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tv   Headline News  RT  May 20, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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thank you because i'm not and. calls in the u.k. to quit with the e.u. growth law though with the referendum in the bill the political pipeline while other members also question whether it's time to go it alone themselves. russian authorities say they've killed suspected terrorists plotting an attack on moscow. and iraq's sectarian violence a russian soft as a nine a car bombs a rip through shia neighborhoods killing more than sixty people and wounding scores more. the situation is spiraling out of control with sick tarion violence fueling fears of the country is on the brink of a civil war. you're
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watching r t a libel from moscow with me to say. growing the british distrust of the e.u. has got members of the leading conservatives to stop the push for a referendum on whether to quit a bills in the pipeline or twenty seventeen deadline for the public to decide if they want to stay in the debt ridden e.u. or not recent years have seen opinion move in one direction now here's what the euro barometer polling center found sixty years ago it discovered that almost the house the u.k. population didn't trust the e.u. whereas a poll taken last year shows that two thirds of those who took part were euro skeptic and that's as a number of british business leaders voiced concerns that a so-called breck's it will result in tens of billions of pounds in losses but what do other e.u. member states think about you case a possible departure berlin correspondent peter all of
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a has been finding out should it stay or should it go britain's future in the e.u. is getting serious air time at home that we're better off out now whether britain should remain in the e.u. for britain to leave the european union to those that britain would leave behind think about an e.u. with no u.k. britain is important but the truth is of course europe could survive without britain it still would be european union it would be still a very large market it is possible it is thinkable we can have a european union without britain among germany's euro skeptics there's a grudging respect for their british counterparts challenging brussels bureaucracy however they fear they could be in for more of that bureaucracy should the u.k. leave it will probably have a backlash for the european thinking and then they may think well now we have these odd balls out and we can go even further with your way of centralizing everything and even overregulating more than we have already and how do the german people feel
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about britain looking into divorce. if they want to go then they should if they don't use the euro it's not really. i couldn't care less but if that's what they want then we'll just continue without them. they can't leave europe never became part of it because of their island mentality and colonial past. when you know they are not in the euro zone if they want to leave i say go for it i'm not sure what they'll get out of. those germans that say that they are concerned whether the k. remains in the european union or not they find their infer something of a shock should the united kingdom opt for independence because if the u.k. were to leave the single market would shrink by fifteen percent and three hundred billion euro worth of annual trade would face extra costs and this would affect of course everyone those in german chancellor angela merkel's own party have wondered
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if the u.k. is a truly became a member of the e.u. great britain being an intricate part of europe for more than one thousand years has always been an uneasy with being a member of the european union so now it comes to before we have to deal with some having promised britain a referendum on e.u. membership it's going to be almost impossible for this government of the next to take the issue off the agenda if that split does come about it's sure to bring about changes but perhaps not too many tears from the heart of europe. peter all of her party berlin britain has rattled some cages by pledging and now director random with friends accusing david cameron of splintering the e.u. but out of cameras of fellow m.p.'s says britain divorcing the european union what in damage to economic relations with other member states. well the u.k.
