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breaking news this recorded and revealed security services in moscow released a tape of a cia agent pledging millions to get a russian officer to turn against his country. europe leads the charge to raise funds for war torn with pledges totally more than three billion euros almost hauffe that figure coming from struggling eurozone nations. security over sanctity the u.s. government to a mass surveillance operation targeting journalists with the white house trumpeting national security as the be all and end all. and the club of the nation's get a cash rich bigger china and india are now getting a stronger voice when it comes to carving up the region our top stories this hour.
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screen international news and comment live from our studio center here in moscow we start with our breaking news story this hour and that is new evidence has been released suggesting a cia agent caught in moscow was trying to persuade a russian security officer to provide classified information. all the details for us. well as more details about this latest spy scandal between moscow and washington continue to emerge we've managed to obtain recordings of what the f.s.b. claims were phone conversations between this undercover cia officer and the man he was working to recruit as an agent and well let's listen to them let's listen to
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one of them just right now. we should meet today. to do it tomorrow we can meet only today you can do one million dollars per year give me one hundred thousand front but only for me. yes or no. now it all happened to late on monday night in one of moscow's city parks where an undercover cia officer officially working in moscow as an american diplomat came to meet with the man he was hoping to recruit as an agent and twelve this is where the real classic spy story begins he had several wigs with him including one on him tens of thousands of euro in cash a map of the city accomplice and the cheapest possible most simple
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phone you can find presumably the one used in these conversations now he was hoping to meet with the man who is an officer of one of russia's security services but. despite all the calm of large and spy tricks and all the equipment he obviously didn't know that he was under surveillance for the past few years and that the man that he was hoping to recruit would be actually the one to detain him but right before that let's listen to another conversation that they had pretty much what seems to be the last conversation. there's going to be a staycation front of you at the park entrance i can see all be right there. well obviously that didn't turn out very well for the undercover cia a officer and the f.s.b. has also released. note that he also had along with them with instructions
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apparently to recruit agents on how to connect with the center included registering a separate g. mail account which would be used specifically for the connection with the center and had information about salaries that this person would received receive it which would reach up to one million u.s. dollars a year plus bonuses depending on the importance of the information that he would pass along to the american side now after he was temporarily detained the man who was passed over back to american authorities has been announced persona non-grata in russia and as we boarded now to be getting ready to return to the united states nor fishel reaction from washington but we do know that u.s. ambassador in russia michael mcfaul did make a visit to the foreign ministry earlier today but no details have been released of that and tell us more you go how russia has been reacting to this incident.
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well officials in russia have been really critical and outrageous over the whole incident saying that it's up to the leaders of the country they have been trying to really improve the country's been trying to improve relations between russia and the u.s. there's been progress in the syria issue on how to deal with that and now they spy scandal which here in sochi where the russian president currently is and where we are right now we spoke to one of his advisors who said that it's really surprising that this scandal took place right now since the presidents of both countries gave direct orders to their security services to work together on one side rather than working against each other so perhaps these waters are getting stuck on some levels of officials or in other words are simply being ignored but surely there are lots of mutual threats that. the two sides share including terrorism there are
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a lot of fears where they could work together including security on frankly this isn't the first spy scandal between the two states and officials say it's very likely that this one is going to ruin relations you've got thanks very much indeed for that update that. live there in central moscow well the exposure of the cia spy here in the russian capital has failed to stir the political arena that's caused a major boom in the media instead the unfortunate spy is now being ridiculed for his outdated equipment clumsy methods. has more on the media hype. the reaction in the media is a mix of irony and disbelief you hear comments like oh i didn't know spies wrote instructions or they will point out ryan fogle spy kids you know with the waves and the map and the money and washington post writes that the kid looks like cheap costume shop regalia so amid all these giggles you have comments raising doubts as
