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a slick clean up for us town struggles to remove rivers of oil from its streets after a pipeline spews more than ten thousand barrels of crude. just an unreasonable the u.k. government plans on with a widely criticized housing benefit leaving millions with a spare room out of pocket. and comment twenty four hours a day watching our team. the streets of a u.s. town in the state of arkansas have been more than ten thousand barrels of crude oil after an exxon mobile pipeline burst on friday around two dozen homes have been
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evacuated and some residents forced to stay away for several more days when a cleanup operation continues what is washington correspondent karen has the details. exxon mobil is naturally trying to downplay environmental concerns they're not saying exactly how much oil spilled onto the streets of that neighborhood in arkansas but the company says it has already collected more than twelve thousand barrels of oil mixed with water from the affected area not clear how much of it was water though twenty three homes were evacuated there as they're still cleaning up the pipeline that was carrying canadian heavy crude to the south of the u.s. this is the country's gulf coast refineries this latest spill response from critics of the proposed keystone x.l. pipeline he's down x.l. pipeline would carry eight hundred thousand barrels per day just to compare the pipe that leaked in arkansas can carry around ninety thousand barrels a day so the consequences of a leak could be devastating the keystone pipeline would also carry canadian heavy
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crudes to u.s. refineries in the south the project doesn't have the final green light from the administration just yet but the oil giants involved are pushing the administration very hard to go ahead with that saying it will bring down fuel costs in the u.s. trans canada is first keystone line in the u.s. spilled the diesel a dozen times just in its first year of operation the company of course says the new keystone x.l. will be so much better but people know from experience how devastating consequences of an oil spill can be and how hard it is to clean up this is certainly not the first incident of course everyone remembers the disaster in the gulf of mexico in twenty ten when after an explosion and he had been leaking oil on the ocean floor for several months before the well was tapped an estimated four point nine million barrels of oil had leaked into the gulf three years later the call is still not
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free in july two thousand and ten the pipeline brought the church speed more than twenty thousand barrels of canadian tar sands crude oil into the michigan waterway so this happens all the time just last week the government suggest that axe. mobile . a fine of one point seven million dollars over pipeline safety violations and that was for an oil spill two years of college in the yellowstone river in montana exxon has a month to contest the violations many believe that it will jockey get away with violations like that all too often in the west and all it takes is a team of really good lawyers to do that which the companies certainly have and that at the end of the day it's the people affected will pick up the slack in washington i'm going to check them. next on the spokesman said no problems were detected when the almost sixty five year old pipeline was last checked the company was finding twenty ten for not inspecting another portion of the same route frequently enough environmental consultant richard steiner says the pegasus
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pipeline has run its course a long time ago there's no excuse whatsoever for oil pipelines to be anything over thirty years old or general design life is maybe twenty to thirty years there's been several spills about six or seven of this heavy diluted bit timid it's called dil bit which is the tar sand oil which is so thick it can't be transported through a pipeline unless it's cut with condensate and benzene exxon has shown time and time again that they are not willing to accept responsibility legitimate financial responsibility for their actions however or negligent they are they got out of the alaska spill with you know about a billion dollars paid to private thirty thousand private litigants that should have been by many of their estimations much much more than that so they have a history of short changing responses. well the spill has stoked worries about
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environmental hazards of using aging pipelines to transport launch amounts of crude oil from canada as it's increasingly becoming the preferred method of transport across the continent global trends full costa gerald celente predicts they'll be more oil spills so the u.s. is investing more in its wars overseas and improving its eroding infrastructure back home one after another this atrocity after atrocity whether it's or oil big oil or banks too big to fail the word justice in america is being misspelled it's j u.s.t. the us just us not them look what happened with the gulf of mexico it's been destroyed for how many probably you know how many hundreds of years the stuff as it's us evaporate look at the united states infrastructure according to the american society of civil engineers it's going to take an estimated three trillion dollars just to bring the american infrastructure system up to par that's not
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improving it best is keeping it from breaking down further the united states has more important things to do and worry about the infrastructure whether he had doubts build loyalty it has was to fight overseas so we're going to see more and more of this because you have to understand who regulates this it's not being regulated these are very low level regulatory agencies that control or oil and of course there is that revolving door all things are connected and the connection is corporations are running the show. well just ahead we find out how hot off the presses may be about to take on a new deadly meaning as we're also on how three d. printing could be twisted. with a growing number of detainees on hunger strike at guantanamo an outcry in support
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of the protest is being heard far from the infamous detention center on just of activists and relatives of some ninety yemeni prisoners held in a camp demonstrated outside the u.s. embassy in the capital sanaa demanding the detainees release more than a decade behind bars without trial there many prisoners are among those on hunger strike and make up the largest contingent of the detention centers one hundred sixty six inmates lawyers say the hunger strike in guantanamo is putting some of the detainees lives at risk accusing us of orators of downplaying the actual number of those refusing food or teas or going to the school reports. they're calling for for the majority of those who are of where actually can find and get moment jordi of those inmates are actually from yemen and most of them have been there for more than a decade ever since the invasion of ghana stunned by the united states the even the yemeni government itself has actually issued a request to the u.s.
