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tv   Headline News  RT  May 29, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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british forces admit to holding scores of suspected militants without charge of their main base in afghanistan. which lawyer said despite this the thing is quite the philippi that was completely all the way he does have told comparison with guantanamo bay all the latest on that story coming right. now this comes as u.k. academics map out cia rendition flights shedding light on america's secret overseas prisons. washington blasts russia for its anti-aircraft missile supplies to syria but backs the and of the e.u. arms ban paves the way for direct lethal aid to rebel forces.
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this is r.t. line from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program up to ninety afghan nationals are being held without charge at the british army's camp bastion in afghanistan lawyers say the detention of the your clients is unlawful drawing comparisons to guantanamo bay are you sir first has the details. we heard a fairly robust defense for the defense secretary philip hammond this morning when he confirmed that around eighty or ninety afghan detainees are being held in camp bastian now he said that it was observed to suggest the britons running a secret detention facility this comes on the back of u.k. lawyers who are acting on behalf of some of these detainees speaking out they've launched a legal action saying that some of these men have been held for up to fourteen
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months and that this amounts to a little detention now the rules dictate that british forces are only allowed to hold detainees to ninety six hours unless there are exceptional circumstances the last november we saw the defense secretary. change the rules that a hold the transfer of detainees captured by britain's treats to afghan security forces after there were concerns that they would be abused or tortured a british troops that are looking for a safe path wait for transfer of these detainees the safety of british troops also comes into this these men who are being held some of the notorious some of them have links to involvement with i e d's so i think really making the point here that these are dangerous individuals if you present a direct threat cheaper to the streets if you listen to what the lawyers have come out and say they've used that word secret facility and they've actually said that it's reminiscent of the public's awakening that there was a groundswell of
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a base the u.k. law is have been very clear here that parliamentarians did not know about this that this was not known to the british public so you've got the defense secretary on the one side saying you know this is very different to guantanamo bay in a number of very important respects predominantly the visits to the detainees protection and also that this wasn't a secret that the people have known about it and this has been spoken about and you've got the u.k. lawyers saying you know how i want to second absolutely not this was a secret facility and this is the public awakening. now keeping prisoners overseas has also been a hot topic as far as the u.s. is concerned but now the shroud of secrecy has been partially lifted it will show you how to track down some of the secret rendition flights and the fate of the prisoners a little later in the program. and washington is welcomed a lifting of the arms embargo on syria in support of the opposition but has
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criticized russia's plan delivery of and to aircraft missiles to damascus moscow says the past three hundred systems will help deter foreign intervention and seize the ending of a weapons ban as damaging to syria peace efforts now the move led by the u.k. and france has now opened the floodgates for weapons to flow to the syrian rebels where the country's main opposition bloc already urging the e.u. to start sending arms twenty five member states opposed the ban saying it would only add fuel to the conflict they say arms could easily reach extremist groups fighting in the ranks of the opposition parties merida board not the details the united states is showing no concern over the expiration of the e.u. arms embargo on syria which is set to lapse in the coming days the deputy spokesperson for the state department patrick ventrell says that washington welcomes this step because it would give greater flexibility of specific member
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states to support the opposition as they see fit now of course that greater flexibility means that countries like britain and france will be able to ship arms and ammunition to all to the opposition groups in syria which would use possibly in an effort to overthrow the government nobody really. seeing the e.u. arms embargo sends a message to syrian president bashar al assad that support for the opposition will only increase but the u.n. meanwhile is sending its own messages of double standard let's remember that washington has been fiercely critical of russia's transfer of anti-aircraft aircraft missiles to the assad government now while moscow's maintained that it has been fulfilling defense weapons contracts that were signed long ago with syria washington believes that it's wrong for her moscow to fulfill any contracts because civil war is taking place there and whatever contracts russia is fulfilling could be used to inflame the conflict taking place there but yet now the u.s.
