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tv   Headline News  RT  May 9, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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ok levitin. my feelings are teasing andrey fama live in the red square there. and here we go.
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color guard will not bring in. the. national flag the russian federation. the victory flag.
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the national flag of the russian federation and the victory down. now. brought on to red square. the color guard yourself the owner god battalion one hundred fifty fourth. depend in command and storage men. regiment commander colonel got a say in. the regiment just recently was assigned the honorific title since keys in tribute to fame guards regiment of the imperial russian army. the owner opening to parade has been assigned to. a regiment. the
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color guard carrying to facial flag of the russian federation. he's commanded by senior lieutenants of people of a platoon commander with the owner guard company junior surgeons are chimps all of your carries the flag accompanied by privates. and alexi terry called the color guard queuing to treat banner is commanded by senior lieutenant constantine rybak of julius origin intimately. you know sergei i'm happy how many of these parades have you seen in your life. i was in the army for for twenty one years and. these how do you how do you feel when you see this participated in one in the city myself and what does what what does it feel like to be able to take part in such precision and a procession like this such an important historical day of course it is. a great
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honor and pride for those officers and soldiers who are participating in that and it takes a lot of training maybe three months of every day training and actually we had some of these small pieces of steel attached to the high boots and everything we'll have to replace them on the sole of your feet of course yeah what does this mean to russian families when they watch this parade explain to them. this is a great victory day of course but it's also a great sorrow because of those. losses we our nation suffered more than twenty seven million people died in this battle so it is joy and tears in the eyes at the same time you know you know in the west we saw it on may eighth ok right it was very little celebration. very interesting contrast between
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the east and west here because it is quite obvious that it is. a matter of politicians want to mean in the west to hide from the nations the truth about this great victory. of the soviet union of the soviet union right now we talked about you said this is a very important day for russia and. also recently actually your grandfather was part of the war. veteran and tell us that story you went out to find out about but before we. hear about. to speak ok. ok going to see a review of the troops before we hear the president of the russian federation.
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i must say red square has looked so beautiful really. beautiful day. belts and helmets and it's just. it's amazing to watch because you think three months of this and everything just looks so perfect is what the celebration is all about you want people to not only remember what happened but also to take pride in the nation. and the government this year specifically. to me. ask.
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the minister. probably the most popular politician in russia. working for a long time. for people. who tell. how do you get to participate in the parade. how do they pick them and what time to rehearse. it seems like there's a lot of. us of course. we can see.
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ten thousand people. trying to select the best offices who demonstrated the best. training so most of these. into war. you know recently. been celebrated in terms of the military. accolades and so forth to celebrate that with the nation yes definitely and it's not only war. unlike any other you know like major countries it tells you about. every day army life consists of training and so they demonstrated the best possible results in their training and that's reforming the military's in reforming the military. from the military they have they have a new head of the military now they're looking at is about to go present the troops
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to president putin what do you know tell us a little bit more about him you said that he's a very decorated. military personnel and save lives what more do we know of him why is he so he laughed in every single government since ok the longest serving politician of high rank in the country well actually the general of the army sergei shore who he has a civilian past i mean background and he worked as a minister of the ministry of emergency situations so he's one of the people really well yes he is and he knows the country hugh knows what's happening in the country he knows how to help the people and save their lives it works and doesn't work yeah and definitely hugh knows everything because he. when he came to power when i. was president he stays in the government for a long time. ok we're doing all kinds of different groups to different parts of the
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military right. naturally this is the procedure is called inspecting troops of the parade formation. that's really that's interesting because we all we actually didn't know why he was going to present the troops to the president but now that you've said it he's inspecting making sure as the head of the military that everything is in order before he presents yeah the formal procedure of every parade and he stops by the respective regiments and the show to salute is after that he will approach the podium where the president and he will report to the president. the parade is ready and the president will produce a speech. we have to remember that this parade is happening all over the country not just in moscow as well yeah you know every large city of russia there will be a parade as i told you i participated in this parade. what was that like for
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you participating in a desk what was the memorable moment of the entire parade. change this. has been a. regular seriously it's a great honor. it stays through the whole of your life in your memory. and families all across the country are watching the parade right now on television of course. i think it's a national event everybody is waiting for it i have to ask i read recently that actually you're able to see the military or tendon sent out to say can you help with the weather to make folded on the day of the parade it doesn't rain and then you have your day we didn't know if we have actually got raided today it's a perfect day for a perfect poor a dreamy city in the clouds tell me about red square the significance of this
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parade taking place in red square. i would say that the red square is the heart of russia and actually most important people were buried here and most historical events took place near kremlin be inside kremlin and around so that is the place to visit to come. to stay in silence and to think about eternity life the reflection place yeah i shall never look at risk with the same after this is. so and how long will the so he's he's going to go around now checking his offices like the perfect. to see some of this in the country and they're not the same kind of parades that i'm aware of not at all i was talking to one of my american friends and by the way i would like to take this opportunity and congratulate all the veterans of russian federation and those who
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fought against not. it says in the western hemisphere and again taking this opportunity to say hello to my offices my friends with whom we served in the middle east. christan. their frank and me gen john deal the united states marine corps the main all going to set out to all the specialists they have all of us. i think. we're. going to go to the president. he shouted at ease to the troops and see.