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government asking it to send the yemeni prisoners to sanaa the capital of yemen so they could at least be tried or hill there or their hero or for possibly hearing to be held there as well but that request has been heard or at least it hasn't been hasn't received any response from washington so the people in the habit of course are outraged that their compatriots who as you have as we have mentioned how some of them have been cleared of all charges are being held in prison and they're starving themselves just to prove their point and these are not the only protests that we have seen across the region you may say there's also been numerous protests in kuwait on sunday now there are two kuwaiti nationals being held it gets mo. they're both they both of them have participated in the hunger strikes and given all before and both of them have been forced to bed and again lawyers for them as well are saying that their situation is just as dire. as that of the other detainees who are dissipating in the hunger strike and it is clear that they
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actually are prepared to die before their requests are being met so we're looking at we're looking at a situation which is spiraling out of hand to people in the countries from which the inmates are they're starting to support the people and they are literally outraged at the way that their compatriots are being treated. struggling on the painful bailed out terms unprecedented bank limits separate so now playing the blame game in an attempt to find those responsible for the crisis investigative commission which will look into how the ardennes economy was driven to breaking point is to be sworn in on tuesday the most damning indictment some table out of millions of euros that were apparently moved out of the country just prior to the levy proposals and bank deposit local media are pointing the finger at seven divisions and companies including one cohen by the place and son in law also
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published a list of favored savers whose ones were allegedly written off by two separate banks the press so it's going to nomics indras infamous as the country's financial woes are just the tip of the iceberg. we have seen the reports about the. cabbie the loud flows that would be food investigation but in addition you could only crazies already cyprus is having a major political crisis as well the credibility of the system is very low level at this point some political parties are trying to take advantage at the same time it is true they have been acts that have made people very suspicious of the kids. of the eurozone and if you listen to the troika and these policies certainly we make a good recession into a depression was not a bailout it was a collective punishment deal the amount of money that cyprus required to cover allowed
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a more gradual approach to addressing economic structural problems we we these policies not only disapprove financial system has suffered a serious blow but the economy as well and i have no doubt that these we have also followed the fact all day you do not see quote already you know people outside cyprus are indicating confidence in the euro and the universe has declined and i don't think that this will be the end of it. package of severe austerity cuts has been introduced in the u.k. with around ten million households expected to be hit by the unprecedented cutbacks public discontent is growing with brits feeling politicians out of touch with everyday money worries. reports many m.p.'s. experience of work outside their political careers. young polish.
