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treatments that is the consensus here to. choose the opinions that invigorating to . choose the stories that entire life choose the access to your office. to see. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i'm glad i don't get any i mean. i know that i'm still really messed up. and we're all very sorry especially apologize if that happened worst shurtleff a little white house chief of a. radio guy and for sale minutes from a click. i want you to watch what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm telling.
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you guys i'm out of mind and this is breaking that today in dallas texas george w. bush was joined by the four other living presidents to commemorate his newly opened presidential library the dedication of this building was truly an emotional experience for all the friends let me say that i'm filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you've made to the most needy people on earth i was impressed that president bush invites us to make different decisions if we choose on the decisions he was facing one of the interesting things about the mob or so we know president bush the man and what president clinton said is absolutely true. to know the man has to like the man. the honor of a lifetime to lead a country as brave and as noble as the united states. whatever challenges
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come before us i will always believe our nation's best days like a. couple of months. course america's best days are ahead after all how could it possibly topple the. wrongs committed during your presidency illegal wars of aggression the blatant use of torture against allege enemies of war on privacy and that's just scratching the surface of course while the media was tuned into bush's tears nobody mentioned is true medal of honor that of a war criminal and nobody pointed out how this library is blatantly white washing his legacy and interestingly one of one of the same day the government the lionizing bush iraq is falling into a bloody civil war experience in another series of bombings just today that left thirty five dead at the same time as this under reported tragedy is making
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headlines the media is also ramping up the rhetoric of syria's chemical weapons as a precursor to invade sound familiar i have just made my head explode so grab some pain pills and stick around to break. for weeks now i've been reporting on the show and working off air to raise awareness about the dangers of the cyber bills it's a bill that would allow private corporations to share private user information with the federal government under the auspices of protecting us from the looming cyber pearl harbor well today the bill essentially died in the senate but that's only sort of good news so what if i told you that all the provisions inside this bill that are such a threat to privacy have already been part of everyday practice by the federal government yet as troublesome as the sounds the department of defense has been
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implementing a secret cyber security program that monitors online activities in the same exact way that would have legalized and we know this because of documents recently obtained by the electronic privacy information center epic the recent for your request and a statement issued about their findings at the stated these documents concern. a collaboration between the defense department the department of homeland security and private companies to allow government monitoring of private internet networks now some of you might wonder how the government could be getting away with this i mean don't we have privacy laws that would prevent this sort of agree just a violation of our rights online well that's the million dollar question isn't it according to see you know it's declan mccullagh who's been reporting on the documents findings senior obama administration officials have secretly authorized the interception of communications carried on portions of networks operated by another internet service providers
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a practice that might otherwise be illegal under federal wiretapping laws let me repeat that secret authorization of online spying against federal law guys this is huge the justice department is authorizing giant telecommunications corporations to break federal privacy laws and granting them immunity to do so oh keep in mind if it weren't for those for your request we wouldn't even know about the extent of the pentagon already ramped up on line surveillance with none the wiser what's perhaps the most ironic in this recent revelation that they've been so vocal about the dangers implication of cispa passing when the worst of the bill has already been practiced entirely in secret but i guess that's the obama administration's m.o. violate our rights first codify those violations into law second.
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amidst last week's barrage of violence and tragedy all eyes were on the media for breaking news one such story from the associated press's official twitter account one o seven pm on april twenty third tweeted the following disturbing news breaking two explosions in the white house and brock obama is injured while thousands of retreats instantly followed only to find out minutes later that the report was completely false when a p. reveal that their account had been hacked and they quickly redacted the story but not quickly enough for the economy to take a hit check this out the dow jones which was up suddenly plummeted within just two minutes of the treat and then recovered just as quickly as the news was debunked this reveals just how integrated social media has become with global economic trends so joining me now to discuss this story and more financial news is parry and weren't the host of prime interest
