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despair and one time off the worries there are now admit one hundred three inmates are involved in a hunger strike that's past the one hundred day mark with promises to shop in a tour his jail still uncapped. the a.p. news agency discovered its journalists have been under surveillance for months with the u.s. government secretly monitoring their calls. a deadly car blast rocks the massacres while across the border in turkey people vent anger at government support for the syrian rebels meanwhile the u.s. and russia agree on an international peace conference to tackle the deadly conflict . also this week a spy scandal russia exposes the cia chief in moscow after us and just caught red
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handed trying to recruit a russian agent. it is three pm in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina and josh. now more than a hundred days and counting hunger strike of the tory is guantanamo prison is showing no signs of bending prison officials admitted to r.t. the one hundred and three prisoners are now refusing food but lawyers for the inmates say the number may be as high as one hundred and thirty and many are being force fed through the nose and extremely painful procedure the detainees are seeking a chance to their indefinite detention without charge meanwhile the u.s. president has repeatedly promised to close the facility but so far no action has
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been taken has more. after years of the national injustice and indifference and after more than three months of starvation one tunnel detainees have finally got the president's attention i'm going to go back apis they've heard these words before as president i will close guantanamo reject the military commissions act and if you go to the geneva conventions and now we're dead it needs to be closed now congress and again as many times before the white house if it were sponsibility to congress there's much he can do administratively without congress without having a legislative act even under current restrictions the administration has the power to use national security waivers to release many of these men which it hasn't used it's the charge that well the fear that if you release some of these prisoners that have been accused of being terrorist in the
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past and they do something else or you find them going into terrorist organizations you will pay a heavy political price for that so many of these men have fallen victim not just to their wrongful capture but also to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future but you can or you can will people want to maybe you know this is a we're not future police here so far the administration's only response to the crises of carnival has been to force feeding tubes down detainees nostrils the fact of the matter is that when an individual makes a decision of sound mind makes the decision to refuse food as a political protest then as we said in a joint statement it is not open to the states in a second chance to force them to do each. and the full speeding here involves the insertion of a tube of some significant dynamic diameter through the nasal passages and into the stomach in the most horrible of circumstances the un special rapporteur on human rights also told me that he was encouraged to hear the president once again.
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commitment to close the infamous prison president of united states has said kuantan it was a problem and yet on the ground for some reason the camp administration continues to treat these men and humanely and to deny them basic dignity for years the administration has engaged in verbal and legal acrobatics to justify its inaction on guantanamo and still not clear how long before people there start dying but one thing is clear the elephant in the room just are too big to ignore in washington i'm going to shut down. now the u.s. is running up quite a bill just to keep the tory is prison open each of the one hundred sixty six detainee's housed at guantanamo cost american taxpayers nine hundred thousand dollars a year and that compares to just twenty five thousand dollars spent on each inmate at a typical u.s. federal prison all the costs of housing them in guantanamo could rise due to the
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converse will force feeding procedures for the prison spokesman navy captain robert drawn told artie's bill dogged out the abuse claims are exaggerated. when a detainee leave the camp they get a what we call a full frisk which is the pat down search not unlike you'd experience going through airport security if you are selected for secondary screening in the united states it's quick it's full clothing on and it's noninvasive it's not the detainees job to tell the truth the lawyers just repeat what the detainees say that all of those allegations are false and let me ask you about the allegations about the on the safe and inhumane force feeding all those prisoners who are on hunger strike do you deny that the policy of the united states it's to reserve life for lawful means we currently have a hundred hunger strikers today we have currently thirty who are doing and paralyse said that's using a liquid nutrition supplement most of them when they're ordered to do that go
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compliantly and take it a percentage about a third need to be taken to their cheating it's a procedure that's done in hospitals and nursing homes every day it's not done to harass them but it's done to sustain life to sustain life while we've been hearing from the medical justice network who is saying that don't deserve accused of colluding in torture that at the camp and that's been agreed on by the world medical association and the un the us and we disagree with them it's a matter of national policies our courts of up held that. sustaining life you lawful means lawful we have a medical protocol where we evaluate detainees based on their weight loss and co-morbidity we allow them to hunger strike that if they get below eighty five percent of body weight some damage could be down we will do the involuntary feeding all of those allegations are false they're not they're not being subject to extreme temperatures they're not being denied food and water the conditions are as good as