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persons who need political elite an assortment of multi-millionaires. university. study by the house of commons library reveal the one in seven of peter had never held a job outside of politics and that's left many intriguing whether they're really up to the job. i'm not defensive about it i'm there to do a drop i do the job the best my booty but somebody the government's best is not good enough. like making all these attacks and they you know they've never been a person like people living on fifty six pound weeks they've no idea what that's like no idea what it's like to be a hard working person really want to do your job well you've been given target having a pay cut you know i was attacked you know all the time they have no idea what it's like to lay the might of been accused of scoring political points by waiting class
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warfare. criticism either ed miliband and his wealthy counterparts the champagne socialists but this is not just the tories and lib dems and some of it's labor as well like that also which so let's take a look at he's on the political rich list according to recent estimate the man with his hands on the nation's past strings chancellor george osborne is he still has pockets weighing him down with an estimated four point five million pounds to his name june. hard to shares in a prosperous family business david cameron's not far off with the mated at three point eight million pounds but even the prime minister and chancellor fall short of the one time leader of the house of lords thomas go brace ok lord strathclyde he's worth almost ten million pounds london's famous tailors where the price
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range for most people but not for this government many of. and not afraid to flaunt their wealth the prime minister david cameron is known to be partial to the rich jane see the price of which is likely to set you back more than the average monthly household income and we're having to live with another austerity tailored budget come this politically really understand what those cuts mean for ordinary. clothes according to your cloth as the old saying goes perhaps members of government should take note from their tailors unemployment in britain. is down and ordinary british people feel presented. he usually. can always come up with things that have gone wrong with the bad economic situation that we inherited it was almost inevitable that we're going to lose our aaa rating
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well the push jobs might come easily the resurgence of the tough that the top to some is an indicator of a much greater malays there is a problem with political class in general and it is out of touch with the general population they don't really understand the suffering now with rising basic costs and of course it's very much a top down elitist driving. we're all in this together has been the prime minister's rallying cry with the growing public skepticism because of this being left looking for different ways to try to connect and whether it's george osborne. joining twitter david cameron starring in a pop music video just what will the government doing next to try to convince that they can get down that that's. what the city of i guess it's some form of da but i can't actually tell you one hundred percent but that's would be my guess but i'm happy to try it out with you. r.t. london. the bedroom tax is among the most criticised austerity measures came into
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force in the u.k. on monday it will see social housing tenants have their benefits if they have a spare room and plans to install the tax code such a public concern that it is agreed to a partial u.-turn of making some exemptions the parents of those serving the armed forces foster carers and parents of severely disabled children and avoid much of the changes of the tax may still hit those who are most in need of help as new gibson from sheffield council experience. two million households across the u.k. are going to be directly affected by these taxes they're the poorest people in this country this government this tory government is attacking the poorest people on the people who can't afford to pay and they're not people are not working they're up but most of these people affected are people who are working but in very low paid jobs and they need these benefits to help them survive and get by where i am in sheffield we have hundreds of disabled people who are going to be directly affected
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by this sees people can't work they're physically disabled through no fault of their own they survive on benefits of very low benefits another are expected to have to pay for an extra room in their house that they need for their carers to stay in or they need to because they've got children that don't live with them or for whatever reason they're the people most affected seventy five percent of the people affected by this are working people i think is the most devastating thing this government has ever done anything the week that they're giving me hundreds of hours about a pond back to millionaires they're changing the national health service or imposing taxes on the poorest people in the country it's going to have a devastating effect to most people in this country. and head to our website tartini dot com to get more on the outcry sparked by the bedroom tax and other austerity measures in the u.k. thousands of protesters took to the streets across britain over the weekend. another click away online pew the new york police department accused of abuse of.
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fortunately targeting minorities and rescue program. police.
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today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world. of canada.
