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tv   Headline News  RT  May 19, 2013 4:00am-4:46am EDT

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despair in guantanamo. now admits one hundred three inmates are involved in a hunger strike that's past the one hundred day mark and promises to shut the tories jekyl still on can't. the a.p. news agency discovered its journalists have been under surveillance for months the u.s. government secretly monitoring their calls. deadly car blast rocks damascus all across the border in turkey people vent anger at government support the syrian rebels the u.n. and russia agree on an international peace conference to tackle the deadly conflict . also this week a spy scandal russia exposes the cia's chief in moscow on u.s. intelligence is caught red handed on to recruit a russian agent. week's
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biggest stories here in r.t.o. watching. more than one hundred days and counting a hunger strike on a tourist going town of bay prison is showing no signs of ending prison officials admitted to watch either hundred three prisoners and am refusing food and lawyers for the inmates say the number may be as high as one hundred thirty and here being force fed through the news extremely painful procedure and detainees are seeking an end to their indefinite detention without charge while the u.s. president has repeatedly promised to close the facility so far no action has been taken and i can has more. after years of inaction injustice and indifference and after more than three months of starvation one tunnel detainees
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have finally got the president's attention i'm going to go back out this they've heard these words before as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and if you go to the geneva conventions and now we're dead it needs to be closed now congress and again as many times before the white house shifted response ability to congress there's much you can do administrative leave without congress without having legislative act even under current restrictions the administration has the power to use national security waivers to release many of these men which it hasn't used it's the charge that well the fear that if you release some of these prisoners that have been accused of being terrorist in the past and and they do something else or you find them going into terrorist organizations you pay a heavy political price for that so many of these men have fallen victims
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assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future but you can't you can or will people want to maybe you know this is a we're not future police here so far the administration's only response to the crisis of corn problem or has been to force feeding troops down detainees nostrils the fact of the matter is that when an individual makes a decision of sound mind makes a decision to refuse food as a political protest then as we said in our joint statement it is not open to mistake in a second chance to force them to do each. and the full speeding here involves the insertion of a tube of some significant down on the diameter through the nasal passages and into the stomach in the most horrible of circumstances the un special rapporteur on human rights also told me that he was encouraged to hear the president once again express commitment to close the infamous prison. united states has kuantan a moser problem and yet on the ground for some reason the camp administration
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continues to treat these men and humanely and to deny them basic dignity for years the administration is engaged in verbal and legal acrobatics to justify its inaction on guantanamo and still not clear how long before people there start dying but one thing is clear the elephant in the room just got too big to ignore in washington i'm going to shut down. the u.s. is running out quite a bill just to keep the tories prison and each of the one hundred sixty six detainees at guantanamo costs american taxpayers nine hundred thousand dollars a year that compares to just twenty five thousand dollars spent on each inmate at a typical u.s. federal prison and the cost of housing them on time could rise to the controversial force feeding procedures for prison spokesman navy captain robert duran told artie's bill dogs and the abuse claims are exaggerated. when a detainee leave the camp they get a what we call a full frisk which is the pat down search not unlike you'd experience going through
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airport security if you are selected for secondary screening in the united states it's quick it's the full clothing on hand and it's noninvasive it's not the detainees job to tell the truth the lawyers just repeat what the detainees say that all of the allegations are false and let me ask you about the allegations about the on the safe and inhumane force feeding all those prisoners who are on hunger strike do you deny that the policy of the united states and its drugs are of life or lawful means we currently have a hundred hunger strikers today we have currently thirty who are doing and cherilyn lee said that's using a liquid nutrition supplement most of them when they're ordered to do that go compliantly and take it a percentage about a third need to be taken to their cheating it's a procedure that's done in hospitals and nursing homes every day it's not done to harass them but it's done to sustain life to sustain life but we've been hearing
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from the medical justice network who is saying that don't deserve accused of colluding in torture that at the camp and that's been agreed on by the world medical association and the u.n. the u.s. and we disagree with them it's a matter of national policy our courts of up held that. sustaining life you lawful means lawful we have a medical protocol where we evaluate detainees based on their weight loss and co-morbidity we allow them to hunger strike that if they get below eighty five percent of body weight some damage could be down we will do the involuntary feeding all of those allegations are false they're not they're not being said richard extreme temperatures are not being denied food and water the conditions are as good as they can possibly be they had satellite television and they had communal living that all kinds of good things were transparent. i want your producers to walk you through. the united nations considers the practice of force feeding to be both
