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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  May 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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well i'm john berman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture president obama has just finished remarks in the white house on the i.r.s. scandal but how does this controversy and the other recent ones compare to the watergate scandal others of the past i'll ask newsweek's eleanor clift just a moment also revelations that the justice department seized the phone records of the associated press reporters as the media up in arms about freedom of the press but where was all this outrage when peter king said he wanted to prosecute julian the son is using the espionage act so i want this in more than eyes lone liberal rumble and there's only one thing i want to say to all the former bush administration talking heads over fox so-called news and what that is and.
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you need to know this from teapot dome to watergate iran contra washington loves a good scandal especially one that involves the president in today's world of hyper partisan twenty four hour cable news one bad story can turn into a storm of controversy overnight as president obama has learned over the past week once the floodgates of scandal open you can be hard to close in gaza hearings were one thing but now the white house has to grapple with revelations the i.r.s. intentionally targeted conservative groups for investigations and that the justice department seized the phone records of associated press reporters earlier this evening president obama addressed the i.r.s. controversy at a white house press conference and announced the resignation of that agency's commissioner acting commissioner steve miller. to hold the responsible parties accountable. yesterday i directed secretary lew to follow up on the i.g.
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audit to see how this happened and who was responsible and to make sure that we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the i.r.s. the controversy however is not over the media especially right wing outlets like fox news have latched onto the fire storm of the past few days to predict the early demise of the president's second term agenda some pundits like conservative washington post columnist george will are already comparing the i.r.s. scandal to watergate is there actually any merit to this comparison and what will be the real long term legacy of all this controversy for more on this i'm joined now by a veteran journalist eleanor clift contributed editor at newsweek and the daily beast and author of the recent book selecting a president fundamentals of american government eleanor welcome back to the show i time glad to be here have you here with us how does how does this compare with
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previous scandals around contra watergate seem to be the high water points at least in our lifetime might we take this back to teapot dome which was a big really exactly i actually quote john dean who course was a central figure in and more to gauge he testified about the cancer on the american presidency and i asked him if he was experiencing deja vu watching the events unfold and he said no not even close and he points out if you take these scandals one of the time they're there each quite different but none of them lead directly into the oval office what agape was about richard nixon's really criminal behavior iran contra was about president reagan okaying the sale of arms to iran to pay for a war in nicaragua monica lewinsky of course was president clinton's fault and so. these all stop short of the oval office and you have the media screaming of course why is the president a bystander in his own administration and you did see with the president now
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stepping in to say that the acting commissioner it iris has resigned chill no to. he left it up to the treasury secretary to do it i think you know the press has been demanding why it why didn't the president show more outrage and why didn't he call for the resignation so it it's interesting the president is apart from these scandals and yet they're consuming his administration to what extent do you think these and i realize there's still a lot of stuff to come in a lot of information to be out there but to what extent might these be ginned up scandals or were the the never seen in quite a bill obstruction from from that meeting in the caucus room the night the president obama was first sworn in the first term where you had sixty nine it was members of the house representatives in the senate get together and basically swear a blood oath to block every piece of legislation for the next four years and they
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tried to i mean you know. this gives them cover to not do any real governing or maybe you could take the view that while everybody is consumed with the scandals that behind the scenes they're still putting together an immigration reform bill that's still alive so there's some hope there i think gun legislation will be back before the congress goes on recess in august but for the most part you know the media feeds on these scandals there's so much easier to to cover they get ratings all the political sites were all down in terms of the number of clicks and viewers and all that now people on both sides are are ginned up and of course next year is an election year congress entire house and a third of the senate and the republicans i think are really worried that how are they going to energize their base well then ghazi speaker house speaker boehner. never appears in public without mentioning big guys the republicans are infuriated
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about what they see is that administration cover up and now the i.r.s. and the seizing of the phone records feeds into the rip. look in narrative that you know big government is taking away our freedom so this is ready made for for the political side for the republicans i had this conspiracy theory. it just got moved from august back to october we're going to hit the debt ceiling and when we hit the debt ceiling you know all the all the governing thing there are a lot of things that would be really nice to do a lot of things are relatively important to do but that's something that can't be ignored i mean it literally could bring down the nation it could bring down the dollar could bring down the world if it were if it's handled badly and. it occurred to me that with all the sturm and drang you know the john boehner the problem that he has with coming to some sort of an agreement with the president for the to get through the debt ceiling is that the tea party needs to be ameliorated or satisfied