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is welcoming possible flow of arms to this syrian rebels with this e.u. arms embargo on syria expiring now it's also worth noting that just a few weeks ago u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in moscow he traveled there and pledged to the u.s. will work closely with russia and the bloodshed in syria kerry and foreign minister sergey lavrov and sergey lavrov underscored their commitment to the communique signed in june. which calls for a transitional government to be established in syria that includes both sides but how can the international community get to the point if european union members with the support of the u.s. are now considering to actually flood syria with even more arms experts believe that our being the syrian rebels will ignite an arms race in that country and so far according to the u.n. the conflict there has claimed the lives of more than eighty thousand people and if
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more weapons flow into the country to arm the syrian rebels. crisis because it would of course be exacerbated even further fears of an upsurge in killings in syria fresh arms supplies reach the rebels are based on what's been happening in the conflict. known over the past few years now syrian activists have been monitoring surges in violence which appear to be related to and works of arms from abroad according to the figures casualties rose sharply after the first shipment from qatar reportedly arrived in twenty twelve and the sharpest increase came when more advance arms were allegedly delivered a few months later a london based r.t. contributor of tons he believes that the syrian rebels have no interest in peace. the european union leaders over the past few days were saying the e.u. is a peaceful organization i think many diplomats around the world have given up on that what we need now maybe as ban ki-moon of the united nations to get the united
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nations is a place for peace because this is obviously england and france to be doing the supposedly american russian plan for june geneva talks the six days of georgia in istanbul among the opposition groups seem to be failing disastrously as if you were in a room with the witches in georgia general. idriss is already said he's disappointed it's not go far enough the you should be tipping off their weapons right now forget about the friday deadline no i think the opposition is. divided i'm hearing that anyway they were going to come to the dogs so are they interested in any kind of peace or are they interested in carving out bits of syria in ways that their proxy leaders saudi arabia and qatar are more interested in. and lebanon's government has ordered into tripoli in an attempt to quash violence between us and supporters and those who back this year in opposition this comes
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after other countries has pledged allegiance and victory to bashar lawson's cause violence spiked in tripoli when syrian forces to back a border city of say or from rebel control has been lost changing role and it's causing fears of all out sectarian war as peter lavelle's guests are discussing on today's. the. movement of his will to refashion itself as a defender of arab nationalism is going to go over well it has always been only. projected itself as a defender against israeli might and i feel that to transform itself into an effective governing force and so now this move to become some kind of regional power is. no rational measure but all i got to do. that franklin jump in you've got to disagree without if i can first of all they have to be a very effective governing power but what they did in two thousand and six rebuilt
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two hundred fifty two homes they are planting flowers trees all over there another good going to try to go in there know they're going to for example if they don't let it on there's a lot of really going to be going on but you're talking about. one of the parties are going to the money they are going to really concentrate they're not and they're rolling out and they're calling the shots in parliament of course to have the government and i think the pointing to also suppose that the secretary and his owner didn't start that way but it's being but it's being increased by all sides. and you'll find a liter if you dot com just how far the u.s. can go in syria reports say the pentagon's planning a range of military options including a no fly zone as well as arming the opposition fighters. senator john mccain a staunch advocate of u.s. military aid to the syrian opposition sneaks into the country to meet with top rebel commanders will look at what to be behind this friendship.
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the u.s. government's transfer of war on terror prisoners to overseas detention centers has been subject to much speculation but now british researchers are able to shine a light on some of the so-called c.i. black signs by compiling a comprehensive database. shows you how to access that information and talks to one of the creators of the project written dish and revealed from now on you can learn exactly how the cia has been secretly transferring its war on terror detainees across the globe on civic and military aircraft something better known as the rendition program researchers from britain scan university and kingston university have compiled an extensive flights database by going to their indiction project dot gov dot u.k. you can see a detailed graph of more than eleven thousand cia flights performed from two thousand and one to two thousand and six not all of them have been confirmed to have had detainees on board some of those which are marked in blue are described as
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dummy flights there are also flights which were labeled as highly suspicious meaning there is no substantial evidence that they were transporting suspected terrorists in certain cases there were website designers have ample proof of detainees travel the full route is described on the map like this one of the suspected al qaeda competent diver who has been locked up in guantanamo for a decade without any charges we can see on the map how he was transported from thailand where he spent eight months in detention after being called to the united arab emirates and then to poland almost a year later he was shifted to guantanamo in that year he spent at the cia black side in poland by the claims he was water boarded eighty three times but how exactly do the masterminds of this project gather the information and what goals they're trying to pursue we'll find out with one of the masterminds of the project mistruth blakeley from the kent university in england many thanks truth for joining us here my first question would be how exactly you are gathering information on
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these flights and where did you find to manage all the data. ok most of the information that we have was already in the public domain but was quite fundamental so we've worked closely with a number of human rights organizations and human rights investigators to bring all of that information so it comes from freedom of information requests and some of it comes from investigative investigations into particular cases including legal proceedings on behalf of some of that is how. we rely very heavily on the work of the u.k. legal action charity reprieve which has represented some of the men who are still held in guantanamo bay without charge or trial. what is the point of all this project what are you trying to achieve and what message are you trying to send out . a main aim was to try and match the global rendition system to try and provide as comprehensive a picture as possible of higher and higher edition took place which countries were involved and how the cia managed to hide individuals in the system as it
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transported them around the world to hold them in prisons where they could be tortured and interrogated and our purpose therefore is to shed as much light as possible on the system with a view to assisting human rights investigators and human rights lawyers to defend the rights of those people who are victims of these processes thank you so much mr blakeley this was a likely from kent university now that that's a very is currently holds more than eleven thousand flights information about them and the masterminds of the website are asking anyone who has any valuable information on these flights to contribute although i have here in our team young and desperate to find a job we bring you expert opinion on skyrocketing youth unemployment across europe . they played a family jazz band together. and hijacked
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a plane together. lots of them from music to tara. twenty five questions still remain. just bad hijack. they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but unlike the players i know i will leave them to stapling to comment on your latter point to say . the security of a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and little doubt the freedom to.
