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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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mr president welcome to r.t. hello. mr president what subjects did you discuss with the russian president vladimir putin during your meeting with him. first of all i'd like to thank artie's arabic channel for what it's been doing for the arab world as a whole and yemen in particular this is my first visit to russia since i was elected in two thousand and twelve i came to thank the russian government and mr putin for supporting the people of yemen at the time of the crisis in twenty eleven yemen was on the brink of civil war but its political forces the ruling party of zisha and parties together with our social youth and women's organizations agreed that we should take the way of peace and stop the civil war that had been raging in our capital city center for more than a year we all agreed that we were going to act according to the gulf cooperation council initiative and its implementation mechanism we then held an early election
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on february twenty fourth two thousand and twelve a compromise president was elected and we continued to establish peace in yemen according to the mechanism i mentioned above but we also managed to stop hostilities in santa and other provinces because as you know the army and security forces were divided tribes were divided and the capital itself was divided and people went to polling stations while they were still barricades and guns on the streets because they wanted peace not war now we're moving towards implementing the initiative put forward by the gulf countries and establishing ceasefire as well as withdrawing troops and forming a national coalition government the national consensus government was formed in such a way that the prime minister represented the opposition and the president was from the ruling party i was chosen to be president in the nature of a compromise we are following the plan outlined in the initiative we promise to fix water and energy supplies open the roads that connect the provinces we as well as
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the militants withdraw our forces and send them to the free abyan province from al qaeda militia made up from the local population helped us to do that we forced al-qaeda out of abidjan and we've partially freed chad where province. we have started refresher training and the reorganization of our military and are now in the process of countrywide restructuring of our military forces the interior ministry and all its departments all in accordance with the initiative a special commission made up from our jordanian and american experts is giving us a hand with that there's also a u. commission working with jordanian counterparts that helps us restructure our interior ministry what we're doing now is basically building up our military and security forces from scratch where you find bugs on the path of a national reconciliation dialogue i talked about all these things were russia's president vladimir putin as russia is one of the five permanent members of the security council which backs the gulf cooperation council initiative and the
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mechanism of its implementation we discussed a number of standards that our armed forces is supposed to meet as you know the weapons we use in yemen were made in russia as well as tanks planes and helicopters the lifespan of some of these weapons has expired and we agreed to continue military cooperation in this failed we spoke about economic issues and i also thank russia for preventing yemen from degenerating into a civil war russia has played a role in this by taking a firm stance to support the gulf initiative a civil war in yemen could have reverberations both across the arab world and the global community. accountable mr president earlier you mentioned military relations with russia so we expect any agreements to be signed in the city in the future. we've got plenty of long term military agreements with russia i informed president putin that other countries had provided yemen with financial help in order to help
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it out of the crisis we do ask for support but we do not want russia to simply invest into yemen we would like russian companies to help us extend the working lifespan of fighters cargo aircraft tanks motor vehicles and supply replacement parts to us. yet mr president the national dialogue conference is now a pivotal event for yemen how would you estimate the results that have been achieved so far after two weeks of work by level. this is the first conference of this kind held in yemen or any other arab country at all we've been preparing this conference for six months abiding by the initiative of gulf states and its implementation mechanism this national dialogue is now underway and it's going to last about six months more all the issues will be split into nine main divisions the discussion will kick off with addressing the problems of the southern part of the country then we will move on to problems inside our province
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economic issues and national building in yemen seventy five percent of the population is under forty five years old so this new young generation is looking forward to changes and these changes can be carried out by previous generation which has been in power for fifty years the new generation must take part in building their own future that is the reason why the youth women civil society organizations small parties and new parties established off the events are involved in the dialogue there will be five hundred sixty five representatives from these groups and they all will be a party to the process the dialogue will be headed by the president of the republic of yemen who will be guided by the needs of all social layers needs changes for fifty years they've been internal conflicts going on in the country in the past there was north yemen and south yemen and there was bad blood between the two states in one nine hundred ninety they were unified in the republic of yemen but