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they need to be to you need to throw red meat to my base maybe this is doing that and in the dead of night they will pass something oh i love you i'd love to believe that wouldn't that be about you much of an optimist where you know it's possible well everybody's paying attention to the scandals i think john boehner would like to govern but he'd also like to keep his job and like to keep the republican majority and so maybe he can accomplish both if the scenario as you state it plays out i mean i would be stunned if six months from now any of the three scandals are on the front page the i.r.s. . business the phone records which really the justice department's side has not gotten out and there was a serious national security breach and maybe they could have handled it differently but why they did with they did. get gets lost that story does not get told and the fact that ca officers undercover officer undercover as i did or could under cover
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asset who had penetrated al qaeda which not many. people can do and that was compromised you heard the attorney general say in his you know thirty year career he would put this in the top three of weeks that are that of truly compromise national security so but i don't know what went on with the he you know we need we need to know more but in today's climate you just throw out seizing phone records. and you know i.r.s. intrusion and people who are just casually paying attention must wonder if washington has gone mad and is this administration truly you know the dictatorial administration that republicans say it is and obamacare gets involved in this too because secretary sebelius has been trying to raise money to get young people to enroll in obamacare and apparently previous administrations have done this to fund
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the health care for children and also the senior citizens drug coverage it's it's legal it's pushing a surgeon to for medicare grat yes that's right that's right but you throw that in and then you say you have newt gingrich and others saying we're going to have the i.r.s. . involved in obamacare the same i.r.s. that's been snooping on conservatives and it all gets thrown into you know one big cuisinarts of scandal and no wonder people are distrustful of government it's really a shame because government does good things but certainly you need to build trust and i think this administration has been trying to do that and a lot of it is now going to be you know destroyed because of these and they're they're kind of they're they're silly scandals they taken one by one you you can you can explain them but it's the confluence of all of them together that you know it's a force multiplier that you end up coming at the white house the issue with kathleen
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sebelius is if i understand correctly that she's using government property to. she's on she's in her office doing the fund raising or is that not the issue i'm not sure what quite with the issue is but it it's like she's rattling the tin cup to get money from private industry to implement obamacare because the congress won't fund it and a group called enroll america which is trying to get young because if young healthy people don't sign up that could that could sink it and so she is trying to get. donations to enroll america so that they can you know go out there and tell the story so you know it is george bush to now it's as well he again exactly but you know medicare part d. wasn't the centerpiece of the george bush legacy and this is i can see why this raises questions and again the white house needs to get out front and explain these
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things and i think to that extent the president has been a bit derelict in not telling his own story better he's catching up with the with the event this evening and also they've got they're going to reintroduce the shield legislation for the media in the senate a bright exactly and that wouldn't happen if we didn't have this controversy so they're trying to get on top of it but they're a little they're a little late lemonade out of the slum and that's hard to to what extent you think that this is fueled by just the constant media cycle that the demand for eyeballs the demand for ratings that really wasn't so much the case twenty thirty years ago before before the telecommunications act in the end of the fairness talk well i talked to chris lehane who was in the clinton white house and he said that's when you know the internet was just emerging and the drudge was that drudge site was the main thing they had to deal with and he said now you've got all of the social media so that every little piece of news can just rocket away and you know go viral and
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take off and so it's it's very hard for a white house to manage these things and and the obama way. house the president so that they're cautious and the president doesn't like to get ahead of processes and so you know it took until six o'clock thursday evening for him to get out front on the i.r.s. records when that story's been out there for a week and he pretty much could've said what he said today a week ago eleanor clift thanks so much for a just. coming up the i.r.s. scandal has republicans seem mean but was the tax agency actually justified in investigating tea party groups we'll talk about this and more with political consultant other ceremony after the break.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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while go back republicans are up in arms over the fact that the i.r.s. gave conservative tea party groups extra scrutiny when investigating the tax exempt
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status of five a one c four organizations some like george will have even called for president obama's impeachment here's the problem though according to ira's regulations i have a one c four organizations provide for exemption from federal income tax of civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare social welfare and liberal are words that are synonyms historically progressives have always worked to improve the social welfare of the population by feeding the poor providing housing to the homeless social security medicare health care for all environmental protection the list goes on and on it was progressives who created the social safety net it was progressive who are working hard today promoting alternatives to toxic fuels conservatives on the other hand have always supported policies that benefit the elite particularly tax cuts for billionaires deregulate industries the koch brothers can pump more poison out of the smoke stacks of the refineries in the waterways to their paper plants and
