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and they had to defend themselves against santa ana just armies that lasted for about a year but finally general sam houston leading these volunteers defeated santa ana at a place called sandhya sento and in defeating the president general of mexico they were able to force him to sign a treaty. the treaty formed a new nation so that he would never again come across the rio grande river to bother of the people in texas any more treaty also said. that the land of texas. belonged to the people who lived on the land of texas for ever and that's a treaty that is perpetual it doesn't go away. so what is the republic of texas now is the land of texas one of texas does not belong to the u.s.
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doesn't belong to the federal government it launched of the people. who live here. and there is no federal land if they want land in texas they have to lease it from a spring there are military bases school. ok go and. fall off the hip all the if. what the republic of texas is today in the early two thousand is. a number of people got together and said you know what the farmland is still ours and if there's a perpetual treaty that says we are a nation let's just be a nation as so they elected but with
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a vote from the people. a president vice president secretary of state a congress a supreme court justice and all of those are still occupied lands to this day in fact that meets every month on the second saturday of the march and the people of texas who are interested come to those meetings that's what it is today the purpose the goal of the republic of texas and what we're doing is to restore and to preserve all the freedoms and all the rights that were won in eight hundred thirty six at the battle of santa sent told when that treaty was signed. in other words we're here to make sure that the people get to exercise those rights even though an overreaching federal government of the u.s. keeps trying to take away more and more of the rights and freedoms we're here to
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restore them and to make sure their preserver. you know i have to say. i drove here from lake jackson texas two hundred forty miles. i had to wake up early but i wanted to come i went last month to this meeting. and what i see are some people that are concerned about. where our country is heading and. then they they look for the alternative. but there's a lot of talk about secession in this country because we see tyranny in washington we see even our own elected representatives wind up getting elected because their people with wealth that are paying for their elections.
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may be. the. you may have one not just all. and only. had. ok. he's not. he's not a hero fred evident by the. c.h.p. sudley if you is a him would you be a hero by the f l. l . a case where the congress. malo the lady of texas. and gave her dome record. we then we reclaimed all the lay em for the people.
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pick. it up and this is a map of the original bunker is from eighteen to thirty six. nation called the republic of texas. here's a map of the state of texas today and all of the mountains all the way up to here which is wyoming colorado new mexico kansas and oklahoma. that we're part of the nation then have been stripped away because this is the northern limit of texas which is somewhere and sheer. you can see or. have served these papers to. all the different governors. to washington d.c. . to europe blame is for. what i did.
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is i'm leaving him a copy because i didn't serve him. i decided all the top people. viewed you have the. money real money. with. friends are. immoral but it's a real way. for you. or with. your issues that has a face value of to you'll see how. it's. going to nine point nine percent or so. airtight storm damage you. always are you sure were problems trouble free right. things for you. i helped design these drawn first them out an artist. who. was
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a tree just. before he takes to. break the whole big load of them are bartering that's right and i like it i like it i like it three. over here we've got machine it's running republic of texas currency right now we've got a one. thirty nine millimeter silver medallion. so you can see the star on one side with an outline of the original. other side one nation under one god they great sculptor. started doing these all way back in two thousand and nine hundred thousand.
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these presses are used by the u.s. mint for almost fifty years to make any. new year the most repurposed make fractional silver cup car and he says we change the world. we are strong your money is good so. should the money people were. playing you could make a marketplace. open to anybody who wants to get in but you want to. make something free. money the way we. play the money the money this makes. their changes in the marketplace so what we're going to do here is we're creating their currency system. to build the blanks for the u.s.
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. we can reestablish this marketplace people barter and trade. with it. says. to me is suggestions so there's much they did. with only one that is laying the piss out of all fifty states forty nine other states all of their land records are in state and there are all forty nine states. but up in virginia very close to the district of columbia. united states bureau of the. united states own as confocal throw all the. states on. these records state of texas because first of all.
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the senate ratified the treaty with texas for friendship commerce and navigation in eight hundred forty three but refused to ratify a treaty about it safe. a year later and eighteen forty four. december outgoing president john tyler proposed to texas yeah next by a joint resolution of the u.s. congress that passed february of forty five. and november texas both. been eight hundred sixty one. people discovered the united states wasn't going to do what they said they would do. so they. elected form a new constitution and took them out of the boat to secede or not. the united states declared the vote in the constitution null and void. but through what
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people didn't understand. the stakes is never see the dates. in they were and they were taken a vote to secede and you cannot cede troops up to new never see did. jay james a mighty hauteur the. anybody after chickens man they get their day at the you know you know go after james thickens. feet. when they drive away to the dump a man. told. them that i don't know you both are going to do all three of them just buy a. new one.
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earth earth ok i'll be doing this. kind of government we have now are like a parasite in a parasite as a living thing but it lives off of the lives of others there are parasites on call's their partner sites on trees government has become a parasite and there are as many people dependent on my government. in the united states as there are that are not depend. so it's a kind of a fifty fifty deal well we can support. that other half. by our labor because government doesn't produce anything of value it only takes what's right and gives it to people who are critical. or depend on. each and republic of texas that can't happen. constitutional republic says the government is very
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small. does very few things is forbidden to do the other things so people keep the fruits of their labor they keep the work of their hands down the down they can. start businesses they can hire more people the other people have jobs everything looks fine without the parasol.
