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i live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month so food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so. i miss family and friends and i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so actually. it's a little worse cheaper to live through the white house or to the. radio guy for a minute from. what we're about to give you never seen anything like this until it. was up guys i'm having martin going to break in a set so it's no surprise that as corporations profit the american people continue to suffer through a downtrodden economy tax some corporations even profit directly our demise but it hurts a little bit more when our own government does it see according to
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a new report by the congressional budget office the government would pocket in a record fifty one billion dollars from federal student loan borrowers this year it's actually forty percent higher than it was originally forecasted but let's put this in the perspective of the huffington post as laid out the country's most profitable corporations exxon mobil reported forty four point nine billion dollars in net income last year and about the big banks on j.p. morgan chase bank of america citigroup and wells fargo have all together important income of fifty one point nine billion dollars in the last year so let's get this straight the government has profited more than the most profitable corporations and at the same time as all the largest banks come by and this is a course at a time when millions of students are mired down in student loans and drowning and high interest rates who cares about the poor students it's all about reining in that college cash so if you're ready for the government to stop acting like a corporation and operating like one join me and let's break the set.
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well guys it's national police week in washington an event that draws in about forty five thousand people from across the country every year and aside from what looks like the rise of a very eclectic police state taking over the d.c. district there's also rampant illegal parking from squad cars and police motorcycles all over the city look there is me in front of a bunch of police bikes just hours ago outside the artes studios now while national police week serves to honor fallen police officers who died while serving their communities i can't help but notice the lack of recognition for the hundreds of people were subject to police brutality and misconduct every year i know that for many of us cases of police overstepping their boundaries of breaking the law seems seldom but in reality police are committing illegalities or crimes across the country every day the cato institute happens to follow such cases of abuse and post
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them on the web site police misconduct and that just today the cato institute posted reports against police overstepping authority from new mexico illinois connecticut louisiana nebraska and elsewhere one such case that today's of a new jersey state trooper who held an illegal high speed escort on the highway when it's caught eyewitness to the joyride caught on tape and reported the officer who's now been sentenced to one year probation but not all cases of misconduct are as harmless as a high speed joyride what happens when police overstep their boundaries or take the use of force too far that's what witnesses in kern county california are saying about a case where seven county deputies were involved and beating an unarmed man to death the sheriff's office has stonewalled reporters want to know more about the allegations and attempted to actually visited the home of the observers who phoned nine eleven to turn i'm going to turn over any footage captured of the police abuse so if we have video that. allegedly shows all seven officers beating the man over
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and over again but the department however is given no explanation as to why they tried to confiscate the video then there's the case of a couple in kentucky california were confronted by police after an anonymous call regarding domestic violence after both people in the home deny the officers entry the police charge in any way all the while the homeowners had their camera rolling check it out. we need documentation of this violation of their civil rights. yours were not your ground you kiss my court you can't march. oh you have no rights you have no right to be there if you don't know my story. you have no right to be here not like you are thinking.
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all the videos since gone viral on the internet raising questions about how blurry the language in the fourth amendment must look like to some police officers and while this video might be shocking serves to show the importance of documenting illegal activity by police before you head out the door their video camera and start a new career watching the watchers learn about the laws where you live because while thirty eight states do allow citizens to record police as long as you don't interfere with their activity that leaves twelve other states where the line is blurred when it comes your civil liberties versus police brutality a good rule of thumb would be that if you see something film something. like that where you are seeing anything like that. this week the senate agriculture committee passed a bipartisan farm bill aimed at reducing spending by twenty four billion dollars over the next ten years the bill would bring cuts to subsidies and food stamp
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programs some other things this piece of legislation passed on the heels of the obama administration's push to overhaul america's food safety laws the food modernization act a new f.d.a. rules it's a topic that exemplifies the government's siding with giant corporations over consumer safety but the debate over the future of agricultural policies in the u.s. is vast to talk about the newest agricultural policies juno's and how to move forward for better food safety i'm joined now by elizabeth considered a long time advocate now policy director of the center for rude safety thank you so much for coming on you see some of this with you've criticized this latest farm bill what exactly does it do well the farm bill is a one trillion dollars piece of legislation it's enormous you know it's it addresses environment it is food it addresses farms everybody needs to be engaged in this at the moment the farm bill really is influenced by corporations they're the people who are up on the hill and we need people to be joining the food