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to leave europe there would have to be a negotiation about what sort of trading relationship would continue to exist and there is little doubt that it is in the interests of the states that would remain in europe and the euro zone and germany and france to have a good trading relations with the u.k. just as it is in the interest of the u.k. to have good trading relations with the rest of europe the idea that were we to leave the we would then not have trading agreements don't have free trade access not negotiate things that would be in the band of benefit both to europe and to the u.k. but that's just not the case and the germans want to sell us mercedes and b.m.w.'s just as we want to sell things to the germans and the rest of be you so whether we were to stay or to leave there is no doubt that a close trading relationship will exist for many years still to come with a lot of hard feelings swirling around the e.u. one thing that many seem agreed on is the anger at brussels nine european countries are now in recession and with no end to austerity inside even memberships appears to be more trouble than it's worth for some as tesla cilia reports. oh if you're
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talking about the gloomy situation here in europe it's no longer just the naysayers of a so-called euro skeptics who are voicing their pessimism ordinary citizens across europe have now been starting to change their minds really on this entire european project if you look at a couple of recent surveys one is the pew study it shows that right now less than half of a european citizens support this entire a european project that they're even optimistic about it it's at forty five percent right now down from sixty percent a last year and this of course has largely to do with the entire economic situation we've seen dismal numbers come out this week putting nine out of seventeen euro zone countries in a recession and if you look at one of those countries which is france it is also one of the two poor countries at the very foundation of the creation of this union seventy seven percent of the french feel of that economic integration has been bad
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for their economy that more business within the e.u. has undermined their own economy and if you look at the biggest concern of a citizens here it is the lack of jobs at seventy eight percent and that is not surprising considering that the e.u. has reached record unemployment rates and still continuing to rise also we look at the youth unemployment here we've seen that going up above fifty percent in countries like greece and spain and the optimism really has gone down into the most pessimistic countries really are france and italy not seeing any future for the young people we've seen a rise in suicide rates again in countries like greece spain and italy we've seen on employment skyrocketing poverty among young people children here in belgium has just gone up as well as a result of a lot of parents losing their jobs so these numbers are just confirming the kind of pessimism that is across europe it's not again just an opinion of the euro skeptics or naysayers these are figures of citizens themselves creating this european union
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looking at what the future. for that if we really are not very optimistic at all. we want to know which way you think the e.u. will go let's take a look what you said at this hour exactly hall full of you say it will end up in a financial collapse and dissolution at twenty three percent almost a quarter of you predict evolution into a virtual german empire twenty percent of you tell us that you think the e.u. will go on but just use its weaker members and only a small percentage of you at seven percent think that these minorities are positives saying that you will manage the debt crisis and grow stronger. because. it's going slower. this question about improving your. russia's the antiterrorist comedies planned a terrorist attack in moscow has been ever at it in separate incidents early on
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monday there were two deadly blasts in the capital of russia as the dagestan republic archies enter pharma is across developments but the f.s.b. says it has followed a terrorist attack on moscow it hasn't given details about the nature of it but says it has killed two militants and arrested another who were involved in the plot that took place during a shootout in the town just outside moscow ninety kilometers east of moscow where all three men were russian citizens but it is believed that they were receiving training for terrorism in the pakistan afghanistan region list comes after a terrorist attack in dagestan in the capital of. that was a double car bomb blast which killed three people and injured we believe up to twenty seven people seven seven of which is seriously hurt it was a blast that took place in downtown near the bailiff's office and it happened around three thirty pm local time it's believed that the first blast occurred and then just minutes later after emergency services arrived at the scene there was
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a second more powerful blast and this comes just two weeks after a bomb went off in the center of the city which killed two teenagers and then almost exactly a year ago there was a very similar double car bomb blast in the city which killed twelve people which is a bit of background dagestan is a muslim republican has been the target for extremists islamicists over the last few years or so and the russian government has repeatedly says it does underline the fact that terrorism is global. i had on our t.v. it seems the protecting the vulnerable can put you on the wrong side of the law in britain. jailed for trying to take cab her elderly father we bring you the story of one woman who was secretly thrown into prison for trying to take on the state that's coming up in just a few minutes. solve all the things which might be bothering brits right now