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make it easier for crazies like adam lanza to access deadly weapons and it's conservatives today who are doing their best to make sure the poor stay poor while the rich get richer by not allowing any changes to our tax code in any way that might raise any taxes on the rich what's so socially minded about that how is that social welfare so if you were the i.r.s. wouldn't you be a little more skeptical of a tea party group claiming to be working exclusively for social welfare than a liberal group let's rumble. ready for tonight's rumble is heather serve conservative strategist an associate with blue skin solutions have thanks for joining me thank you for giving me such an easy set up ok shade it take it apart i mean you. literally you know you look. liberal in the dictionary and you get you know bleeding are always social well first off in the ira's code says you want to be social and the reality is a conservative organizations are for social welfare if they stay with the
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government to be their primary by you that does the job so it's no different way of doing it but listen this is this is potentially a criminal case and president obama saying i was and the i.r.s. commissioner is stepping down and you know this is outrageous is not enough i mean as biden said today someone needs to go to jail over this if this is really have happened if it is have yeah and i don't disagree with you if if concert at least with regard to audience with regard to increased scrutiny i think that's debatable but if people have been audited there are people coming forward saying that they have been. you know i think that they should and maybe we should look back at two thousand and four to one pastor of the big prison church in pasadena from the pulpit you know preemptive war is not something that jesus would support and when i rest came down on him like a ton of bricks let me say as to this is a controversy with being a father once and three is that you do have the government looking at you there are
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strings attached whenever you have that status so you know that may come a time when some groups say it's not worth it but as it stands right now something needs to be done you know the i.r.s. commissioner leaving and obama saying this is outrageous done so so it would be enough in your mind will be if that investigation and you know if it is that terrible and you know congress is going to go to you to flow another thing that i don't know if you saw axelrod said today on t.v. that you know the government so fast he actually used that word that it's impossible for obama to know everything that's going on and i just couldn't help but think of hillary clinton's vast right wing conspiracy i don't use that word when you're going to make a case but you're also obama helped create a bigger government you know obamacare is a huge increase in government so you know hello you added to that. and i think that's a fine thing but. you've got to be able to but i'm going. so you're saying our mayor should know what's going on with that bigger government that he helped to create right as vast as it may be you know the buck stops with you yeah well it does stop with
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a bomb and i think he's he's standing up to that well i mean he's being forced to stand up right he was like you prefer to sit down but he's being forced to address these things but this is fundamentally as eleanor clift pointed out and i think it's a really important point to make richard nixon actually directed the ira he came up with his own enemies list and said go get the scones ronald reagan actually signed off on selling weapons to iran which was illegal i mean literally there was a law against it and then use that money to fight a war in iraq which was illegal literally worst case it was not forthcoming about that you know and let's be fair as george will i think it was george will's article said you know if nixon had had only republicans and the congress you know controlling the congress nixon would not have been impeached there is something he said for checks and balances you know and if we didn't have republicans in congress right now than obama may not have been president if we had a bill clinton would have been in p.d.f. i mean well you know yeah it's not real so jordi how do you know the founders knew what they were doing with checks and balances. you mention when we first started this conversation i was saying by the one c three seventy fours have to be social
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welfare organizations and that's the definition of liberals and progressives and you said conservatives are concerned about social welfare they just want it done in other ways. wouldn't that mean a community for abused kids or a church or a school those all make perfect sense it's five one c three zero even c. forced to advocate for their own cause. agencies somebody that is going to run ads in favor of or against a political candidate how is that on either side i mean look let's face it the president has one of these pacs or at least his former campaign does just like karl rove does and i think i say a pox on all their houses i don't think you know you and i with our tax dollars should be subsidizing which is essentially what you're doing with nonprofit organizations we're paying for their use of the commons i think we should be subsidizing any political organization that is there is pushing candidates well i mean you know we live in a free society the first amendment is you know it's it's cherished by ours you know
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it was made by the founders for a reason and you know we should do everything we can to protect it not hold it and you could argue that you know that we should have some groups that are around and it's within the water time i first met i'm talking about the tax code yeah i understand but it doesn't excuse what the i.r.s. has done and you know the tax code we've talked about this before it is complicated it's overly complicated yet you know it's applied and i'm not going to sit here and say that i'm for loopholes and you know the way things are definitely not so well and the other thing that people need to know and that frankly i think is the scandal behind the scandal is that the laws that they show exclusively be social welfare organizations the i.r.s. regulations in other words the way they've decided to implement the law say that they must be primarily and so karl rove has interpreted that specifically for his g.p.s. organization say fifty one percent. and it's like who came up with this i think we need to go back to the founding principles which is like enforce the law the way
