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here you can feel.
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good. about three people were. pieces. there were three from what i saw one. with no head with no wrists and with no legs all i could see.
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thank. you substantially increase has been noticed. competition among funeral homes has increased. and that calls fall in prices. so that we could compete with each other.
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oh ok. if. you want to. i don't think it will. grow grow. grow
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three. really. real. i kissed a few ones would not be. good. enough for you but unlike you know what i'm using instead let me see a little of the skin of the sun and just look at all.
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the things look through and. that is the little guy each suited for annual meeting on the little. things different cars on the way to get in i mean i. know he's thirty eight most of them seem to imply that there. is a slim this is. the
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buoyancy in the building mafias go but then you see well neither. of them what the government. paid. yes but if you are the boss of. the persona. you know losing that. war that the man i really wasn't your you look at the young the most of the losses. the closer. and closer. he was all the amount to a good movie and. all of. the last courses. which i love a woman couple trial on. the morrow not a mother long. evaluated. a slow getting into so.
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that i think all. this is something to those around them but i swear by them but if you look at. this as a basic enemy but only those on the ball a lot of. the lettuce. i mean all of this. i don't know. is the level triplets that will number. on the bottom and put one of the above them and before you say this incident did in the subject they want to do me a lot of this so-called. enormous importance it was all over your skin so they did think i knew what it is and we see. schools going on at the cold war. is the did not only believe. this supposed member.
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of the. the way. it was something will never said get. in the same place as that's momentous that's the teachers started to play with the children with cards dominoes supplies those to distract their attention in ways
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that the idea that reality was different. was i who must know some didn't grasp what was going on all the others were saying that there were shootings which was my last and most of them as we were telling them these are not shootings but fireworks some point these. yes we evacuated the building not only us artists came and told us to evacuate the building part of the headstone because it was going to make way for every mountain . around in front. of the.
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she is home of the arellano felix. felix her large family that settled in in the second half of the 1980's. it's a family with nine brothers and sisters it's a very basic family. siblings form a criminal organization with benjamin is the mastermind. who's responsible for the executions. and i do know arianna the taken out money laundering she was the accountant and francisco havea arianna the youngest brother begins to accompany ramon in the killings.
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they were living well nobody bothered them the men would walk around and let it go . in the eighty's you would see them at the discos with the food and the different parts of town recruiting young people. to get them until the narco junior scroope became famous for your son was part of the narco juniors. yes you see they were young men that grew up together since go to. our own family's well known here in tijuana. but we parents never realized anything. everyone talked about drum on. look the man who had just got here took care of his
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family take any book at the end which he needed had money and always bought them all the drinks. less they'd be there and found them the best table in the joint. that's a rotten apple fell and draw to everything. wealthy british soil. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headlines kaiser report.
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every detail. every piece of metal. and every one of those who step on red square on the ninth of may are ready. for the big green day parade. the live coverage on r t.
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he won a strategic position at the us mexico border maybe ariana felix one of the most powerful cartels in the world. the massive wall of the border which reaches the sea was unable to stop the. tunnel systems were excavated beneath the border. and in the mountains
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illegal runways were constructed for large aircraft. but he made the first one to go down is that i'm on bass you know he goes to say no to execute and as a drug dealer one little slip but when the police catch him and kill him. you know biology was stopped by a police officer they had an argument and then one day ya know shoots the police officer who falls down and barely shoot or i'm on a ya know. he also falls dead isn't where this happened in february two thousand and ten.