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what will happen now the speech of the president. the president is a commander in chief. it was certainly a good afternoon you know the citizens of russia that i do year. deal better ends that way to show that they came up with the soldiers and c.n.n. . that a surgeon send petty officer each minute warrant officer is somebody. in your early officers generals and admirals. know what today we celebrate victory day. we're not sure what that or that they did. not feel for our people. who are you with that season with it's been sixty year use since the end of the great patriotic war and you. but the memory. with a sense passed from generation to generation from parents to their children yet from
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heart to heart. but. mainly because. they love their homeland love their thermally. and these values united today don't. tell us that all the people of russia. will always remember. russia. destroyed the arrogant. and prevented the nats is from concord in your world. freedom and independence protecting their homeland and liberating your. victory that will always remain great in history in the. r.d.
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of veterans. you have always cared for you security you go home i want you in the above all. your military. once a month period through fierce battles. telling red. blood . you see joe learning read. not getting down the u.n. through countless battles. will sustain to you only your labor him using it in the rear. the sufferings you bacteria are in the measurable will always be that remember what you did and we will always stand on your chain of shit but it's truth above even though the war. and nobody's the bar and sisters have demonstrated their the valor and impressed the world yearly with
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their that bravery that i did but he had a tradition he's a good example for our young people the sheriff and they have repeatedly demonstrated that protecting the sovereignty of our homeland. we remember. war is and will never allow anybody to start another war again in threat only our own language is not what will do everything we can to protect the peace and security on the planet the victory by nineteen forty five at the will demonstrates to the whole world that we want to live and peace without war. the symbol of what unites he can a multinational. people of russia and how we carry traditions we must even worry fathers and grandfathers and we must pass on to our
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children. and strong russia and i don't know why did you glory to the people of russia who won this war let us celebrate clever victory day the day of our great victory glory to russia who are the the. was. you know it's very. clear and a strong russia in a very fragile world as well he did also say the president that he once told the world that russia is for protecting its whole and peace stability and that no one was yes but it's a very threatening world out there it's another thing you're saying also in russia piece a lot of other countries in the world and it is we have to say i mean russians always
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vocal about saying other countries do not meddle into other things it's. actually the russian and. amazing glory speech from the press and let's just listen a little bit to that glory for russia. what. you see now what's going to be who's going to start who's first. the first who will be. i think past march of drummers. that's how the parade starts normally. the parade to wasn't always the i mean this is the celebration started officially in one thousand to five as
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a correct why why why wasn't it done quiet to that because we know now that it's going to be done if. it's been continuing why was it not done before that. well actually. every country has its history and actually the history of parade in the minds of russian is related to that famous parade of one thousand and forty one when troops right from the red square where at square one to the battle and it was a very dangerous situation for the german troops were very close to the city. and says that they know we been waiting for a long time for the victory to come. and you might be surprised to know that after the victory parade of one thousand forty five twenty years there was no parade didn't rush until nine hundred sixty five. those are the drums that you told us about you just now drummers. it's not
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just a drum music they give a rhythm. the two wounded troops to a certain rhythm for making this past march. the in right rhythm in the right came out the number of steps to made in a fraction of a second so that's good has occurred to me a lot of talk about a drug that's a lot of noise the situation it's just you tell it has a purpose. so everything that we're watching it's funny because when you're watching is this really think oh it's just not pretty but it's think or might it's fourth through this and needing to every single detail but we're looking at live down the steps of and as i said it takes a lot of training takes a lot of work which is all of this a family holiday in a way in a way it is every family granddaughters here right with. the wife and you know my
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granddaughter live here and every family in russia would remember a to remember those who were killed in the battle talk about veterans today so get . but if their condition be honest ok i can truly say that they're much better than ever before and that's a serious contribution of the government so my father he's a veteran he's getting a nice pension. he's taken care of from time to time he is capable to travel to the places to visit his friends free of charge. he's getting medical care free of charge as a rule it's ok as it. should be and never before at the veterans receive such an assistance from the state iraqi veterans can say that in the united states and frankly not in a lot of countries there's been struggles with that too with the cuts in terms of.