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movement in order to be swaying the tides in the other direction and you said that over provide insurance for crops what does that exactly mean. many different insurance in commodity titles than in the farm bill but this really is insurance that will. wind farm is have problems with their crops if there's crop failure there's a crop insurance side well there's many other different kinds of subsidies that go in there so there's a big performing package that's taking place with that but we want to say that the people who need government subsidies get them but the big corporations who tend to be the people who are receiving them now. actually get taken out of the equation and your husband congressman and that is going to introduce legislation to label g m o's of course it was knocked down i mean this was a long time ago and everything. voter effort to label g m o's has been knocked down consistently and overshadowed by this giant propaganda effort on the far part of the biotech what do you advocate for consumers who are just looking at this and
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saying how do we fight this giant machine well first of all really get get to know your food and the way that we get to know food is really through labels and that's what we're fighting for at the moment we really know that the only standard that's out there that really guarantees safety is the organic stand it is a very very high standard but i would say that maybe consumers are actually starting to win this argument though there was a ballot initiative in california that didn't win and this is caused an enormous national conversation to start and this is sort of part of the food movement that really i'm hoping that people will join and we see now that washington state has its own ballot initiative which to go a bit later this year and also twenty six other states have their own pieces of legislation all around g.m. and so this is a vehicle that's moving and i'm very excited that people are getting on board time to catch up with the rest of the world speaking of david versus goliath all the talk about santa winning the supreme court case against vernon brown the small
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farmer does this give monsanto carte blanche to continue unabated with their fight against small farmers i think that really what we need to be focusing on is consumers and participants in this we all feel old feed ourselves every single day we need to show that we are aware that we're going to be purchasing products that we trust and that we're going to be purchasing products that we trust from brands that actually tell us what is in the food and so i think that now that power is back with us as individuals in this community and moving together in a movement collectively is the way really that we need to move forward right i mean . it's easy to feel hopeless look at all these things and say what can we do but really the power is with us we have the choices that we can go to the grocery store we can go to farmers markets we can really pick up what we want to consider what we put our money that is the place that we're determining you know the market in the future and so if we put it in a. so we put it in companies that we know of really having an active effect to to to promote food safety and food. for food safety and environmental safety as well
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as we move forward absolutely every purchase everything that you do is a vote i always tell people about and let's talk about the monsanto protection act sneakily signed into law i mean my senator very blunt stands to benefit enormously from this bill his family you know i think part of consumers taking action is really to so where in this campaign to tell people it's going to how can we expose these frauds. brothers in the government and who've really mastered the revolving door there is a great monster of the revolving door and we just have to look at it and just keep that one side but you know in congress there is this whole area that things get slipped in and it's all under the radar and there's lots of big fire take going in and doing the things that at the same time i think that lots of members of congress don't actually understand the nuances of the debate they don't understand that we have sixty seven million acres now and they're resistant to weeds because of all the gleick to say the round up that we've been putting on because of crops that that causes so much food insecurity down the line potentially they don't understand
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that there's so much of a additional toxic load burden to the environment or that g.m.o. has done actually produce the yield that people thought that propaganda would suggest they do so on all of these different fronts we need to make sure that our members of congress are educated and that it's not ok for them to say you know what we've probably got it all we're proud of this but we're also pro biotech because really even though we live in an ecosystem an ecosystem doesn't have boundaries it doesn't say oh well i understand that my one field has biotech quotes then to put in the pollen is going to flow around that area and then your organic field makes still to me just going to know it all gets all mixed up and so we need to make sure that policies really reflect the complexities of the system in that communications with their members of congress there really is a knowledgeable short term. those are met with biotech really the long term effects are really not in the equation as with we have about a minute left but you are involved in advocacy for the pure food movement what is
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this movement and is why is it getting traction well i'm advocating a food movement and i'm looking back up the food movement of the turn of the last century which was where women and all different kinds of groups got together to understand that well it was being polluted they didn't have the labeling that they needed there was lots of princeton's public health concerns as a people mobilized and they got a piece of legislation took a long time about fifty sixty years they got a piece of legislation called the food and drug act which then was the problem of really for the f.d.a. coming into creation well you know hundred or so years later we need to be reinvigorating a movement and so i'm advocating for a food movement you know that everybody get together and send to food safety and i are really trying to forge the charge ahead we certainly have strayed far from the source of our foods it's time to take it back thank you so much i was able to sit as policy director of the center for food safety procedure time. stay put guys after the break we're going to talk guatemala dictator in. the song guilty of genocide they turned.