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just one month later march two thousand and two after investigation the mexican army arrests benjamin do ya know. and were. in two thousand and six counts agree or falls into the hands of the u.s. after strength into international waters who's lost who's fishing with his friends on his private yacht. the cartel stays in the hands of entertainer and of the most educated of all the suplex eduardo ariano felix is a doctor and known to everyone by the nickname. the
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mexican authorities discover him in two thousand and eight in this house in tijuana . he is determined not to surrender. by his side is his eleven year old daughter. and doctor only stop. when he runs out of bullets. the gas. aboard the cartel falls into the hands of entertainer he passes it over to us on finance sanchez arianna nicknamed ellen he narrow. however his leadership is questioned by the head of
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a hard core of his men. garcia cements how. all the three letters the women that are norse must better mcdonnell's of the us this allowed us to get altus on the winning side and as their best go at it they kill each other but i said it's good to be blunt and realistic the deaths are convenient to us. who does it from a police point of view. but from a social point of view seattle becomes a point of view of a city's prestige with the harmful. grocery. bill coming up and i was going to see on this one has been some impulse my walking toward me guys. are some really serious damage on the counter in the queries. meaning rules. to put more annoying to see. but i can one of them
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that. is scary. it was easier to pull. good for mitchell he started. going to stand by me because i was paranoid the it was done to try a little that i didn't get at the. killers from the foot in the studio it was you know. what that's. this woman is. going to be on the set up and. people with guns. and suddenly. a fusillade.
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watching through those windows and. i thought they were going to shoot me as well. ended up in a wheelchair. and the child. three or four years old. don't know what happened. in the morning a gentleman came by my house and told me it's a shame because it's probably a mistake. i told him sorry for the mistake they should be. ok but it was a mistake and i might be in danger. is
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a traditional mexican with me. but from the moment the authorities arrested this man the sales of the suit. dramatically. forty five. santiago meza lopez was indeed a contractor but different than most. aston was found in his car. he was working for the notorious tailor and his job was to make the bodies they bought to him disappear. it is all of them in a caustic suit. in these tanks that he used to fill with powerful industrial acids
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. you made six hundred dollars a week. you were made known as puzzle lera it wasn't but i put them in barrels with acid and dissolved them into going back into gave you this stuff. but i bought it myself. but they don't get along for the bodies to dissolve in roughly twenty four hours but that it would do if not how long have you been doing this it is a nine to ten years and in that time how many bodies of your melted almost three hundred. courses committed in that we should. you know. was. soon to. move going to much.
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more. on these and soon. become the norm for most. of these days in the into before it. got a reality we never knew what went on that it's a house like goalie others. like they worked and then left normally like in any other job even them to a construction worker something of the sort why do you they finished their shift
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and headed home. what if you. never noticed anything bad well look as if we didn't know what really went on. to from the storms because they come i assume most of them in. the middle carry on this queer tourism on the. performer. on the sour not make a. balcony of let. people not know what to eat. is. in the east room and sure there's a pot is it in the. us and it's doesn't one hundred out of or cook with us. we shall miss you to a curious up of history and. months
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often in a cot discovery the investigation continues. the authorities would desperately trying to find remains of human bodies to put the case together. we don't have anything but his testimony and the cooperation of the authorities so that the necessary investigation takes place. but of course what we have. this is two thousand and six when the mexican president felipe calderon declared war on the seven counts operating in the country he sent forty thousand soldiers into the cities. it was
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a controversial decision. in just two years time the war had taken the lives of ten thousand two hundred people. assume this isn't a rat what's going on in sudan though i demanded as a family because they didn't stop at the roadblock it goes it's going to chaos it's getting bigger every day therefore it is not certain that the measures work. is that they wage war and while there are other factors such as dirty money laundering
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. which is the organizations main source of funding. or are going to say don't attack rats. it's obvious that the state does not apply the appropriate measures in this topic and let me have.
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i think going down of the sun and good morning we will remember that we were. that. close.
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plus live. live live. live .
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the declaration of war that is how syrian officials have described the latest israeli air strike on a military research center near damascus was pummeled with rockets early sunday morning the arab league has condemned the strike demanding action from the u.n. while the u.k. calls for an end to the arms embargo on the opposition think peace in the region is now under threat. court has sentenced thirty one protesters to fifteen years in jail for throwing fire bombs during the jima riots last year. and live from our studios in moscow this is art.


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