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a brand new financial to be launched right here on our team very soon thank you so much perry again thank you so what does it mean for the stocks to respond so quickly to do have a potential attack what the heck does this pledge of the down jones even mean or what what we may not realize is that the majority of trades are done electronically as estimated maybe about ninety five percent of all trades are done electronically through high frequency trading so we have a specialized training firms that have algos algorithms that use for new eyes to trade on and what we saw in the dow jones is now that they are monitoring social media about three weeks ago the f.c.c. ruled that public companies could put information about investments on social media and this is the most recent development of that so break this down a little bit further because i mean i for people who don't really understand what algorithms are. i mean when something reacts so quickly and takes a plummet and then goes back up i mean we're talking about actually these things are being automated i mean things are literally being automated on the stock market
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so it's not not humans computers have taken over and that's why it happened so fast that's why during this market crash we saw this week it happened within less than ten minutes that crashed and it came back up and knowing something electronically could respond that found right so what you're saying is robots are taking over the planet. no it's scary because i can't help but think what's going to happen when something real does happen and the stock market does poem and that is a really interesting question to ask but while we're on the subject of finance on the internet i want to ask you about the marketplace fairness act there's a new bill a lot of opponents and opponents on both sides of the coin what is this bill and tail and how can it affect online commerce right this is the online sales tax and what it does is it requires online companies that sell products online to collect. and calculate the sales tax to whoever's in whatever state they live in so if you're amazon and you sell across all fifty states is this going to be
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a major regulatory burden on your business so larger businesses like amazon will probably be able to absorb those costs with some of the smaller online retailers might not and so tolo who is one of the proponents and opponents saying is this to benefit and lose from this well people are calling it the marketplace fairness act because brick and mortar stores are competing against entered at stores and a store is are getting away with not collecting all the taxes at times so the people who are for it are more stores but there's also a eighty four million dollars lobbying force behind this for rights and so there's a lot of this going into the words and he was pushing and he was right yeah sometimes it just takes a look at who's pushing the bill to really find out who stands to benefit the most some criticism that i've heard about the bill though is that it's kind of like a tag. and without representation because it's kind of this you're pulling all your money if you shop a lot online you don't really know where the taxes are going to i mean it's kind of
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an accurate assessment of a critique of the bill one thing that members are saying to support the bill is that these are taxes that are to exist it's called the tax on life and then apparently you're supposed to collect these taxes when you file at the end of the year and pay them to your state so what this would do is enforce the use tax personally i think the fair tax is a really interesting concept something that i think we should talk about in a later show but speaking of buying stuff online it seems to be the new popular trend of the decentralized online currency talk about what it is and why it's gaining popularity so big coins are a crypto a digital currency there they have a set amount i think it's twenty one million or something close to that there's about nineteen million already in mind it's technically still a currency but the reason why i like it is because it's a free market and invention it's not something that a centralized through our governments their central bankers this was designed by
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a smaller company and a lot of versioning see a lot of people flock to alternative means of money so we have big coins or people are starting to barter with all of the everything developments of currency devaluation across the globe but there are issues with coins it may not be the fix all problems are monetary systems but it is interesting that start to see these types of currencies and technologies evolve and i think this is just the beginning of digital currencies and we're going to see more and more pop up right this is just the beginning of kind of that line of thinking to really create something outside of the top down banking model that's kind of controlling the world right now let's talk about your new show prime interest here and a launching very soon on r t what can we expect from it so prime interest is going to be an economic financial we're not going to be. following the market i'm not going to tell you this is just on a day to day basis we're going to get into those details but in the mainstream media is not picking up on when you get into the fine print of what's in it is your
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friend here and i have great producers we have bob inglis and just seemed underhill who were all working very hard to bring a great package just gonna we released very soon on r.t.e. on the four thirty time slot right before your show very soon cool also and thank you so much perry and boring prime interest coming up soon thank you. and if you're wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air check me out on twitter at abby martin likely to see you can follow me there you'll find all my tweets linking the segments on the show as well as random thoughts i have throughout the day and also please help us get breaking the set when being on twitter ok we'll throw some hash tags pretty good trending on the twitter sphere but only with your help so head to twitter and checking out abby martin and i took a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear my interview on the media's role in spreading as long it will be on next.
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and. i think the song and good morning we will remember that we will.