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it's the debate on legalizing gay marriage that's taking center stage at westminster how does my no means a done deal as we explain see. pakistanis have gone to the polls and elected the new parliament what will the new government do domestically and in the area of foreign policy particularly washington's drone war with growing economic dislocations in a very threatening taliban ok and should pakistan move forward and move the military continue to watch the sidewalks. wealthy british soil the sun. that's not on the front.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. you. welcome back you're watching our team a fresh eruption of sectarian violence in iraq with deadly blast targeting public areas including markets bus stops has claimed more than sixty lives the attacks are struggling baghdad in the southern town of bugs that are which have also left almost two hundred wounded the details now from our middle east correspondent policia. according to iraqi officials some nine a car bombs have exploded in shiite neighborhoods in the capital city of baghdad
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now we're hearing that they took place at outdoor market places at bus stops and on the streets of shiite areas on monday morning also on monday morning before these attacks there were two deadly car bombs that targeted a bus station and a restaurant in the southern city of basra which is close to the arabian border in that attack at least ten people were killed and some twenty seven people wounded not no one has immediately came responsibility for these blasts but they do have all the signs and the hallmarks of al qaida attacks in the mainly shia muslim a bus route which was previously relatively peaceful have increased recently back in march a car bomb in that city killed ten and wounded many others these situations are who does seem to be spiraling out of control tensions have been intensifying since the country's minority sunni population says that its list treatment at the hands of the shiite led government has been increasing including random detentions and also
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neglect not protests which began back in december and were launched the peaceful but in april the number of attacks rose because of the deadly security crackdown on the sunni protest camp in the country's war and what we've seen is a spike of bombings recently targeting either sunni or shiite civilian targets especially in the last week according to the united nation of april was the most violent month in iraq since two thousand and eight and this is fueling fears of a return to the civil war for two thousand and six two thousand and seven when widespread sectarian violence lived tens of thousands of people did. his will on militants have joined forces with pro troops in their fears fired to for control of all of a rebel stronghold on syrian border with lebanon the town of qusayr is considered a key entry point for smuggling arms into syria the battle for the city of the contested home. province a is a view by base life as a turning point which could prove crucial in the deciding the conflict middle east
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expert believes the recent escalation of the terry and violence in the region is paintings by the west iran what this war is now increasingly becoming is a war that is still getting iran and crying to room or iran's only hour of live from the reckoning it's become very clear in the way in weeks sectarianism has been used effectively now both in iraq and in syria in iraq you had a situation where the sunnis constituted a minority but ran the previous regime the united states intervened and effectively handed over power to the religious parties of one sort or an over another they then carried out a large ethnic cleansing certainly now see the in response to that in syria you had the opposite you had a lot of sunni majority which was government by and the white
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regime very closely linked to iran and the arab uprisings that took place destabilize the region further in my opinion you have a minority supporting the syrian government a minority supporting the islamist rebels and the large proportion of the population waiting for the war to end and hoping that something will happen to bring a conclusion to this war. iran a new year when officials will resume their nuclear talks in vienna and choosing their countries under pressure with major world powers pushing to iran to reassure international community it's not seeking nuclear weapons what you're on always denied later this hour the i.a.e.a. directors general talks to r.t. about his hopes for the meeting basically it's a yes or no question do you believe that iran is still involved in nuclear weapons program what i say is that iran has
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a case to answer and we don't have yet the answer mr i don't have one quote from you here we have credible information that iran continued its activities beyond two thousand and three where is this information coming from from various sources we have this information from open source we have. information and we have of information coming from some ten countries we have asked iran to clarify this if iran clarifies and the issue of the international community can have confidence in runyon activities and we are ready to help them to korea these are concerns so what i'm doing is to resolve the issue through diplomatic means. technical organization i mean we do not involved in the politics that we are fully aware that we. are
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very political environment anything related to nuclear is political that is why we should be neutral and can recall. british families torn apart and some relatives have been put behind bars for trying to care for their loved ones the court of protection has been exercising its sweeping powers to decide the fate of those deemed unable to make their own decisions polly boyd curran looks into one of the most notorious cases when john maddox was diagnosed with dementia his children ivan and wanda intended to give him the best care they could but they clashed with social workers and their local council which took the family to the secret court of protection it ruled that the eight year old lack the mental capacity to make his own decisions and needed to
