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tv   Headline News  RT  May 13, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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nineteen people injured after a mother's day parade in new orleans is sprayed with bullets a manhunt now under way. turkey drums up a fresh case for foreign intervention in syria blaming damascus for a deadly cross border bombing but the assad regime says it's simply being provoked . and as athens awaits the latest cash injection from brussels we look at how three years of chasing a bailout has got to the greek economy. it's a pleasure to have you with us this morning moscow. in the russian capital where
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it's now i just after ten am. at least one thousand people including two ten year old children have been wounded during a shooting at a mother's day parade in new orleans it's thought up to three gunmen may have opened fire on the crown said details now from washington and. new orleans was celebrating mother's day with over three hundred people participating in a parade police say three individuals are believed to be responsible for starting a shootout two four of the wounded though are believed to be in critical condition another public good and another tragedy there is a manhunt underway for this we suspect who police believe have managed to escape one of them is reportedly wounded in the same way as investigators of the boston marathon bombings appealed for crowd sourced photographs new orleans police have urged anyone with any photographs of the parade to step forward so just in boston
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the police are drawing the public into the manhunt certainly putting your by neighborhoods on high alert police are going door to door in search for suspects and of course everyone is hopeful that they will find them but at the same time many are looking at these recent public events which are gun terribly wrong in thinking where the law enforcement can really provide security at outdoor gatherings like this with the boston bombers or could it be early warnings that were missed the perpetrators of this shooting in new orleans we don't know who they are but we do know that in the u.s. there's very little control over in whose hands guns end up guns are freely sold going shows and online and all of this makes people nervous about their safety at public events naturally. he's gone h can reporting there from washington the f.b.i. spokesperson has dismissed any allegations of terrorism about china mcgrath the founder of why do wake news says the bureau chief and be quite so quick to jump to conclusions it's obviously way too early you know i don't know how much faith that
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i would have in our f.b.i. you know and it might shocks people but they seem to you know they had indications of what was going on in boston that we know now years before it occurred in the information they were getting from other countries and so people in the f.b.i. coming out saying it's really terror related not to related. you know what it's not it's not something anything right. it's good to have you with us here on our t.v. today turkey's urging the international community to act against its war torn neighbor syria blames the regime in damascus for saturday's double bombing of a turkish town the left forty six dead those syria denying involvement saying the attack is being used to justify foreign intervention more on this now to lottie's paula so they are. turkey has blamed the syrian president bashar assad for these bombings without having undergone any kind of investigation what they have said is that syrian intelligence is to quote them the usual suspects now the difficulty
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turkish prime minister says that the organization and the members behind the attacks have been largely identified but what is worrying is that this does say it's a bad precedent to merely blame assad right away without giving any kind of proof or any kind of conclusive evidence as to why you say that nine people have been detained all of them are turkish citizens according to the turkish deputy prime minister and he has stressed that there be no links to the syrian opposition so it has denied that they are behind the attacks these syrian government issued a statement in which it said that we are saddened by the fall of martyrs in turkey in one way or another the turkish people are syrian brothers the north of syria is the region bordering turkey and that's where extremist opposition groups are particularly active what is unclear as of yet is how many of them could have in fact crossed over into turkey now the city where the explosion occurred has received tens of thousands of refugees and it is possible that some of them already
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core elements there's no proof to say that they are there is no proof to say that they are not these radical elements are setting up their own infrastructure and there are many groups among them such as be mistrust front and the salafist if you've already done so we have been receiving reports that in aleppo for example there are reportedly some twenty rebel brigades operating and they've set up the machinery of government and justice in the quarters that they have taken over they've set up courts for example that are manned by lawyers and judges they've set up schools they say so that there's no vacuum in the administration and public institutions so you certainly do have this very warning phenomena that there is a launch number of extremist elements that operating particularly along the turkish syrian border. paula was a leading to their radical islamist groups have a vested interest in provoking foreign action in syria could well it will go straight to the turkey bombings or that is the middle east expert during resort. we
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know for a fact because because the main is the us fighting group in syria has admitted it's that al qaeda in iraq and. in syria are one in the same and all the fighting groups in syria and they're all working tactically woodshop in austria so al-qaeda is in syria we know that that's not confirmed the smallest been suspected on the stops and so what we're saying now is kind of charge and countercharge. as people try to put the blame for this on to someone else my kind of my feeling about this kind of guess would be that the party responsible for this one of the groups because of anyone has a reason for trying to heat up the situation and dragon outside countries it would be them the fact is the third one is going to washington this week and syria will be on top of the agenda and my feeling is that the take you won't do anything by itself that the obama won't bite if he won't commit america to take a more involved over syria i don't think that turkey will do anything on the issue