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the correct international airport in the very heart of moscow. much much more of how to do would be just regime anything like the. in the wake of the boston bombing there's one aspect of the media's coverage that i haven't talked about from facial istic machine pumping out fear racism and discrimination against one group muslims take a look. here if she knew about this she ought to be in prison for wearing a huge job this immigration policy of of you know assimilating immigrants into our culture isn't really working no there are a simile going off into they are cultures you get a clear direct to me to who else does that what other theology in this world justifies murdering innocent people the answer is all really radical islam allows
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terror but there are some who are getting very leery of all of the the muslim students in america and our own bob beckel among those heavy stuff grabbing abuses others have spoken of slowing down the number of get into this country checking them out more closely let me just say this about the excess that muslims have in this country whether they're american muslims or whether they're here on a student visa it is enormous the access they have it is virtually all radical yes i know that was all mostly fox news but the sentiment of islamophobia has been echoed across the political and media establishment alike and has been since nine eleven this kind of rhetoric toxify is the public's perception of the fastest growing religion in the world one month and apparently peaceful unfortunately this mindset does nothing more than incite hatred and violence against a growing population so here to talk about the culture of islamophobia and what we can do to combat this mindset going forward i'm going to arsalan iftikhar senior
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editor for the islamic monthly and founder of the muslim guy dot com thank you so much for coming on thank you have you so why is it that when white people go on a shooting spree it's an aberration it's considered that they're mentally ill yet when there is a muslim with a bomb that is just exclusively terrorism. it's because the term terrorism has been co-opted after september eleventh to really only apply when brown muslim doods commit an act of terror you know in the last year we've seen the newtown connecticut school shooting we saw the aurora colorado dark knight movie massacre in all of those cases it was just a white kooky loner that was doing it less than a year ago also we had a white supremacist named wade michael page who walked into a sikh gurdwara temple in oak creek wisconsin and slaughtered six people in cold blood and he had a race where ideology but the term domestic terrorism was rarely used a sure you it was a brown dude who opt into
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a white church in wisconsin and killed six innocent people regardless of his political ideology he would have been referred to as a terrorist and also just been multiple bombings of abortion clinics by right wing christians we don't hear them we don't hear people really talking about that as terrorism either it's really fascinating you know i consider anyone who wants to kill innocent people mentally unstable why is there no discussion about their mental stability and the conversation is only about radical islam and international terrorism trying to link these kids automatically to some international terror plot as you know in america we've always needed to have a proverbial bogeyman we've always needed in and then me during the seventy's and eighty's in the cold war it was the russian red scare and now in the millennial age it's become the green muslim scare and so you know a lot of it is based on americans perceptions of what's going on if they don't know about you know a sikh temple shooting being referred to as an act of domestic terrorism or if the newtown connecticut school shooting or the dark knight movie massacre in colorado
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are not referred to as domestic terrorism it shows that there is a disconnect there you know a few days before does start i have brothers were listed as suspects you know c.n.n. and other networks reported that equal dark skinned male was arrested even though this turned out to be false achieve the narrative that it was those other guys doing it. and that's not a problem that you know white america has as well yes absolutely and putting that kind of preconceived notion out there kind of preconditioning almost kind of aids that that perception and a lot of people don't follow up and see if that was later retracted or or they don't know who these people were in the media of course is so quick to criticize obama on this is really strange i mean for not a hastily declaring it to be an act of terrorism i mean as if that's really means anything considering how meaningless the word has become in a post nine eleven world which according to then him not jumping on within minutes of the boston bombings either makes him a muslim apologist or muslim himself i mean what kind of damage is this extreme rhetoric from many talking heads in the media due to just the conversation that we
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need to be having in this country right now well you know most people are aware that we are currently or have two wars in muslim nations and most of our foreign policy today dealing with much of the rest of the world revolves around dealing with muslim nations and you saw the you know the whisper campaigns of barack being some sort of crypto muslim candidate you know whenever somebody says that barack obama is a muslim i feel like jerry seinfeld should pop up and say not that there's anything wrong with. that except it's a slur today it's an accepted form of others ation and you know that's part of the reason that president obama has never set foot inside an american mosque because the minute that he would do so during a political campaign the right wingers a point and say look see we told you so but we have all but if you take this these attacks into account along with the nine eleven you're still more likely to slip and die in the shower than you are to die of a terrorist attack in this country of course that doesn't accompany the narrative
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of fear driving all of this stuff going on in fact a large majority of f.b.i. or i'm sorry of terrorist plots last decade of oil have been concocted by the f.b.i. a large majority i mean what is this manufacturing terror doing to really aid and kind of breed this undercurrent islamophobia well it's important to keep in. and that a lot of studies have been done that of showing that in the last decade or two decades the vast majority over ninety percent of domestic terrorism plots have been foiled here in the united states were committed by white domestic terrorists and so you know when we hear narratives about you know islamic terrorism being you know the sort of existential threat of our time you know it's one of the threats there are a lot of threats out there you know we a few years ago there was a forty year old white american tea party member named joe stack who flew a single engine plane into an i.r.s. building in austin texas now if it was a brown dude who had flown his plane into an iris building in austin texas we would have shut down every building in the country we would have shut down every federal
