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tv   Headline News  RT  May 12, 2013 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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the latest news and the week's top stories here on our t.v. pakistan's two time formal prime minister nawaz sharif claims victory in the country's historic general election mogwai away bovine in taliban attacks but more balanced on bullets in saturday's historic vote r t brings you the latest from outside of the parliament right here in islamabad. blamed syrian intelligence up for the deadly cross border bombing of a town that's seen as an entry point for syrian refugees and rebels. while russia the u.s. and britain officially converge on a common approach to mediate peace in syria despite the ongoing western backing of the insurgency. and from first to flop francois hollande the first anniversary of becoming the french president of sees his
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popularity slump and drives tens of thousands of his disappointed voters to rally over his failure to meet their expectations. a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us here you're watching r t is eleven am and you're with me to bomb with a. ride he's been bugs on the prime minister twice and was ousted fourteen years ago in a military coup but now was a sharif is claiming an early victory in the country's general election it's also the country's for his democratic transition between civilian governments condon still underway the details now from our do you see kefir not. despite the threat of violence pakistanis came out in record numbers to vote in the election which will determine the fate of the country for the next five years and
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as the votes are counted the man poised to come out of the very top is not his party fourteen years after being ousted in a military coup he is on the road to a third term as pakistan's prime minister will have numerous problems to deal with from chronic power to a taliban insurgency will be pushing for create free market economic policies and further strain ties with the united states but the cold has also crushed the hopes of millions of pakistanis who want to see real change in the entrenched political system they were counting on cricket legend imran khan and has already he had rallied massive support here in the country with calls to end corruption and to end u.s. drone strikes especially among young voters but it wasn't enough to put him at the top still a significant victory for his party now the pakistan people's party which form the outgoing government took a beating in the polls paying a price for being seen as failing to tackle corruption unemployment and violence
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while in power of course this in many ways is a historic election it's the first time a democratically elected government is replaced with another the first time that a staggering sixty percent of voters turned out but also on a darker note the first election to go down as the bloodiest in pakistan's history now a string of bomb blasts disrupted election day killing dozens of people the violence came on the heels of a bloody intimidation campaign by the pakistani taliban which has claimed one hundred thirty lives leading up to the vote the group is fighting to topple poppy stands u.s. backed government which it sees as quote on the islamic now there were also some allegations of voting irregularities and problems in certain areas mainly in caracas new voting will be held at forty two polling centers where officials said elections are free and fair overall however a successful largely successful election here in pakistan we will of course keep you updated on the latest reporting from islamabad. the policy director at just
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foreign policy is so easy victory would mean many changes. sure enough and people. came in first and second. we define pakistan for the united states. among other issues and differing on obviously. they're not happy with the status quo the real issue is the perception of security and. trying to see change in that direction and i'm sure you've written on this the main opposition party. expected to be negotiating with the. jury significant most powerful country. between the two countries militaries will continue but if you. have the.
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doctors. the syrian crisis has taken a deadly new twist as twin car bombs are ripped through a turkish town just across the board i came forty three and injuring more than one hundred others the site has been an entry point for refugees and radical rebels but turkey has been quick to blame syrian intelligence for the attack while stopping short of say damascus is a directly responsible middle east correspondent part of syria has more. two car bombs have exploded one was in front of the city hall the other was in front of the local post office in the turkish tom of re hyundai which is not far from the syrian border now we still don't have anyone or any organization coming forward and claiming responsibility the turkish vice prime minister has gone on record as saying that he feels that that might be the usual approach aside culprits now it is important to remember that turkey shares a somewhat five hundred mile border with syria and in the past and current has
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limited support to syrian rebels who are battling the syrian presidency of bashar assad and turkey has lent the rebels both a staging santa and an area from which they can conduct their logistics so what we're hearing here is that it might in fact the syrian government officials and soldiers who. are against syria but as i mention no conclusive proof of this it is perhaps important to remember that back in february there was a car bomb in the same is eleven at that stage to the turkish government pointing fingers at the assad regime this is an area that does see a lot of fighting between syrian rebel forces and pro side forces and certainly the syrian turkish border is extremely volatile. political commentator. believes the battle syrian regime is no position to stage an attack on it and they told me. i really do hope that the united states government would take note of their hold in loss of life because if it thinks that whole the whole weapons into
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the into a conflict will actually resolve it and it's very very wrong it will only bring about more death and destruction but in regards to the allegation made by turkey's deputy prime minister today that the usual suspects the usual suspects are president assad and his government while i would argue that that is once again a baseless and quite frankly a juvenile comments summary why would the syrian government when it is fighting a very very serious internal conflict it needs which resources at the moment put down what is a very very serious islamist opera's in an islamist uprising which is linked to al qaida so it's certainly not in the interests of syria to have been on another front trance against turkey the escalation comes amid a renewed international push and to bring about peace in the region rice's long running f.-o. simulate a diplomatic solution have now been officially backed by the u.s. and britain but wasn't in london continue to support the rebels and considering aid
