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breaking news here on a second reported israeli air strike on syria in less than forty eight hours supposedly. explosions. thanks for joining us here this morning. live in moscow let's get straight to our breaking news on this sunday morning here on syrian state television has said israel bomb syria overnight and this has been confirmed by a u.s. military official that he supposedly targeted a massive military research site in damascus middle east correspondent now has the
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latest. there's been no immediate comment from israeli officials about this morning's explosions although an israeli military spokeswoman has said that israel does not respond to to quote this kind of a report the u.s. state department has also had no media comment although the israeli embassy in washington has declined to say anything at this stage it's not clear whether or not there are any wounded or did from the small things explosions but syrian state television is reporting that israel launched at least twelve missiles from live in these a space targeting an ammunition depot on the outskirts of the capital city of damascus syrian television says and i'm quoting that the new israeli attack is an attempt to raise the role of terrorist groups obviously the reference to rebel fighters inside that country the syrian state t.v. is also reporting that israeli jets broke the sound barrier and hit several military posts his belies menar t.v. station is reporting that the explosions may have been due to
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a downed israeli jet we are receiving some of course of that two israeli jets were downed but let me we emphasize no confirmation reaction or any comment from the israeli side this comes as we start to see rumors now particularly online following the latest volley of attacks on the syrian regime and these rumors state that the syrian president bashar assad will soon officially declare war on israel not many are dismissing these reports as strictly. there was also speculation about the nature of this morning's attack of some insisting that israel's weaponry was clear lives there are some groceries or that chemicals could be smelled in the air and that the attack was coordinated between israel and the hope of syrian rebel fighters i witnessed as have described the attack as both him and earthquake and precedented now israel has in the past repeatedly warned that it is prepared to resort to resort to force to prevent syrian weapons reaching the hands of his below
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which is an organization israel claims. terrorist organization based in lebanon the ammunition depot that was hit this morning is a strategically important military position to the regime of the syrian president bashar assad there is video footage it is not yet verify verify but it has been posted to you too because east three videos showing a huge ball of fire why is ing into the night sky over this morning the early mornings attack damascus certainly is heating up its rhetoric i mean maybe make the point that the research center that was hit this morning was the target of an earlier israeli strike back in january and according to damascus that strikes or two people killed and some five workers wounded as i said we're still waiting for israeli confirmation regarding this morning strike and also still waiting for an official covetously confirmation regarding a strike overnight thursday now according to a named israeli officials who are speaking on condition that they speak anonymously that attack was also carried out by television that attack is believed to have hit
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an armored convoy believed to be destined for his villa in lebanon it was first broken by american officials who say that of was and is way destroy what it does indicate is that this conflict is not only becoming a regional but certainly has international ramifications as well has been there is a militant organization it is based in lebanon but it is allied with damascus and israel has repeatedly in the past sued that it would do everything to stop any kind of game changing weapons from getting into the hands of the organization lebanon is also lodged a complaint with the international community saying that is what violated international law by flying over maybe these space israel in recent days has taken widely reported steps to neutralize traits that are emanating from syria and this is a departure because when the syrian conflict first broke out israeli officials were very reluctant to make any kind of comment over what was happening across the border but the we the situation is intensifying on the ground and we'll keep
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a close look at what he course one import of just a bit earlier in the program here on out so you know we spoke over the phone with damascus based journalist abdullah. he described the chaos in the syrian capital after the latest reported israeli outside. you know we can make it about the. world. without. any more it's a little. bit .