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here is what kind of evidence are they going to come up with will they come up with any evidence that's going to convince us that this in fact was an action carried out by the syrian intelligence service so there's a many many unknowns right now and of course everything is going to depend on the outcome of the talks in washington but you know obama and one well here dotty we do love it when you get involved with our stories and our right now we're asking you to vote in our poll voted on dot com about the deadly bombings in turkey who carried them out if you had up to the web site you can take part right now numbers changing for this early hour still here in the russian capital ten am still though in the first position the majority nearly half of all voters thinking that the syrian opposition straighted the attack to pin the blame on damascus and still up to about a third thirty five percent now of believing turkey itself is responsible maybe perhaps trying to provoke foreign military intervention in syria a new numbers here as well join third or fourth position joint nine percent from a vote is
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a. perhaps it was the assad government or it's just extremists who did the car bombings with absolutely zero motive was still taking a pulse on this story at r.t. dot com you can head on over right now and cast your vote for the meantime though let's get some more insight into the ongoing wral between ankara and damascus is auntie's marouf an option are from the turkish syrian border. turkey shares its longest border with syria it's hard to imagine now but in two thousand and nine the two countries even held joint military drills across that frontier in what was a brief thaw in relations between the two well comically syrian and serbian turkish they are so close that it's really only the border that prevents them being a single city people here joke they could have dinner hand syria and coffee in turkey just by strolling through the gates you can see behind me but it's now closed and the relations between the two neighbors are strained like never before changes came after turkey joins the chorus of fellow you need to states and called
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for assad to step down immediately diplomatic political logistical support for the syrian opposition has made turkey one of serious key foes there are numerous unconfirmed reports of weapons and ammunition smuggled into syria with the help of people on the side of the border either through airports or on land. or from. absence of any convincing denial from the government given the government's policy of saying. what position. the whole picture should. damascus has even accused of allowing the rebels to bring chemical weapons into country from this turkish religion at the syrian border you can see tech is military base it's a well secured area with highly restricted access no civilians including journalists are allowed to enter the army also uses special access roads to get in
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and out that are also closed for no on military vehicles well if even if accusations of turkish involvement in supplying weapons to fighters in syria true it would be almost impossible to prove by supporting the opposition in syria turkey may pledged its loyalty to nato. but this has come at a price hundreds of thousands of desperate and gree refugees are fleeing from the war zone making the security situation on the border as tense as ever we spend more than eight hundred million dollars for the syrian refugees so it's a huge number now they want jobs in in those cities so it is also somehow affecting the social stability in this region some say turkey is being used as a proxy by the western and gulf countries hostage to power that's forced to pull
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the test fire but there are those who approve of enterprise actions and think turkey should take advantage of that situation if the syrian regime it will be changing and i think it has lost its legitimacy and it has lost its political credibility with its own people that the syrian people will not blame turkey of having chosen the dictator in the period when they were suffering turkey feels that this region these close region balkans coco's a central asia and middle east is a priority region so we should be the. power which has influence in all the laws regions ecker in these were the two recent reports by amnesty international and international crisis group global independent movements the documents reflect the concern by western and gulf partners over what they call turkey's near ottoman imperial aspirations what's these countries certainly don't
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want is their loyal ally who paid a high price for being a good team player starting to play for itself. r.t. turkish syrian border. and today's edition of cross talk also touches upon the issue the ongoing crisis in and around syria and the international efforts to try and solve. all the parties should be at the table but all the parties will posture all the parties have both said agenda and so far we haven't seen any willingness on the side of any party to move toward a political scene the solution if you want to stop by alliance in syria you have to get all parties to the table you can't have these kinds of absurd preconditions and you have to get down to the business of diplomacy i think russia frankly china iran have been trying harder to do that trying the harder to get that kind of process
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off the ground than the united states has been because to do it for the united states to do this means it's it's acknowledging it can't just dictate outcomes in this part of the world. but if you'd like to see you know the full program with appear to live on cross talk about twenty minutes from now here on t.v. but still to come for you here out of the depths of despair. if i went to the pharmacy to buy injections for my baby when i couldn't find any there's a problem with this sign these these days it may mean you no longer get the medicines you need join me to unbox and for more than just a few minutes. bus stopping for justice more than one hundred detainees at america's kuantan i'm about a facility to continue the hunger strike now for a fourth month with no sign of backing down.