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live in a special care home he didn't want to be in a home basically told he didn't want to be in a home. he wants to be they want to go with one to the final home when he went i'm swear to god to look after him out. the court makes rulings on behalf of citizens deemed too unwell to be responsible for their own affairs it has power to take control of assets and separate family members all in secret wonder and i even wanted allowed to take their father out of the state run facility or even discuss his living arrangements with him but he kept on asking me want to go. but i didn't like to tell him that it didn't mean i was any more they got it because of the court tension the sickos will do whatever they want with the finances in its house what works are going to be locked up in these various week long. i don't feel free. in order to mount
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a legal challenge to the secret court ruling wonder took her father to see a solicitor one day tried to draw attention to the case but was sentenced to prison for contempt of the secret court so instead of caring for her father like she wanted to she had to spend two months in here in the company of criminals i cried the first two days i was in the prison i cried because nobody you treated like an ardent criminals in michigan and there you really cannot challenge the question as to whether somebody has mental capacity or not without talking to them and she was in prison firstly for taking her father to see a solicitor in birmingham which makes it sound quite educated well in a sense it's worse than dr drew because draco would not have gone that far when i was in the jail i was frightened because they listen in to phone calls so i was afraid to speak to dad. because of the conditions they put on is and also you know in case they got in more trouble meanwhile her brother ivan watched their father's
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health deteriorate under the strain of her absence in the end when he moved into that fire alone that was the end of him and he wanted it wanted still moved him anything i said you've got to know this she divorce. she's put herself in prison port. observers say the difficulty with justice behind closed doors is that no one knows if the law is being followed the evidence is heard in private defendants often lack legal representation and on to loud to publicize their case when medicines it is giving the state too much power to intervene in people's lives preventing people complaining about what's being done to them is never right the governments faced a barrage of criticism over the practice of secret justice justice secretary chris grayling has said i have written to the president of the court to ask him to look at what steps can be taken to increase transparency while continuing to protect the interests of vulnerable adults but john maddox never got to go to his home or to
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his family he died in january of this year. what they're doing that taken their daughter away from her and the wording of what's going on to us when we get older they got really. not say oh you really. ought to stoke on trent. on our website the fukushima radiation is a no go zone still means local band from staying open eyed in their own and neighborhoods but at the explain more on line of japanese halmos up going on anyway using the land for growing right. also while you're there check out how do you keep football friends safe at a twenty first century world cup perhaps an army of u.s. military robots and israeli drones learn about brazil's twenty pointing plan on r.t. to. the
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british prime minister could get a slap in the face from his own m.p.'s this week they plan to do rail moves to legalize gay marriage and it could cause a rift within the already strained governing coalition all of them correspondents are further has the details this is a real headache for the prime minister who could be about to have the worst possible start to his week with the potential for a house of commons to be over one of his flagship policy thought of equal marriage that is back being debated over the next two days in the house of commons one of
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the things being debated one of the amendments is this extension of civil partnerships to heterosexual couples. that's being dubbed the wrecking amendments so it's cool because if it's very sad three that could be set to delay or possibly even d. rail the equal marriage bill all together so a huge amounts of debate that we're seeing this morning around this this is really it's going to hinge on what the labor party what the liberal democrats decide to do in this state because it's not just the conservative party that we've seen carry out this infighting over this issue the concern at the labor and the liberal democrats is that they're actually in favor of extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples to see that this would tidy up the legislation of course that's quite confusing though because if they join the conservatives who are going to vote for that amendment by and large who oppose equal. and they could be
