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tv   Headline News  RT  May 27, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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international approaches to peace in syria clash with russia and the u.s. is stressing diplomacy while britain and france want to the rebels directly. islamophobia hate crime surge across the u.k. following the murder of a british soldier by muslim extremists in london. questions over the brutal methods used by french police against protesters following an anti gay ranee over the weekend the authorities accuse of downplaying just how big the.
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international news and comment live from our studio center here in moscow this is. britain france are pushing to be allowed to supply weapons to the syrian rebels and what the embargo on the conflict torn country lifted the sanctions expire on friday and for now most european union members are strongly against the al-qaeda linked opposition this comes as top russian and u.s. diplomats prepared to discuss final preparations for next month's international conference on syria. has the latest. we have the u.k. and france were aggressively pushing for a lifting partial lifting of that embargo on syria in order to said to the rebels the u.k. a foreign secretary william hague is trying to get the other e.u. members to agree with him that arming of the a moderate arm of the so-called moderate rebels in syria also france's leaders have been particularly aggressive in trying to lobby the other leaders to be on board in fact today the more left leading newspaper also published
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a report saying that syria's forces loyal to bashar al assad had used chemical weapons because one of the reporters had experience effects of it critics would certainly point out that the timing of the publication especially since leaders are to make a decision today now all the others you have france of the u.k. on one side on the other side you have several countries jury that lifting the embargo would mean that arms could eventually end up in the wrong hands in violent hands in syria they're also pointing out to the fact that human human rights abuses have been committed by both sides which means it includes rebels in syria so again differences about this is that the subject of the conversation here in fact very good said that if there is no agreement it seems that each country will have to have its all sanctions policy on syria that's already what we've been seeing and if this happens a status quo does remain in syria the conflict continues let's remember the goal of this russia u.s. led talks for peace is to convince everybody to be on the same page or sit down for talks peace talks in geneva and now washington did indeed express their support for
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the rebels and this could prove to be a problem in trying to get all sides involved bashar al assad in principle had said that he will attend those talks however the opposition has said that they will only do so if bashar al assad steps down we go back again to these pre-conditions these differences in q. into before making any steps or progress into the peace process and we've already seen that everybody agrees essentially to have a solution for syria the crux of the matter here is how to go about doing so each country seems to have its own vision of how to accomplish this goal and this is already what we've been seeing for the past couple of years and we can say that it has been hampering any substantial can progress in syria. london and paris are making a last ditch effort to bolster the syrian rebels who are losing the fight against damascus well that's the view of middle east expert professor jeremy salt. we know the syrian army is just about retaken completely the town of and the very shortly
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will move north towards homs to make sure that's completely clean they will move on to khaled and that of course is going to be a big struggle because the armed groups there are very well and changed so that what comes out of this is that the syrian army is still getting on top of this insurgency william hague made a long phone bizarre state when he said that that list the embargo is lifted that extremism would flourish a chance for you all because we know that extremism in syria has flourished simply because arms with pumped into the country the hague must know he must surely know this no must that there's no way that the groups can recover from where they are now if they can't overthrow the governments know whether to do that so why is he saying this and the only reason he can't have for saying this is that he wants to have a card in his hand when this conference begins next month in geneva that you know in other words that can be told the less we do what we want we're going to continue arming the rebels there's no other possible motive we can want to do that. well we want you to tell us what you think could be achieved by this upcoming peace
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conference there in geneva mediated by russia and the u.s. that's the question we're asking all home page on our website r.t. dot com and this is the response so far this majority believe that nothing will happen because it won't actually take place about a third slightly more optimistic saying a peace plan could be set up but the rebels won't stick to it and meanwhile we have just a few of you saying that assad could resign while others are saying this could be the end of western backing for the rebels those are the results so far on our web site r.t. dot com be good to hear from you haven't already logged on now still to come this hour border tension boiling over. and israel's reportedly hit by a rocket from lebanon which is gripped by sectarian strife fuel by the struggle in . bring syria. and the powerhouses of asia and europe struggle to avoid
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a trade war as the e.u. threatens to make beijing pay more to sell its products below market value. still to come but first british police have arrested two men suspected of setting fire to a mosque in eastern england it's the latest in a series of hate crimes across the country spot by the brutal killing of a british soldier in london by self-proclaimed defenders of muslims the surge of islamophobia has some concern that society is about to split as artie's police reports. the police investigation into the death of drummer lee rigby is still ongoing but last week's killing of the off duty soldier by islamic extremists has already proved very it's an anti muslim backlash religious charity faith masses say they used to receive five calls a day reporting racial abuse that figure is now up to over one hundred calls a day reporting anti muslim incidents the abuse includes the pulling off of women's
