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one hundred days of hunger. shows by inmates at the u.s. detention sunda shows no sign of abating with authorities resulting to force feeding and isolation just time they were told were reported extensively on the congress tried and way it's heading. from the tapes into a second recession as it flounders and europe's financial slump damaging present or dollars already tarnished reputation at a further. intelligence an expose say russia won this round of the ultimate supply game as moscow releases purported top recordings of a us agent made minutes before his arrest. on the day of the music died u.k. citizens could feel the full brunt of the british record agree as it looks to calm
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down and file sharing websites. international news life or mosco this is aussie with me here national and welcome to the program today marks a dark milestone in the history of the world's most a maligned prison one hundred days of a mass hunger strike has gone time of day. after one hundred sixty six inmates one hundred thirty are in strike according to prisoners while the military only admits to one hundred and at least a third of them are being force fed a procedure recognized by various medical organizations as painful enough to constitute torture and but all accounts there's no end in sight to the protest
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prisoners say this is the only way for them to be heard having been forgotten in the holes or washington the hunger strikers are seeking and then to indefinite detention and for president obama to keep his promises and shut down the facility she's going to check and explain. after years of being that shit injustice and indifference and after more than three months of starvation one tunnel detainees have finally got the president's attention i'm going to go back apis they've heard these words before as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and if you go to the geneva conventions and now again it needs to be closed now congress and again as many times before the white house if it were sponsibility to congress there's much he can do administratively without congress without having a legislative act even under current restrictions the administration has the power to use national security waivers to release many of these men which it hasn't used
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it's the charge that well the fear that if you release some of these prisoners that have been accused of being terrorist in the past and and they do something else or you find them going into terrorist organizations you will pay a heavy political price for that so many of these men have fallen victim not just to their wrongful capture but also to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future but you can or you can or will people want to maybe you know this is a we're not future police here so far the administration's only response to the crisis of going problemo has been to force feeding troops down detainees nostrils the fact of the matter is that when an individual makes a decision of sound mind makes the decision to refuse food as a political protest then as we said in a joint statement it is not open to the states in
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a second chance to force them to do each. and the full speeding here involves the insertion of a tube of some significant down on the diameter through the nasal passages and into the stomach in the most horrible of circumstances the un special rapporteur on human rights also told me that he was encouraged to hear. the president once again expressed commitment to close the infamous prison president of united states and said one tata moser problem and yet on the ground for some reason the camp administration continues to treat these men in humanely and did not deny them basic dignity for years the administration is engaged in verbal and legal acrobatics to justify its inaction on guantanamo and still not clear how long before people there start dying but one thing is clear the elephant in the room just got too big to ignore in washington i'm going to shut down. he spoke to murat kurnaz a former detainee who spent years and gone and he described what he went through
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having also taken part in hunger strikes during his time he told us what's motivating the inmates to put their lives on the line i stayed five years in sonoma altogether and they always force me to sign papers that i should agree that i mean member if i tie them taliban and every time when i refused to sign those kind of papers they tortured me in different kinds. of ways like waterboarding and electroshocks i'm also a couple times hunger strike in doing my time and going to normal so i can understand those detainees already more than eleven years over there they still didn't have to try and if you are in the system it's very difficult to get out even even if they go home and knows that you are innocent. ninety five percent of those prisoners already never had a trial and they still are not getting
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a trial for the future that's mean they can stay all their life over there even if they're innocent. and we've also heard from many of the inmates lawyers and one of them clive stafford smith who represents several prisoners says it's ridiculous to keep detainees looks up just to prevent them from telling their story we're talking about as you well know eighty six of one hundred sixty six prisoners have been cleared for release that's fifty two percent of men third in most of the people i represent there's only one way to end this strike fairly and that is to take the prisoners who've been cleared for release and set them free every single prisoner who's been set free in great britain and the been fourteen has behaved impeccably when they came back here unless you think it's wrong to go around telling the truth and giving speeches and writing books but none of them have done any criminal offense say for one who got a traffic ticket one time and it would be so perverse wouldn't it if we argued that