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participating in as we said delaying this bill so there's a huge amount of if but maybe the surrounding well this is an issue that is being debated across europe france it is become the ninth country to legalize gay marriage certainly a controversial piece of legislation here in the u.k. for the prime minister but one that he said he's standing firm by now it says it will appeal to the core base is that the conservative party is desperate to get inside the younger softer image that the conservative party are trying to put forward despite the dissent from their own party now they say the senses say that this is simply an attempt to detract from some of the much more important issues right now that are facing the vote is that when the vote is put forth what they see as a priority it's not about equal marriage it's about issues like the economy about europe about immigration these are issues that many quasi roots activists still are not being addressed within their own party when harry screamy chairman of the british
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right wing policy center the bar group says the gay marriage debate distracts the public from the real trouble so u.k. faces i have no idea why david cameron bought gay marriage forward in this way because it's tearing the conservative party apart both in parliament who probably more significantly in the membership of the conservative party there really wasn't a great demand for it in the country and with the sitting room crisis was to cross a bridge position in the world and their economy now to distract from that agenda to spend it in order that amount of time on a bill like this that is going to cause severe ructions in the conservative party and in the country as a whole is frankly a sleeper's on. to speak old language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's
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all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books the v.i.p.'s interviews intriguing stories for you to. see the interest of the arabic to find out more visit our big dog all teeth dog called. some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a told destruction of the culture of mexico by telling them i mean this this is not going to impact asylum in mexico whatever happens here to have the whole world now we're eating at about six in the in the open in the eighty's in all the organs or. the engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. hello
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there good evening the world currency business with me. now playing with fire that
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is what portugal's top bankers are accusing european leaders of this sense of fear or resentment comes in the wake of the cyprus banking crisis now the heads of portugal's biggest banks millennium b. the banker spirit or santo both expressed concern that the treatment of cyprus has set a new president and as a result nervousness in the region has reached dangerous levels and just a break out for you then the cypriot account holders were told to take a cut on their savings so that their government could qualify for a bailout package from europe in march and other repled of the short impact announcement are still being felt in portugal today and the rest of the peripheral countries so there i asked a euro area economist tobias block now for his view on the contagion from cyprus and the fear in portugal. i think there's a very strong consensus that the cypriot bailout was certainly i think not made in
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the best way because it was made in an unpredictable way and i think it clearly shows the uncertainty among investors everywhere in the euro area so i think there's a strong consensus that they should be bailing which is certainly something good in the long run but they should be according to clear spelled rules and i think in that resends very important leaders in the summit in june at the very latest will come out with a very clear bail in pecking order and that i think in the best of all senses should also make clear that uninsured depositors' will not be here in any restructuring of brains in the euro area in the future and if we talk about what they've already done in terms of ports to go back in twenty eleven we have these convertible bonds being given out by the choice was that the right thing to do was to now that they have done more and you think that happened have done more we would be in a situation now. well recapitalizing the banks in the periphery and i think more generally in the euro area was a very very important what maybe was not the best option at the time was that the
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convertible bonds in portugal came at a very very high cost for the portuguese banking sector that of course i think made a lot of trouble for the banks there so i think now what is important in particular when we look forward we have for example the experience in ireland we are after the clean up of the of the balance sector the particular commercial real estate we now face of trouble with residential mortgages and something similar can be expected in portugal can be expected in spain because of the length of the recession that these economies suffer in the of the rising unemployment rates that we have in these economies so probably more needs to be done in terms of recapitalization banks in the periphery simply because we know that the current medicine that they are given is very likely to ultimately lead to a very long recession in these economies and that puts further pressure on balance sheets in the periphery ok until going about time limits how long do you see this recession going on full well i think this is very strong consensus that at least
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this year and most likely also next year we'll see some of the periphery countries still in recession is very very difficult to see however very strong and sustainable growth returning in these economies even in the medium run simply because there's a lot of the leveraging of the private sector on going while at the same time we still have of course the strains on the public sector to smooth out some of the leveraging effects that we have from the private sector and of course they have to actually develop a real growth model now after the credit field booms have come to an end this is all very very difficult and we need at least nominal growth for the debt burdens to go down so i think in the medium run even it will be very very difficult for the for a few fully regain the confidence in the markets and given this i think it's even more important that there is you know the commitment from european leaders to help the periphery and i think the latest science that we have seen that there is a an agreement to slow down the pace of fiscal consolidation that is very important