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to whether this was a cia operative on a mission the disbelief is generally based on this it looks too clumsy for the cia the cheap structure is but the fact of the matter is that the guy was caught wearing that wig and there are photos of him in that wake then you have others pointing at the fact that there was such a detailed photo and video material of the operation and trying to build some theories on that so it's actually standard practice for the russian security service to record the operation in detail when they catch someone red handed then they choose or not choose to share it with the media of course so our colleagues here are having both laughs and doubts about this story but then there were laughs and doubts when the russian f.s.b. discovered the fake rock that was used by british secret services to spy on russia back in two thousand and six british authorities denied the allegations six years later the former chief of staff to prime minister tony blair admitted that they were in fact true it was a fake rock with a transmitter inside planted in some park apparently spies would approach it with
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their laptops that it allowed to receive and send information at that time the story was ridiculed made it no less true though and if as be official reportedly revealed in generally there was a similar incident when the american spy was also deported from the country and he's a british intelligence analysts see things this espionage game three mosco washington will go on and dolan. it is a great success for the f.s.b. the russian domestic security service what foley failed to do is follow a set of rules which the cia has always had it's called the moscow rules it requires you very the pattern of your behavior you're constantly told what is happening remember there are separate state john kerry is currently meeting so gay lover of the russian foreign minister. this is going to be
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a most embarrassing encounter as far as the americans are concerned love rob or have a smile on his face as three large is the great game well in this particular instance russia has called america has lost but make no bones about it there will be a few ripples at the moment and before we know relations through back to normal and as i say. the cia will replace only with another intelligence officer and the game will continue. when alone we collected a selection of top spying scandals of the twenty first century involving the u.s. and russian and watty dot com for the background of all of this. the u.s. justice department is on the back foot defending its massive spoil peroration against the associated press news agency about one hundred journalists and editors had their phones tapped for months with the revelations sparking widespread outrage
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wall has been following the scandal. it's being called an unprecedented government intrusion the justice department secretly collected two months of telephone records from the associated press and its reporters. a.p. believes this story prompted the secret investigation the cia uncovered a plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner a plot originated in yemen and was carried out by al qaeda they arabian peninsula by reporting this al qaeda was put on notice that the cia had an inside look at their activities be a piece as the justice department did not say why they needed the information but says among the nearly two dozen telephone records collected at least five of them were from reporters working on the story in question this was a very serious. a very serious leak and a very very serious leak. i've been
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a prosecutor since one thousand nine hundred six and i have to say that this is among if not the most serious it is within the top two or three most serious leaks that never see it put the american people at risk and that is not hyperbole eric holder announced today that he was recusing himself from this a.p. investigation the prominent news agency condemned the government's actions in a letter to holder yesterday associated press c.e.o. gary pruitt says quote these records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the news gathering activities undertaken by the a.p. during a two month period provide a road map to news gathering operations and disclose information about a.p.'s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know now the a.p. is asking for an explanation as to why the government pulled reporters' phone records without notifying them the worry now is the effect the news will have on the media and its sources i think the effect on the media has already been felt i
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mean you have. sources that are being shut down doors just being shut in people's faces now that was probably the intention the intention was to scare. the turn off the faucet in other words from leaks in the wake of the controversy white house press secretary jay carney reiterated the obama administration's dedication to transparency he believes strongly in the need for the press to be unfettered in its pursuit of investigative journalism he also believes strongly as a citizen and as president in the need to ensure that classified information is not leaked because it can endanger our national security interests there's a balance between transparency and national security has been a delicate one since nine eleven the obama administration has a history of aggressively going after whistleblowers prosecuting more people for leaking classified information than any other administration combined and washington was wall r.t.