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the bodies of thirteen civilians mostly women and children have been discovered in syria's western province of homes syrian rebels and government forces are blaming each other for the massacre some of the images in this report disturbing state media blames the deaths on the rebel forces saying the victims had been robbed before being killed opposition activists group based outside syria claims the civilians were murdered by government troops stormed the neighborhood when it comes to weeks after alleged chemical attack near the city of aleppo that killed twenty six people both sides once again accusing each other u.n. launching investigation author and political historian joel horne believes it will
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be hard to discover the truth. this quiet from the north atlantic countries about this chemical attack speaks volumes that speaks loudly because we all know that if this chemical attack could be pinned on the damascus regime of president all saw that they would have been shouting from the rooftops about it the fact that they're now quiet about it i think says all that we need to know if the investigation is relative to that united nations security council it is possible to have experts from beijing and moscow on the ground investigating but we all know that the rebels and their backers in turkey and in israel and in guts or and in saudi arabia or putting on a full court press we all saw what happened at the arab league meeting this past week where they were able to maneuver the rebels to take the heat of the all assad regime we all know about the recent on talk between turkey and israel which does
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not bode well for a peaceful resolution of the syrian crisis therefore it seems to me that an attack of this chemical in an investigation of this chemical attack moscow and beijing in particular manager who are just. now some other news making headlines around the well the south. that teen boys have been killed in a in this lennox school in douma tree in the capital city of only hours of tuesday morning officials confirm the people's die from suffocation electrical fault is believed to spot the blaze which is being linked to recent clashes between buddhists and muslims in the country. it wasn't so. it's just a small town in the u.s. state of georgia has just passed a law requiring every household to own a gun decision was unanimously approved and is or ten percent of gun rights that were bothered in the station appear to scream massacre. at the same time in texas
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it was a little girl with his restrained comment we know is a shooting at this. dogs and training people to use them. and the on going at us gun control debate has turned its attention to what type of arms people should be allowed to bear and how they obtain them but it would be all academic if people had the ability to bypass the restrictions and produce firearms without even leaving their homes well thanks to the technological magic of three d. printing but first it sounds like science fiction could soon become science fact what is going to point to gates. from the state of the union in youngstown a while we're no workers are mastering the three d. printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything to a store in soho new york three d. printing technology has officially gone mainstream the demand is much greater than our supply right now and we're actually ramping up and expanding rapidly to meet
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that demand this three d. printing company maker bot opened its first retail store last year it is selling its newly released replicator to desktop for just under twenty two hundred dollars using a plastic material the machine deposits ultra thin layers to form any object that can be molded in software welcome to the world of independent manufacturing so this stretch bracelet took about sixteen minutes to make but other objects that are get bigger like this cupcake gift box took about fifteen hours of printing now while the time a very anyone with a three d. desktop printer can essentially make anything that they want at our website thing on earth is a repository for three d. printed items we have more than forty thousand items on thing over that are free and downloadable and one of our terms of service is that you cannot upload anything that is deemed a weapon. this is where twenty five year old cody wilson enters the picture
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a group of friends and i started a project called defense distributed. we want to use a three d. printer to print a gun to release the files open source the texas law student has already printed a thirty round magazine and lower receiver that houses the bolt for an ar fifteen and he's reportedly working on completing a rifle with a three d. printer his blueprints for guns and gun parts are distributed for free on his website but i'm doing is showing people ok this is something that can be done right now. right now the self described. market after kist has thrown a major reds into america's gun control debate as a national conversation going on it was a debate that started in december after twenty children and six adults were shot dead at a connecticut elementary school overwhelming majorities of americans americans who believe in the second amendment have come together around common sense reform like
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background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun meanwhile just last month wilson became a federally licensed gun manufacturer and dealer they're bypassing the debate there rendering the debate irrelevant whatever laws make about of this discussion this sort of ability to manufacture objects and plenty of firearms on a localized centralized basis means the law really won't matter the law may say that something is illegal but if you can turn to a device that's on your desktop and manufacture that at will with nobody knowing that you've done so then the law doesn't matter at all with a reported three hundred million guns in circulation the u.s. has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world and the second highest rate of deaths by firearms among industrialized nations. and just as lawmakers are finalizing new legislation that would tighten the nation's all too easy access to firearms. experts claim that technology will ultimately outpace
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their meager efforts at gun control. r.t. new york. i'll be back with latest headlines in just about thirty minutes total before that some of the looking at the week's biggest sports stories ok. well. science technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've got the future covered. leg.
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live. hello welcome to the r t sports show with me kate partridge and here's a taste of what's coming up. on the rise defending champions and eat the tell at three nil to go second in the russian crimean a. while finding that form fabio capello may keep eight games on the beat in charge of russia one.


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