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even this move didn't make the parties adjust their course so it led to the war of nine hundred ninety four one party pushed another aside from power up such actions don't fit with modern conceptions you can't just overthrow another party the people of yemen have found themselves the crossroads choosing between a civil war and nationwide reconciliation whereby the system of governance would be reformed peacefully so that none of the communities would feel oppressed and disk. grimm unaided yemen is in a complicated economic situation right now in the one nine hundred sixty s. we launched a bold campaign to eradicate illiteracy poverty and diseases but fifty years on we still find ourselves living hand in hand with illiteracy poverty and diseases. that while there have been reports in the media and as in the destruction of a terrorist network those planning attacks in order to prevent dialogue he made a public statement as well mr president saying that our forces that seek to upset
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all efforts of reconciliation who do you think might be interested in disrupting a nationwide dialogue for a safe consolidated yemen that. whenever there is a change underway there are those who support it and those who oppose it there are also domestic and external players for example iran doesn't like it that yemen should deal with its issues at its own discretion they have a different attitude and different methods we arrested their vessels and their arms and requested them to help yemen and resolving its problems rather than export more problems into yemen yemen is written with poverty we have six million people aged between fifteen and twenty eight who are unemployed we have six hundred thousand university graduates from both humanitarian and technical schools who spent the last ten years looking for employment some of them despair and commit suicide and some of them join al qaida that's why we don't want our friends and neighbors to export more problems into the country we can barely handle our existing
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difficulties and we don't want to have weapons smuggled into our country because yemen is already one of the most heavily armed nations in the world. so you believe that unemployment has been one of the reasons for the increase in al qaeda presence in yemen yes. you said the government had a plan to combat al qaeda in yemen and you did take steps to clear up its prisons. i mean is it possible to say today that the al qaeda network in the country has been destroyed and with. al-qaeda has not been destroyed completely just as it hasn't been destroyed in any particular country there is now a kind of presence in the united states there is an al qaeda in europe there is al qaeda in russia and in any country it maintains its presence by way of the so-called sleeper cells al-qaeda has become a network without borders as we were wrestling out beyond from them we came across
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al qaeda fighters who would come over from pakistan chechnya europe the us and other places that intended to establish their own government in yemen and when hostilities broke out in the sand i they thought it was time to set up their government in abuja but with god's help and with the support from popular communities our military and security forces managed to take down the government that al-qaeda was trying to impose on the province however they still have their sleeper cells in some parts of yemen as well as outside the country. the government of yemen is address the united states with several requests to have you many inmates of going town will be on the parwan detention facility in bagram afghanistan return to yemen why has this issue remained unresolved to date. i spoke with the u.s. justice secretary during my visit to the united states we've agreed that they would hand over to us every yemeni national detained at one time obey we have made arrangements and we're now moving towards
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a transfer of detainees under those conditions i hope we'll have this accomplished and then there is future we believe that keeping someone in detention for over ten years without due process is clear cut tyranny it will be difficult to rehabilitate someone who's been through such an excruciating experience ten years of imprisonment without due process the united states is fond of talking democracy and human rights but when we were discussing the prisoner issue with the american justice secretary he had nothing to say i told him your country is always out there promoting liberty and human rights are you ok with someone being kept in your prison for ten years without due process he said personally i'm not happy with that so we made a deal to have them handed over to yemen as soon as possible. how soon will it be done god willing it will be done. i suppose you'll be meeting with russia's trade and industry representatives including gazprom should we expect more cooperation
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between your country and russia in the energy sector in the future. we've cooperated in the past and yemen is open not only for russia but for all the companies that are working in oil exploration of fact there are several areas with suppose the oil fields in our country thirty four companies including russian ones began drilling but were forced to leave due to the twenty eleven events we're going to ask these companies to return to the same areas where they intended to begin developing oil they spent two or three years on a geological survey all they had to do it was to start drilling some of the russian companies discovered natural gas one exploring oil but they must all some of the gas fail if we held talks and asked them to return today natural gas is considered to be more valuable because it's one of the clean energy source is somewhat cement factories and other industries are running on gas it doesn't pollute the
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environment. mr president what would be your message to the people of yemen at this moment i'm telling the people of yemen believe in dialogue believe in those you've elected because they're taking you down the road of peace and of building a new yemen which you have been aspiring for we wish you success in dialogue we wish you to bring them in to the shore of stability and security when a lot of them and we wish you success in your. bring your country peace and stability thank you so question. i. speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.i.p.'s interviews
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fortunately. tim's mission to teach me. this is why you should. only. the book about international and war in the very heart of moscow.