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making in arming them directly. and i see months of fiery exchanges on the syrian conflict the major international players russia the united kingdom and the united states have managed to find a common ground principle position has been that it accused the west of supporting only one side of the syrian conflict that is the side of the syrian rebels russia has been particularly concerned with the calls across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels to provide them with military training and even possibly intervene into the conflict by force also russia was particularly concerned with statements in the western countries that bashar assad must step down at the same time the western world has never been saying that it's the syrian people that have to choose their new government they have to choose their new future now hardly anyone expected after all of these rhetoric that a meeting between the u.s. state secretary john kerry and the russian president and the russian foreign
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minister in moscow would produce something positive nevertheless international conference which is to be called by the end of this month was the direct result of the meeting in moscow that a conference is expected to have both the members of the syrian opposition and the syrian government at the same negotiation table at the same time a press conference between the russian foreign minister lavrov and john kerry took an interesting twist when a reporter asked about the bill to support the syrian rebels with weaponry which is now being considered by the u.s. congress the reply from the u.s. state secretary it was that if the united states finds substantial proof that chemical weapons were in fact used by bashar assad's troops in syria something which hasn't yet been proven of course then this bill will ultimately become reality which many experts have already described this as a certain leeway for the united states to still have a certain leverage in the syrian conflict now also. the british prime minister
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david cameron came to the city of. russia and the biggest intrigue of that meeting was whether david cameron would sing to the same tune as john kerry did in moscow it's no secret that we have had differing views on how best to handle the situation but we share fundamental aims to end the conflict to stop syria fragmenting to let the syrian people choose who governs them and to prevent the growth of violent extremism so i strongly support the conference that mr lavrov for mr kerry agreed this week to deliver a political solution a solution which has a transitional government based on the consent of the syrian people as a whole so clearly the events of the of this past week have given us a clear indication that there may be interesting things to come in terms of the syrian conflict and this conference can actually produce something of a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict there are some backing for the armed opposition is being blamed for the movement going increasingly radicalized but
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russia in european politics expert professor richard southwell says the mediating pleasure spearheaded by moscow opens the chance to turn that it turned around we do know quite a lot about the details of some of the groups involved though the details of the dynamics between them we know very little we do know that the various militant al-qaeda affiliated groups are strengthening because they have been the most years alone what has been the greatest tragedy of this whole thing over the last two or so years is that there has been and always was some room in the middle and this is now being squeezed out in part for the policy of the west and it's not only their fault but clearly they have not facilitated those who are willing to negotiate and to go to the table so therefore the evidence that the last few days are the first glimmer of hope exact somehow or other some sort of negotiated settlement could
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emerge out of this. time's up full mr president as a protest is the end frons of this still waiting for the vital change desperately to avoid yet when choosing socialism francois hollande last may. also coming ahead as a british all falls to for the tighten the belt so find out who did make the cuts in just a couple of. technology innovation. developments around russia we've. covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you. are
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welcome to the big picture. download the official. yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device so you can watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back you're watching the week here on our team this week a daring election pitches and pledges put a french leader francois hollande in to call in a tight one presidential runoff yet today iran's. improvement they were promised
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and nowhere to be seen as a story. i. was sure. i heard you heard change was a year ago thousands of people had gathered at this very place to celebrate the victory of socialist president francois hollande but here on the thousands of people are again gathered but for a very different reason this time they're asking their president where are the changes that he had promised asked by the very same people who had voted left and put along didn't place recent polls show its popularity has plummeted to less than twenty five percent the biggest force for any french president in the past fifty years but you know i thought it. i let you know where your promises are come on where are they it's said i'm just sure it is not me and i'm yet this is
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the mission that from now on will be mine to give the european construction of dimension of growth and employment and prosperity you have france's hit record unemployment of three point two million people in march the biggest source of public anger it's also scratch hopes of cutting the budget deficit to three percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and thirteen and the european commission's most recent forecast shows france will be in recession until the end of the year the seventy five percent income tax on the super rich is also a no go after france's constitutional court overruled it on the very talk of it pushed french actor gerard depardieu to give up his citizenship for a law should one i want to travel so long did manage to keep his legalizing gay marriage pleasing supporters it also sparking fears consultation it. seems people are happy with gay marriage but it doesn't feed our families that's
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food there are realities that are good to say but there are also priorities a priority is employment we need to eat it is ok just too easy to blame. if you're in the news you can look at the new president immediately. into the economy what i would want to anyway i just would like to hear your president which is not making that much promise which is keeping some heat on which is not going to explain that you know they're the magic recipient of no one hundred fifty four. but. yeah yeah yeah i pay a magic recipe this filmmaker says. it's nonexistent he made this video during last year's presidential campaign to show the country's lack of choice.