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manufacturing consent or determining a foreign policy consensus to win washington in the halls of power in western capitals drawing foreign policy decisions particularly when it comes to iran and israel and syria is american foreign policy in the country's own interest you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. and the. other part of. welcome to the big picture. is.
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it's a ten fifteen in the morning here in the russian capital city greece is waiting for brussels to hand over the latest part of a massive two hundred forty billion euro rescue package or that was agreed back in two thousand and ten a greek start having squeezed by painful austerity measures in order to meet the terms of the bailout and the international. succeeded in bringing down the country's budget deficit other figures show the greek economy is still in a tailspin as. explained. it's been three years says greece was gran's at its massive bailout by international lenders since then the harshest areas he
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measures have driven the economy into the ground but some claim that the risk hope on the horizon for grace and that it's about to turn a corner let's see now how greece's economy ferrous today compared to what it looked like in the last full year before it needed rescuing starting with the country's g.d.p. an indicator of the standard of living that's plummeted almost fifty billion euros in the last three years while government data has surged by forty five percent so where do the optimists sound while the good news these measures have improved the country's budget deficit three point eight percent to put that in perspective it's now very close to the sets by the european union but for the greek people though of the most alarming trend is the unemployment rate that stopped twenty seven percent mostly the country's youth and that's going to get worse four thousand civil servants are being laid off this year alone with the number is set to triple by the
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end of the year one expert says no matter how the number is set up now the money will still have to be repaid. this is. better these would. just. be better value for sure example better. or so should be given and during an astonishing six years of recession is also having a harrowing consequence so is science in greece which used to be the lowest rate in euro are rising rapidly most the among the middle class troublingly people have taking their lives and public hanging or shooting themselves or even self-immolation while politicians and economists shuffle the figures of greece
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being the price with their livelihoods and their futures. now the crisis in greece may have led to a boost in suicides but it's also just as hard for the every day joe trying to look after his basic health needs a correspondent on body reports. busy at the counter but pharmacists in greece these days are facing serious sort of jesus of medicine and they're worried. critical. what's going to be the. next day price controls and tight cash flows mean many drug companies won't supply them greasers health industry is denied profits and patients their medicines so for example if you came into the pharmacy with high blood pressure many doctors like to prescribe this medication but d.n.a. says doesn't have enough of it so he has to give this instead and this issue ation is replicated with hundreds of medicines in hundreds of pharmacies across the country. but the charity doctors of the world in thessaloniki patients are even
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more desperate situation some doctor or human or what i'm really afraid about the future because i have two small children no insurance and i just lost my job i don't i don't it's quite as you know i came here because i don't have insurance and the money to pay for my parents some force to come and the situation will only get worse less people. cannot i went to a pharmacy why injections for my baby but i couldn't find any so now that i am unemployed i came here. forty five volunteer doctors a week battle with as many as two thousand monthly visits in this crowded space they rely on donations of medicine donations that are running from people who are very. very serious health problems such as they don't know jack and problems they have to get their medicine. every month every day it's very serious for them
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not have their meds and if they don't know they could die greeks are surprised at any of this and more they've seen crisis and austerity reach throughout society this is a new think and makes things even here even more difficult than to put. more strain . strain on greece's economy on greek workers and greeks worsening scones of the crisis seems to cut it to. twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital many more stories for you this hour though a look out the story dressed to impress oh richard the british virgin boss dresses up. and serves drinks on a six hour flight all because. of that he's being a good sport and all the pictures there if you want to see him dressed up like a woman that is also on the website right now for this. ghost town that spent
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a quarter of a century under water that comes up for air again i'm a story a mysterious story mysterious place. nearly time for the world but for now despair is growing at america's guantanamo bay prison detainees have been on a mass hunger strike for more than three months and the military which runs the facility is force feeding some inmates to prevent them starving to death and the protest was alleged mistreatment by the guards and the indefinite detention without