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congress wrote it but i'm not going to find karl rove into a terrible job with this last election ok you know with all that money it didn't do anything but we do voting age tacoma park maryland a small city outside of washington d.c. as voted to lower the voting age to sixteen and the council ordered that the motive behind this was to to get more people involved in government the democratic. process this is the first time in i think the history of the united states although i don't know maybe early on there wasn't a voting age all of that but people just assumed adulthood but maybe by sixteen you were adults i don't know but any oh right now you get a driver's license of fifteen in some states most states though universally at sixteen if somebody can drive you know six thousand pounds of steel down the highway to eighty miles an hour why shouldn't they be able to go i mean it's i mean people have been questioning driving it i mean i have an eleven year old i'm thinking oh my gosh in five years he's going to be able to drive i mean it just seems you know you know so you could say that perhaps or to re-evaluate what their
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real loud kids are drive at sixteen you know and but listen i'm not going to say that if you have a driver's license and you are able to drive a car that you're not able to vote and this is on city elections and it's a small town so it's easy for you know what's going on i think it's great to be civic minded but now could this happen in alexander virginia where i live where it's a bit more complicated the issue is i don't know but as far as local control goes i mean i think this is a great example of that happening and if you have a liberal city too i agree well you know my take on it is that i remember the old song during the vietnam war the eve of destruction and there's a line of this is you know you're old enough to kill but not for voting very required of the song and seventeen i believe is the age at which you can join the military and so i would think that voting if you can to lower the voting age over lower lower to seventy it's maybe that's a compromise but i don't see this is a test case you know we'll see what happens there while nowaday the other thing that they do that there are a lot of liberals are about it and i think it's very bad. you know the thing to
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take all the city council to park tacoma park city council did is they said if you have paid your debt to society if you committed a felony you're out of jail you're off parole you know you've paid your debt you should be able to vote again and that's the case in a lot of states right now. that seems to me like a reasonable thing is and i know that there's seems to be a conservative liberal divide out into the red states. to say you know you could never vote again ever and the blue states to the say after you've paid your debt to society welcome back what are your thoughts on yeah i mean it's complicated it's kind of like the three strikes law you know there's something different examples of people bring up you know you've got these criminals who have done heinous crimes and make sense of the three strikes and you have other people you know that did bad things and they stole a pizza and they're you know in jail for life it's similar in that you know ok you have somebody who did something that. you don't then i do again and you know it's you convince them showed good behavior but you know it's a it's a hard one to make that i think has that right you know if you can if somebody
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committed a really heinous crime intro to manson he's never going to get out never going to get it and you know this guy who abducted these women i mean. so it would just never be an issue it seems like you know people who get out of prison or people who we've all deemed are actually rehabilitated or in a sense although there is a police officer goes after people who have violated parole i mean it catches them unawares and there are a lot of people and so you know i mean even if you're out of jail and you know good behavior you still have to prove yourself so there should probably be a amount of time that you show that you are after a couple of years that yeah ok now the thank you so much for being with me it's great to see. such. crazy alert you're ready because there's a new fashion sensation in town the guinea pig that's right earlier this month
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after the break the a.p. leaks and phone screen scandal is just one of the scandals rocking washington this week but is this really a scandal or were the d.o.j. his actions justified the name of national security talk with our political commentator sam sachs after the break. the real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p.
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is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker sea it's a step forward. corrects it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying and. it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. of this. mission three cretaceous three times four judges three. major months three. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects
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a free media to our teeth on top. it all go back joining me now to talk more about scandals season. in washington as political commentator sam's ex sam welcome you don't have you with us good to have you back on the set this hour so you know you are at the white house today and yesterday you've you've seen this whole media circus that's going on start with the a.p. scandals. the associated press so-called scandal or maybe it is maybe it is the the thing that that kind of sticks in my craw is that the a.p. wasn't out there yelling about the integrity of the press the moment when julius entres being taken down when we can leaks was being taken down when you know
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bringing bradley manning into it might be a bit of a stretch he's more in the whistleblower category than the press category but there have been any number of small and independent media outlets over the years that have broken stories that have just been squashed like a bug or or investigated and the a.p. never got on their high horse about it now they are yeah i mean it shows the exclusivity of the major media outlets today and if you. if you go to these press briefings they're the ones you get to ask all the questions to an interesting way you know as far as the difference between wiki leaks and a.p. as far as the department of justice is concerned there doesn't seem to be much of a difference at this point they've taken a very aggressive stance going after a.p. i mean this is a fairly unprecedented collection of data here you know effects hundred reporters twenty offices. everything like that and if they find out where a.p. got this information of course is information that goes back to last year related