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welcome back this is our team as skyrocketing use unemployment is becoming the greatest concern for european nations leaders are sounding the alarm over an entire generation which they fear will never find jobs at a conference in paris germany italy and france have urged for action to avert a continent wide catastrophe dr steven davis from economic affairs says use unemployment is a ticking bomb. it's actually a minor miracle that this hasn't led to more serious social and political unrest that it has already i mean one of the things that history tells us is that lots of only employ young men is a very very dangerous situation that's the kind of thing historically could lead to really serious trouble not just in terms of say for example rising crawl in but also serious civil disorder or political problems of one kind or another the states
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of europe. improving the quality of the education system just the sort of more money it simply means in many cases the government getting out of the way but also changing labor market regulation in europe which are making it very difficult and very expensive to employ young people supply side reforms that side won't cost a penny but they would bring about significant group chances for young people. while the e.u. leaders were sharing their worries over the younger generation at a meeting in paris the u.k. skipped the conference the country's apartment for work and pensions didn't explain why britain wasn't represented the spiders use unemployment rate of over twenty percent. met some of those on a desperate hunt for jobs. have been trying for a while now pretty much every day just coming seabees the rounds going on the computer for a couple of hours a day trying to get anything because i want a job because i want to be able to you know i'm earning this money which you know
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nobody. does kind of knock me down every time i kind of go i think i really would actually like to do this i've got this interview. i got a mile or so closely i have a job. without a gun and see like some places my c.v. probably hasn't actually been seeing if i'm going to get someone for a job that they know ten times but they're going to give it to maybe see jennifer next college paper six months ago she's one of almost a million meet in the u.k. not in employment education or training i kind of always you know be difficult but i didn't merely think i would be out of work but still the opposition labor party says the number of job less young people has almost tripled since the coalition came to power in a bid to combat use on employment the government in orange states used to contract a one billion pounds scheme to provide new opportunities to eighteen to twenty four
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year olds but it hasn't helped and i know that john the sons shed loads of c.b.s. and applications and you know i know from person experiences lot was from with may this well of young people trying and failing to make it onto the job ladder has led to talk of a generation lost to austerity not just in britain but in the whole of risk. question hit europe the president of the year begins central bank has even called on governments to tackle the issues before it leads to social unrest youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing britain right now we have nine hundred fifty eight thousand young people unemployed that's one in five out of work for more than a year when you are young you will earn less for the rest of your life can you imagine applying for jobs every day and getting rejected what that does to your self-esteem feel confidence be a self worth young people who forked out thousands of pounds for a degree of finding the reality of recession hit britain
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a bitter pill to swallow i feel the fact that going to university i've gained an internship that i shouldn't really be in this position i might die i've done everything society has told me to. i'm still finding it very funny it's very scary because at this time of year and a new bunch of graduates is going to hit the job market so that particularly worries me as i am going to be competing of even more people in the mumps i do feel like i'm kind of stuck at the moment is not really much i can do for them i'm already trying to out for jenna and others and britain's lost generation the outlook has never been so i'm certain. that. something will turn up i'm a great believer in but you know. the flare polyploid. now take
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a look at some other stories from around the world. a cargo train carrying chemicals hit a truck before derailing and exploding setting the surrounding buildings ablaze in the u.s. state of maryland only the truck driver sustained injuries in the accident and this is the third major drain on mint in the u.s. this month alone with the two previous ones injuring nearly one hundred people. thousands of protesting students in the chilean capital sun giago have once again faced riot police anger over the quality of the country's schools has been simmering for months with demonstrations commonplace in chile. g.m. food giant monsanto has apparently been preparing to answer its critics with the help of big time security organizations a recent wave of global rallies against the corporations genetically modified
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products followed allegations that monsanto has hired blackwater affiliates to counter the protests are just vanish account has more. people who work with monsanto what this building certainly know about the worldwide protests over the weekend against their company this global march against the giant producer of genetically modified c. was going to get down to the fifty two countries in four hundred thirty six cities including right here in washington d.c. but there are allegations that monsanto is doing more than just following the news the nation magazine reports that the company hired before to collect intelligence on anti monsanto activists this well is to infiltrate their ranks the firm that they hired belongs to the same person who owns the infamous security contractor previously known as blackwater blackwater has been in hot water after a number of scandals including the unprovoked killing to be a rocky civilians in two thousand and seven you know order to recover to rebrand
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from bad rap blackwater has changed its name several times and created a web of more than thirty shell companies or subsidiaries and continued to getting lucrative contract despite being under intense criticism for reckless conduct so monsanto hired one of those companies called total intelligence solutions which belongs to blackwater's owner and founder erik prince monsanto says they did nothing wrong by having higher total intelligence solutions which quote provided monsanto security group with reports about it to british or groups that could pose a risk to the company or its personnel and its global operations end of quote monsanto denies having the program blackwater's possible infiltration into anti-male central works but according to documents secured by the nation magazine jeremy scahill monsanto was willing to pay a sizable sum up to five hundred thousand dollars for black border agents to infiltrate and time on central organisations this report once again raised the question to what lens is the g.m.o.