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torture and a breach of international law spoke to most and beg former detainees who spent nearly three years at guantanamo he told us the hunger strike is no surprise given the prisoners harrowing experiences you have to remember that these people have gone through these people gone through a whole series of different types of prisons from being in a in a prison massacre and killer junkie for being in kandahar background with people tortured to death to guantanamo as camp x.-ray where they were in chicken wire friend tenses to camp delta to now comes five six and seven so it has changed it's been a progression in the and the steady and rapid. eating away the erosion of their personal psyche has taken its toll so if at the end of this process now they put them into a decent prison with some decent living standards it doesn't take away from the fact of the past eleven years the tortured you use and everything else because peripheral of that and it's a strange situation where torture is peripheral where force feeding is peripheral where the fact that you've not had meaningful communication with your family is
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peripheral the fact that you're sexually abused and when you're searched every time your lawyer comes and nothing can be more exaggerated than hearing that your child who you've never seen in your life is now going to be eleven years old that's not exaggerated that's the truth that nobody wants to face up to and you can keep up with all the latest updates from the ongoing hunger strike on our web site r.t. dot com we have the full time another bents complete statements from prison officials lawyers for the inmates expert opinions and much more it's all just a click away. today. these are the images the world. can. hope for asians are all day.
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well this week also saw the revelation of a major surveillance operation carried out on the associated press news agency around a hundred journalists and editors had their phones tapped for months by the u.s. government the white house insists it was in the dark regarding the spy operation this war has more on a case that has experts citing america's first amendment. it's being called an unprecedented government intrusion the justice department secretly collected two months of telephone records from the associated press and its reporters. a.p. believes this story prompted the secret investigation the cia uncovered a plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner a plot originated in yemen and was carried out by al qaeda they were a band panetta by reporting this al qaeda was put on notice that the cia had an inside look at their activities be
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a piece as the justice department did not say why they needed the information but says among the nearly two dozen telephone records collected at least five of them were from reporters working on the story in question this was a very serious. a very serious leak and a very very serious leak. i've been a prosecutor since nine hundred seventy six and i have to say that this is among if not the most serious it is within the top two or three most serious leaks that never see it put the american people at risk and there is not hyperbole eric holder announced today that he was recusing himself from this a.p. investigation the prominent news agency condemned the government's actions in a letter to holder yesterday associated press c.e.o. gary pruitt says quote these records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the news gathering activities undertaken by the a.p. during a two month period provide
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a road map to news gathering operations and disclose information about a.p.'s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know now the a.p. is asking for an explanation as to why the government pulled reporters' phone records without notifying them the worry now is the effect the news will have on the media and its sources i think the effect on the media has already been felt i mean you have. sources that are being shut down doors just being shut in people's faces now that was probably the intention the intention was to scare. the turn off the faucet in other words from leaks in the wake of the controversy white house press secretary jay carney reiterated the obama administration's dedication to transparency he believes strongly in the need for the press to be unfettered in its pursuit of investigative journalism he also believes strongly as a citizen and as president in the need to ensure that classified information is not
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leaked because it can endanger our national security interests there's a balance between transparency and national security has been a delicate one since nine eleven the obama administration has a history of aggressively going after whistleblowers prosecuting more people for leaking classified information than any other administration combined and washington was wall r.t. the us government defended itself by saying that the case against eight he was for the good of national security and the pickles director of big brother watch says that something doesn't make sense the interesting thing about this case is that you were actually talking to the government asking them about publishing this story to hold off publishing it until the sensitive operation was over and the government itself was planning to announce the story the next day so the only idea that somehow this information was never going to come into the public domain i think is wrong for news organizations to do their job they need the confidence to tell whistleblowers their own liberty will be protected because. that report.