10:31 pm
to a foil to plot in yemen if if through these documents that the d.o.j. has obtained if they find out where this leak came from you can you can bet that the d.o.j. is going to aggressively prosecute whoever the leaker was in the same way that they've aggressively prosecuted six yet whistleblowers which is more than any other administration has in history so and the president brags about yeah or they are eric holder actually right we've prosecuted more than any administration in history these are. raised whistleblowers and leakers it's like i'm not sure that that's something to be proud of yet it is not and of course republicans in congress have been pressuring the white house to crack down on these leaks threat for the for the last few years they've been accusing the obama administration of conveniently leaking things to show that they're really tough on terror during an election season so there are a lot of republicans last year when these leaks come out saying the administration needs to be really tough about this and now the administration is acting really tough and you have some republicans being like well maybe maybe that was that was a little little while in the end isn't this at a certain level
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a symptom of this. diseases that's too strong a word this affliction that the president seems to have that he suffers from and has throughout his presidency you know when republicans start screaming he starts jumping i mean it's you know he he he has yet to play f.d.r. or harry truman or lyndon johnson or john you know energy to or even jimmy carter to or bill clinton for that matter to any of them to to really slap them down and fight back i have not seen that yet and i keep you short because he's certainly got he's certainly got the issues on his side there well when he when he acts like that fighter whether it's on the campaign trail it seems to work for him but you know once he's in the office he tends to go away from that i'm not sure if this issue is something that you know the white house has been very careful to stress that they had no knowledge of this nor should they have knowledge of this they shouldn't be in touch with the department of justice as the department of justice is investigating a leak that could have come from the white house that's just you know reeks of
10:33 pm
unethical behavior there but the interesting thing here is ever since this is happening and these questions about the d.o.j. and whether their behavior was appropriate i've been asked at these press press briefings and i asked of the white house the white house has taken this position like you know the president is a huge defender of the rights of journalists in fact he co-sponsored this legislation in two thousand and seven this kind of media shill shield bill this was a bill in two thousand and seven then as a senator the president co-sponsored it and it basically protects journalists and media outlets who have anonymous sources it protects them from the d.o.j. subpoenaing subpoenaing them just as the partner of justice did with the a.p. . the other day so the white house is trying to defend itself in this way but what's interesting here is that when the president became president when senator obama became president obama in two thousand and nine and this legislation was brought back up he changes position and he worked to have it watered down he worked to create this national security exemption in it to the d.o.j.
10:34 pm
can still just go and collect massive amounts of presidents always going to court i mean this is this is just a it's an axiom of politics in washington d.c. somebody becomes a president all of a sudden they want executive power exactly or in this legislation was brought up in two thousand and seven president bush was very much against it while obama supported it in the now that he's president he wants to water it down it's not so much better and that's that's why you know heather was talking about checks and balances i mean this is the real checks and balances congress should be checking the power of the executive branch and vice versa frankly you know vice versa has not been happening for the last four years which concerns me tremendously earlier tonight the president addressed the i.r.s. controversy and announced the resignation of that agency's acting commissioner the actual commissioner his term ran out a while ago and president obama has not nominated somebody to replace him yet and when he does republicans will to probably take three years to prove it. then there was a bush nominee and now steven miller the acting commissioner is gone so both seats at the top are gone here's what the president had to say about this. we're going to
10:35 pm
hold the responsible parties accountable yesterday i directed secretary lew to follow up on the i.g. audit to see how this happened and who was responsible and to make sure that we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the i.r.s. given do you think that by his saying that he directed the treasury secretary to direct the acting director of the i.r.s. to fire him self or resign or whatever. that by putting that layer between the. he is being more or less that he's trying to be more or less i've got this i'm taking care of this i mean is he is he trying to say you know this really wasn't something that came out of the white house like nixon's did and so i'm not going to get my hands into this and therefore i had jack lew do it or is he saying
10:36 pm
i had jack would do it and he went out and picked a spot but he did it because i told him to you know when there's a nuance here yeah i think it's actually a little bit of both in just like with the d.o.j. story the white house to stress that they didn't know any of the about anything about this about the i.r.s. story so i think the white house wants to stay away from it we didn't know anything happen but the same time this idea that the i.r.s. is targeting political enemies is something that is really explosive that the administration doesn't want to be part of but democrats in congress have called for investigations along with republicans in congress this is kind of bipartisan in your house and senate by cameral repulsion to the story so you can see that the white white house has moved very quickly on this but expressed outrage at the beginning they've now you know fired this guy i mean this guy still dissipate when he went testified in congress and said that none of this was going on you know whether or not he was actually involved in it that remains to be seen but he was kind of the spokesperson there was forgetting the name of the woman who first