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wealthy british style. is no time to write. why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report
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. that was built on coal. fuel for its factories. coke for its steel. gold is it more than heat for its people. join me james brown to meet them and spend their lives underground and work in one of the world's most dangerous professions. were loads. of coal on l.t. . between the i.r.s. scandal and gaza hearings there's enough fodder to keep the media in a frenzy for weeks and if that wasn't enough now there's more but one story blowing
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up the airwaves take a look. the obama administration faces a new front of outrage as the associated press reveals the justice department secretly red phone records of their reporters the d.o.j. secretly grabbed months worth of phone records from the associated press a top lawyer for the a.p. told greg is spread of ancestry last night that the justice department is simply not following the law attorney general eric holder facing calls for his job. over the fed's seizure of associated press phone records a scandal that holder distance himself from in just the last twenty four hours. this is it a press is accusing the just the part of breaking the law should this rampant law breaking be a surprise to anyone is the the scandal started when a.p. received a government only last year about an al qaeda terrorist plot in yemen but it turns out that the entire event was actually a cia sting operation and the government says that once the information was
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reported to disrupted their operation so in response the d.o.j. issued a secret subpoena to access twenty private phone records of a.p. reporters and editors and of course now that it's all been exposed the pressure is raining down on attorney general eric holder who maintains that the record seizure was a matter of national security and one of the biggest leaks ever checked out. to say that this is. the most serious it is even the top two or three most serious leaks it never seen it put the american people at risk. hold on but the american people at risk by exposing a plot that your administration staged oh ok well at this leak actually was as dangerous as they're making out to be then shouldn't we all be more alarmed there are multibillion dollar intelligence apparatus going to the tech to work on who was responsible for the leak without tapping into a piece files instead we're seeing so-called media watchdog groups like media
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matters defending at the d.o.j. these actions saying that the a.p. compromised counterterror operations they should be investigated but of course the victims of the scandal the reporters at a.p. are up in arms and rightly so journalists and their sources depend on confidentiality people are much less less likely to die of bold crucial information if they think that they're under surveillance and you know what else is inferior it in about this despite all the shock and all over this part. story this is far from the first time the d.o.j. is completely circumvented the law according to senior declan mccullough an updated f.b.i. manual details just how the feds can access americans e-mails without first having a warrant it clearly states that the justice department holds itself above the law and that team holder doesn't think that they should face any restrictions when it comes to spine or obtaining private information and the d.o.d.'s already
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implemented a secret cyber security program that monitors online activities in the same way. would have to keep in mind the a.p. is just the latest victim of obama's crackdown on the press the d.o.j. is going after multiple journalists and obtain private info from internet service providers yet the corporate press didn't seem to bother to when those cases of secret surveillance were happening and while these obvious government wrongdoings are very real concern to everyone i can't help but wonder why is it that the media only cares about wiretapping fine and violations of the fourth amendment when they're subjected to it where was a p and have her media organization for that matter when the patriot act got passed and then renewed or about. because you see there's one very important point to being completely omitted from this discussion all of this is been happening since nine eleven the patriot act alone shredded the fourth amendment so i'm confused why
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everyone's so shocked about this just check out president bush's attorney general alberto gonzales you know the guy who codified torture talking about committing the exact same type of activity. there was there was at least one occasion in which we were engaged in a very serious leaking of the leak investigation and we had to make some very difficult choices about whether or not to me so we're going after the reporters in order to try to find out who the source where the source of the leak. it is and sometimes you know that if we find that a part of the time to sell the situation where they have exhausted all means and they have to make it to hard terminations as to whether or not they want to subpoena the reporter they want to subpoena the reporters no. i guess it wasn't as difficult as you're making it out to be mr gonzales after all the bush administration built the framework for warrantless wiretapping and of course obama's carry this torch through is president presidency so while i'm truly
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saddened to see the a.p. fall victim to this latest scandal i'm not surprised because it's been going on for years a fishing expedition of sources are cracking down on whistleblowers and it's silencing of those who dare to tell the truth about the government's wrongdoings so let's selves the shock and awe shall we and instead let's do something about our rights that are slowly but surely eroding away. i. last friday the former dictator of guatemala and rios montt was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity committed under his one year dictatorship he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison a three judge panel heard from over one hundred witnesses who testified that the general soldiers had raped and massacred their families and destroyed their
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villages during the darkest period of water mahler's thirty six year civil war was charged with overseeing the genocide of more than seven thousand nine hundred in an indigenous mayans honors rule but the trial concluding that there was no doubt of his intent to eliminate the ethnic group but those who are cheering on the historic indictment are also calling into question the u.s. is role in the genocide not only was monk trained at the georgia school of americas but his right wing dictatorship was also given support by the us government in fact president reagan was close allies with month and once referred to him as a man of great personal integrity totally dedicated to democracy a landmark case was the first time an ex head of state has ever been tried for genocide by their own country's judicial system so could this set a precedent for trying and charging war criminals in the future and might this help bring in the attention needed to close the school america's once and for all discuss all that and more i'm joined by dominique cash organizer for the school of
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americas watch thank you so much for coming on thanks perhaps so the fact that he was even brought on trial is unprecedented and i mean how was he actually brought to trial here well i think it began in one thousand nine hundred nine with the u.n. sex truth commission which found that it was genocide extermination of the shield my own people. and the trial proceedings began in two thousand and eight with people doing research and finding all of these facts and the fact that. it actually happened you know he was the first he was the first leader of a country the ex head of state to be tried for genocide successfully in this case in his own home country so just an enormous pressure from from people and victims' families just pressing over over the years decades rather you know he maintains a defense that he didn't commit these atrocities rather his army did what hard evidence actually links him to the murders. you know current president. was the each field commander under an alias tito i.b.s.