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. all right then let's get stuck into the market some will start with the u.s. as you can see the dow jones there now down around two tenths of a cent pretty much the same for the not just that this is a change of fortunes because they. hide today but still want to tell you that there's still at all time highs actually a sturrock or high even though they're down this hour the big story today was yahoo the internet giant the acquisition of tumblr that's really done the rounds today also want to mention that the energy sector posted the biggest gains of its ten major industry groups while actually consumer staples was the biggest decline a sort of a topsy turvy session over a warship that's how it stands at the biomed stock into europe right here with what you see actually ended is the highest closing level since september two thousand that's really been boosted by some banking shares also want to talk about
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easy jet we had a huge rally for the budget airline we had shares running four percent reporting a thirteen percent rise in four year profit on a five percent increase in passages to really tapping in to those people that want to save a buck or two on their holidays so i was a big story on the so you want to talk about europe as well because as you can see what that does around seven tenths of a percent in positive territory that it was the carmakers actually that was doing the big numbers in europe we had her job. gaining around three percent so a good day all round for london mainland europe russia did and for a much jumping on the bandwagon here in moscow as you can see you've got the r.c.s. around eight tenths of a percent around the third for the my six just so really positive momentum going on today but as we know or oil really had a helping hands in order there's oil prices are indeed going north so it's helping really supports the domestic market is wise or going up going to decreasing dollar
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and rest in the. place as well so that the home market the city with the roof with their face gary on holiday perhaps a maybe safe for ice traders who got the ruble back actually higher against the u.s. dollar as well as the common currency so good session for the russian ruble this monday or about the market is let's move on and american gas is going global a ten billion dollar facility in texas will be created to supply energy for the world market now the deal is the second is approved by the obama administration the amount exports the countries outside of free trade agreements are the freeport development which would actually be transporting this gas is partly owned by connecticut phillips dow chemical and asika gas nama gas is expected to be shipped to the lights of britain and japan by sony is twenty fifth date but according to constantine seaman off the head of the national energy security fund while money is
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may benefit the u.s. economy the u.s. consumer may suffer as a result it's very difficult to achieve two goals together first goal is increasing or be able to go first of united states but in my opinion there is another much more important goal. cheap gas prices on the local market because without these two prices there will be no we understood ization there will be no success or for economic policies of barack obama and it's a serious question for the american electorate for american people what is more important to cruise good political weight of united states with a cup of elegy experts have cheap electricity in the apostle house and you know because it's impossible to achieve two goals together because if you will begin serious acts with the full energy the prices in the united states will go up. and the glory days of billion dollar golden parachutes in russia could finally be
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over thanks to a new draft law that limits the size of goodbye bonuses given to manages stave under the bill payoffs to two early contract terminations would not be allowed to exceed one annual salary but firms in which the state does not have a controlling the stake could be more generous they'd be allowed to pay out the equivalent of eighteen months salary meanwhile the head of telecoms a world in has waived any contractual right to a golden handshake his predecessor who left the company amid a scandal was paid nine million dollars as a bye bye prison. all right then so that is business for now i will be back in less than two hours time actually bart stay with r.t. because up next the director general of the u.n. atomic watchdog tells us what he expects from the resumed nuclear talks with iran.
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although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about that buddhist monk who burned himself to death as a form of protest the commentators on the news said that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different and would never use this absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average bulgarian and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that collapsed at least six paul gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who has extensively talked to bulger and protestors
2:39 pm
claims that those who self-immolating are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and the people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few years although it does get media attention and you may be feeling desperate suicide is never an answer the more living bulgarians the better beaucaire is chances believe me but that's just my opinion.