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they can possibly be they had satellite television and they had communal living that all kinds of good things were transparent. so i want your producers you're welcome to come use your computer yourself now many of the detainees have been cleared for release but still remain locked up investigative journalist andy worthington who has written extensively about guantanamo bay says the inmates are still behind bars because washington is involved in political games. well the conditions for them terrible in the sense that they have literally been abandoned by all three branches of the united states government so since president obama failed to keep his promise to close the prison within a year that was in january two thousand and ten they have been unable to to see any future for them selves apart from staying in guantanamo forever and of course you know what underpins the horror of this is that half of these men over half of these men were cleared for release by an interagency task force that the president himself is stablished but he then imposed
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a ban on releasing two thirds of them because that yemen is after a failed bomb plot and christmas two thousand and nine and the rest of them and in fact all of them and in general have had their release all made extremely difficult congress so it's become a game of political football cynically i think lawmakers are preventing prisoners from being released and the president himself has been unwilling to expend political capital on an issue that isn't popular enough with the vote so you know the hunger strike it's taken the hunger strike for the prisoners to get noticed. and you can keep up with all the latest updates from the young going hunger strike on our web site r t v dot com we have the full timeline of events there complete with statements from prison officials the lawyers for the inmates expert opinion and much more it's all just like a way. now this we also saw the revelation of a major surveillance operation carried out on the associated press news agency
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around a hundred journalist in attitude had their phones tapped for months by the u.s. government while the white house insists it wasn't a dark regarding the spy operation wall has more than a case has experts citing america's first amendment. it's being called an unprecedented government intrusion the justice department secretly collected two months of telephone records from the associated press and its reporters. a.p. believes this story prompted the secret investigation the cia uncovered a plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner a plot originated in yemen and was carried out by al qaeda there arabian peninsula by reporting this al qaeda was put on notice that the cia had an inside look at their activities be a piece as the justice department did not say why they needed the information but says among the nearly two dozen telephone records collected at least five of them
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were from reporters working on the story in question this was a very serious. a very serious leak and a very very serious leak. i've been a prosecutor since one thousand seventy six and i have to say that this is among if not the most serious it is within the top two or three most serious leaks that never see it put the american people at risk and that is not hyperbole eric holder announced he was recusing himself from this a.p. investigation the prominent news agency condemned the government's actions in a letter to holder associated press c.e.o. gary pruitt says quote these records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the news gathering activities undertaken by the a.p. during a two month period provide a roadmap to news gathering operations and disclose information about a.p.'s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know now
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the a.p. is asking for an explanation as to why the government pulled reporters' phone records without notifying them the worry now is the effect the news will have on the media and its sources i think the effect on the media has already been felt i mean you have sources that are being shut. down doors just being shot in people's faces now that was probably the intention the intention was to scare. the turn off the faucet in other words from leaks in the wake of the controversy white house press secretary jay carney reiterated the obama administration's dedication to transparency he believes strongly in the need for the press to be unfettered in its pursuit of investigative journalism he also believes strongly as a citizen and as president in the need to ensure that classified information is not leaked because it can endanger our national security interests this balance between transparency and national security has been a delicate one since nine eleven the obama administration has
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a history of aggressively going after whistleblowers prosecuting more people for leaking classified information than any other administration combined and washington was wall r.t. now the u.s. government at the fan itself by saying that the case against a.p. was for the good of national security but make pickles director of big brother watch says that simply doesn't make sense. the interesting thing about this case is that you were actually talking to the government asking them about publishing the story they agreed to hold of publishing its until the sensitive operation was over and the government itself was planning to announce the story the next day so the only idea that somehow this information was never going to come into the public domain i think is wrong for news organizations to do their job they need the confidence to tell whistleblowers their anonymity will be protected because it's an essential part of reporting things in the public interest. journalists were the