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when i've done your bushel wall street mup the following the looting of america coming up. the man who jailed a thousand the bankers tells us how to do it. twice the size of the u.s. economy exposed offshore. and wall street cons the nation's last asset. the wall street big five goldman fifty chase bank of america and morgan stanley of course pervasively through to town homes stolen from virtually every pension transaction on lawfully foreclosed this is the result of the holmes deliberately still. gives them committed to trading manipulative
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prizes foid of poems these try to destroy evidence droids rates exegesis and politicians most of executives at these banks is being charged the justice department's that no one h.s.b.c. is getting indicted for systematic criminal activity c.d.a. just b.c. officials but terrorism financing broke the bank secrecy act broke the trading with the enemy act it would fix the trillion dollars in suspicious transactions it gave favored client states to. street executive richard isco do us a flavor of the favored cloying we're talking about the mexican cartels that have killed more than sixty thousand people whose preferred modus operandi is to come into a town cut off the heads of sixty prominent citizens and then leave them in the town square or as they did at one point roll them out onto a discotheque floor on saturday night so these are the most horrific killers on the
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planet being protected aided and abetted and rich by the largest banks in the united states or a list like j.p. morgan since obama calls it well managed for a wall street bank how many croyde makes well managed it's really really bad they had entire teams of untrained college students who were known within j.p. morgan chase as the burger king kids because they'd get takeout hamburgers and sit down and generate these false statements in order to facilitate foreclosures that was done thousands. upon thousands of times you work. street give us some insights they'd sell them some trashy investment and then they'd hang up in the expression was i ripped his face off this is their own customers in the oliver stone movie wall street was made and the main hero who you may remember gordon gekko played by michael douglas oliver stone wrote him up as a billion villain but he was
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a very popular figure on wall street to the guys there he was a hero and when i did stock real estate speculation. he got ninety percent of the american public out there with little or no net worth i create nothing. i. will blood job over a thousand top in the ninety's during the last buy and crys this great to have you on the show how many buying cars should be in. the current crisis is it least eighty times larger than the savings and loan debacle there are zero elite wall street fraudsters who caused this crisis in prison there were over two million fraudulent loans may have been simply said that the bank is too big to prosecute. senior bank officers are too big to prosecute they have immunity as well
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and they've even said that former big officers who are working there can't be prosecuted now of course that's insane threats to the crooks make to try to sure i was sued for four hundred million dollars in my personal capacity by the most notorious fraud charles keating's lincoln savings they hired private detectives to investigate me twice they tried very hard to get me fired including by the speaker of the house and keating put in writing highest priority get black kill him did they come running after the first five hundred six hundred convictions to do a plea deal because they have no real bravery they have only the flow bravery of the bully picking on the
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smallest homeowner whose go both blankfein taking a break from doing gold's work to cut the safety net you're going to have to undoubtedly do something to lower people's expectations the entitlements and what people think that they're going to get. because it's not going to they're not going to get social security medicare medicaid money things and you know you can go back and you can look at the history of these things and social security wasn't devised to be a system that supported you in their time and age has to be changed maybe some of the benefits have to be factored entitlements have to be slowed down and contained they do your calling as did the old and cools the world economic crisis this incredible little bit of judo where we have deletes trying to tell us we should be upset about social security medicare and you know high living seniors when the reality is all the money's gone to the top one percent. so i personally try to rob regular thirty of us but u.s.