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we can snatch up innocent people abuse them for eleven years and then say because we've abuse than they might hate us therefore we'll keep them forever i mean that's ridiculous keeping the prisoners housed isolated and total control doesn't come cheap either you us taxpayers are shelling out nine hundred thousand dollars a gift for every inmate and gone time out and there are one hundred and sixty six of them and what's worse that course is likely to grow given new bills presented by force feeding doctors and medication and he is off he said let's hear sheff scale explanation of the practice. what i'm about to describe to you is not torture these are the details of force feeding by prison guards in guantanamo which were made public in the leaked report first of all the feeding process itself involves handcuffs and mask and belong to the inmates are cuffed to a chair then a guard covers their head with a mask officially to prevent speeding and biting and insert
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a tube into their nose prisoners have reported several cases when they nearly suffocated because the tube was pushed too deep into their nostril once this is over inmates are taken to their cell where they are forbidden from drinking water or vomiting the nutritional liquid there is even a special guard who oversees that the inmate keeps it all inside if they do for up they are punished by being placed in a restraint chair to break this hunger strike prison authorities have attempted to separate the protesting inmates over one hundred men have been thrown into solitary cells to as it was put by prison officials prevent them from achieving solidarity it seems this move did not bear fruit despite the core of the protesters being isolated from other prisoners the number of hunger strikers has only increased the medical condition of some of them has seriously deteriorated but they complain that they are not receiving proper medical assistance reports from within the walls of guantanamo suggest that prison doctors blindly follow the orders of the military rather than acting according to their medical oath something that violates
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international acknowledged rights of a prisoner but those fortunate enough to have had the doctor's attention hardly feel in safe hands according to the experts the choice of medication is somewhat bewildering at the various health conditions caused by a lengthy hunger strike but rather to facilitate force feeding one of the drugs used is fairly grand which deals with north sea of vomiting and it can also act as a sleep aid another one is reglan which treats heartburn and known for neurological side effects so long term use and all of that is added to the prison guards acting without the consent of inmates who legally have the right to refuse medical treatment but in the case of guantanamo there is a special rule which puts force feeding on the same level as forced medical aid. and we also spoke to the oath or she's saying gone tunnel data had their side of the story and they the cops in real big deal round spokesperson for the count denied any widespread abuse at the facility and. we have currently thirty
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four. interludes it's not a procedure that the hospital nursing home every day and stating what she lawful means lawful. below eighty five percent of body weight from damage could be done you know we will do the involuntary shooting it's not the job to tell the truth but lawyers just refuse. they're not they're not being subject to extreme temperatures they're not being denied food and water their condition jurors get a very can possibly be you know they're. like television can you whether you're at all kind of good thing. but the picture drawn by the guantanamo bay spokesman contradicts old dick cheney it's a noise as saying federal public defender congress warner represents a hunger strike president and he pointed out that the military hasn't always been
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forthcoming with the truth the military is all wrong and they're doing all the things to drive in the wrong direction remember this is the same military that the night of strike was going on for a long time so the military has no credibility on the issue you have innocent men in solitary confinement and the military now has began new procedures like searching the men's genital areas before they come to talk to lawyers they're they've never done this before they've employed this as a tactic to try to keep the men away from the lawyers and it's so transparent that they have no credibility on the issue i choose to ignore them i focus on the president because the president needs to step in here to not only him and the hunger strike but more importantly to close guantanamo and he can still do it. and we'll continue our coverage of this milestone one hundred days of the hunger strike with more expert analysis and opinion coming out on r.t. throughout the day so the hunger for so far but do you think the inmates will
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eventually get what they demand so that's the question we'll pose on our web site com if you go there you can vote as well so around fifty five percent of you about harf of you who took part in our side vote saying that the hunger strike will only lead to further tightening of the screws at camp delta around a third of the about thirty two percent think that fatalities are not great unavoidable the rest of you around nine percent of you more optimistic thinking that the gone time of a camp will finally be closed all concessions will be made and those cleared for release will be freed so you can go to our side r.t. dot com and cast your vote if you haven't done it yet. hunger strike despair pushed to the limit. this is really one hundred one tunnel detainees are screaming for justice. where is the end for good.
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they're ready to come here to work and not get paid for it. people from all over the world are eager to help them what does it take to become a volunteer at russia's premier museum while the son of the louvers director come here. from one of the camps to. behind the scenes of the hermitage on r.t. .