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only ones who were apparently targeted by authorities prominent bahraini activist says she's been a surveillance target and her country to the gulf kingdom is that the words have apparently used a spy software from the u.k. to track her every move story i mean your way later in the program. the cia's crossed the line russian intelligence is furious after catching an american spy trying to recruit a russian agent more after this break. well . science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television all it just doesn't matter about what your mobile device says you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow thirty two people have been
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killed in clashes between the syrian army and rebels and cossy are strong hold near the lebanese border government troops and tanks have reportedly enter the town after deadly air strikes and shelling. has been besieged for weeks with the syrian army dropping leaflets asking civilians there to leave meanwhile russia's efforts for a peaceful resolution to the syrian conflict receive the backing of the united nations earlier in the week u.n. secretary general ban ki moon said an international conference involving the syrian government and opposition is tentatively planned for the start of next month we're just going off has been following developments in sochi. well after meeting with russia's leadership the un secretary-general ban ki moon agreed that the conflict in syria could only be resolved in accordance with international law without any foreign military intervention and with the full respect of serious territorial integrity he also agreed. the idea of putting together this joint conference which would include both the syrian rebels and the authorities now they were also able to
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establish the list of current stumbling blocks concerning this idea and well first of all currently the opposition is still quite divided it's unclear who would be able to represent it as a whole at such a conference secondly moscow wants to see all the regional players taking part in such a conference including iran which may cause problems with washington and also if the syrian authorities are ready to take part in such a conference right now than the rebels are making now are voicing preconditions which include president assad having to step down but in general ban ki moon's visit continues this diplomatic marathon which will then witnessing for the past few weeks a lot of officials have been coming to russia discussing syria including u.s. secretary of state the prime ministers of great britain and israel and in general it seems the approach of many nations two ways of resolving the conflict in the country is changing now however there are still many problems including the one
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with the washington since when john kerry was in moscow it seemed that they were completely on the scene beach with russia's leadership but as soon as you left he started calling again for president assad to step down and promised more support of the rebels and that was back just recently by president barack obama himself what's widely being ignored is the fact that many of these rebels admit that they are receiving directions from international terror organizations including al qaida there are tons of videos in the web showing horrific acts conducted by rebels including public executions of captured syrian soldiers there is this just troubling and horrific video of a rebel cutting the horde out of a dead syrian soldiers chest and eating it on camera calling on everybody else to do the same and promising to. to continue doing so in the future and also there is the statistic from various international activist groups which basically shows that
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every time the rebels receive a weapons from abroad the violence just spikes hundreds of protesters were met with tear gas in the streets of a turkish town bordering syria which was rocked by two deadly blasts last week demonstrators expressed anger at prime minister of the ons policies of supporting the syrian rebels which they say threatens turkey's security these clashes followed similar protests in ankara and istanbul were the words also used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the angry crowds turkey was quick to blame the syrian military for the attack on the town which is an entry point for tens of thousands of refugees fleeing from the ongoing conflict. now russia criticize u.s. intelligence this week for crossing a red line and its operations after a cia spy was uncovered in moscow trying to recruit a russian agent in the wake of the arrest russian intelligence made public the
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identity of the cia bureau chief in moscow with investigates ryan fogle was caught in the act trying to recruit a russian special services agent to work for the americans now russia's federal security service has released a photo technical equipment and some other items that were found when he was detained including a compress a map of moscow a large amount of cash and even two weeks to allegedly use as disguises now this is suspected cia agent was offering one million dollars a year for passing on classified information and that was revealed to you know why a taped telephone conversation between full goal and the security agent he was trying to recruit made public by russia's federal security service. you're going up a storm subordinate to so many of us more. talk of the war than you want to store attack us because of more than just about the right to have a million little old you want us to talk it's all some. ideas.