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headscarves attacks against mosques anti muslim graffiti and general abuse social media has also provided a platform for some to vent their anti islamic sentiments a number of arrests of already been made the news is that many muslims here saying that they're afraid to leave their houses while community leaders say that they're concerned about the spread of the incidents with reports of anti muslim abuse coming from across the entire country at the same time a new poll says that two thirds of people living in the u.k. believe that there will be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and british muslims something that could be increasingly threatening to britain's image of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity party boy came to see london. the british prime minister says special anti terror units will stop dealing with radical preachers in the country and we're following developments in the u.k. on air and online just head to our website or to dot com for more updates and
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analysis. central paris has witnessed violence on its streets over the weekend a mass rally in protest at laws allowing same sex marriage and adoption turned into clashes police crackdown and far right activists who joined the demonstration police arrested three hundred fifty people for refusing to disperse or occupying private property and organizers insist about a million protesters turned up authorities say it was more like one hundred fifty thousand processing protests grow as many become angry present on and failure to set the nation's economy straight for more on these protests in francisco to bruno reckon he's a regional coordinator of anti gay marriage and adoption movement who took part in the protests on sunday did the police go too far in the way they handle those protests then from your point of view yes indeed. if you look at the numbers since last november several million people are going in the street to protest and
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you wouldn't be able to provide any picture nor you feel of any broken glass any car any violence during the protest. at the same time many people have been arrested several hundred people have been arrested by the police just because they were wearing suits with this logo there are no longer than last saturday people who were arrested in paris because there were two of them walking together. and at the same time. many people. no later than two weeks ago when the party liberated. the title of. force many many people roun some shops and they were not arrested or wind its violent crimes down on you then why this violent clamp down and how did you how do you explain that. yes. the government is extremely surprised
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and annoyed by the breadth and the length the duration of the movement. forsworn all that not anticipated that. allowing same sex marriage and adoption would create such a concern about so many people in france indeed this promise to satisfy. a small dog particularly active and the lobby that fight a final presidential campaign did not anticipated that same sex marriage was meaning in france. i don't shun and plenary adoption risks which immediately triggers the risk of losing the. biological link between the kid and spirits and in france there is a very unique and people are protesting against that but then all right particular day there is
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a lot of anger anyway against francois hollande do you think in any way that your protests were being hijacked by other people who were angry about other issues no. really not i'm personally a member of a political party in france. and the takeover of this movement by any political party is clearly not at stake many of these people are by the way from left of former right so it's transcends the classical left right. and france is now the ninth european country to legalize gay marriage isn't it time now for the country to move on and for your movement to adopt an i and embrace in modern times. well you know if you could put nine ladies together you wouldn't be able to do to create a baby in a one month and i think people. here because they it's not
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a matter of being modern or going along with times it's really you go again at one point and trying to say was at stake here and we. thought we conceded the the right of the weakest person there was the kid and you know when a kid has lost this parents probably is the dearest wish to be adopted by about by a man and the woman you me are the sons of a man and the woman and in this law there is a lie that is embedded in the law to make people believe in the future that they can be born from two men or two women and this is extremely dangerous and by the way we know. the right to medically adopted procreation and surrogate mothers which people in france are extremely worried about and extremely against thank you
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very much indeed for joining us live here in our can from many gay and adoption and gay marriage late option movement thank you very much indeed a great being with us thanks thank you. asian economic john china is in talks with europe's financial engine germany as they look to stave off a trade war the e.u. is accused beijing of dumping goods onto the market below cost price and undermining its european rivals china's premier has warned that further scrutiny will only backfire on consumers but for more on the story i'm now joined live by a former member of the european parliament glyn ford flint can europe really afford to get into a trade war with china in these tough economic times. well some people obviously think so i disagree i think it would be disastrous particularly over the solar panels case to get into such a war because we will cut off our nose to spite our face we're going to lose more jobs in the installation industry by probably an order of magnitude than we might
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conceivably say in the solar panel construction industry it appears nonsensical but there does seem to be some momentum behind the i was originally triggered by german industry and believe it's not just the panels it's also the phone equipment too isn't it but in china it's definitely flooding while that's always been a story. threatening me solar panels are really the first out of the ice of the traps and we're getting to a point now when dumping tutus are going to be announced and then there's an opportunity for negotiations between the european commission and china about whether we can set a minimum price but that in itself may be bad for your big consumers and the commissioner apparently playing hardball and refusing to make very many concessions in the early negotiations you're talking about germany merkel she's about to block the european union from imposing tyrus on chinese products you talked about that