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right here journalists when the only ones who are apparently targeted by authorities are probably bahraini activist says she's been a surveillance target in her country to those authorities apparently used by software from the u.k. to track of every move full story later in the program. the cia crosses the line the russian intelligence is furious after catching an american spy trying to recruit a russian agent in just a few minutes. we
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speak your language might be worn out of the. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn to tip angles stories. so you hear. the spanish find out more visit i to alan. welcome back to the program. syria's state television has reported that
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a powerful car bomb has rocked the capital damascus resulting in at least three deaths five people have also been injured for an explosion which happened there a school another device has been defused in the same area no one is claimed responsibility for the attack while russia's efforts for peaceful resolution to the soon come and see the backing of the united nations earlier in the week u.n. secretary general ban ki moon stressed that an international conference involving the syrian government and opposition should be held as soon as possible. has been following developments in sochi. well after meeting with russia's leadership the un secretary-general ban ki moon agreed that the conflict in syria could only be resolved in accordance with international law without any foreign military intervention and with the full respect of syria's territorial integrity he also agreed to the idea of putting together this joint conference which would include both the syrian rebels and the authorities now they were also able to establish the
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list of current stumbling blocks concerning this idea and well first of all currently the opposition is still quite divided it's unclear who will be able to represent it as a whole at such a conference secondly moscow wants to see all the regional players taking part in such a conference including iran which may cause problems with washington and also if the syrian authorities are ready to take part in such a conference right now then the rebels are making are voicing preconditions which include president assad having to step down but in general ban ki moon's visit continues this diplomatic marathon which will have been witnessing for the past few weeks a lot of officials have been coming to russia discussing syria including u.s. secretary of state the prime ministers of great britain and israel and in general it seems the approach of many nations two ways of resolving the conflict in the country is changing now however there are still many problems including the one with the why. since when john kerry was in moscow it seemed that they were
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completely on the scene page with russia's leadership but as soon as he left he started calling again for president assad to step down and promised more support of the rebels and that was backed just recently by president barack obama himself what's widely being ignored is the fact that many of these rebels admit that they are receiving directions from international terror organizations including al qaida there are tons of videos in the web showing horrific acts conducted by rebels including public executions of captured syrian soldiers there is this just troubling in video of a rebel cutting the horde out of a dead syrian soldiers chest and eating it on camera calling on everybody else to do the same and promising to continue doing so in the future and also there is the statistic from various international activist groups which basically shows that
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every time the rebels receive weapons from abroad the violence just spikes. well hundreds of protesters were met with tear gas in the streets of a turkish town bordering syria which was rocked by two deadly blasts last week demonstrators expressed anger of time and the ones policies of supporting the syrian rebels they say threatens turkey's security clashes followed similar protests in ankara and istanbul porters also used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds turkey was quick to blame the syrian military for the attack on the taliban is an entry point to tens of thousands of refugees fleeing from the ongoing. border zone between the two spaces it's not a simple national force. turkey shares its longest border with syria it's hard to imagine now but in two thousand and nine the two countries even held joint military drills across that frontier in what was
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a brief thaw in relations between the two while commonly syrian and serbian turkish they are so close but it's really only the border that prevents them being a single city people here joke they could have dinner in syria and coffee in turkey just by strolling through the gates you can see behind me but it's now closed and the relations between the two neighbors are strained like never before changes came up to turkey joins the chorus of fellow nato states and called for assad to step down immediately diplomatic political logistical support for the syrian opposition has made to turkey one of syria's key foes there are numerous unconfirmed reports of weapons and ammunition smuggled into syria with help of people on the side of the border either through airports or on land. often mate. and in the absence of any convincing denial from the government given the government's policy of saying. what position when you look
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at the whole picture sure it's not. inspiring pictures damascus has even accused anchor of allowing the rebels to bring chemical weapons into country from this turkish religion at the syrian border you can see tech is military base it's a well secured area with highly restricted access no civilians including journalists are allowed to enter the un they also use a special access roads to get in and out that are also closed for no on military vehicles well if even if accusations of turkish involvement in supplying weapons to fighters in syria true it would be almost impossible to prove by supporting the opposition in syria turkey may pledged its loyalty to nato but this has come at a price hundreds of thousands of desperate and gree refugees are fleeing from the war zone making the security situation on the border as tense as ever we spend more