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charge of many inmates more than half of the one hundred sixty six detainees at the site were cleared for release years ago but they still can't leave due to legal hurdles on capitol hill lawyers for the captors and activists worldwide of action from washington as barack obama has still not kept his long running promise to shut down the prison. i think it's such a sham that we hear the president say that guantanamo should be closed he is the most powerful man in the entire world why can't he close guantanamo well he can the question really is why doesn't he call close guantanamo he is lacking the moral courage he is lacking the political will he blames congress but really he has the power to release those prisoners who have already been cleared for release demand a speedy and fair trial for the other ones and bring them into the united states and close down the shameful prison the prison of guantanamo the force feeding seems
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to be a situation that is analogous to torture and this has been said by the american medical association and human rights experts they say that the way in which this is being done is so painful to the prisoners and those prisoners who have had a chance to get messages out to their lawyers have described the terrible situation that they are in being strapped down for several hours having these tubes stuffed down their nose and into their stomach and it says they say it feels like a razor going down their bodies so this is another form of torture and these prisoners have already endured years of torture in the prison in guantanamo. ok starting with north korea let's get to the. hardline defense minister has been signed the new head of the people's forces joining me is
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a little known army general this is the third time leader kim jong un has replaced a senior politician since coming to power your goes and your point is seen a significant as it comes amid war threats tensions on the korean peninsula were made worse in february off the north latest nuclear test. fresh pro-choice. and a low turnout welcome to ball gary is parliamentary election which looks on like you to provide a clear winner and there were allegations of fraud wiretapping and hundreds of thousands of illegally printed ballots was seized just hours before the polls open the former prime minister was forced to step down in february amid protests over the state of a country which is the poorest in the e.u. . at least five people have been killed in a series of shootings across iraq the deadliest took place in the city of mashad the gunman opened fire in a vegetable market and the attacks followed a police crackdown on a sunni protest camp in the country's north which did spark renewed sectarian
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violence. two time pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif has just celebrated an early victory in an historic general election and the poll dubbed the bloodiest in the country's history also marked its first ever democratic transition between civilian governments the preliminary results announced on sunday placed sharif on top and close to gaining a clear majority in the national assembly a revoke his jew and over thirty polling stations around karachi and the wind would be a remarkable comeback for sharif who was ousted in a military coup fourteen years ago but former pakistan all the major i'm in he says sharif faces a tough task to unite the nation. election results are all miss because. that largely punjabi party has won in the in punjab in sindh in the party in baluchistan that are there seventy shady and murky and in
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a. bit that he can suffer as run this is this step towards pakistan has become edition you see there is no national party no in the lead and all four provinces are led by horses who want to go in different directions the military is in deep trouble because the military was instrumental in starting the misuse of religion. in foreign policy instead to the war starting from ninety thirty nine and how the whole game has turned against the political taleban i think. are not going to talk because the taliban language is violence and i don't think a ballot was forcible it is some part of taliban the afghan taliban ninety percent of the taliban fighting in afghanistan or pakistan sponsored maybe the peace of pakistani state but in the long run when the americans will draw all the taliban
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factions will combine and they're going to play hell with the pakistani state. or international foreign policy coming into focus with peter lavelle his guests on cross talk of the ins and outs in particular of what's happening on capitol hill in washington d.c. this is. the illusion of safety trumping your right seems to be the main political theme of post nine eleven america i notice pushing the keep you safe at any cost more than new york billionaire mayor michael bloomberg who recently had to defend his stop and frisk strategy after giving a speech to police brass stop and frisk is the practice of just being able to search anyone in new york at any time for any reason with your hands this gestapo
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style practice has been in place since two thousand and two but thankfully was finally recently found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge you know the fourth amendment all the talk about no unlawful search and seizure seems pretty clear to me why did this take so long to figure out bloomberg despite that silly constitution thing stands firm with this policy declaring if you end street stops looking for guns they will be more guns on the street and more people will be killed it's just that sample well to that i would say if you stop nazi style first kings of random innocent people there will be more freedom on the streets it's just that simple but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle manufacturing consent or determining a foreign policy consensus who in washington in the halls of power in western capitals drive foreign policy decisions particularly when it comes to iran israel and syria is public opinion constructed to fit the interests of special groups and lobbies and is american foreign policy in the country's own interest. to cross-talk american foreign policy i'm joined by my guests in washington judith kipper she is director of middle.


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