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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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day's news and the week's top stories on r.t. savers in cyprus real from the shock of a highly controversial e.u. bailout which will see large depositors losing up to sixty percent of their cash and saddle the island nation with rigid capital controls. rising powers the fifth so where the brics economies pushes ahead with the creation of a joint development bank set to make waves of the global financial sea. putting their lives on the line the guantanamo bay detainees who have been on hunger strike now for nearly two months say they're ready to go all the way. this is our kevin owen had to my with a round of the big stories for the last seven days in our weekly program and first
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avoiding bankruptcy has come at a steep price for cyprus then while the wealthiest savers face losing up to sixty percent of the deposits ordinary residents have also been subjected to unprecedented capital controls daily cash withdrawals a limited no to three hundred euros per person per bank no checks could be cashed payments and transfers outside cyprus a limited to five thousand euros a month of people travelling abroad won't even be able to take more than a thousand euros with the restrictions have been imposed for an indefinite period to those tests reseller found out families already feeling the pinch. like many in cyprus need us as didas is simply stunned at the speed and manner with which the banking crisis in his country seems to be spiraling out of control he shows us his wallet your cash a little lot of the tickets a single parent unemployed and caring for a sick mother in raveling of cyprus's financial woes couldn't have come at
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a worse time by finishing the. i live with a pension of my mom all of your life is coming upside down you make a plan for the future hold the people in the young and old this. sunday leave you here that the economy of your country in the back system these. ups so. you're standing with an empty hands. a sentiment echoed throughout the tiny island nation. the scenes like these becoming a daily occurrence another day in nicosia cyprus another protest now this one in particular is a gathering of that the police of the country's largest lender the bank of cyprus but they worry that the company is headed for collapse and they may eventually lose their jobs though many cypriots told me that they are well aware that this is just the beginning of a long hard road i believe that. europe is germany's told
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because we're a small economy they felt that the consequences would be minimal what they don't know is that the president has been said and what happened today in cyprus can easily happen tomorrow to italy to front soon to spain we just want to be left alone to pick up the pieces and get on with our lives she is part of your peer european union system files and for. paying the money through the european union to help. the other two contras you may. know but there is. a problem or it's a personal economy or something else as economic drama continues with politicians and bankers drawing up painful measures to execute the eurozone i.m.f. package bailout plan it's all too clear to ordinary cypriots who is going to be
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bearing the brunt of this is mother for example have a monthly pension cut from one thousand one hundred eighty nine year olds to just over one thousand a month ago why they cut from people who have special needs they cut from the people for his part allies question all cypriots would like answered as well. does or sylvia r.t. nicosia cyprus. nicosia was hit by a wave of protests throughout the week with people voted to mere frustration over the controversial deal charlie mcgruff who runs the waterway news website told us he believes deep public anger in cyprus could escalate into violence. the european stability mechanism was set up a lot of people myself included were talking about it almost two years ago it is global it is financial governance over europe i don't think they care what the citizens of europe the five hundred million people of european continent feel about how this crisis or these crises are being handled it is governed by crisis to the
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extent extreme you know they were polite and said we're going to get you early on in this crisis four or five years ago now they're making a very bold statement they're not asking any more they're just going to take it if someone's trying to rob you then it would make sense that it could certainly lead to violence i mean that is the ultimate outcome if somebody is trying to get access what is theirs you know their money so they can put food on their table and they're being told no you can only take out three in a time or you can transfer around to your friends or family around the world if you go on vacation you know take three thousand dollars i could certainly see an tempers flare. john mcgrath for me tom financial experts warn that they seem pretty well i could pave the way for similar schemes being applied to other debt burden countries that's the worry you had all the votes editor in chief of trends magazine he says the tough capital controls now in place and setting a dangerous president. we've walked away from the bail out scenario to the bail in scenario and go in there you go first of all to the shareholders of the banks and
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then the insured deposit all this and it's first tried out and i know here in cyprus you also have installed now capital control mechanisms which are indeed totally new in this situation they are contradictory to the very principles of monetary union and when they lost only for a few weeks well we'll have to wait and see what happened then if they last longer and really the chances are much larger that there will have to be kept intact over a much longer period than a few weeks then the ballgame changes then we have a new situation and we will have just to wait how markets how bond all those out deposits all those are we investors react to the fact that one country becomes an isolated country within the euro zone in fact creating two separate euro's.