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than eight hundred million dollars for the syrian refugees so it's a huge number now they want jobs in in those cities so it is also somehow affecting the social stability in this region some say turkey is being used as a proxy by the western and gulf countries hostage to power that's forced to pull the chestnut's out of the fire but there are those who approve of enterprise actions and think turkey should take advantage of that situation if the syrian regime it will be changing and i think it has lost its legitimacy and it has lost its political credibility with its own people that the syrian people will not blame turkey or having chosen the. in the period where they were suffering thirty fields that this region these close region. central asia and middle east is
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a priority region we should be the. power reach. in all the regions it curing these were the two recent reports by amnesty international and international crisis group global independent movements the documents reflect that concern by western and gulf partners over what they call turkey's new autum an imperial aspirations what these countries certainly don't want is their loyal ally who paid a high price for being a good team player starting to play for itself. r.t. turkish syrian border. russia criticize u.s. intelligence this week for crossing a red line in its operations after a cia agent was on covered in moscow trying to recruit a russian agent in the wake of the arrest her russian intelligence made public the identity of the cia bureau chief in moscow and the culture of investigates ryan
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fogle was caught in the act trying to recruit a russian special services agent to work for the americans now russia's federal security service has released a photo of technical equipment and some other items that were found when he was detained including a compress a map of moscow a large amount of cash and even two weeks to allegedly use as disguises now this is suspected cia agent was offering one million dollars a year for passing on classified information and that was revealed to you know why a taped telephone conversation between four girl and the security agent he was trying to recruit made public by russia's federal security service. you're going to the store subordinate to the new post mortem as opposed to talk of the warden you know what the store clerk yes because of the mortgages on the bottom but the words of a million little old you and yes. some no no i was. such
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a fool has been handed over to the american authorities and now faces deportation the f.s.b. told r.t. that was not the first case and recent years since two thousand and eleven there have been in fact four other similar cases one case involves another american embassy employee who was trying to recruit a russian employee of the national anti terror committee the ass's b. says that there is a striking resemblance to the focal scase and that the cia has gone too far with this spying operations. we were particularly outraged at the actions of the american spy dillon benjamin he tried to convince an employee of the russian national counterterrorism u.-t. to hand over classified documents at this department to the cia like mr he was deported from russia we hope the cia would listen and something like that would never happen again so we decided not to release the information about dylan to the
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public but apparently they didn't listen in fogel's case the crossed a red line so we had to react according to official instructions. and as average with a juicy spy story at hand the exposure of a cia spy in moscow got the media animated it was a mixture flat for and disbelief at their alleged spies quite clumsy recruiting techniques but that's quite a common reaction to the stories like this but still it doesn't make them a new last her last three member of the previous spy scandals for instance back in two thousand and six russian t.v. showed a documentary exposing several british and my six agents working in moscow and here is the high concept they used rocks at that time the media laughed at what was considered a conspiracy theory until a high ranking adviser to the prime minister admitted it so rog's weeks compresses
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and maps james bond doesn't exactly have much competition right now for russian intelligence to say it's actually won the cia to use ago they continue their efforts to recruit russian agents to take actions ron burkle from the un team will also coalition has been closely following the spy scandal so the u.s. is running a covert operation in russia. the russian government is calling attention to the fact that the us is doing something of a full court press on russia a shadow war so to speak they have the using the n.g.o.s and the penetration of russian society by us soft power through the n.g.o.s at one level trying to carry out many many intelligence operations to get russians to defect penetrating russian society i think also you watch the u.s. media very favorable coverage to the russian opposition any protest that takes place in russia even if it's small gets enormous front page coverage while here protest movements in the united states get almost no coverage you see
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a general scenario being played out of hostility to the russian government even if there is still a magic overtures at another level. well you'll find many more stories on our web site here's a quick taste of what we've lined up there for you today it's nine times the size of an ocean liner while you're watching it's getting closer to worth it to r.t. dot com to track the mysterious asteroid. also there for you a rough arrival at a moscow airport the plane's landing gear collapses luckily all those on board a skate without a scratch it's a lot you don't come to see the footage in full. the bahraini government is accused of using surveillance software from a u.k. based company to spy on a leading rights activist that's according to documents filed at the high court in london i want to the founders of the rights group bahrain watch manufacturers say the program is designed for use in criminal investigations privacy activists claim