10:37 pm
released this last friday lerner. and she you know she was a functionary in the i.r.s. and the people who were there i mean this was this was one of these like civic conversations. about the i.r.s. let's talk about taxes there was not you know lois is here to. break news and shock everybody no not at all and yet when she laid this stuff out which i would think she would have to know would be explosive politically explosive and incredibly destructive to the white house the reporters who were in the room said she appeared to be reading prepared notes like she had she was ready for this and there was a originally even a conspiracy theory that the guy who asked a question had been put up to it he's insisting he was not. is it possible that that she was putting this story out intentionally either way to get this thing out quickly and get it get through it so it doesn't become
10:38 pm
a drip drip drip because she's seem to let you know all the details and lay out all the details or that she is holdover from the bush administration and saw this happening and said somebody out to publicize this this is really going to make the president look bad well i think the report says that these were just some rogue employees who were behind this when this started i think for already badly made manager employees of cincinnati and i think when this started in two thousand and ten when that first criteria flicked on to black tea partiers it was spotted within a few months and changed immediately in the change again and then changed again so perhaps the i.r.s. thought that you know we had to nip this in the bud that this would grow into anything else but at the same time you still had conservative groups who were affected by this constantly pressuring congress constantly talking to darrell ice at the oversight committee telling them to to investigate this investigate this and
10:39 pm
you know drip drip drip if it had to come out so i think that's what's happened there but you know really during the last two and a half years you know actually three years now since citizens united the i.r.s. has been in the middle of this. proxy battle between republicans and democrats about how five a one c four should operate in the elections you have had democrats for to since two thousand and ten writing the ira saying hey we need to apply more scrutiny to these groups they're blatantly acting political when you have republicans writing letters to their saying don't give in to what democrats are saying go ahead fast track approval of these five a one c. force well and not only that there's like a three to one ratio of conservative and tea party groups and suddenly you know i mean just this avalanche coming into the i.r.s. which can't get an increase in its budget because the you know john boehner the republican governors if you want to increase your budget whiteboard out that don't know is going to happen and so they're like ok we've now got three thousand was three thousand eight hundred forty eight from fifteen hundred in two thousand and ten to over three thousand yeah you know in ten thousand and twelve and you know
10:40 pm
tea party associated groups to suddenly groups like that and so you've got a small staff you've got to come up with some kind of filtering criteria so if you see the word tea party in the in the name you kind of know that they're not one of the social welfare groups that you would easily pass through that might have a word like school in its name or a lunch program and say yeah and out of congressional failure to do something about five a one c. force whether it's the disclose act which will crowd of these groups that they spend a certain amount of amount of money to disclose their donors or without any guidance the i.r.s. was basically said hey we have this new wild west a five a one c four and we have to regulate them and we have to cut some and it looks like people cut some corners here i mean the interesting thing is here how many republicans are outraged by the what the i.r.s. did and yet are perfectly ok with things like racial profiling you know and stuff like that i mean that's kind of what was going on here is that the i.r.s. was profiling based on what they think is the likely. perpetrators of this
10:41 pm
crime accept the republicans were the quote victims of this at least seemingly yesterday hundreds gathered downtown l.a. to protest the koch brothers purchase. of the tribune company tribune company the parent corporation papers like the chicago tribune the los angeles times the baltimore sun and you're lantos is the time for us to start enforcing the sherman at antitrust act with regard to the media or my favorite and this is something i've been pitching for years and years and years going back to local ownership saying if it's a television station or radio station or a newspaper the majority of the stock has to be owned by people who live within five hundred miles of it i think so absolutely and this is particularly disturbing with buying up all these newspapers and it's not just the chicago tribune the koch brothers want to buy the two largest newspapers in florida too is part of the still the orlando sentinel and the miami herald as debate is going over you know the b.p.
10:42 pm
oil spill and how much money settlements should be oil pipelines drilling off shore those two newspapers are going to be major hubs of of discussion over these policies over drilling in oil like that owned by oil barons that's a big problem for our public debate i'm just kind of makes perfect sense that they would want sam said thanks so much for being with us tonight. coming up i have two words to say the old bush administration shills over at fox so-called news will tell you what they are in tonight's daily take. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy
10:43 pm
with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds of reports . let me let me i want it all let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we have in the bank we have our knives out. but if you give the fight to spank stang never get here in a situation where b. and i don't even talk about your name and we.
10:44 pm
are the. folks. in screwed news last friday vermont's house of representatives passed a bill requiring that all foods contain the containing genetically modified organisms g m o's be labeled in that state all the bill is far from becoming a law in the green mountain state this is the furthest any g.m.o. labeling legislation has ever made it through the legislative process as in any state in the united states has largely because g.m.o. companies like monsanto are spending tens of millions of dollars all over the country to prevent g.m.o.
