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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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all. they deposit earth and cyber is take a major hit with the government taking up to sixty percent of savings to satisfy e.u. bailout terms while placing them for us at the cash limits cash strapped. do or die hunger strikers in one time will say they're ready to lose their lives as a protest over conditions of the detention center go into their fifty third day. also this week headlines targeting the world wide web a massive cyber attack claim is the worst in history threatens to prevail the internet after route between rival web groups escalates. powerful partners brics countries seek to reshuffle the organization the creation of a joint development bank said to rival the established global lenders. and
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am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program now saving cyprus from financial collapse is coming with a hefty price tag and not only for high level depositors the long anticipated reopening of banks came with unprecedented restrictions with daily withdrawals limited to three hundred euros per day there's been no timeframe given for the capital controls only promises the measures will be reviewed daily depositors' in cyprus biggest bank will lose around sixty percent of their savings over a one hundred thousand euros that's despite earlier signs they take a smaller hit of thirty to forty percent while the tab bailout terms have put an
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end to cyprus is an offshore tax haven even people there in fear of further money worries and job losses are she says are celia went to meet some of those affected by the crisis. like many in cyprus labor leaders agreed this is simply stunned at the speed and manner will finish the banking crisis in his country seems to be spiraling out of control he shows us his wallet yo cash a lean lottery tickets a single parent unemployed and caring for his sick mother in raveling of cyprus's financial woes couldn't have come at a worse time and i feel ashamed that i live with a pension of my mom all of your life is coming up so i don't you make a plan for the future the people in the young and the old this. suddenly you hear of the economy of your country or in the park system these.
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corrupt so. you standing with an empty hands. a sentiment echoed throughout the tiny island nation. scenes like these becoming a daily occurrence another day in nicosia cyprus another protest though this one in particular is a gathering of the police of the country's largest lender the bank of cyprus but they are worried that the company is headed for collapse and they may eventually lose their jobs though many cypriots told me that they are well aware that this is just the beginning of a long hard road i believe that. europe is germany's told because we are small economy they felt that the consequences would be minimal what they don't know is that the president has been said and what happened today in cyprus could easily happen tomorrow to italy to front chewed to spain we just want to be left alone to pick up the pieces and get on with our lives to
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cyprus is part of your peer european union system files and for. paying the money through the european union to have. the other two contras you may embarrass like those are men yeah. no but this process have a problem or it's because you know economy or softened as economic drama continues with politicians and bankers drawing a painful measures to execute the years old i have a back to the bailout plan it's all too clear to ordinary cypriots who is going to be bearing the brunt need us as mother for example have a monthly pension cut from one thousand one hundred eighty nine euros to just over one thousand a month ago why they cut from people who have special needs they cut from the people for his part allies question all cypriots would like answered as well to us
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or sylvia our team because c.s. cyprus. was anger grew in nicosia this week geo political analyst and journalist patrick hansen says the e.u. lenders deliberately chose cyprus as a test bed for this new kind of bailout while also seeking to expel russia's influence there. cyprus if you look at the economy as a whole start which is the fly on the backside of an elephant journey and within europe are concerned what they would like to do with cyprus there's a geopolitical shape to this crisis this is really i believe what many cypriots and spoke to believe is about getting russian money and russian influence out they've also managed to do it in take russian money through this crisis but they want to get russia's influence out of sight groceries for whatever reason and they're willing to sacrifice the cyprus economy to do it and i have a lot to do with the oil and gas for sure but does a future earnings and parlay ownership of that buy by loaning cyprus money so lots
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of groups believe the bankers in northern europe will be gone for their water board the electricity all the public utilities that it basically buy this country for pennies on the dollar to be arts are amazing people and that's what i've learned since i've been here they're very patient they're very politically correct in terms of confrontation and very take things in stride and wait and see and i think that the troika knew there so they thought well this is this is about the easiest country in europe if you want to do a test run on grabbing people's savings this is the easiest country to do you know if this happened in spain there would be riots in the streets buildings banks would be burned down it is that we greece as well but because because it cyprus was a soft target for the troika. well despite the frustration and certainty mounting in cyprus the government and its partners have been hailed in the bailout terms as the best deal available lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review says
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cyber says problems revealed that the whole euro zone system is failing. i don't think cyprus has been saved and i think the people in cyprus believe that which which you have right now is the beginning of the end of the euro system the euro house is burning and there is no reason to have confidence in the banking system don't forget overnight they were shipping in billions of euros from germany into cyprus and then delivering them by truck because people couldn't live so if you don't have confidence in your banking system it's not going to work and the system itself the euro system is a failed experiment i was always opposed to it we should have nation states with their own sovereign system so this now has proven that it doesn't work and the dictatorship from the european commission the european central bank and the i.m.f. to tell the people cyprus you have to suffer as a result of this in