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in the memo that they feel when you listen to the media you'd think there were a lot of differences between the two but that's just on a superficial level the most important things they agree do we need to intervene in another country to fight they will agree to intervening in other countries because the weapons lobby will always be behind a lot is well aware of his unpopularity but says he will weather this storm improve he can't keep his promises at the end of this five year term. he needs time fine we are here to tell him mr president time is up in you need to start changing things but others like these workers were recently closed steel plant to eastern france are not even hopeful symbolically laid to rest a lot of broken promises under a heading which grieves the trail. does our sylvia r.t. paris it's not present the land is suffering sharp losses in his ratings now
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because he went a bit too fine campaigning for the job as artie's been hearing from robert honiss a freelance reporter on french f s. it's not what he's been doing wrong so much is what he did when he was candidate so what he did when he was candidate was to raise everybody's expectations to a local if he couldn't a fulfilled if he was always then he knew very well he couldn't fulfill them anyway but he promised for us to to refocus nato on defensive measures used on more or less the opposite. feeling in mali and. he's initially a ten year old very aggressive stance on syria and iran is very noticeable that he's gone quiet on syria and quiet on mali although the french have not withdrawn from. i think that. you know the traditional thing if things are not going well at home you cause a bit of a stir abroad and distracts attention and you look good you know presidential the
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as for the french are beginning to say to each other in the media and so on that and it's the colonies stupid the french hair what's happening in mali or syria they care what's happening in france the problem in proxy is they have record unemployment and those no sign it's going to get better. victory day celebrations have continued across all russia throughout the weekend thursday marks sixty eight years as the nazi surrender in world war two the trademark grand military parade in moscow was of course of the centerpiece of maiden life thousands of troops and tons of hardware swept across red square with claims of flying overhead is one of the most celebrated dates in russia in the order of the surviving veterans and more than twenty six million soviet people who perished in the war the country bore the brunt of the brutal nothing war machine for several years before the red army pushed back to liberate all of eastern europe running all the way to the top of
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that if that in britain. a series of violent protests overwhelmed bangladesh throughout the week as hundreds of hardline islam as a clash with police protests has demanded the introduction of a new blasphemy law and to reinstate the pledges to allow in the constitution police used tear gas rubber bullets and water cannons to try and disprove the angry mob the government so far refused to give in to the demands day as a campaigner against war crimes as says they slammers a want back down either. they never executed the really secular identity of bangladesh's and over the last forty two years that they haven't actually conspired against ito's of a secular state and they are trying to convert it to another state like pakistan trying to make peace and govern state by creating anarchy and whatever you are
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seeing is actually the result of all the terms they have been trying. for the last forty years for some of the major political parties including the main opposition party that has been supporting the. rights meanwhile estimated twenty fourteen now withdraw from afghanistan approaches if they getting india at war is concerned that was foreign troops out of the volatile state of the taliban who were gravitated to indian controlled kashmir south asia expert deepak to party says that the growing violence throughout the region is fueling concerns his main concern is that. afghanistan will become much more unstable plots nato troops withdraw. and understanding intervention might increase. there may well be another round of civil war that will. turn of minustah into much more of a breeding ground for terrorism and of course. unstable part of india
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and once taliban and other militant groups in afghanistan. and understands tribal areas. become more. of them then they couldn't feel drained didn't greater numbers in kashmir and that's all of course all of the white . bridges just stick to its austerity like on to the government's annual plan that was delivered in the queen's speech with tens of thousands of jobs expected to be slashed by me twenty thirteen in the financial sector alone some grizzel wondering whether it's something want to keep committed to the cuts as well ali boyko reports . my minister's first priority will be to reduce the deficit and restore economic stability at the same time the creed is set to get a five billion pound pay rise this year thirty six point one million pounds from
