind these would be terrorists blast trevor aaronson tonight's conversations it's.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . of potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down so the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here
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a good place for snowball fight. piece and it is going to be pretty incredible today there and even record snowfall throughout much of in life nobody's allowed to be driving listens to them urgency fear exceptions. the worst cure for let's say a. flight out of a. radio guy and for a minute. i want. to go because you've never seen anything like this i'm selling. or die.


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