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at the time and there are documents proven were found and brought up in the u.n. back in the u.n. truth commission in one thousand nine hundred nine they said real smart put out these orders that within followed by otto put his money and then going back to adios. so there were so he did actually give direct orders for for that activity let's talk about the crimes i mean what exactly happened because obviously he was only accounted for seven hundred but i heard there i mean i read that there's reports of way more deaths than atrocities they couldn't directly link to him well during the thirty six year civil war as you said the numbers are hard to point and you don't really want to use numbers such as a body count to understand something that has deep human impact but he ruled for fifteen months and one thousand nine hundred eighty three and during that time he carried our operation so for you which was the continuation of a scorched earth policy and acted by a previous government and in that time included i should reduce executions as well
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as the targeted extermination of entire villages and you know this does hold enormous significance obviously for the people accountability some sort of restoration for the horrors that took place what significance of this trial have not just for bottom all but for the world. because it's without precedent i think that this is a sign. that the wind is changing against impunity and favor of justice and this. also exemplified right now in argentina with the trial twenty five former military generals who participated in operation condor which was a five year campaign of terror against social movements from seven different latin american countries in the one nine hundred seventy s. and actually at the beginning of these trials a judge in argentina called on the obama administration to turn henry kissinger over for questioning and the administration responded. prize. yeah i mean it is just incredible it really shows that even decades later you can still hold
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criminals accountable war crimes and and put these people on trial people so that if he's indicted in the u.s. government should be to what was the u.s. government's role in supporting these crimes against humanity. during this time we in the united states refer to as the cold war for people of latin america and also africa for that matter very much was not a cold war it was very much a warm one. this was all orchestrated by officials in the united states government who worked together with the repressive military governments of latin america especially guatemala starting as far back as one thousand sixty six and as you mentioned ronald reagan paid a visit to him and they developed a close relationship with one another and. the reagan administration actually financed ten million dollars over ten million dollars to the regime. and there's a picture of reagan and right now good buddies you know during during the height of
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these atrocities you know he also was trying to school americans of course as an organizer to spread awareness about the school why does it produce so many dictators and what is it you know that's an interesting question and it depends on who you ask so the school of the americas is a combat training school operated by the united states army that's located at fort benning georgia and since the school opened in one thousand forty six over sixty four thousand. soldiers from latin america and the caribbean have walked through its doors eleven of them going on to become dictators. as well as morning as well as predecessor old male lucas garcia and manuel noriega panama were all considered among the school's most notorious graduates and what is the stated purpose why or why is the us government training these people with such brutal tactics of them and then employ against people of their country while the language has changed certainly in previous decades it has been you know cold war rhetoric it has been to
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control the spread of communism but what we've seen is actually it's been used to justify the targeting of social movements religious leaders trade unionists student activists to restore democracy and really at the heart a bit too. deep in america's influence throughout the hemisphere while thank you for organizing to close this horror old school that's still. playing and practicing these tactics. cash appreciate your time for coming on can. feel like you see our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking the set of the show to do with thousands of done already and give us a like that a daily there with links to past segments as well as reaching out to you for ideas what you want to see covered on the show and also check out behind the scenes photos were taken our studios like this one from interview yesterday or reporting on the road so how do our facebook page and check out all that and more they take
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a break my preaching for now but stay tuned tomorrow and drive me to break the. speak your language. program some documentaries in arabic. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. in trying. to find out more visit our big dog all teeth dog called. play. play. play.
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play. play. play. play. play. play play. play play clean. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have these
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healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean while they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people. see good lumbered surely to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the dog.
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gone tunneled a hunger strike enters its one hundredth day the number of inmates refusing food is increasing and the use of force feeding has been condemned also have extensive coverage of this iteration of the detention center. from the dips into a second recession as a flounders and europe's financial slump and damaging present all along is already tarnished reputation even that. intelligence experts say washer won this round of this ultimate spike game as mosco releases the pool that followed top recordings of the u.s. agent made minutes before his arrest. on the day the music died u.k. citizens could feel the full brunt of the british record industry as it needs to clamp down on.


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