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a similar way to guarding greece you're going to see this crisis interrupting spain in italy right now there is no government all of europe is in a state of collapse but this is just the beginning of what we could see on a global scale right now. while europe struggles to so with burgeoning financial troubles another blog seems to be going from strength to strength by giant emerging economies are paving the way to join development bank expected to rival western backed financial institutions but later on we bring you our report from the brics summit in south africa. as many as one hundred prisoners at guantanamo bay are now on hunger strike according to their lawyers with inmates saying they're ready to face death while official figures say only thirty seven people are
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starving themselves as the approaches over conditions of the detention center nears the two month mark u.s. military says nearly a dozen hunger strikers are now being force fed while two others have been hospitalized for his nurse say they're being denied drinking water with some complaining of near freezing temperatures at the facility thomas wires say a lawyer is a pretty representative guantanamo detainees says that the american public is largely unaware of the rights abuses that go on at the prison. if you talk to people in the united states they simply don't know about guantanamo they don't know today that eighty six of the hundred sixty six people down there are innocent have been cleared have already been cleared many of the others are also innocent they don't know that the people at guantanamo weren't picked up on a battlefield they were sold for bounties by northern alliance people they don't know these facts anymore because there is no coverage in the united states the
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white house has said that it's still interested in closing guantanamo but i think it's delegated the issue other people and it's also thrown up its hands and said well congress is stopping us from doing anything my former client. was the allo to and by is how condrey are innocent people who are wrongly held the president can get in and make sure that those people are released and sent home they don't pose a danger those people are desperate they want to die if they can't get out of guantanamo the u.s. courts have no authority to order a release of someone who's in guantanamo they're in the hands of the president the president has the authority to do it congress has said he could do it only with difficulty but he has the authority to do it he needs to step up to the plate and get it done and the white house has said it's keeping a close eye on the situation and remains committed to shutting down the prison u.s. federal public defender carlos warner read parts of
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a letter he receives from guantanamo detainee on hunger strike to my colleague bill dot. i scare myself when i look in the mirror let them kill us as we have nothing to lose we died when obama indefinitely detained us respect us or kill us it's your choice the u.s. must take off its mask and kill us that was his statement as of today i saw him last week i represent more i have many clients there but i did see him last week and it was it was a shock to see what i saw he was a man who was down over thirty pounds from less than a month ago he refused all nourishment his cheeks were sunken he was exhausted and could not stand. it was a scary scary meeting for me and his messages respect all kids this will his
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wish come true or will he now be prepared to die but i think that many of the men the ones that are indefinitely detained they have zero hope they have no hope because of the ministration i think many of them are ready to die the question is how and when will they die they have no hope of being released from that place and until being has some hope it's very difficult to live everybody in guantanamo is indefinitely detained nobody is being released cleared for release or not why nor joy give me surely you explain the u.s. must have a justified legal reason for keeping these people locked up. yes the reason very simple and it's at the foot of president obama now you're talking to a federal defender what that means is that i come from the far left i am a liberal i believe in president obama and i voted for him twice but this is a broken promise one that he has chosen to abide by and not abide by excuse me he
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looks at the republicans in congress he says it's their fault well as of today there's not one person in the ministration i can contact to redress these problems there's nobody in the entire obama administration i could call and say let's stop the hunger strike these are men they're not animals that are people that we have grown to know and respect and i don't want to see any of them die i don't want to see them die over this or any other protest they should get process there at the end of their rope if and it's not if it's when people die if the strike is not ended then sure there's going to be more attention but let me tell you as a human being i do not want to see my clients die and the fact that they're in this condition is one of the most heart wrenching things that i've had to experience as a lawyer and what a hunger strike passing the fifty mark r.t.
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has been working to bring you the full account of the situation with been gathering information from u.s. authorities attorneys of the detainees and human rights groups and the entire event is now chronicled in a special timeline which is available for you on our web site r t v dot com. now just as are you here in our network these really the fans forests virtual approach to crowd control goes viral online antics see israeli troops getting prison sentences and military camps to quell and appropriate conduct and the ranks. and they're also criticized for clamping down hard on palestinians marking the land day when israel decided to seize a vast area of arab territory those reports in just a few minutes here in r.t. . dropping a virtual nuclear bomb on the internet that's how some security experts labeled a massive cyber attack this week and that's thought to have disrupted access for
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millions of where users around the world are now collapse and slow down came after a spat between dutch web hosting company. and a major you were based spam fighting group well thanks to our new video agency ruptly we earlier managed to talk to see this van all of county is a spokesman for the hackers and he says the scale of the strike is being exaggerated by cloud flare a company that promotes internet security. they're going to some issues that will mean that the. well so basically all of that. they tried to make it seem like the entire momentum of the exchange of them going into another exchange went down because of that this is not the case though. they are the result of. software that makes.