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the technology is being widely abused or the program named finn spy can perform a wide range of surveillance operations it works by infecting your computer and then recording your skype conversations and social media activity and also take screen shots without your knowledge and access information on your hard disk. harby you file the course documents told r.t. that digital surveillance has been spreading in bahrain since former high ranking u.k. police officer john yates became security advisor there. guys as if they were from journalists and were from other activists and then after we discovered after two months investigation of a technical analysis to try and. investigate what kind of information and what this software actually does we discovered there was a company called gamma international which sells this software to foreign government so we assumed and we given the circumstances in which i received the
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e-mails and the nature of the e-mails this was a suspect this was sold to the bahraini government but we also know that the servers. received this information from the software is actually based in bahrain so the servers are currently in bahrain and they're being updated in bahrain which means that this is further evidence over the past two years particularly british advisor john yates joined the bahrain security services we have noticed the increase in the use of surveillance in the use of c.c.t.v. and the use of digital surveillance and there are very targeted arrests and in for infiltration amongst protests activists that happen using the latest technology technologies and this is all happened since following on from the hiring of the recruitment of john yates and most of these companies that provide all of this technology are british now we know of at least thirty six. be maintained worldwide so now the this is
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a global operation gamma international has sold this software to at least twenty five governments and the us seems the use of this software seems to have no any type of restriction so this is turning into a global phenomenon and it's run by the private sector so well that increasingly of the commercialisation of digital surveillance which is even scarier because it's very difficult to regulate. just ahead a few on the program the ill effects of austerity greeks struggle to get health care amid the soaring costs of medicine for cost predicts a slow recovery for the economy in twenty fourteen. also ahead britain's big money submarine is awash with technical troubles well shortly we examine the problems with the royal navy's one hundred vessel.
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welcome back to the program. greece is international lenders claim the country's recession that's been dragging on for six years now could end next year the forecasts say the recovery will be slow and the holes a little hope for the unemployed let's see what the greek economy looks like now since this economy went into freefall g.d.p. the output of a heavily in debt a nation has plummeted almost fifty billion euro since two thousand and nine meanwhile government debt surge by forty five percent with its reliance on rescue loans and employment has reached a record twenty seven percent and e.u. report says it will remain above twenty percent for another three years and the health care sector is one of the worst hit by the recession in greece as artist on barton has been finding out. busy at the counter but pharmacists in greece these
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days are facing serious sort of jesus of medicine and they're worried. that this is . the way the. what's going to be the next day price controls and tight cash flows mean many drug companies won't supply them greasers health industry is denied profits and patients their medicines so for example if you came into the pharmacy with high blood pressure my doctors like to prescribe this medication but d.n.a. sisters and have enough of it so he has to give this instead and this issue ation is replicated with hundreds of medicines in hundreds of pharmacies across the country. but the charity doctors of the world in thessaloniki patients are in an even more desperate situation must have some docs for him on what i'm really afraid about the future because i have two small children no insurance and i just lost my job is quite as you know i came here because i don't have insurance and the money
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to pay for my parents some force to come and the situation will only get worse. i went to the pharmacy to buy injections for my baby but i couldn't find any so now that i am unemployed i came here. forty five volunteer doctors a week battle with as many as two thousand monthly visits in this crowded space they rely on donations of medicine donations that are running thin people who are very. very serious health problems such as they don't logical problems they have to get their medicine. every month every day it's very serious for the not have their medicine if they do not they could die greeks aren't surprised at any of this anymore they've seen crisis and austerity reach throughout their society this new think and makes things even here even more difficult and put to an even more strain on me known because to me strain of greece's economy on greek workers and
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now on greeks health worsening scars of a crisis that seems to cut have a deeper thomason party. well the news making headlines now this hour a prominent female politician by the stones with justice has been shot dead in the southern town of rajat party's leader in the world around him on on as a concert with rivals of wanting her dead. he was saying it was just a fun stuff night hours before today's virtual possible rerun recent general action of one hundred people were killed in the run up to last week's. in ukraine thousands of opposition supporters of rallied in the capital kiev to mobbing the release of former prime minister yulia timoshenko and it's going to forums passions broke out between protesters and riot police police ten people injured during the standoff organizers say tens of thousands turned out for the demonstration. a right wing nationalist rally was
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confronted by police clamp down on crack off and on and listen demonstrators clashed in the city center security forces attempted to keep the peace in the annual gay pride parade and she's nationalists were protesting against the legalization of same sex marriage. and the cost of policing during the solomons holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london has risen to three point three million pounds wells leading whistleblower has been there since june twenty twelve by the time is one year anniversary comes around the costs of his which were expected to be on four million pounds for say their eight officers and two cars on duty near the embassy sounds is facing a sexual assault charges in sweden he could be extradited to the u.s. to go on trial for espionage. britain has to spend one hundred sixty billion pounds on military equipment over the next ten years the government is