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vested interest that germany has with this solar panel industry germany really being loyal to europe. well i mean it's just slightly strange because one doesn't understand why merkel didn't cut off the whole thing at the beginning it's primarily german so you saw the panel companies that are making the complaint and now you have a situation where you've got german ministers including the chancellor saying they don't want to trade war one this one is how we might get ourselves into this position already but china is dumping cheap goods flooding european markets and it really is creating unfair competition isn't it which can't be good for any european manufacturing these very difficult times that needs to be some sort of protection surely. well i mean what needs to get to the bottom of this china shortly when in a couple of years time we'll get market economy status at the moment the calculation as to what the real cost of solar panels the a's is actually done on the basis of picking a third country one wonders with
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a trade of twenty one billion euros every year quite how and he company can afford to be dumping goods on the market will a full trade war be avoided do you think that looking further ahead do you think maybe free trade could be realized in the long term well i mean one hopes it cannot i think at the moment it's unclear what's going to happen we have the commission on the verge of if you want complaining to itself over and over over mobile phone components time in the sense that there's been no official complaint from industry but the commission is planning to take up the issue alongside the solar panels issue. a series of of complaints not only about about dumping but also about chinese government subsidies which in the sense is rather more worrying because this solar panel industry is one industry where the complaints about the government make it covers the whole of chinese production which would be much more likely to
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lead to a major trade war it's a pairing that in mind free trade really isn't likely on the horizon does it well i mean it's interesting we have of course the us japan european triangle all trying to do trade agreements with each other yet china who offered a comprehensive partnership with the european union appears to be being rebuffed. thank you very much indeed for comments and your perspective on this for live from brussels here in r.t. thank you very much. well still ahead this hour a global battlefield as washington continues to flex its military muscles around the world we look at whether the never ending war on terror is justified. with. science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia.
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near continues here on r t the syrian conflict is causing tension in neighboring countries stoking fears it could spread across the entire region a rocket was reportedly fired from lebanon into israel just a day after an attack on part of the lebanese capital in the latest escalation of sectarian strife in the country middle east correspondent paula is following the latest developments the has been a leader has killed he stated that he and his fellow are involved in the war in syria he was addressing thousands of his supporters in the southern beirut suburb of dusky on sunday and in that speech a pledge more than also focusing on president bashar assad saying that his shiite muslim group would stay in the syrian war to quote him to the end of the road and achieve victory together. that that's where we are there are two major threats
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facing the lebanese people and the entire region today the first imitates from israel and its added into. and chanson plots the second thread stems from the changes taking place in syria which neighbors are cities villages and homes syria is seeing major activity by radical islamist movements that's want to say that his war was with the extremists he called them tech ferrous he said that tens of thousands of them from all over the world are currently fighting in syria and he warned that if syria affords lebanon to would forward this in turn he said would lead to israel occupying lebanon now eleven his media is reporting that a rocket has been fired towards israel from the lebanese town of measure you and this is off to two other rockets landed in the has been a stronghold in doubt here on sunday the lebanese army saying that those rockets were fired from inside lebanon towards the hizbollah stronghold the united nations has been concerned over his legs involvement for quite some time. the arab chief
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the arab league chief has urged them to stop fighting in syria but misrata address this during his sunday grace saying why is the u.n. not calling on the extremists to stop fighting inside syria and again reiterating that they are fighting not only for syria but for maybe a non as well earlier they were also dozens of his vilified has reportedly killed during fighting in a key syrian town of qusayr your so what we do see is the tension on the ground heating up. some stunning pictures from the russian city of chewed over waiting for you right now on a website imagine looking out the window and seeing hundreds of tons of metal heading straight for you and that became the reality for the residents of this apartment block luckily nobody was hurt and online for the amateur video of the accident and pictures of the often. also the freedom of the japanese public reacts to a slap in the face from a south korean newspaper which labeled the hiroshima and nagasaki atomic bombings
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divine punishment as possible crimes you can check out the full story right now of . america's war on terror a facelift has caused a storm of criticism for president obama and with a vast military presence worldwide many are asking whether what the u.s. does is even legal. reports president obama in his major national security speech this may quoted james madison saying no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare at the very same time the administration claims power to wage endless war across the globe there was a senate hearing this may revisiting the authorization for use of military force which congress enacted days after nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one at the hearing pentagon officials claimed that authorization gives the president power to wage endless war anywhere in the world including syria yemen and the congo and when asked how long they predict this war on terror is going to last they said quote from ten to twenty years the agree with me that when it comes to