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered. on may twenty first in vienna six party talks on iran's nuclear issue will be held these talks were inspired by the international atomic energy agency and to discuss the upcoming negotiations in vienna and many other issues were joined by the director general of the organization mr yukiya amano many thanks for finding time for this interview with us thank you for inviting me now let's jump straight into the fray on iran about the talks in vienna. i've heard many opinions that these talks would hardly bring any resolution to the matter of the ongoing stalemate
2:41 pm
which has been going on for many years now what is your opinion do you think that the west is actually interested in facilitating any kind of a peaceful solution i believe that all the countries are very much interested in resolving the outstanding issue related to iran by diplomatic means of course the i.a.e.a. is determined to do its best to resolve for the else standing issues a diplomatic course and that is why we have had ten rounds of negotiations with iran to find a way to resolve the issues but the fact is that until today we have not yet reached agreement but will continue for be really an economy is crumbling under sanctions imposed by most of the western countries do you think these
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sanctions are actually helping the situation do you think that with these sanctions in place there can be a way for finding a sort of consensus on the issue the. function is to verify the use of nuclear material and we are not are to sing the effect of for economic side . what we can say about the nuclear iran if iran is conducting nuclear activities. quite steady amana talking about these activities were the one of the latest reports by the international atomic energy agency says that iran does not provide the necessary cooperation with the agency does that give any grounds to suspect that iran is actually having a nuclear weapons program in the country we are not saying that iran has nuclear weapons or iran. decided to develop nuclear weapons
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but we have pieces of information that indicate that iran was involved in these relevant to the development of nuclear explosive devices we do not draw a conclusion this is a very important part we do not know and draw a conclusion but we put the questions we tell them friends and they have to clarify the issues why do you think the iran would want international monitors on the ground essentially they have the right to refuse access to their nuclear facilities but why do you think iran doesn't want to give full access to the international monitors i cannot. provide there and so on behalf of iran but my view is that corporation with. a year fully should be the interest of iran. they say that all the activities are peaceful purposes and we would like to help we want to clarify the issue we just had
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a meeting with iran on the fifteenth of may. it was a very intensive meeting but still we have differences we cannot reach agreement all these talks are happening just basically months before iran basically a month before iran elects its new president we've heard it all how many saying that. times that iran would not bow down to the west until the sanctions are lifted . so do you think it will be a very big problem for any president in iran to work under such circumstances the agreement between iran and the gate which is called comprehensive safeguard so whoever the president iran has to implement this agreement fully also. there is some united nations security council resolutions and iran has double vision to implement it regardless of who is the president was it absolutely sure
2:45 pm
certain that iran had a nuclear weapons program or a nuclear explosive devices program back in the days and is there any indication that things happening right now basically it's a yes or no question do you believe that iran is still involved in nuclear weapons program won't say that iran has a case too. we don't have yet the answer mr i have one quote from you here we have credible information that iran continued its activities beyond two thousand and three where is this information coming from from various sources we have this information from open source we have. information. we have of information coming from some ten countries we have various information and we do not depend on one piece of information but is it is this kind of information trustworthy enough we do not say that the information is one
2:46 pm
hundred percent sure. but this information lead us to put a question to iran. we put the question to them and i recommend them to answer the questions i had this question asked several times on twitter when i said that i will be ensuring you today. do you think that such a passage in the language between the west and iran happening at the moment can create an opportunity for something like in iraq the scenario in iran i think it is exactly the opposite in november two thousand and eleven i shared the information that indicate possible military activities. through nuclear we did not draw a conclusion but we have asked iran to clarify the issue if iran clarifies the issue of the international community can have confidence in runyon activities
2:47 pm
and we are ready to help them to clear. these these concerns so what i am doing is to resolve the issue through diplomatic means this is exactly what happened in the second gulf war. the people and the stand and the the. difference are ye is a technical organization i mean we do not involved in the politics you mention the political status of your guys in there and i have a question on coming from twitter from mark mehta rod your cost like your agency is a key player in global nuclear diplomacy and it has been for decades in fact but do you think that if the sometimes being dragged into political partly the global carbon i don't think so we are going to go on ideation but we are fully aware that we are. in
2:48 pm