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their pensions and in terms of their veterans so it's nice that if you'll excuse me i can also. made a very important step they have created a database for all soldiers and officers who were. killed in action and were not found already when father you that my response of years we've been looking for a story. that was quite what you were telling me without you was what you told me our family was looking for the place where our grandfather was killed and burglary in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and we couldn't do that but the defense minister they created me more real database which is helping to the families to trace. information about their loved ones whom they lost in the war and that's how i found the place in lithuania we went there we found the place and the
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government helped us in grave the name of. great grandfather senior sergeant push our ski. on this marble plate. and story i mean. day to day has every detail from where the person first signed up by the years where that was years there is a last scene and then where they died so they have reflected the decorations which he received before his death that's that's really is amazing that people today know the history. i mean the young people and younger generation yeah i think the young generation is very much interested in what happened in the past especially at the time of war and there is a special action which is going on this is called the st george's ribbon which
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we're all wearing right yeah that's right and and it was not really shaded by the government it was initiated by the public and young people are actively participating in this and not only in russia but in c.i.s. and even in washington in new york you'll find those river the troops right now that were saying who are these guys so traditionally this is a regiment of the madres infantry academy and. some hardware so ok yes. i must say i'm going to be getting an education today because i know very little about the military so i'm so happy to have the both of you in studio but you know if we come from countries where people don't actively encourage at all that we have street and we don't in south africa it's very different and we don't have such elaborate celebrations of the military on all i'm going to merican there are so many wars to remember in american history ok i'll bet . these are the offices from air force academy you know the
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prestigious to be in the military sort of your grandfather father you you know it was it was exotic things he was a family tradition like my grandfather my father and myself yes and the same happens with many other families. that's impressive. this out of curiosity what would happen if you tripped and fell one hundred i think . everything is so one perfect but i love almost it is just the good old leaves do not do you cannot force. and ruin the whole thing might happen about i'm sure we'll be helped by their comrades in the law practice yeah. so you want telling us about the ribbons that will wearing lots of people have been tweeting to me saying what is that we need what are the colors we want to talk to
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us a little bit about that yeah that comes from the actually. which. was . also made and which was awarded together with the st george's order and it traces back to the eighteenth century that. they somehow. commemorate a fire and smoke which is yellow or orange and black colors. normally. small and fire they're always related to some kind of disaster. if it is and the people who were decorated with this sort of really demonstrated on the big battlefield something outstanding and this is the if this is being coming about i think the last five years it was initiated in two
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thousand and five k. and as i said it wasn't the government initiative novice and some students organizations the initiated the process and people like you know i remember when we were there because people stop their car and say they want to ribbons they want ribbons and they will. attend doesn't have a right so they can give their friends. i have a question in the middle i think uniforms everything from the guns to the athletes on the on me back to the shoes signing how heavy is all they get i mean if they have to be doing this three months and today. it must be heavy. you know during their training sessions they don't wear the full dress uniform the where field uniform when they are training outside let's talk about the veterans you must know
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a lot of them were still alive. what memories do they share with you about that time. as i told you my father took part in the second. till. may nine hundred forty five and i sometimes ask this question what is the strongest memory of the past of the war. and he said the heaviest thing was the feeling when you lose your comrades and friends and when he says that i feel that he is having tears in his eyes. and that is the strongest feelings and also the feeling return has that feeling i'm sure you know way i'm sure. and also hear. describe the situation when the war was over at how the first heard that the war is over that he was somehow a walk in in the middle of the night and there was a tremendous fire.


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