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basically zero zero zero as a straight line because it's good to. go and soft enough. dan holden who's the director of security research at arbor a network cyber security company says the border between morally questionable and outright criminal activity still remains blurred on the internet certainly as to how the internet should be used we do know of course that the majority then and now it's used for you know perfectly reasonable and legal revenue generation and we know there's also a lot of cyber criminals that use it for all the gentleman purposes this is one of those situations where a company falls in the middle and is a bit you know you could say sketchy or dodgy type of activity where they will post things that are perhaps morally questionable and that's where the the debate if you will comes comes into question. well there's been violence astounding the palestinians to part in what was called the land day rally israeli security forces
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clashed with demonstrators at a west bank war crossing using tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowds. gathering commemorates an event almost three decades ago when israel announced it would seize land for satele months and then soon protests six palestinians were killed by police and in a van seen as a flashpoint in arab israeli relations and earlier my colleague tom would say spoke to our geezer in a most go was at the border during the most recent scuffles. the tension actually is running high it seemed for a while like it had it has been subsiding here at the kalandia checkpoint between ramallah and is jerusalem but now even though the israeli military has pushed back slightly towards the checkpoint the demonstrators nevertheless a continuing their advancement on them they have been they have begun burning tires just very recently earlier there has been exchanges. between the protesters and the border police when the protesters are throwing rocks at the israeli forces and the
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israeli forces were responding with us dung grenades and tear gas it kind of comes and goes in waves but of course the palestinians are showing no signs of giving up at all of the of this this actually has the land demonstrations have been a tradition since one thousand nine hundred eighty six when they occurred for the first time and six palestinians were killed in a confrontation with the israeli police and israeli armed forces and it has been happening every here as it is happening today last year the protests were extremely violent and they usually turned more violent in gaza where the israeli police and military forces are generally using live ammunition and we know that at least one person has been wounded with live ammo earlier today in the gaza strip as for what's happening in the west bank where of course protesters being held by the palestinians all over the place there has been an exchange like i said stronger. to tear gas we do not so we have asked the israeli forces whether they have used
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rubber bullets they have said no but palestinian media is reporting that there have been at least two wounds from from the use of rubber bullet by these rally force says of course the palestinians are protesting against these really sorry palestinians are protesting against these really patient of land especially against the israeli settlements which not only do not subside but they actually are growing especially over the past decade and especially under the government of benyamin netanyahu what's happening around you right now we see people running we've seen these fires in the back describe what's going on around you as well. what i can tell you that that ban was actually stun grenade i'm sorry it's not it's not particularly dangerous they just kind of really literally stuns you and now we can see that the tear gas vehicle that has pulled up maybe we can turn around and you can see what's happening actually as we talk so we yeah we see the vehicles which i have the tear gas dispersal units on them they're. edging they're trying to edge the protesters out as we as we speak the protesters are lined up on the street on
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the on the hill right above there and see they're using these special these special i don't i don't know we want to call them their gadgets which with which they throw stones which are fly quite far i have to say majority of them are very young from even kids as young as ten to rather full grown men to about thirty they're not go they're not showing any signs of giving up well the world's the biggest emerging economies have pushed forward with the already of a joint development bank which could potentially rival the world bank and the international monetary fund the brics nations stopped short of establishing a highly touted financial institute agreeing to anther formal talks as r.t. the group is going on now reported from the are fifth annual summit in south africa the block is growing ever stronger. i believe years of all five bricks member states were very optimistic in terms of the future of the organization the all stressed that it is potential is still far from being used to the fore and actually
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one of the latest initiatives to change that is the creation of the so-called business council to get the business of the five states to get directly engaged in more joint ventures in various fears also earlier china and brazil decided to use their national currencies in at least well in nearly half of the payments between them only the trade turn or between the two states stands at around seventy five billion euros dollars and the general idea is for all other members of the brics to do the same to protect their economies from things like currency wars or the possible negative consequences of the change of the dollar of war the u.s. also the five leaders of the world alternately able to agree on this region of a joint development bank possibly with a starter capital of around fifty billion u.s. dollars but it's a massive project and it's going to take time to work out all the details but in general for the past two decades these five economies have been the most rapidly
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developing ones in the world currently it's estimated that their growth is around seven times faster than that of the g seven economies it's also thought that by the year twenty twenty combined the brics states will make up around twenty percent of the global g.d.p. so it's no wonder why they want to protect their economies why they want to trade freely and how they wish between themselves and be less dependent on the western financial institutions especially in light of the the latest problems with the western economic model in general and what we witnessed here at this summit in south africa is that brics as an organization is transforming from a forum for dialogue to a full scale mechanism for strategic cooperation and so more states are voicing their desire to join in the. it is rationing including egypt and russia's president vladimir putin has also met with his egyptian counterpart the ties between the two countries are quite strong both economic and cultural last year huge it was visited