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live. you're watching us here live from moscow welcome back the french economy has slipped back into recession after being dragged further into europe's financial troubles and the poor figures are stacking up against president all alone and his ratings have slumped with a record speed. reports now on how the financial woes in europe second largest economy has raised fears over the whole eurozone i we're looking at a cafe culture here in paris still continuing looking call however this is a far cry a contrast to the other images that we've seen across the country such as protests
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against president francois lawns the first set of versa really as president has there seeing him as not having done enough for the economy or those add to your sister a sturdy protest now the a french finance minister had come out saying that this contraction that we're seeing now is a result of the overall depressed environment that france finds itself at its neighbors in the euro zone area however it is still a blow to were found swollen to what dan has been seeing a lot of criticism for the policies that are in place and also there have been a lot of economists who have been calling france for some time now as a ticking time bomb in europe it's one of the core countries now that we're seeing in recession no longer the so-called periphery of the euro zone such as countries like greece or portugal but of course euro zone nation it would be extremely difficult to get out of the speciation strain i stream we bury the body see we try to use now. a spring she's cutting labor cost cutting. of course
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we will show cheryl burke and you're not going to spend your afternoon in nice coffee like this one because you know it becoming too expensive for you well as these the small numbers hit europe and france finds itself officially in a recession the question really there is how long is it going to take before economy starts growing and growing again and stop being in the red and all. so the concern is the longer it is that we see the sustained a lackluster numbers the harder it will be for a recovery to take place reporting from paris on tests are so yeah. and analysts alex cohen well believe that the french need to overhaul the financial policies to which we saw in france was not a stereotype but what we call the first facility with. first three g. if your. higher taxes have a bigger ring and public spending the average french worker east accept fifty seven
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percent the. proportion of the big debt. to g.d.p. is a ninety percent so clearly we should look the other way and consider structural reforms lower taxes lower the big spending and lower. and coming out but sixteen such a gem team skies in states ahead that false biking the big shots to take cover as they come up with some interesting thoughts on how the markets operate. scientists used to believe that the earth was the center of the universe today economists who call themselves scientists claim that the economy revolves around these central banks and this is the fractal reserve system behold the sacred dow as you know of course we have this secret dow is the dow jones of the nikkei or the footsie if they rise if they continue to rise then all will be ok in the economy so we sacrifice our wealth our economy jobs everything to rising
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a rising dow but it's not what we. predicted in other words we said that after the two thousand a crisis that there would be massive money printing and one of the likely outcomes would be hyperinflation in the stock index. one hundred thousand dollars up front and one million per year apparently that's the prize the cia is willing to pay for russia's classified information the country's federal security service released parts a while phone conversations of the recently uncovered american spying and on the recordings of ryan fogle is allegedly her trying to bribe a russian agent you're going up a story subordinate to the new us more. talk of the war than you want to store to purchase because it will be more than just a lot of what the words of a million are called called you when you're supposed to set or some. ideas are so
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rich or. so. russia has expressed his disappointment over the incident repeatedly stressing it undermines all corp efforts between moscow and washington the exposure has failed to rattle the diplomatic arena though with the media mostly focusing on the funny side of the story ridiculing agents clumsy spy craft this is seen as common in reaction to events like this but previous cases show doesn't make them less true and british intelligence analyst glenmore trinny a harvard things russian account intelligence has won this round of the great game . it is a great success for the earth air speed the russian domestic security service what foley failed to do is follow certain rules which the cia have always had it's called the moscow rules it requires you very the pattern of your behavior your constantly told what is happening israel are jews the great game will
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in this particular instance russia has scored america has lost but make no bones about it there will be a few recalls at the moment and before we know relations for normal and those i say . the cia will replace really with another intelligence officer and the game will continue. and the full interview with glenmore truly are hardy a british intelligence agent is available for you on our website and also online we've collected a selection of the top spy scandal of the twenty first century involving the u.s. and russia had to r.t. dot com for the ground to that story. it could be the day the music died as a new crackdown on illegal downloads in the u.k. looks set to begin living body representing the british record industry is now deciding it will take legal action to block citizens from accessing dozens of file
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sharing sites r.c.s. staff explain. well record labels could be about to launch the biggest battle yet against pirate sites and what's alleged will be the main blocking blitz in the ongoing fight against websites that file share and infringe on music copyrights the british internet service providers or i or skis have already in the recent past been asked to block websites certain websites that are illegally file sharing music now it's thought that the british industry trade body. he launched the previous successful legal action is set to take a third wave of action now b.v. i haven't yet responded to this latest information but it's good that that would be targeting sites such is the us space file sharing site greaves what would that mean well for british consumers of the music industry they won't be able to access these sites anymore this action is aimed at targeting the casual illegal download or of
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course for the hardcore pirates they'll simply move on it's thought to the vast array of websites that you have out there at the moment so already questions being raised as to just how effective any legal action would be certainly it's seems that these are file sharing sites where the previous ever more popular are next for the chopping board is this music industry attempts to continue this crackdown on other legal file sharing. and the leader of the u.k.'s pirate party lost korea a total of the record industries heavy handed approach is doomed to fail. if recent reports are roy it looks like we could be facing an onslaught of where blackouts here in the united kingdom what we've seen is that the tactic is first to go after a high profile sites like pirate bay but actually what we've seen is from twenty twelve years that that hasn't helped music sales at all that actually album sales
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fell ten percent so we've seen how useless this approach is essentially what we're seeing this is about the record labels trying to keep trying to remain gatekeepers and actually push our companies out but this approach will not work it's going to alienate a generation of music lovers and only it's going to. end up broke allies and internet users this is not what we want. worth its weight one billion dollars has been put forward to develop a gold mine in the wilds of northwest washer and the only officials who know who is funneling so much money into the massive project keeping the mystery benefactor to themselves more on that one. deadly twisters of what it calls the us state of texas sending rescue workers into a spin we've got photos footage and more at r.t.