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or the repercussions of the cypriot bailout deal of being debated right now r.t. dot com but where we're asking you what you make of the mass seizure of funds from large cypriots deposits it's an interesting debate it's ongoing online right now it is changing a bit as well thanks for taking part if you have done so far let me see what you're saying there were the majority of one percent to sixty one percent. think the bailout will become a model for future confiscations that's the worry as we heard in that lady it was talking in that report just now twenty five percent no change there this you think it will trigger a run on the banks across the e.u. nine percent you think it'll be overturned by public opposition the question is will it well maybe we'll find the next coming weeks and months i doubt it though five percent think it'll be just a one off event because it has been so on popular r.t. dot com is the place where you can have your say of course your stories right now.
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lawyers for guantanamo bay detainees say some of their clients are preparing to die as the mass hunger strike at the facility nears the two month mark now but the u.s. military claims only thirty seven captives are refusing all food and continues to deny the other claims that more than one hundred detainees in fact are actually starving themselves to death in protest against the mistreatment and indefinite detention human rights groups then amounting their outcry to the crisis urging officials to take decisive action and just an international went as far as calling guantanamo an american goo lag and says the facilities brought pain and suffering instead of justice the white house insists that it's monitoring the situation
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remains committed to closing guantanamo but a twist the pentagon now says it wants of course to renovate the facility saying congress has decided to keep it open indefinitely that leaves the detainees that in limbo and desperate to draw international attention to their plight carlos warner has a lawyer representing several inmates early mccullagh bill dodd read part of a letter from one of his clients as listen in. i scare myself when i look in the mirror let them kill us as we have nothing to lose we died when obama indefinitely detained us respect us or kill us it's your choice the us must take off its mask and kill us i have many clients there but i did see him last week and it was a shocked to see what i saw he was a man who was down over thirty pounds from less than a month ago he refused all nourishment his cheeks were sunken he was exhausted and
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could not stand. it was a scary scary meeting for me and his messages respect all kilis will his wish come true or will he now be prepared to die but i think that many of the men in the ones that are indefinitely detained they have zero hope they have no hope because of the ministration i think many of them are ready to die the question is how and when will they die they have no hope of being released from that place and until being had some hope it's very difficult to live everybody in guantanamo is indefinitely detained nobody is being released cleared for release or not why nor joy give me shortly and explain the u.s. must have a justified legal reason for keeping these people locked up. yes the reason very simple and it's at the foot of president obama now you're talking to a federal defender what that means is that i come from the far left i am
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a liberal i believe in president obama and i voted for him twice but this is a broken promise one that he has chosen to abide by and not abide by excuse me he looks at the republicans in congress he says it's their fault well as of today there's not one person in the ministration i can contact to redress these problems there's nobody in the entire obama administration i could call and say let's stop the hunger strike these are men they're not animals they're people that we have grown to know and respect and i don't want to see any of them die i don't want to see them die over this or any other protest they should get process there at the end of their rope if and it's not if it's when people die if the strike is not ended then sure there is going to be more attention but let me tell you as a human being i do not want to see my clients die and the fact that they're in this
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condition is one of the most heart wrenching things that i've had to experience as a lawyer well the un has condemned indefinite detention one time i was a red cross spokesman simon shorter says the captain is a defenseless because of the legal vacuum the find themselves in from our observations we are those tensions and and this anguish that these are experiences clearly related to the lack of a clear legal framework in guantanamo and this is now a real impact and as. it is for some time on their mental health on their emotional for us would be the issue beyond just what you know we are seeing right now going on tunnel is this issues that lawyers are talking about the issue of the legal framework. that regiments the detention of guantanamo and this is the issue that ministration must address. coming up in just a bit there's a push towards d.-day for drones flying in american skies in a few minutes on our local governments are fighting federal initiatives to allow
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unmanned flying patrols over the land of the free but are they too late. to revelations in britain the broke russian tycoon boris berezovsky was jus for a massive cash payout before his death last week and learned where that money was going to come from and if you just want. when their own country can't offer them a living even loving mothers sometimes have to leave their children behind. i don't like to wonder just depends longer. if the dream of millions of migrants that their children might choose their motherland. is nice. i want my children to win over moscow. russia has
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become this motherland. migrants working hard to find a way home. the international airport in the very heart of moscow. logan self exiled russian tycoon boris berezovsky was in line for a three hundred million dollar payday shortly before his death that's according to a british newspaper report just over a week after he was found dead in his mansion in england the details now from