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building in the country and we would have called it what it is an act of terrorism but because a right wing nut named joe stack. did something it's not an act of terrorism and so this double standard in terms of the term terrorism needs to be called out. of course they just said oh he's mentally ill is mentally unstable he's not a terrorist we didn't see the least militarized paramilitary troops in the senate because only white people get mental illness and of course of course and and also just so many in the fact that these kids have cited the wars abroad as a motivating factor of course there is zero in on being radicalized abroad coming home with this radical ideology from russia and and all the stuff really on many in kind of that glaring aspect of a blowback hello i mean is this and at the end of the day you know at the end of the day these guys were just criminal losers criminals like it's something that obviously is you know antithetical to any major religious teaching and you know even the mosque in boston the elder one went to kick him out because he started yelling at them during
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a friday sermon that was president dr martin luther king jr so even the muslim community in boston had shunned this guy and therefore he went in the radicalized by himself but of course you still hear people like bill o'reilly and i'm going to paraphrase this because we don't have time to play it but he basically said that most americans should apologize on behalf of whatever. these things happened how do you respond to something like that why respond by saying you know did white americans apologize after timothy mcveigh bombed the federal building in oklahoma city and then people say well you know that religion was an ideology there actually it was his coconspirator terry nichols was a self professed member of the christian identity movement and so why is it that one minority group in america is placed with collective guilt more than any other demographic group in america if we're going to ask people to apologize for the acts of a few then we should ask everyone to apologize for the acts of a few but that's ridiculous because that's a completely un-american principle and like you said before i keep going back to
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this proverbial boogie man i mean every generation has their own and really necessitates this perpetual war is i mean you need this proverbial going for people to be scared have to dehumanize the enemy to allow these wars to continue it really is just a vicious cycle and unfortunately what accompanies all of this is the extreme discrimination the incitement of violence of racial profiling as you said a saudi national which is odd that they call them that anyway apprehended interrogated and then all these calls now from politicians and pundits like to block muslim student visas from coming into the country is the worst of it is there are more backlash to come i expect more backlash to come i mean even in the days following the boston marathon bombings you know there was a report of a palestinian muslim woman who wears the job who was accosted by a white male who started yelling profanities at or saying a few muslims who did the boston marathon bombing the day after the boston bombings there was a man in a new york city mosque who was actually followed by an armed individual who was also yelling out and i muslims and so sadly this is become part and parcel of what
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many in the american muslim community have faced since nine eleven and you know we're going to probably continue to face it for the foreseeable future what can we do i mean we're becoming more of a melting pot is one of the largest growing religions i mean we're what can we do to end this good. by association and really how damaging is this the cultural fabric of our nation we have about thirty seconds it is it's very important and we need politicians we need members of the administration we need brave members of congress in the senate to come out and challenge you know all the right wing talking points that are coming out until we do so you know people like myself are going to have to come out into the media and try to humanize muslims and let the people know that just because somebody commits an act of terror not all brown people are guilty thank you so much arsalan iftikhar senior editor for the islamic monthly and founder of the muslim guy dot com i think you're right i think you. spike the tragic events of the boston bombing and it's important to realize how many equally horrific events occur around the world every day one of which was
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a recent round of drone strikes in yemen where the u.s. claimed to be targeting al qaeda leaders like hamid rob me the latest drone strike in the country was a crucial element for the testimony of the many native. me when he spoke before the first senate judiciary committee is hearing to hold on drones. began his testimony by stating that all right dami the alleged target for that strike was so well known amongst local officials that the any government could have captured him easily if the u.s. had just asked them to do so but it seems that common sense is lacking so it's on surprising that the u.s. stuck with their usual ammo instead while he explained how truly devastating those two drone strikes were. when they think of america they think of that they feel the hope of that head that the two fired missiles at. what the violent militants had to be vs the failed to achieve one. accomplished and distant
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drone bombing is terrorizing his people on a daily basis but as he just went on to explain this bombing was anything but an isolated incident in fact these sporadic attacks are now expected by people in yemen and elsewhere who live under a constant state of fear not to. mention that drones have a ninety eight percent failure rate at hitting their targets sadly though it seems that this powerful testimony fell on deaf ears and how no one in the obama administration attended the hearing and it's not the first time either in fact when a house panel conducted a similar hearing back in february not a single member of obama's cabinet was present but the problem doesn't just lie with the white house's lack of acknowledgment it's also congress and the mockery they've made of the ongoing war fare according to rolling stone just moments after all mostly made gave that vivid testimony what members of the committee were cracking jokes about being sentenced to death for going over ones a lot of time yep no wonder there is no action on
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a government level when it comes to halting the use of this failed practice obama's perfectly comfortable being crowned the drone king the defense industry making a killing in congress they're laughing all the way to the bank. to the. next few years these days so super is the memory for that russian research as have got a few ideas that could make cognitive computing a reality what about the process or check out a radical new architecture that promise is unparalleled how we're designing for the stars is that got you all under the collar don't worry because the league is
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cooling systems ensure neither you nor the globe's top super computers break a well known show on along with the future. i. know what things are going the republican. better off in the state of. texas has got its own life. has got all the oil and gas and everything to me it's got all that. everything you need you can survive but the united states
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would you say. with. strivings a brit and an independent future. republican texas analyse. breaking
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news for you this hour here on the blaze at a psychiatric facility in the moscow region claims the lives of up to thirty eight people three surviving many died. in their beds. unconfirmed intelligence from the u.s. point to the use of chemical weapons in syria and fuels in washington the kind of rhetoric seen in the run up to previous conflicts. and the e.u. chief says hundreds of european volunteers are now fighting in syria and could pose a serious security threat when they return from the radicalized.


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