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more coke more of it may come from. what we have. to. turn. let's get some reaction inside now from amir already a senior correspondent for israel's ha'aretz newspaper joining us live here on our see it so good to see you today still no official confirmation on the strikes in israel and what's the latest you're hearing now in tel of. yes there is no official confirmation because this is part of the israeli policy which you can describe pounce but do not announce or don't let but don't tell don't let
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the syrian regime transfer its surface to surface missiles and surface to air missiles to his vala but don't brag about it because save saving face for bashar assad may be even more important than the very act of the attack so while the reason no official confirmation you can take it almost as face value when you hear the u.s. side confirm it officially that's right as we did get the unofficial confirmation from at least one u.s. official inside washington though when it comes to the issue as you were saying they're preventing so-called surface to air missiles from going to hezbollah and lebanon what about the legality of israel bombing syria like this without even a u.n. mandate i mean how do you expect the international community to react to this. well the israeli and syrian governments have been paying a fragile ceasefire for the last forty years and they have been. largely
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scrupulous in confirming. it here in. accord however next door in lebanon on the lebanese government does not control hizbollah and has well i want to take these arms from syria and position them within lebanon which is illegal because while i was in a state of war wheezy israel and while you may say that flying over a lebanese space is not exactly according to international law this is nick speaking of the real problem here is how to cap the. regional conflagration from by linger over and while there are many reasons on other aspects to be critical of israeli policy it does seem that this time around it is
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quite balanced and he's only trying to prevent and preempt further conflict so i'm sure you talk about the israeli airstrike being balanced you call the israeli airstrike balance we've got unconfirmed reports now of at least four hundred people killed during this overnight jet fighter weapon strike massive explosions of video footage there has been absolutely incredible you call this a balanced reaction to unconfirmed reports that the syrian officials are moving surface to air missiles to hezbollah which they are denying at the time you call it balanced. ok let let me clarify first of all the reason of course and regrettably so a massacre going on in syria has gone on for the last two years with many thousands of people being killed others perhaps in the hundreds of thousands being uprooted and now being refused use across the border and what is really striking to prevent is another lebanon war hezbollah is one of the bashar assad's last
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remaining allies and in return for its help against the rebels and perhaps against the world jihad groups if he's getting those missiles which are going to be launched against israel and minor price to pay. in order not to pay the bigger price of the killing and we have a which will be wreaked by another lebanon war so on that scale yes be israeli action is dillies israel can do and the last resort the least israel can do and the last resort or it will obviously there is a conflict going on in the region tempers are flaring it's hotting up a lot it's very difficult to get confirmation from both sides of the story here though at least one u.s. official now confirming the latest israeli air strike you think washington is likely to get involved i've got a story from one of the news agencies saying that he is ready prime minister netanyahu convene the security cabinet on thursday night to approve the strike in
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syria but it's washington stand with all this. well this is just procedural if such a strike was indeed launched then attorney had to get confirmation from his own governmental mechanisms and this would be standard operating procedure. one should assume that because of the sensitivity because the u.s. side could get involved in syria for very other met various reasons the turkish the jordanian aspect and many others of course the chemical weapons problem the u.s. has been not the five in advance especially because. the u.s. side was embarrassed by an israeli announcement regarding the use by the assad regime of chemical weapons so one should assume that the u.s. had advance notice of this strike or perhaps even more than once like mr already
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mentioned a moment ago the issue of chemical weapons inside syria certainly a lot of worldwide critics are saying whether it's mustard gas or sarin gas or weapons of mass destruction if indeed they exist where indeed are they now because what we understand here about israel's latest as strike on the outskirts of damascus targeted a massive military research facility if there are chemical weapons and that one is israel just done ok the so-called the research center is presumably not intended for scientific knowledge and out of future nobel prize winners will come and help humanity if. chemical care cers and other materials they are usually held separately you do not be accident before you are going to use them so there are various containers on the way to. other vehicles
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intended to launch them the problem is how to hit them without causing the. breaking up of these containers and causing damage to the population indivisible presumably these considerations are being taken by either of these really or american experts or others as they plan attacks especially if these so-called research centers are located we populated areas such as the date and i said as you say some of the areas as in damascus or i will have to wait for further confirmation on this developing breaking news story here in our life in tel aviv i mean oren a senior correspondent for israel's high rates newspaper thank you very much for your time today. thank you let's give you an update now the latest on our breaking news story here when i see a u.s. military official has confirmed