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giant ready to go to secure its operations especially now with marches all across the globe demanding that the companies stop flooding their markets genetically modified products. they say the least a company can do is to label the products containing g.m.o. so that people with peace know what they're eating last week the u.s. senate overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to require labeling of genetic genetically modified foods. and regulations monsanto with its army of lobbyists has won the battle on capitol hill now what tactics if any it has used against anti-male sent to activists with the help of the company related to the new tourist private mercenary army that is yet to be uncovered in washington i'm going to check on. a soyuz spacecraft carrying the next crew of the international space station has successfully docked at the orbiting laboratory all the mission details now from our team who was at the launch. we can now feel there's
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a vibration underneath our feet and here comes a little engine right now. like you know it's going to take its. time they go the three man crew up to the i.s.a.'s another flawless soyuz launch a from the baikonur cosmodrome on the cassocks step the three man crew with american karen nyberg this a second time heading up to the i assess at the new comer a look up at a mcdonald's the italian from the european space agency his first adventure up to the opening space lab and the whole crew being commanded by the russian soyuz come on the field to go to chief going to be heading up there in fact they approach albeit they reach all that unless the nine minutes talk about going far beyond any speed of supersonic that is going to be what they call the fost track that is a full opiate ring around that than a six hour flight straight to docking with the other three crew members of the
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international space station for the next six months they'll be conducting on approximately one hundred and fifty experiments a ranging from issues to do with the bio fuel and clean energy they called maintenance to do as well numerous speaks wall space walks are included in it this team for the international space station it has been an absolute privilege and honor covering this life ferrazzi you know i am i'm a middle aged man and yet right now i'm a seven year old boy what showing a child a dream come to fruition right in front of my eyes has been moving stuff thrilling exciting and i think i can speak for everybody adults and all of those people here at the baikonur cosmodrome when you wish the crew of the i assess mission thirty six thirty seven we wish them bon voyage godspeed and good luck. great stuff rory and i don't blame him it's certainly an experience to remember up next though here on r t prime interest talks a burned out and real estate prize remorse in the us.
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wealthy british soil the sun. has moved on to the title of the morning what's going on with. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and tune in to conjure reports. is he.
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good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm harry i'm boring here in washington d.c. let's get to today's headline. the bernanke the wall the factors in both sway exhibit one that the q seller housing and beat expectations and is on par with the starkest run at some of the boom days of two thousand and five the yearly gain of ten point nine percent as the first double digit gain and five and the year that's according to bear. but this is according to our fed chairman from this hour and two dollars five. i guess i don't buy your premise it's a pretty unlikely possibility and we've never had a decline in house prices in
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a nation where you've got a nation wide basis so what i think is more likely is that house prices will slow maybe stabilize might slow consumption spending a bit i don't think it's going to drive the economy too far from its full employment though so. call us the wee bit skeptical but we'll get into the nuts and bolts of the housing market including fannie and freddie with john pryor of politico in just a bit and exhibit two of the burning fact our investments and balanced bonds which can allocate between both stocks and bonds they had a record levels last month previous such records including one thousand nine hundred four and two thousand and four both in the middle of helping both market but also seeing bond offerings that limit protections for the bond buyers so called the covenant light offerings is it time to jump on board the things where i'm. finally watch out c.e.o.'s because the security and exchange commission has a new a software that detects financial.


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