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banks already have those plans in place this shows they're preparing an even bigger christ is in which taxpayer bailout enough is by the federal deposit insurance corporation supposed to guarantee u.s. bank deposits returning the operations of globally active then weekly important financial institutions that's the wall street for life would be provided by converting the curate from original creditors of the failed company unsecured debt from credit is fine and speak for regular savers it means your money is no longer thirty four mobile three smith thanks for joining us you wrote us save us both even the reason that u.s. depositors could be at more risk even without any rule changes is the fact that we have in the two thousand and five bankruptcy law there are actually creditors that are senior to depositors u.s.
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media talk about russian only goes keep your money and you write wall street oligarchs ahoy demote scariest films that's correct you know that it's you know basically it's someone else's tax haven it's a problem are tax havens aren't. people have traditionally seen tax havens as used by drug smugglers and. fios but the big users of the secrecy jurisdictions are the banks. through the record profits through this crisis james done many of them they benefit from downturns those profits that being dashed off shore the u.s. economy just fell again but thirty two trillion dollars is now in havens that's double america's growth domestic product it will straight to play for places to hide their cash from the irish all fuels known as pirate buying u.s. virgin island choice well i'll go and buying of america like havens should really be called croix might even get north just like the criminal safety and environment
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laws emotional and provide a quote anything goes on regular flag with people to horizon before the way wall street favorite type fills in more detail written off florida off the table in the oil and buying of america j.p. morgan goldman sachs are all based in this building and the world leader in tight division is fifty group which has hundreds of all shills around the world hundred twenty one in the caymans a load you treasury secretary jack lew is the fifth you'd think they're at least fifty three thousand dollars fifty trying to suppress this chilling intoned a report called income inequality quote perfectly natural but worries americans still have a vote. the u.s. is a plutonic me and it's hard income inequality the exceptionally rich drive the appallingly low savings rates overextended consumer and unsustainable current accounts all our friends in academia and politicians consider imbalance is
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a perfectly natural we want to examine how to make money from this this is not without its risks political enfranchise ment remains as was one person one vote and n.g.o.s compiled all the rules official investigations into all shows the way the biggest illegal in. three but every page is blank because there hasn't been a single official investigation the u.s. justice system has the conviction rates of known to no empathy and that includes an estimated ten thousand wrongful convictions a year when it comes to catching criminal monied up fullfil no point one post and no one is hauled off shows and here's the reason why. if you speak up an off shore centers it's suicide there's no way you would find protection chops the palm of one hand with the other for emphasis have you seen the john grisham film the farm it's worse. ok. ok.
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just than me think. his name. julio iglesias. big chief economist consultants mckinsey james henry thanks for coming on foot digging with the it's a no show is highly dangerous right but it can be done well i've had my writings with people i've investigated you know some of them are went to jail and a good example was general noriega you know and i was back in the one nine hundred eighty s. i was an investigative journalist went to panama came up with three years of the general's international phone calls we don't have it in the press or press that's going after you know an investigation people in power and people who have extraordinary wealth then you know you have a system that's just not functioning democracy. i think stripped us
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home job social spending and ship the profits oh sure wall street mail targets america's loathing male dell all shills thaws the us tax leaving investments in infrastructure trash removal power plants roads in a series states there were over one hundred hedge funds that bubble through a telling tell the wall to fill the last as this with a big cut for wall street the stephanie killed them thanks for joining us fifty's gets a one off film but is clearly guilt in the public interest when you sell them they're gone for good is the long term decision for the short term fiscal innate in response to a short term fiscal crisis that may themselves create more street has left the described in old code of terms but in the republic. this third world state was the will people know except in the u.s.
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this rob you seek truth from facts this is the truth. it is is trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and the trap was no way out. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. little bit. of both of. her mother. could speak. her. wish i. was little. bit.
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good. luck. and i'm. gonna run. if he.


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