10:45 pm
labeling bills from becoming law this flood of money from bio agriculture help to defeat proposition thirty seven in california last november which would have required all g.m.o. foods to be labeled in that state so while the fight to label g.m.o. foods marches nationwide and the battles already been won by the way in europe where the dude label g.m.o. foods what can americans do right now to educate themselves about the potentially dangerous substances and chemicals that we're putting into our bodies joining me now are dr jason calton nutrition scientist and food advocate and certified nutritionist both are co-authors of the new book rich food poor food the ultimate grocery purchasing system mirah dr kellner welcome. they think that yes thanks for joining us. and i'll just toss these questions a both the you know better than me which of you would be the appropriate person to answer them if that's ok with you i'm curious what of the band bad boys and why are
10:46 pm
they dangerous for our health. well the bad bad boys there's actually thirteen of them there are foods that are banned in other countries because they're dangerous or very bad here how but in our country we don't have a problem with that they're still putting our foods today and their common things like artificial colors five artificial cars are actually banned in other countries and that's because they're carcinogenic and cause attention deficit disorder and kids yet today they're in almost all of the foods in the grocery story that's incredible it's incredible so eighty medically modified foods. jason eighty percent of the foods my statistics are right of packaged foods today contain g.m.o. ingredients genetically modified organisms exactly of one sort or another i mean well here's a statistic that's kind of interesting the average american weighs about one hundred seventy nine pounds but you know that on average we eat one hundred ninety three pounds of genetically modified food each and every year so this is something
10:47 pm
that we really need to get to the bottom of this and we need to show consumers how it is we're going to identify these genetically modified ingredients in our foods so how do you do that. well that's where we wrote that food court with and one of the main reasons we want to make sure that every single time the consumer comes up in the grocery store aisle and they come up against a food we show them hey this food might have a dangerous banding greedy and in it or one of the ingredients may be potentially genetically modified and it's not just things like produce and needs or fish that could be genetically modified but also the produce is derivatives for instance ninety three percent of soy is genetically modified in this country eighty six percent of corn and there's a lot of derivatives that are made from soy and corn that consumers need to be made aware of. and so how how does somebody know or whole i mean what are the what are any suggestions for people when they're shopping. what do you do so if you want to avoid genetically modified organisms well first
10:48 pm
off i always read being greedy at last. because that's where going to find out the truth is one thing to look for is always look for an organic products or gag price will never be genetically modified now if you're going to have meats or you have seafood or any sort of protein you want to also make sure it's organic because that's to make sure that they didn't eat something that had been genetically modified and a lot of animals are now modified so way and corn additionally you can look for a little label on there that says g.m.o. project that's another great way that you can be assured but there's a really great thing in our book there's a whole appendix where we list all of the different products from dairy all the way to dessert and we list the companies that are doing it right so if you find one of these companies you can bring it to the grocery store with you you can be assured that you're not going to modify foods dr jason carroll is there a reason to avoid genetically logical modified foods in my opinion i think there is i mean there's really been no human studies on g.m.o. so we don't really know what the long term effects are i guess you could say one of the longest you know long term studies on human health is being done right now in
10:49 pm
america on us we're kind of the guinea pigs on this but you know when monarch butterflies their favorite food. was dusted with g.m.o. corn pollen they died by the thousands in japan they put out a protein powder that had genetically modified amino acids in it and they had metabolism and mental damages and several people died they couldn't pull it off the shelf fast enough so you know while the jury is out as to whether or not g m o's are actually going to be bad for us i can't imagine they're going to be good. have a mentor here love rich food poor food why that title well does that mean expensive food richard means as rich in vitamins and minerals as essential things that we need in our food every single day to keep us healthy and poor food is poor food has poor food ingredients there's things like g.m.o. those in the band bad boys and sinister sugar substitutes all of those things that we want to leave out and we got you in everything i like i said to find those foods and tell you exactly which ones are safe to purchase and in fact i understand there's now an app out although they may ask you to join their group and all those
10:50 pm
things. bike ride app that tells you about those. exactly but that appendix in the back of our book is a great companion for that because again we tell you the companies that are not putting the g m o's in the food so regular consumers can use it right now today before labeling laws go into effect ok dr jason carroll calton thank you both for being with us thanks tom thanks for having us. it's the good the bad of the very very worried kelly ugly the good governor bill haslam a republican earlier this week the republican governor of tennessee announced his veto of a controversy ag gag bill that would have criminalized the ability of animal rights
10:51 pm
activists to expose animal abuse to. civil liberties groups call the bill a gross violation of the first amendment is veto statement haslam's agreed saying that the bill was constitutionally suspect and makes it more difficult to prosecute animal cruelty cases that were governor as big agribusiness tries to suppress our basic right to freedom of speech it's encouraging to see any public official especially a republican take a stand on behalf of the first amendment the constitution the bat dave buner pastor went all old testament during a recent discussion of women's rights that was broadcast on generations radio. the book of numbers is very clear a father has a daughter she's not free she doesn't have the feminist independence that we hear so much about to make contracts to buy drugs to engage in activities with the father's consent convincing argument dave by the way i'm pretty sure the same