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dot com for you. obama's administration is reported to be a rapidly losing media support in the wake of their same stated arrest of a loan scandal it was widely seen as a damage limitation exercise the u.s. justice department came up with a new reason for wiretapping the fires of a hundred of journalists claiming it was necessary to protect americans from dangerous information leaks but norman solomon from the media watch group says it was all about teaching a lesson to whistleblowers. that is really one of the last refuge of scoundrels when it comes to top leaders who want to turn off the tap of information reaching their own public that those leaders would rather the public be kept from the dark of doubt and i think what we've seen with these revelations about the phone records of a.p. reporters is that this is a ministration which has already weighs data larger war against more whistleblowers
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than any other in u.s. history has continued to push the envelope and try to have a chilling effect on not only journalists but the sources within the administration . now to some other news making headlines around the globe and please be aware the following footage contains graphic content there's a grisly video allegedly shows fighters will not front a rebel group linked to al qaeda executing eleven government soldiers islam is can be heard shouting god is great after each shot is fired and this comes a day after the un general assembly condemns the forces of c. one president bashar al assad a new resolution the most are bored by cancer and other nations was adopted by a large majority. seventeen more people have been killed in iraq in a surge of violence continues into a second day three car bombs ripped through marketplaces and shia areas in the east of baghdad killing fourteen people a sunni tribal leader has also been shot dead in the north of the country where two more car bombings left his soldiers are dead this comes just a day after
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a series of blasts also targeting shit areas killed more than thirty people in the country's north. joe hart's of night one of the boston marathon bombing suspects has reportedly left a note claiming responsibility without top who wrote it with a pen on a boat while and they ran from police saying the blasts were revenge for the you are sworn muslims and that he hoped to meet his brother in paradise at least three people were killed and over two hundred fifty injured in two explosions near the finish line of the city's annual marathon his older brother tunnel and seven i was killed in a gunfight with police. next is financial program prime interest. a
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fairly dickinson university study has revealed the twenty nine percent of americans think that a revolution will just happen in america but needs to be done in order to protect individual liberty if respondents consider themselves conservative than that number is bumped up to forty four percent that's nearly half also fox news found out that since nine eleven the percent of americans willing to sacrifice their personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism is at an all time low this number might sound trivial but it only takes a tiny percent of the population actually start a revolution i mean how many communists were in russia at the start of nine hundred seventeen and how many were there at the end revolution may sound like a nice thing to a growing number of people but the media wrongly portrays revolution as some fun video game battle where freedom fighters toppled a statue of the dictator and then democracy just instantly comes about and life is good and happy i'd ask you to ignore movies like v. for vendetta and look at history revolutions cause horrible destruction that could take decades to repair i guess what when your economy collapses because a revolt infrastructure breaks down and the shelves go bare also professional
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revolutionaries get their supplies from somebody and a foreign powers would have say fundamental revolutionaries they would want something in return aloha and goodbye alaska if you look at history then you'll see that revolution is brutal and ugly and it's truly the last resort but still is a resort but that's just my opinion. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm perry and boring here and
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washington d.c. and here's the story that i'm tracking today. remember john paul's you know what not hank paulson bush's treasury secretary who pushed hard i'm talking about john paulson who shorted subprime and made a million or as a hedge fund now he's long fannie and freddie along with some other hedge funds who bought preferred shares to match uncle sam's investment senator bob corker characterized the stock as a lottery ticket but that hasn't stopped a run up in price of over one hundred seventy percent in the last few months just last week of fannie mae announced it will repay the treasury fifty nine billion dollars for bailout money it took during the crisis but this is a one off event that's only possible because of an intel to change and deferred tax asset good luck mr paulson. and the bloomberg a to to stamboul.


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