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. the government maintains that the case against associated press is one of national security but nick pickles director of big brother watch says it simply doesn't make sense to think about this case is that you were actually talking to the government asking them about publishing this story very agreed to hold off publishing it until the sensitive operation was over and the government itself was planning to announce the story the next day so the idea that somehow this information was never going to come into the public domain i think is wrong for news organizations to do their job they need the confidence to tell whistleblowers their anonymity will be protected because that's the central part of reporting things in the public interest. the world's most maligned a detention facility marks a dark milestone ninety nine days of a mass hunger strike authorities there appeared on the pressure in nature guantanamo bay are reporting escalating harassment saying that being subjected to
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painful and degrading searches for reasons as petty as a telephone call with the noise nets coming up. but firsts competition over the optics of vast natural resources is taking a new turn china and india countries hardly associated with the north pole joining forces with four other nations that have been awarded permanent observer status to the arctic council. explains this cold calculation to us we witnessed today at the arctic council meeting was what some are calling an asian rush to participate in the group that the arctic council oversees the arctic area and the receding ice flows have opened up shipping routes for asian nations. to take advantage of and there's also a lot of interest in the mineral resources specifically in the arctic area the us survey in two thousand and eight estimated that twenty two percent of the earth's oil and gas was under the arctic bad trouble is people aren't really sure how to
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divide it up so we've had strong proposals that the arctic be divided according to long to coast line exposure to the the arctic area but there's also been a suggestion from the u.s. which is a permanent member of the council to an international zone be created free for all if you will a lot of people fear that that would open a pandora's box certain. the arctic region feel that might let players into the arctic area who don't necessarily have the best interest of the indigenous people of the arctic at heart. the u.s. plan funnily enough. finds echoes in china's stance towards the arctic where they they now call themselves a near arctic nation and they would be delighted if the arctic was opened up and allowed exploration from nonspecifically arctic nations to get involved the interest in china in particular from china in particular but also from singapore which also join the council today is a major trading how they can shorten the transport time to european markets for the
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i phone the i pads the televisions what comes from the asian markets to to europe they can shorten the. travel time or transport time by at least a week if not two weeks and this would basically help increase profit margins for those who would be interested on the other hand there are resources as well and the chinese as you know are very eager to. secure resources on a global basis we've seen their work in africa and i think probably was we'd see continuation of that policy in the arctic. research it says that international ambitions towards the regional high despite extreme difficulties exploring the area. it's very very expensive it's risky it. with failure they've had to goes at it already now and the canadian arctic i know the russians are well underway. but there has been very little success so far in this part of the world and exploiting those resources and
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getting them out but i think the technology now has has caught up the ice is retreating everybody is looking at the arctic and suddenly matters to the rest of the world is one of this place that you know that we sort of ignored we left of the polar bears to the explorers and now china's very interested south korea which is a big ship builder is very interested. you know italy has a research research station in no small harvest as does india. this is this is really everybody's kind of lining up there it's like a chess game right now i want to live in moscow more news just ahead stay with us. well. technology innovation and all the developments from
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simple telephone call with lawyers now. degrading body search as according to prisoners the authorities determined to stop the outside world learning about the desperate situation that up to eighty percent of inmates at the detention facility and now on a hunger strike that is marking its nine hundred ninth day dr frankel old from the medical justice network says torture there continues repeated insertion of relatively worried bore feeding tubes is obviously painful. the joint task force piece shows that rather than leaving the tube down as would be safe and. he's being removed and shoved back down routinely regularly and painfully with a patient in restraint over and over again the policy behind v.s.o.p. is to punish hunger strikers for daring to protest. is a protest against what the strikers see as denial of access. in this case a decade or more of detention without charge or trial or possibility of release and
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it's clear that the hunger strikers are being kept under weight and look forward to the planning of their four speed whether it's punishment as a means of control or some medical error so i think there's a real chance that something will go badly wrong and fairly soon that the doctors in guantanamo are in breach of their ethical duties by colluding in torture the medical association and the un agree with these doctors like everyone else to refuse unlawful orders and to expose. that was established new order because they do not want the hunger strikers do not trust and sometimes fear those responsible for cooperating in what they see as abuse so there is no doctor patient relationship their. hunger strike despair pushed to the limit. the one hundred guantanamo detainees are screaming for justice. where is the end
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for. more than one billion euros has been pledged by european countries and the european commission to help rebuild water all money this is bombings and security still plagued the north of the country almost half a year after french troops were deployed to push back the rebels has more now from the summit. the leaders from the e.u. and france as well as international donors are gathering today here in brussels to drum up and get aid and support for mali a country which has been dealing with the radical islamist militants as well as a political crisis for the last couple of years now we know that france has been very much involved in the country especially in the beginning of the year when it launched a military operation into the country saying that they were there to fight off islamist militants away from key cities now france is also in the middle of
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withdrawing some four thousand troops from the country however it does plan to keep about a thousand troops in sin that what is seen as a long term a kind of posting in the country we have been speaking to some experts who are very familiar with counterinsurgency efforts and have had firsthand experience with them and they've told us here on our t.v. that it's very difficult for counterinsurgency operations to be a short kind of war because as you drive out militants from key cities they do have a tendency to just keep coming back so there is a question of whether security is really in place to do. any military intervention creates is that you care is from one place why they move they withdraw or they consolidate somewhere else. where you are less likely to create higher living areas of the state of chaos sort of the nato intervention. place we're going to get but it is. the weapons their assets they.