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surface. these are the leaks email and police documents it is being reported that an investment company which controls three all of. these offshore trusts said c b going to liquidate his assets between. two thousand and twelve a march two thousand and thirty own family with the aim of providing him with around three hundred million dollars in cash now at the time of course president last saturday it's been widely reported he was under pretty severe financial pressure not least because of his recent high profile cool case which he lost against fellow oligarch raymond and from a bitch and i said simply it's been said by his friends and family lots of people he was at that call case at the time to not just to put him and financial pressure but psychological pressure as well and the police at the inquest that was
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a pick and a wednesday said that the cause of death was consistent with hanging the bars by itself he was found with a ligature around his neck there's no evidence at the moment of third party involvement or of foul play but police haven't ruled that out yet as he said the details that have the most there's some sort of intriguing facts to this we had reports record interview that he did live the journalist the day before he died and which he spake in about losing hope in his life and then of course he got the family and friends coming out he say that this wasn't a man that they would have thought would have committed suicide despite the financial pressures so it's very difficult to i think tally up all the evidence right now. sarah firth china's economy is running rampant and the boom is taking its toll on the nation's waterways we're talking about that on line it needs a lot of water and it may be running out a report suggesting the real number of rivers in china is less than half of what beijing jester maybe got to account online and as well the u.k.'s by the bedroom
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tax going up it's this story why hard pressed brits will take the latest welfare squeeze lying down details that article on. the leaders of the world's biggest emerging economies the so-called brics have agreed to enter formal talks on creating a joint development bank which could potentially rival the world bank on the international monetary fund but he got his can off spin following that the blocks fifth annual summit in south africa. i believe years of all five bricks member states were very optimistic in terms of the future of the organization the all stressed that it is potential is still far from being used to the fore and actually one of the latest initiatives to change that is the creation of the so-called business council to get the business of the five states to get directly engaged in more joint ventures in various fears also earlier china and brazil decided to
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use their national currencies in at least well in nearly half of the payments between them only the trade turn or between the two states stands at around seventy five billion euros dollars and the general idea is for all other members of the brics to do the same to protect their economies from things like currency wars or the possible negative consequences of the change of the dollar of war the us also the five leaders of the world alternately able to agree on which we know of a joint development bank possibly with a starter capital of around fifty billion us dollars but it's a massive project and it's going to take time to work out all the details but in general for the past two decades these five economies have been the most rapidly developing ones in the world currently it's estimated that their growth is around seven times faster than that of the g seven economies it's also thought that by the year twenty twenty combined the brics states will make up around twenty percent of
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the global g.d.p. so it's no wonder why they want to protect their economies why they want to trade freely and how they wish between themselves and be less dependent on the western financial institutions especially in light of the latest problems with the western economic model in general and what we witnessed here at this summit in south africa is that brics as an organization is transforming from a forum for dialogue to a full scale mechanism for strategic cooperation and more states are voicing their desire to join in their. agonies rationing including egypt and russia's president vladimir putin has also met with his egyptian counterpart the ties between the two countries are quite strong both economic and cultural as last year or egypt was visited by around two and a half million russian tourists despite all the turbulence in the middle east and in northern africa on these issues have also been discussed including of course the conflict in syria and you thomas reporter pepe escobar believes their budgets would you lend them will become
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a serious game changer on the global economic see this alternatives to the world bank and the i.m.f. some sort of the essential this is the big deal and of the bricks and woods system and that you think it should be supported by their next rick's list mexico indonesia south korea turkey and then next mists as well this is you know that stick don't make plates of geopolitics a geo economy we are changing it's not atlanticist anymore it's the merchants of reemergence finally of the south miss being spread by western guard media that china is the new colonialists the power in africa scoop letelier ridiculous. well news making headlines right now this hour first to the volatile northwest of
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pakistan where a roadside bombs hit the convoy of a secularist backed politician called add now was here the blasts killed two of his supporters and injured many others including was the year the group was heading to a regional election rally when the attack happened taliban militants who want people from attending the rallies of secular parties have admitted being behind the ambush. afghan president hamid karzai is in qatar hoping to start peace talks with the taliban ahead of america's planned troop withdrawal in twenty four teams the islamic fundamentalist movements being fighting u.s. led nato forces no since two thousand and one but is now opening an office in the gulf states to do so far refused to talk to president karzai describing him as an american puppet but washington needs both sides to start negotiating soon with about twenty months left before to hand over control to local security. has been fierce fighting in chile's capital crowds of hooded men turned up at protests commemorating two brothers killed by police during an anti regime demo almost three decades ago gunshots were heard as riot police were deployed to commune rest in