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international terrorism we're talking about a worldwide struggle. absolutely sure that would you agree with me the battlefield is were the enemy chooses to make it. yes sir from boston the to the fun so by the administration's definition the wall that is the battlefield with me today is a prime backer with the answer coalition in place with professional pride and you have president obama saying in his national security speech that the u.s. is not engaged in a boundless war and yet you have this vast military presence across the globe does it look like the u.s. this really seeking to limit itself in the use of military force no in fact the policy in the institutional policy is for the united states then i would be prepared for endless war but to being engaged in all of the activities that would lead one to believe that they are an endless war there's one point three million u.s. military personnel three hundred to four hundred thousand of them are overseas there's nine hundred military bases the united states spends not five hundred twenty five
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billion which is the defense department budget but really about a trillion dollars on warfare that's greater than the next sixteen nations combined we see an integrated network of bases now drone bases growing increasingly this is to have a full spectrum domination using the military as the club the administration argues that all their military actions in the countries that the u.s. is not at war with are perfectly legal under the u.s. congress it's authorization for use of military force that's their legal justification for continuing all these attacks what about international law well international law has been shredded by the so-called global war on terrorism or the authorization bill that allows the u.s. to invade any country bomb any country and kill whoever it wants the u.n. charter is quite clear the united states like all other member nations of the united nations can only go to war as an act of imminent self-defense but in fact the united states by arrogating to itself the right to war anywhere against anyone
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all the time is clearly in violation of international law but president obama. says the administration does not violate anybody's someone to because it operates in consultation with the governments concerned the whole population of pakistan their parliament unanimously remotely oppose drone strikes and yet they continue so maybe the administration is in consultation with the government there but certainly not the people i'm going to check on me today was a prime backer with the answer coalition from our studio in washington thanks for watching. in the world update this early sixty six people are being killed and many more wounded in a string of car bomb attacks and the explosions struck mostly shia areas of the iraqi capital and also a busy commercial street deadly bombings in iraq almost daily at the moment the country suffered an upsurge in sectarian violence since the u.s. withdrew its troops in late two thousand and eleven. thousands of ethnic albanians turned out to march in protest of the arrest of six former cause of a rebel commanders in pristina the suspects including the republic's ambassador to
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albania allegedly committed war crimes during the course of a war in the late ninety's they're accused of running a detention center where civilian captives were tortured to death the case is led by the e.u.'s mission in kosovo which has been operating since pristina unilaterally declared independence from serbia two thousand and eight. i'll be back with a new city with more for you in half an hour from now just over in the meantime the sports highlights from the past week state politics is here in just a few minutes from now. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will allow the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels this seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one
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rebel factions al nasra which according to the guardian is they own it. lummis organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist organization by the us government itself as it started something like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army is that much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian alawite minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. funded and armed the taliban and those mujahedeen fighter guys and look how that turned out the u.s. government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion.
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and i welcome to the action packed show with me cake and here's a taste of what's to come. the champion's eye and robin scores the late winner is brian munich rosia dortmund to want to wembley to win the european cup for the fifth time. while europe old boss with the top and bottom two already confirmed it was a scramble to get into europe turn to avoid the relegation play offs on the last day in the russian premier league. and loads of the ring and it's something given talent character and keep the peace not that bad a carry such as a shock defeat on a night at the top end may action in moscow. but first
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a photo a buy in munich won the champions league with a thrilling loss to one when i burst into dortmund in the first ever all german european cup final at wembley because of him to top off reports from london. by noon it came into the fore and on the back of a seventy legged stoning of barcelona while dortmund saw frale madrid four three to prove the triumph of german efficiency over spanish flair on the european stage and after two seasons of dortmund supremacy in the bundesliga boy and also again this year is the mastic title the twenty third in their history. the minute giants finished the season twenty five points ahead of their rivals and arrived at their third champions league final in four years as hold favorites but thousands of fans of the yellow and blacks could come to london what desperate to help their side clinch their first european crown since one thousand nine to san juan you all.


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