10:52 pm
document the old testament that supports punishing those who eat shellfish or wear clothes of two different types of material isn't exactly the best way to support it and the very very ugly pat buchanan last week jason rich wine was forced to resign from the heritage foundation after the washington post revealed that his graduate school thesis argued for restricting immigration policies according to racial i.q. scores. believe it or not some people are actually supporting his recent column for world net daily paleo conservative pat buchanan defended rich one against the attacks of the liberal media and actually went so far as to endorse those arguments he wrote yet span aside not one hispanic nation from which a plurality of our immigrants come was among the top forty in reading science or math these folks are going to come here and make us number one again is there a greater underclass behavior among hispanics the crime rate of bunk hispanics is about three times that of white americans while the asian crime white is about a third that avoids things like social darwinism is alive and well in twenty first
10:53 pm
century conservative politics and that is just very very. box so-called news is heavily populated by left overs from the bush administration like former political hitman karl rove former press secretaries dana perino and ari fleischer bush's vice president dick cheney and former defense secretary don rumsfeld they're all over the network and they're all yelling about how terrible the obama administration is i have a very simple message for them. just shut up just go away very yourselves in your grand old age and don't come out till you win an election when you win the election you can put only socialist wackos like ruth bader ginsburg and stephen breyer all
10:54 pm
over the court but until the end showed up and. president obama keep. to have somebody that the bush administration appointed lake of it's a five year end each of the riots so that's why it's preposterous it doesn't matter who appointed him it matters that it happened on their watch and they're trying to sweep it under the rug but until dana perino will hold bush accountable for his failed response to katrina and the financial collapse do you know you sound really pathetic when you complain that obama has takes no responsibility for the i.r.s. it was a terrible tragedy and people lost their lives and and the way it's been handled since then has his compound the problem because it the first rule of something like that is to gather the facts and then inform the american people film truth don't we deserve the truth or we will in our system we have to do is no question but the narrative that was put out after the fact days after the fact we saw after weeks
10:55 pm
after the fact is not true it was false. until don rumsfeld holds bush accountable for intelligence failures the let it acts of nine eleven happened and the lies he told us about iraqi w m d don you really can't be taken seriously when you complain complain that obama should be held responsible for slow benghazi intelligence was even a slow few weeks maybe at least obama was cautious you and bush a tried that started charging us into afghanistan in iraq without even having proper bardic body armor it's let's not get lost though here because we're missing a very important piece of this puzzle you know the administration blaming this on low level bureaucrats in cincinnati that turned out not to be true we now know that people at the central headquarters of the internal revenue service in washington were involved but were missing something else which is they remember they were doing what people on capitol hill one of them to do in two thousand and ten max
10:56 pm
baucus the democrat senator from montana and chairman of the spar full senate finance committee that oversees the treasury department wrote a letter to the director of the i.r.s. saying go investigate these kind of groups we you know until karl rove holds himself and bush responsible for politicizing the department of justice firing u.s. attorneys who refuse to participate in political prosecutions and spend all their time looking for nonexistent voter fraud cases and for shamefully targeting don siegelman. karl you really shouldn't complain about the apparently political choices of the i arose and don't whine about how that was years ago and we all need to get over it if you don't want to discuss your hypocrisy now and simply point the american people to any letter any speech any video any evidence whatsoever of your contemporaneous acceptance of fault for any of the above but until you do don't expect us to take you or fire so-called news seriously in any way and that's the way it is that i wednesday may fifteenth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget
10:57 pm
democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your. technology innovation. developments around russia. the future covered.
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potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more pattern. and there's still a lot of snow out here and a good place for snow. jason it is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's it been like nobody's allowed to be driving license and emergency vehicles. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television on the phone with just
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doesn't matter now with your mobile device so you can watch your tea anytime anywhere. here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares an awful lot but you sir are a fool you know what that is my other terror cells that no one wishes to feature is on the on the liberal and the chris jones. you're good to go to the. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm out to martin and we're going to break this that says.
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good afternoon a welcome to prime interest i'm perry and boring here and washington d.c. and here's the story that i'm tracking a big. remember john paul's that no i'm not hank paulson bush's treasury secretary who pushed hard i'm talking about john paulson who shorted subprime and made a millions for his hedge fund now he's long fannie and freddie along with some other hedge funds who bought preferred shares to match uncle sam's investment senator bob corker characterized the stock as a lottery ticket but that hasn't stopped a run up in price of over one hundred seventy percent in the last two months.


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