a very political environment anything related to nuclear is political that is why we should be neutral and technical but how do you do that how do you manage to prevent becoming a political tool where the country uses a nuclear power or not is a political issue in many countries i do not think that. the are you does not say that countries should or should not use nuclear power i leave it completely to the decision of the country but if they decide to use nuclear power as a part of the energy mix will help them to use it safely securely and sustainably but also had questions about israel's assume stockpile of nuclear weapons some people say that israel is trying to do deliberately ambiguous in the issue of using this and bigots you can be something of a problem some people believe the screen of
2:49 pm
a double standard situation what's your take on that. first of all on the military side we do not do military assessment what we do is very for cation i am away all over their view. on the double standard and the legal basis is different is well is not a member of the n.p.t. so what the i.a.e.a. can do ease to verify the dignities in the facility which. is decided to place and safeguard we do not have. to go beyond that in other countries we have much more comprehensive legal author we are you may be applying some kind of pressure on israel to give you full access to their facility i don't exercise any pressure i do not want to be to be under
2:50 pm
pressure from any country but i have good. to have all of. these while many countries or the international community wants. attend the nuclear weapon free zone conference and that be my role is to maintain the channel of. shell of the information place you've been saying for for several years ever since you became the head of the i that the standards of security in the nuclear energy world have dramatically improved especially after the chernobyl disaster more than twenty five years ago after the what happened do you still stand by this view points using that the security standards are still high enough to provide everyone with a feeling of safety in terms of nuclear energy if you compare the time before and. i would say that safety feature has been strengthened. and was
2:51 pm
a huge wake up call for all the companies. to safety the stuff. and. the members of the. adopted action plan to nuclear safety and now we are implementing it by implementing it. it is natural that nuclear safety has been asked but after the fukushima disaster many countries in europe in particular have decided to withdraw from the nuclear energy program now that the gust has pretty much settled over the issue and the security standards have improved as you say do you think this decision to pull out from the nuclear weapon from the nuclear energy program was a wise decision it is up to each state to decide whether or not to use our nuclear power situation is different in each country what i can say is that despite
2:52 pm
accident their use of nuclear power will continue and expand according to our latest estimates by two thousand and thirteen use of nuclear power will increase by twenty three persons minimum. or maximum scenario it will be doubled sixty eight nuclear power plants are under construction now and two thousand are in asia is just that some countries just cannot do without nuclear energy isn't it without nuclear power what we can do is limited. having ability all fall for you all are limited for many countries not every countries as lucky are some some countries having huge resource of force if you will by all the reasons they believe nuclear power
2:53 pm
should be a part of the energy mix you seem difficult accident was dealt with in the correct manner i mean. localizing the cause of the possible consequence of the contagion do you think that people in japan that workers there did a good job there were many human eros. for example regulatory body was not robust enough and as a consequence they did not have enough oversight on. these. emergency measures like pollution of form. diesel generators or who cup of for the cooling of water when not sufficient become an. accident could have been prevented but i am very sure that with their arrangement. accident should. and should have this consequence
2:54 pm
do you think the surrounding areas will ever be populated again or is it like chernobyl which cannot be inhabited eckstein but. it is certainly possible to decontaminate the area. we are now helping. japan use the technologies in a more effective manner thank you so much mr mana for your time and for your answers thank you thank you very much. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have to use healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs.
2:55 pm
hate to deadly pills. and a subway he was killed. he didn't pass away and let him down. is pharmacy really about helping people. say. hello.
2:56 pm
some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and fast down from generation to. the toll destruction of the culture of new mexico by telling them i mean this this is not going to impact a swelling in mexico whatever happens here throughout the whole world now we're eating out about in the in the marrow commit a sin all born and so are. genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. is he he just.
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has. to. see. more of it will. hold it. hold. it up. but.
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good speech. i wish i. could. just see. it in the. mind of a little. wealthy british style sign some time to. market why not i'm going to find out what's really happening to the global economy
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. calls in the u.k. to quit the e.u. growing law though with a referendum in the political pipeline while other members also question whether it's time to go it alone themselves. brushing our florida keys or say they've killed suspected terrorists or plotting an attack on moscow. foxhunter the u.s. justice department or subpoenas or t.v. news reporters e-mails as part of a probe into a possible leak. and do you rock sectarian violence a russian sub as the nine car bombs ripped through a sheer neighborhood killing more more than sixty people and wounding scores more. the situation is spiraling out of control with secretary of violence.


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