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splashing a large chunk of that money on building a new class of nuclear submarine but that somebody surfaced about its performance and safety of the nearest technical problems were discovered at the sarah furthur forts on the high tech weaponry which is far from state of the art. the cutting edge in military technology. every decade tens of billions of pounds in the making these of britain's new class of hunter killer submarines and they've been making waves that lead to. serious problems from ground to. corrosion this is. the astute. the damning description is a far cry from what britain's ministry of defense has hailed as one of the most technologically advanced machines in the world as impressive as she sounded on paper. launch into the public sphere it's not been an easy one the series of leaks
4:38 am
intelligence has become clear that it. could run deeper. is that. the design started in the mid ninety's a lot of. you know electronics. right with all the electronics. present time to try and keep up with that then you need to think about replacing equipment. complete problem with. simple things. in the northeast of england in barrow in furness is now the only site in the u.k. that designs builds and test submarines and that work forms the backbone of the economy here the current owner of the shipyard is defense systems not without its
4:39 am
critics it's a company that shrouds itself in secrecy and it didn't disappoint when it came to addressing the alleged catalogue of errors with the submarine program having been beset by these design for allegations. we asked the aide to give us their side of the story but they declined to comment. it's perhaps no surprise with the government order a seven astute class submarines only two are in the water with one still being built any one of the things that can play a part of the obviously the people be. very protective of the selves and you preach . about the problems and it's sort of looked down on information to be found that. it is difficult for you come to expect an understanding and there's a distinction between the protectiveness and secretiveness of local people compared to seek to the rest of the company and that's because in terms of the local people
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and people there protecting them because this is their heritage state history and from the perspective you understand they are bill not because for commercial reasons but that's the reason that they're being paid x. amount of money to build and design something the local pride in the submarines is evident but even the ministry of defense is being forced into embarrassing admissions about what they've turned teething troubles really how. do we continue producing this. or do we stop get it right and then start again the problem here is this is if they stop. short of submarine attack submarine. and that means that strategy. really is quite serious with the launch of the third class submarine still some way of the next couple of years for this project kid
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three sink or swim time. surf artsy barren furnace in the north of england. speak to a former u.s. diplomat who reveals more about the real motives behind america's foreign policy and with us. it's. wealthy british style roads and sometimes right in the front. of the. markets why not scandals.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on. the phone. to. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have to use healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners many more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people.
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sleep. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. but with me now is brady case playing a former u.s. diplomat who resigned over the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three in a sense written a book called diplomacy lessons really isn't for an unloved superpower thank you very much for joining us here the title of your book an unlove superpower how has
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that changed for america since the publication. it's clear that over the past six years the image of the united states in the world has improved quite a bit a lot of that as the election of barack obama a man who. could who obviously reflected more of the better side of of america's diversity a second element was the growing obviousness of the fact that the problems of the world are not created by the united states the united states contributes to some problems contributes of solving other problems but this the shrinking role of the united states as a sole superpower has made the u.s. more popular rather than the us i think well since your resignation over the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three there's been a lot of u.s. led intervention around the world this being. it's been put on syria has been involvement in afghanistan and in pakistan so i'm reflection is your
4:45 am
resignation actually achieved anything the point in leaving was to raise the domestic political cost of an absolutely stupid policy and i contributed in a small way to doing that unfortunately it is you know it is a fundamental fact of diplomatic life that domestic politics always trumps foreign national interests you know in every country in the world when the u.s. actually does better than many countries in this respect but there is a an internal mechanism in every country that exaggerates the ability the the prestige the influence the competence of a country in intervening outside its borders. and the the us. is driven or rather most of the various enter that drive us foreign policy are motivated by reasonably you know beneficent motives combined with this self
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interest that they may not even recognize but the the results tend to be poor but. not always and there tends to be a short term logic in the situation which is that we can talk about in detail if you want but when you did resign you were treated as a dissenter as an cost how did the u.s. state treat you then and have they treated you since the state department by and large treated me very well but very cautiously that is to say. a lot of people who quietly agreed with me sent very quiet messages. not through official channels to say so but the state department believe they had completely correctly there was a very.


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