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a second israeli air strike on syria in less than forty eight hours i saw no official confirmation from officials in tel aviv now unverified footage right here from damascus shows a shoot explosion at the site of the strike which is said to have targeted a military research facility reports are coming coming in of many killed and injured although there's been no official announcement and western intelligence sources reportedly say the target was a stockpile of syrian missiles intended for hezbollah in that when on the latest comes less than two days after the previous israeli bombing of syria anonymous israeli officials said that attack targeted a shipment of syrian missiles on its way to has voller in lebanon a similar attack is said to have been carried out by israel earlier this year in january damascus has denied it's been trying to handed volunteers weapons over to hezbollah i do stay with us here on our t.v. for the latest on this developing. story oh or there's more to come here on the
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technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. live from moscow this is r t with me rule research the latest on our breaking news story on this sunday morning u.s. military official has confirmed a second israeli air strike on syria in less than forty eight hours or that backed up earlier reports have been broadcast on syrian state t.v. no official confirmation from israel though there's unverified footage or legibly from damascus showing a shooter explosion at the site of the airstrike which is said to have targeted
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a military research facility reports are coming in of many killed and injured although there's no official announcement yet western intelligence sources reportedly say the target was a stockpile of syrian missiles intended for hezbollah in lebanon. let's now across the united states for reaction from focus hodgson a policy adviser at the future of freedom foundation n g o a now joining us here live on t.v. good to see you today so a u.s. official the first person to confirm this attack no word out of tell of eve why is that. i'm not i'm not sure i guess because we know the united states is not implicated in this so it's easy for them to respond to respond without any just getting on them i'm not sure why the israelis have not given a clear response you give give a great round up leading into the segment saying that still news reports of very sketchy we don't know how many casualties and but presumably at some point israel's
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will have to respond this is such a grave attack that it cannot go without response for much longer what do you think about washington don't you think washington is likely to weigh in and back its israeli ally we all know that you know as many people suggest they've been bedfellows for many decades that's correct israel receives significant aid from the united states and. on the on the other hand syria is one not exactly and in a good situation the u.s. has sanctions very severe sanctions against syria both in trade and in terms of the bank accounts being confiscated of certain syrian members of members of the government so yes it seems very clear that u.s. would take the side of israel that since without doubt this is the third israeli air strike on syria in the past five months it's been a busy two thousand and thirteen so far do you think any type of condemnation from the international community could be on the cards. it doesn't seem like the israeli
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leadership is so concerned about that right now they're not sort of approval and nor nor are they really concerned about they they're simply acting. just direct directly so it doesn't have much impact on them and i'm like you see it wasn't just discussed you know it's not going to be stopping so and this point it's really they want to make the making decisions for themselves whether they're in attack on the syrian capital is an intelligent idea that's another question you know i would say it's not an intelligent idea and that you're really provoking your neighbors to become even more aggressive rather you provoking them rather than just waiting them but in terms of international involvement i don't see any. so we're not see a shin or any great concern from the israelis in that matter when you bring up the issue of provocation certainly it's an angle that needs to be addressed here certainly because ultimately assad has been on a pressure for many many months now from many countries around the world western
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powers regional powers are as well they want assad to step down is it possible is it possible that these is ready strikes now to in the less than forty eight hours trying to provoke a response from the syrian president. he already responded saying that he's not going to step down and i mean i've written this before the fact is that sanctions and these sort of responses only entrench or could give a reality in crimea to leaders at this time and the fact is without any sort of actual occupation is not going to be a stand down from assad and i think this is really only making the situation worse as we all know there are a lot of kind of she's going on even prior to these strikes it was already very best wishes it's just making it worse and it is the problem all along is being that there's no exit strategy ok now you're calling us not to stand down he's not going to no one. and it absolutely will i'm running very very long time he must option but finally here are the syrian rebels about
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a very difficult time trying to make progress against the assad government and against the government forces it is it possible that israeli intervention could help to turn the tables it would need to be a substantial intervention not on israel i mean that they have been brazen in their attacks right now but sacrificing so many of the military in terms of actually invading i don't forsee that anytime soon not our focus our policy adviser of the future of freedom foundation ngo joining us live from the united states thank you very much for your time today my pleasure but we are coming to you live from moscow we bring you the latest on this developing news story throughout the day here on. all right now we're turning it to other news it's been shaping the week here on r.t. the u.k. independence party has made a major breakthrough in local elections claiming one in every four votes cast the conservatives which are of course part of the ruling coalition have admitted that all mainstream parties have major lessons to learn from the group seeking the