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santiago there were dozens of arrests as protesters old molotov cocktails at security forces raised barricades and cut power lines. at least nineteen people were killed more than a hundred wounded on friday when the latest wave of sectarian bloodshed struck a rock cheer worshippers were targeted by the suicide car bombings of mosques in baghdad in kirkuk the attacks come amid deepening political strife in the country with the embattled prime minister struggling to appease his opponent several politicians have also been targeted by al-qaeda linked terrorist cells security fears of force the government a proposed local elections in two provinces for my five aging very mush and says iraq is unable to shake off the disastrous legacy of the american occupation. we've now seen a massive destabilization of the old structures and no real meaningful new structures put in place so it's not just the politicians who are under threat but for our segment for the other areas of society to things like proper hospitals schools even
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just water and sewage from things like that have been decimated and not rebuilt appropriately it's great that people are stepping forward and they want to represent their constituencies but if you can't guarantee that democracy will be democratically elected you can't guarantee that people are not afraid to go and vote you can't guarantee there won't be oppression and violence around that process and you can't guarantee as well that the people who are then elected have real powers to represent their constituents then it's not a real democracy it's just yet another oligarchy it's another dictatorship imposed on the hapless people have been going notoriety for causing collateral damage overseas washington's arm and drone fleet is now on the home front u.s. experts predict tens of thousands of unarmed craft could be patrolling american skies by the end of the decade but the aerial intrusions mean some fierce resistance on the ground is going to change you can found out. create a one point this documentary on u.s. public television touts the technological capabilities of drones and their new
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super sensors this image was taken seventeen thousand five hundred feet above quantico virginia and covers fifteen square miles if we wanted to know what is going on in any spot along the seam i'd say near this building at this intersection we can generate a moving image that shows what's going on in the area the state of virginia was the first to stand up against this kind of surveillance in early february the state legislature passed a two year moratorium on the use of drones but the bill is yet to be signed by the state's governor who is known to be very supportive of the spy aircraft. the charlottesville virginia police have never used drones but the city council has nonetheless restricted their use just in case these this technology is already being heavily marketed to local law enforcement agencies and other groups and there's even one county in virginia that already purchased two drones for surveillance and so we know it's coming and we just we want to get out ahead of it
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at least twenty seven states are now considering legislation to outline how drones can be used by law enforcement or to ground them all together but there are those who believe the lawmakers at first. the rise of the spy planes so they're taking the matter into their own hands a company in oregon says it has developed and will soon start selling to acknowledge that could shield people from surveillance drones over the phone to develop it did not offer any details but said this or not this is enabling their cameras or anything like that we are not doing anything physically to the drones we are simply not allowing their cameras look at areas. also in the battle for privacy a designer in new york came up with an anti civilian clothing line this is a garment of designed to be firmly reflective. which means that he bounces off and he does what's he was for thermal imaging in particular this technology is used
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a lot on drones and you refuse but it's doubtful that this designers gear however creative could compete with the cutting edge spiked acknowledging now being developed for government use a million terabytes of video a day which is the equivalent of five thousand hours of high definition footage so you can go back and say i would like to see what happened at this particular location three days two hours four minutes ago and it but actually show you exactly what happened if you are watching it live there is actually enough resolution to be able to see the people waving their arms or walking around with because they where as a number of states try to restrict the use of drones at a federal level there is a great push to expend their use the federal aviation administration projects that in seven years there will be thirty thousand you avi's flying over the u.s. there's absolutely no way of knowing if we are being filmed at the moment so we
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might as well wave to big brother up there in washington i'm going to check out. when we come back in a couple of minutes and look at the lives of people from central asia young and old who work in the law i was in russia to support their families back at home we got this story for you. all since the new pope was chosen the calls for reform are analysts everyone wants the new pope to allow this and to allow that but the problem is that the catholic church is a religion not a product and people don't like the way a pepsi bottle looks while the company will have to in. theory change it to meet public demand but the pope claims to represent the will of the creator of the universe the pope supposedly holds and protects an ancient an eternal truth so how
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can you expect this eternal truth just up and change because of public demand even though they pretend like they dulled religions do change over time but how can you expect the pope after hundreds of years of saying that people would be condemned to the fires of hell and eternity in the charred walls of the damned for certain sins just now say well i guess those sins are ok if you are catholic and you want your religion to change constantly then why do you believe in it why bother having principles and rules in the first place supposedly given to you by the almighty if you're just going to change them whenever you feel like it i don't get this but that's just my opinion.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world from the streets of canada. showing up for a show through. some account as the oldest city in central asia. times it was a prosperous humble on the silk road. today it was a former soviet republic. the average monthly wage here is one hundred dollars if someone wants to go to a european country they need the government's permission but not if they want to go to russia. the mother of these twin boys. is heading to moscow to find work. situation is no different to thousands of others in many former soviet republics.


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