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which are full has been handed over to the american authorities and now faces deportation the f.s.b. told r.t. that was not the first case and recent years since two thousand and eleven there have been in fact four other similar cases one case involved and other american embassy employee who was trying to recruit a russian employee of the national anti terror committee the apis b. says that there is a striking resemblance to the cia has gone too far with this spying operations. we were particularly outraged at the actions of the american spy dylan benjamin he tried to convince an employee of the russian national counter-terror committee to hand over classified documents of this department to the cia like mr fogle he was also deported from russia we hope the cia would learn their lesson and something like that would never happen again so we decided not to release the
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information about dylan to the public but apparently they didn't learn that lesson in fogel's case the cia crossed a red line so we had to react according to official instructions. and as average with a juicy spy story at hand the exposure of a cia spy in moscow got the media animated with a mixture for and disbelief at their alleged spies quite clumsy recruiting techniques but that's quite a common reaction to the stories like this but still it doesn't make them a new last true less three member of the previous scandals for instance back in two thousand and six russian t.v. showed a documentary exposing several british and my six agents working in moscow and here is the high columns that they used rocks at that time the media laughed at what was considered a conspiracy theory until a high ranking adviser to the prime minister admitted it's true so rocks weeks
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compresses and maps. von doesn't exactly have much competition right now. well you find many more stories on our web site r t v dot com but here's a quick taste of what we've lined up for you there today so it's nine times the size of an ocean liner and while you're watching it's getting closer to earth had dirty dot com to track the mysterious asteroid also there for you today a run a rival at a moscow airport when a plane's landing gear a collapses luckily all those onboard escaped without a scratch have to urge you to come to our website to see the footage in full. out of our a government is accused of using a surveillance software from a u.k. based company to spy on a leading rights activists and that's according to documents filed at the high court in london by one of the founders of the ride's group of bahrain watch while the manufacturers say the program is designed for use in criminal investigations
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for privacy activists claim that acknowledges being widely abused the program named fin spy can perform a wide range of surveillance operations it works by infecting your computer and then recording your skype conversations and social media to vittie you can also take screenshots without your knowledge and access information on your hard disk. who file the court documents digital surveillance has been spreading in bahrain since former high ranking u.k. police officer john yates became security advisor there. the e-mails were disguised as if they were from journalists and were from other activists and then after we discovered after two months investigation of a technical analysis to try and. investigate what kind of information on what this software actually does we discovered there was a company called gamma international which sells this software to foreign
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governments so we assume and we given the circumstances in which i received the e-mails and the nature of the e-mails this was a suspect this was sold to the bahraini government but we also know that the servers. received this information from the software is actually based in bahrain so the servers are currently in bahrain and they're being updated in bahrain which means that this is further evidence over the past two years particularly british advisor john yates joined the bahrain security services we have noticed the increase in the use of surveillance and the use of c.c.t.v. and the use of digital surveillance and there are very targeted arrests and for infiltration amongst protest activists happening using the latest technology technologies and this is all happened since following on from the hiring of the recruitment of john yates and most of these companies that provide all of this technology are british now we know of at least thirty six so be maintained
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worldwide so now that this is a global operation dam international has sold this software to at least twenty five governments and the use seems the use of the software seems to have no any type of restriction so this is turning into a global phenomenon and it's run by the private sector so we're looking increasingly at the commercialisation of digital surveillance which is even scarier because it's very difficult to regulate. well take a look at some of the stories from around the world south korean media say the country has placed israeli for cision guided missiles and islands next to north korea and the china sea gang as fired a project fell into waters off the eastern coast a day after launching three short range missiles into the sea in the same area north korea routinely tests of short range weaponry but the latest move would escalate tensions on the peninsula again angered by u.n.
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sanctions and joint military drills between south korea and the u.s. yang has threatened to attack so and washington and pulled out of the sixty year old armistice that ended the korean war. a prominent politician from pakistan's movement for justice has been shot dead in the southern town of kharaj party's leader and former cricketer imran khan has accused political rivals of killing her in the run up to today's controversial election. while in other poll related violence a gun battle has also been raging in another district of karachi three people dead including one child. the cost of policing julian a son she hold up in their dorian embassy in london has risen to three point three million pounds of the world's leading whistleblower has been there since june twenty twelve and by the time of his one year anniversary care costs are expected to exceed four million pounds reports say there are eight officers and two cars of
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today near the embassy continually songes facing sexual assault charges for sweden but fears it would be extradited to the u.s. were to go in trial for espionage. saying it is all coming up here in r.t. when we have a man who get down and dirty and the heart of russia's coal mines they were this. the illusion of safety trumping you're right seems to be the main political theme of post nine eleven america i notice pushing the keep you safe at any cost and blow up more than new york billionaire mayor michael bloomberg who recently had to defend his stop and frisk strategy after giving
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a speech to police brass stop and frisk is the practice of just being able to search anyone in new york at any time for any reason with your hands this gestapo style practice has been in place since two thousand and two but thankfully was finally recently found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge you know the fourth amendment all the talk about no unlawful search and seizure seems pretty clear to me why did this take so long to figure out bloomberg despite that silly constitution thing stands firm with this policy declaring if you end street stops looking for guns they will be more guns on the street and more people will be killed it's just that sample well to that i would say if you stop nazi style first kings of random innocent people there will be more freedom on the streets it's just that simple but that's just my opinion.
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it's the. time of massive change. in ones coal is the bread industry and during the soviet union the miner was held up as a shining example of what a work tireless ready to sacrifice himself for his country and the hardest workers of all were here in siberia. taking the cold.


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