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the international and world in the very heart of moscow. thanks bro no way things are going the republic of texas a be a whole lot better off when the state of texas. texas has got its own like trickle grid it's got all the wall and gas and everything it needs it's got all the end. everything it made it can survive by itself without the rest of the united states which is to say the rest the united states cannot survive without. the robust people around this country around the whole world who are thinking oil wells when they hear about texas well that was true a long time ago. but two thousand and thirteen there is more energy
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coming out of the ground from natural gas than there is from a little. with petroleum. and there's enough natural gas discovered already. to fuel texas for the next hundred years or longer the splat behind us is one of the plants that's capable of burning gas. now because there is so much gas and oil and coal and wind and solar available in texas meaning we have a lot more sunny days. texas is a stand alone area as far as energy resources it does not need to import energy from other states or from the federal government it can export energy. on so that the resources are here and the costs of energy per b.t.u. or per whatever you measure it is usually almost always lower in texas that is in the rest of the states. which is very good for us but that's because
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with the independent texas power grid. texas does not have to let the us regulate the costs the price of energy. the people who work on a minute are not employees they're partners and they've agreed that when they get paid for their work. that they will be paid in silver that is produced from them. and it makes sense because they're producing real money and they want to be paid in real money. everything is part of their exchanging their labor. hours of their life. for a commodity and that commodity is silver it's like paying people in eggs or bacon. since they're being paid in
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a commodity according to the. us govt as they are. this is not money this is a commodity. so sense they're not being paid in us dollars. and they are. u.s. dollars or what's taxed that's the simplest way to. no income tax if you're paid in case. worth your pays. most of the bread. that's it just an exchange a commodity for the use of my time and my skills. survival under rothschild and he is sitting there overlooking all of his sheep hanging out in front of fema camps and the iris of the fellow reserve the builder birds in the sea of arse we are the nanny state now where we are being watched almost everywhere we go by
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security cameras and satellites and drones flying over us we've got our military now to extend democracy out there to the rest of the world and as long as we're sleeping we're just watching t.v. everything's going to be just fine. there was a while they lose one of us and they don't really like to lose us but it's all collateral damage. now and. the people here believe very strongly in peace we're pacifists we are anti war. we believe at the same time though that very strong defense and being able to protect your life your liberty and your property is also very important so as we walk through you may see guns scattered across the building there's a a r fifteen back here in this corner belongs to our marketing director trey. and so you'll see a lot of people carrying and. and doing things that most normal businesses would normally do. as the second amendment actually on the back of the coin. plea
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spelled out tomorrow. when one of the more popular medallions. i think this poster here really sums up who we are better than anything else in this building ron paul is certainly one of our personal heroes and probably. by far the most legitimate person that's ever served in government. he wrote a book called end the fed and it's a great book but we took a little bit of a different approach and said why don't we just stop the revolution and start the evolution and ignore the fed. stead of trying to compete against them instead of trying to put them out of business or wave a sign to get them to change what they're doing let's just ignore them pretend as if they don't exist and will watch the effect that they have over our lives and our finances disappear almost to nothing. so we like to ignore the federal here. you know people often ask what would it take. for us to.
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have the authority to govern. the land area and the people. of texas and there are several possibilities or probabilities that would bring out about one is. a complete economic collapse when the monetary system of the united states stops working and it's inevitable that it will and then you have anarchy then you have chaos then you have disorder. and the thing that's needed is to have a government in place that works on a volunteer basis instead of having to be paid huge salaries as the people in austin texas are busy on it. and that's why you see what they're saying in the first of all to hear. the news the articles are starting to
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reveal what we've known for a long time here and that is that there are more jobs in texas than just about any place else. and in fact governor perry has said texas is open for business which is another of saying we have jobs here and we do and the question is why does texas have plenty of jobs when there are whole states that. just can't create jobs and have so many people more people going on unemployment than ever. and there are several reasons for that one is a lot more texas people. are personally entrepreneurs' they think in terms of how can i organize people together to provide a product or provide a service which. people want the words not to get them to want something but if they already want something how can i provide it to them. to show the biggest part
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of it is there's just a whole lot less government interference over regulation. you have to get a permit you have to wait six months or a year before you do something while they go and think about whether it's good for the people or not if it isn't good for the people the people won't buy the darn thing. and also. the united states flag and the texas play by the same guy with the only state and with a republic that can do that the other plane fly below and whatever is on top of that the female gets on top of a flag sets a precedent it's a ball it's military. eagle it's a present. one of these days i'm a snippet there put a mic hamburger on top that american. ok
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let's go to the cabin know. if it. is to feel higher than washington d.c. did you. ever think texas is a bigger. always. we have got or only. got our own money. it was going to get the bill and higher than or just in d.c. that a bad. texas
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was fighting. theirs defending itself against the armies of santa ana from mexico. they chose the gold star as their emblem says republic of texas and that seal was a dog. did in eighteen thirty seven and is still in the capitol building today right here in the very center of the building. which is just another evidence that the republic of texas has not gone away there's just a different form of government covering it that's the land the people and the culture and the spirit of texas are still the same today. as an elected senator in the texas republic. i've had to give thought to whether i
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even wanted to run for that office. during all of that i decided that it was worth doing for several reasons i have children and grandchildren. i guess pretty soon i'll have great grandchildren. and i want them to grow up and live in a place that's truly free. and that requires a nation that's independent. where the government is limited it's limited in the amount of money it can spend or borrow or print. or coin or whatever. so i saw a chance for me. to play a part of. having a clear vision putting it in words putting it on paper and creating based on the foundation on which a free nation could live again
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a free independent texas. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. use a little tentative angles keep the stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit. that. i.
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did speak. with. a lot of a little. secret laboratory was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me the creation of life should care
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about humans and. this is why you should care only. is he. the surviving boston. police who are trying to establish what allegedly triggered.
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membership many angry reading into the government's deal which. he sees no nearer. the ecuadorian embassy and explains why he's pursuing a. human rights. government. over the kingdom's.


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