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the u.k. taxpayer will go towards the queen and her residence says her royal chefs and footman cost an estimated ten million pounds a year for thirty six million is divided into money which runs the royal household of the queen and the duke of edinburgh most of it goes on salaries also on the upkeep of royal palaces such as buckingham palace windsor castle and all more royal trouble at home and abroad the british monarchy has become synonymous with the image of britain because it is the world's most high profile molecule the queen of ages seven and a consul the duke of edinburgh at ninety one are remarkable examples of public service and of national unity but the costs to the public purse rises steadily as austerity sets in the five million pound increase in the queen's expenses from the state represents
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a fifteen percent rise vital services are being lost while the queen gets this big pay rise i think it's very unfair given that she is personally one of the wealthiest people in britain where the personal wealth of an excess of three hundred million pounds the royal family has over seven hundred servants six palaces they can quite clearly are for. themselves to cover any increased costs they shouldn't be begging for the state it's a royal spectacle such as the daily changing of the guards at buckingham palace the grooves in terrorists from around the globe but in these times of austerity some of beginning to question why the windsors haven't tighten their belts along with the rest of the queen's subjects last month the guardian poll found that eighty eight percent of brits were happy with the pay rise think this should give more to the poor not to get too much money to be sure not overly impressed to be honest i'm sure she's got more than enough money to survive when she. brings in quite
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a bit on the toys some whatever but where does it where where does it come people there because i work i'm ok worker and you know they're being cut where does it our progress going on money elsewhere in europe royals have had to raid best spending in the face of public opinion the spanish royal family's budget has been reduced for a third year in a row the british monarchy actually stands out around the world it's completely different to almost every other modern that you can think of in the sense that they are still surrounded by so much home and circumstance and all the marching by. the horses the wind alongside the fronts of carriages the published figures suggest that the royal family the queen and everybody else process around something close to forty million pounds a year but doesn't take into account all the extra security all the police work for them that's involved in protecting her and the rest of the family and it doesn't
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take into account the money that she lost to the extent because she and prince charles in particular get lots of tax privileges that the rest of us aren't entitle to and while the government has pushed through budget cuts to the national health service and slashed welfare as part of an unprecedented austerity drive there are those that say that prime minister david cameron's promise that britain is all in it together doesn't include the queen of england. right after the break it means that west saying or time they through technology stay with us.
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you know i've been asked a few times if i believe in conspiracy theories which is kind of an odd question i mean just in general believe in conspiracy theories like all of them even the ones that contradict each other i mean j.f.k. could have been killed by the mob the cia the k.g.b. and very secret societies at the same time or could he have been know what you just declare themselves official conspiracy theories that silly obviously it isn't good just go around fishing for evil plots to explain every situation the mainstream media sure does lie a lot but i think they're telling the truth about that whole sky being blue thing but on the other hand if you never question what the glowing box in your house tells you that just makes you a sucker a kind of sucker who bought that they were magical mysterious invisible weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know what in all honesty they've actually been real evil conspiracies that have been exposed like the tuskegee experiment and the fascist coup attempt against president roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty s. over all people think it spirity theories are matter of belief but actually they're completely a matter of facts and there's a lot of good evidence to support
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a conspiracy and good arguments that maybe you should consider it but if someone tells you the president is actually a rip kill him for the cosmos yeah you might want to just stay away from that one but that's just my opinion.
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in the early hours of a hot july dawn a group of unusually dressed people carefully head on to the shore of one of the up as tributaries they're clad in servant military uniform from the days of world war two. in the summer of nine hundred forty one on the sort of deal the crossing the a small landscape one hundred thousand people were killed while they were trying to escape the surrounding enemy eyewitnesses say that the river ran red with blood for several days now candles flowed down the river. moscow's military history club called the division has traveled here to honor the memory of phil and russian soldiers but this journey to smolensk is just the beginning now they have three thousand kilometers to cover across the european roads to take part in the legendary war and peace show in england. up.


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