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have a right because they know that sooner or later the intervention forces whether the french in mali or american enough guys are sitting right there the occupiers the french foreign minister insists that security is largely in place in the country however critics do question the extent of the kind of stability the mali may be seeing at the moment now there is no argument among everybody involved that a stable mali is in the interest of a secure region. the regional security however there is that question of how sustainable and how effective the efforts have been so far there are also plans of having elections in the country in july if and when that does happen what kind of democracy and system will be put in place considering that the country is still facing some of those militant threats it's not one hundred percent out of the country daniel do broad from the french colonial groups says throwing money at mali will not create a stable nation bring money in
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a system that is greatly corrupted and where the money never goes to the people that reading needs it and bring in the results you have to have a strong strong political institution you have to have strong polices. to improve the conditions there well conditions of the people you have results in death case we are putting the stages one bit before another but in the in the wrong in the wrong since this part of the world as being directly. targeted a lot of. countries. who are looking for the natural resources and france has a tradition of a very strong position in this continent and they are looking not to do this position so they are showing their muscles if you want. no time for some other international stories in brief in a world update the rebels in syria have launched sort of
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a prison in aleppo that holds four thousand prisoners many of them political activists fighters reportedly used to call bombs to blast through the main wall this comes as the u.n. general assembly is preparing to vote on a new resolution which would condemn the syrian government and allow rebels to become part of the country's political transition and motion is being brought by qatar and other arab nations but is seen a likely to win an overwhelming majority. flashes of broken out in the west bank in jerusalem between palestinian protesters and israeli security services volunteers the thousands of palestinians rallied in the occupied territories to mark sixty five years after hundreds of thousands of arabs were forced from their homes to make way for a new israeli state that is called in arabic which translates as the catastrophe. if there is a bomb blasts have struck across iraq killing at least fifteen people and injuring dozens more that this attack took place next to government buildings and the law the city of kirkuk right to call bombs exploded killing twenty people. in
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a motorcycle later hit a police checkpoint in a city north of baghdad killing one security officer. at a brings up today for the moment coming your way in just a moment after the break a look beyond the corporate sponsored business news headlines in the prime interest from our washington studios stay with us for that. wealthy british style. that's not on the.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here and washington d.c. and here's a story that we're tracking today. you hear it first here on prime interest and we're calling it bloomberg gate is heating up like a scandalous break in at a washington hotel first goldman sachs complained they got wind that bloomberg reporters are trolling their logon records now we know at least one employee was keeping tabs on the none other ben bernanke and to him guy no word on how often the chairman checks the price of gold but in a related development more than ten thousand private messages sent from bloomberg terminals turned up on the web after a simple search. for the new york mayor's namesake from and we're just one week away from the most anticipated shareholder meeting of the year j.p. morgan shareholders are raising questions about come close e.d. tails made between board members and their outside affiliates and we've been
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reporting jamie dimon himself is rumored to be on the chopping block he would however retain his c.e.o. title if you from the board finally we highlighted the hot i.p.o. market yesterday but the bullish or bearish i have to report that private equity groups that have been snapping up homes are going to flip them into rental property i.p.o. but they're doing it much sooner than anticipated says a blogger i've met normally i'd wait a few years it's a given investors the rental of the rental management unit is a viable business so is this a sign of market top. all right let's get into what's been your interest.


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