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by around two and a half million russian tourists despite all the turbulence in the middle east and in northern africa these issues have also been discussed including of course the conflict in syria while many experts believe a joint bank would help the five brics nations to get higher returns for their citizens a good times roving reporter pepe escobar says and your global lander will bring big changes to the world economy this alternatives to the world bank and the i.m.f. some socially essential this is the big deal and of the brics and woods system is that you think it should be supported by their next rick's list mexico indonesia south korea turkey and the next nests as well this is you know that the stick don't make plates of geopolitics and jewett comics are changing it's not atlanticist anymore it's the merchants of reemergence finally of the south miss being spread by
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western guard media that china is the new colonial is the power in ask is completely ridiculous. and i'll take a look at some of the stories from around the world at least one child has been killed after a nato helicopter opened fire on insurgents in southeastern afghanistan according to initial reports the helicopter was backing a group of local security forces nato later declared that a helicopter may not have been supporting ground forces by on a separate mission against insurgents and the region this comes despite president karzai is recent a band that is strikes on afghan villages before bed. two days of clashes have rocked the chilean capital of santiago police and left wing views collided marking the day of the young combatant fifty four people were
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arrested during violent which seven police officers were injured rallies are held every year to commemorate the deaths of two brothers during nine hundred eighty five rose against the pinochet regime. two thousand as cynical ban ians have rallied in the divided city of mitrovica in kosovo against ongoing talks with serbia mediated negotiations are aimed at deciding which side controls the area some believe the talks could lead to the city being divided with the northern part of fish really falling into belgrade hands cost of the seat of from serbia in two thousand and eight with most of the e.u. recognizing it as a new state. the last france britain and the european commission have congratulated candy is newly elected president the spy a pending trial of the hague for post-election crimes against humanity a supreme court ruling on saturday conferring though
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a gallery of the war elections violence in south can his main cities which continued until late in the evening to seven people have been wanted by gunshots according to reports. iraq has been rocked by a wave of sectarian violence on friday with nineteen people killed after suicide attacks on mosques around the country all five local election candidates have been killed this month causing the government to postpone april's polls in two provinces former and i five agent an english on says nothing has been done to revitalize the iraqi infrastructure wrecked by the u.s. invasion. we've now seen a massive destabilization of the old star witches and no real meaningful new structures put in place so it's not just the politicians who are under threat but for segments of other areas of society to things like hospitals schools even just water and things like that have been decimated and not rebuilt appropriately it's
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great that people are stepping forward and they want to represent their constituencies but if you can't guarantee that democracy will be democratically elected you can't guarantee that people are not afraid to go and vote you can't guarantee there won't be oppression and violence around that process and you can't guarantee as well that the people who are then elected have real powers to represent their constituents then it's not a real democracy is just yet another oligarchy it's another dictatorship imposed on the hapless people now the israeli defense forces cracking down on appropriate behavior from its troops israeli soldiers on the line dance videos and car virtual contents have quickly gone viral authorities fear or the videos may undermine the government's attempts to use social media as a p.r. to all parties falsely or investigates who is really responsible for damaging israel's public image offensive and damaging or a bit of fun a picture of an israeli soldier with mud on his face titled obama style posted on
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facebook by none other than the head of the i.d.f. social media unit should have gone. just as the government uses social media for explaining for complaining for propaganda or for spinning it also has to do with private soldiers using new media every soldier is a broadcast station. it looks innocent enough but this soldier got two weeks in a military prison. after posting these pictures on his facebook profile this infantry fighter was forced to book for abuse of power and misuse of army weaponry . these soldiers turned a patrol in hebron into a dance move. it angered the i.d.f. but others felt they did a far better job of showing the human side of the army and any spin doctor if the courage under the military code of justice offends nothing could sergeant and above which is that in fact any conduct which is unbecoming an i.d.f.
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soldier would would would before really potentially at least expose you to criminal liability could actually find yourself in jail but it's not always fun and games neither is it so clear cut the i.d.f. told r.t. that a sniper who posted this image was dealt with appropriately it's the problem of free speech i don't see how you can control it i don't think that the dancing is abusing power i do think that putting your sniper or a more in innocent person is an abuse of power and i think this is that it's think that the army should do gil you gave was an officer with the paratroopers unit he says he'd brief his soldiers regularly about what they could and could not post online but many were careless or childishly unaware of the impact it could have you have to remember that soldiers are. kids. eventually they're just they're just kids.


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