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country's withdrawal from the e.u. now let's take a closer look at the party's gains and losses here on the i think of the numbers for you the conservatives are down on our three hundred and thirty five seats the coalition partners however are the liberal democrats of last one hundred and twenty four as you can see the opposition labor party voted that's up two hundred ninety one seats and ukip has gained one hundred thirty nine new local councillors an achievement that the head of the party nigel farage has praised as the arrival of four party politics the editor of the politics. news website alex stevenson he stresses that success at local elections does not guarantee the group gains in the next general election in two thousand and fifteen. although they're getting a decent vote in this year's local elections which are for councils around the country they're not necessarily going to be actually be be running any councils they'll be ukip councillors where there weren't before but they're not actually
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going to be in charge anywhere in twenty fifteen when we have the westminster elections system to find out who are going to be our next m.p.'s. there's going to be the small matter of who runs the country to decide and there is a strong feeling here that a lot of the support for ukip is because they're the new protest vote. when it comes to actually becomes the general election it's likely that that support could do indoor there's no doubt that ukip are gaining support on the doorstep because of strong feelings about immigration in this country fears it's a new wave of arrivals from the european union could put pressure on public services and i don't know i think i'm a general sense of xenophobia which while mainstream politicians don't like to talk about if you could do make it into westminster that would be a real sign that politics in britain is heading firmly towards the right. now the
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unemployment levels in the european union hit record highs this week with the rate going up across most of the member states now the ever rising figures are alarming and rising year by year with greece and spain the most effective in greece right now we're looking at about a twenty seven percent of the workforce is out of a job while in spain one in every four is unemployed as well as the increasing drop of many and the poor working conditions of some triggered mass demos around the world that was on may day the most turbulent protests took place in turkey police had to disperse demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons after the demonstrations turned violent at least twenty eight people were injured in clashes dozens were arrested and in greece the country worst hit by the crisis. action was marked by a twenty four hour strike spain has seen demonstrations in more than eighty cities aussies tester australia now looks at the struggle of the people of puerto cross certain parts of the us or. the other employment rate in the years old has recently
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reached a record twelve percent and for those aged twenty five and below in countries like spain and greece that number is this high is more than fifty percent with very little signs of any economic improvement for those who are looking for a job that search is no longer just about trying to find work many are now trying to leave their home countries. like niccolo wriggles e a biology graduate from italy now working initial clytie in brussels and the situation in italy was actually awful because the only thing i was able to get is a really short contract for like free mouth for six months with absolutely no possibility of growing out in an industry or in the laboratory anything most two of most of them were totally unpaid because you can't really think of your future he says it wasn't a walk in the park in beijing either as many companies require
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a working knowledge of both french and dutch a barrier that may be hard to overcome but perhaps still more attractive for some of the going back home i read it in two thousand and twelve. and the person the present age of young people emigrate from italy grew up by thirty forty percent in two thousand and twelve i really don't know what will be into times information and it's not just e.u. citizens feeding the kids foreigners would come to europe to seek new opportunities started their will businesses building their lives have now will also change their minds threads iana this meant leaving the. in delhi all the way back to her native ecuador and while homesickness was the initial reason for the move she has no regrets about making that decision the sixth one had also many foreigners decided
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to leave grace and move to countries like germany and switzerland but the greeks who stayed behind are saying that the situation is really difficult there when for instance servicemen who used to get one and a half thousand euros are now paid just one hundred m. our place has been open for two years even though still new i believe we have very good prospects for the future. something she says just isn't possible in europe right now to trend if you look at the figures in countries like ardent some people argue that a whole generation has left and perhaps for good they're not willing to i don't think so i believe rather stay here for one time does so sylvia our team brussels. going up next year not to talk to parallel into the world of ballet.
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famous american political figure ron paul has decided to create his own liberty oriented homeschooling curriculum at ron paul curriculum back to give parents not turn of the standard public education you know when i was a kid homeschooling was only for like the kids of wacko's and cultus if you met someone who was home schooled you always look at them with some sort of suspicion like what's with that kid with what's with his parents i mean who would home school their kids well let's look at it this way who would grow their own food when american supermarkets are stocked with pure healthy and natural food the problem is that food in stores is now loaded up with all sorts of mystery chemicals and g m o's and it makes perfect sense that nowadays people are in droves starting to grow their own food and this logic applies to education too when public education becomes so dismal it is perfectly logical and reasonable to try to educate your kids yourself the no child left behind program did a fine job of making the american education system lower the bar down to the very basement of the lowest common denominator i mean if you think there should be more
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in high school graduates had besides reading writing and arithmetic that homeschooling might be for you as art sports and music and science programs all across the nation to have total lack of funding is ron paul's libertarian curriculum what's best for your kids i can't say but it's definitely worth taking a look at other alternatives given the d. minus quality of public education nowadays but that's just my opinion. just.


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